"This is a really bad idea"

Allie looked back at her friend, Zoe, from the door of the empty house.

"Come on" She urged. Zoe remained where she was. Allie sighed, walking back to stand in front of her friend. "Revisit about ten years ago, remember what I told you?" Zoe raised an eyebrow.

"You were going to be an FBI agent?"

"No" Allie sighed, shaking her head. "I told you. If they are real, still saying if, I will find them"

"Come on" Zoe sighed. "This is obviously the wrong place, its empty"

"That's what they want you to think" Allie replied immediately. Zoe crossed her arms, glaring at her friend. "Please?" Allie tried. Zoe sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Fine, but only for a moment. Then I get to drive" She bargained. Allie looked back at her precious '67 Chevy Impala and laughed like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard in her life. She wrapped an arm around her friends shoulder and began to lead her to the house.

"No way" was all she said. Zoe scowled and pushed her arm away, but continued on towards the house. Passing the rows of rusting old cars the two kept a close eye out for anything that could suggest someone was living there. Nothing they could see. The friends stopped at the front door and, after a quick glance in the closest window, Allie knocked. Silence. She knocked again and nothing happened.

"No one lives here" Zoe reasoned. Allie shrugged, leaning down and pulling something out of her pocket. "What's that?" Zoe asked, frowning. Allie held it up proudly.

"Lock pick" She grinned. "Like it?" She didn't wait for an answer, only stuck it into the lock and began to fiddle with it.

"Stop it" Zoe growled. "We're gonna get in trouble"

"No one lives here" Allie retaliated, "You said so yourself." Zoe rolled her eyes and waited but after a moment she reached out and turned the doorhandle. It swung open easily. Allie looked up at her friend, slightly upset she hadn't been able to use the lock pick.

"You're welcome" Zoe grumbled, leading the way in. They looked around, realising the incredible resemblance between this house and the one on the screen. Allie found her way to the study and picked up one of the few books there.

"Hey" She scowled. "This isn't even lore, what is this?" Zoe shrugged.

"Hey maybe they based the house on this one." She reasoned. Allie looked up.

"Or this is the actual house" She grinned. Zoe sighed and she laughed again. "kidding" Zoe followed her into the study and opened a drawer.

"Not even anything unusual in here" Allie looked up, suddenly remembering something.

"The kitchen!" she cried, putting the book down and leaving the room. Zoe frowned, still searching the drawers.

"What about it?" She asked as the other girl began searching drawers in the next room.

"If I can find the cutlery drawer, there's a false bottom" She replied.

"I'm not even gonna ask why you know that" Zoe laughed. Allie looked up, pausing her search.

"Season four, during the breaking of the seals, rising of the witnesses. Bobby was working on the spell to get rid of them and he told Dean he needed something from the kitchen, in the false bottom in the cutlery drawer." She explained before resuming her search. Zoe shook her head.

"Of course" She muttered to herself. "How could I forget" As she absentmindedly shifted through the books she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Zoe looked up, frowning at the red symbol that appeared on the window beside her.

"Uh, Allie" She called. Allie appeared beside her a moment later and they watched the glowing red symbol. "Is this some kind of angel symbol or something?" Allie's eyes widened after a moment and she cursed under her breath.

"We have to go" She said suddenly, grabbing her friend's jacket and attempting to run. Zoe stopped her.

"What is it?" She asked, panicking now.

"Season six, the French mistake. That's the symbol that sent Sam and Dean here. This is how it happened when they were pulled back by Raphael. We have to go!" She explained desperately. Zoe nodded and they turned to run. They only got about two paces when Allie felt something grab her and she was thrown back at the window.

Allie's back hit the window and it broke against her back painfully before she hit something beyond the window. She lay there for a minute, trying to catch her breath. She reached out, finding Zoe beside her.

"What did we hit?" She asked weakly. Zoe shifted slightly and cursed under her breath.

"Impala" She replied. Allie cursed and felt the car beneath her, she had hit the roof and Zoe had hit the hood. She felt the large dent beneath her.

"That won't fix easy" She grumbled, then frowned. "Hey, I didn't park here" She pulled herself up, looking around. Their surroundings looked the same, but something was different. Then she looked inside the window they had just crashed through and her eyes widened. Instead of the few books that were far from lore, there were at least a hundred scattered around the study that was almost completely different. Allie's eyes widened.

"Oh no" she whispered, hoping this was a dream. There was the pounding of footsteps down the stairs inside and Allie panicked. She quickly pulled herself off the car, ignoring the ache as she grabbed her now standing friend's hand and pulled her away.

"Woah, what's going on?" Zoe cried. Allie quickly shushed her and pulled her around the house and behind a stack of cars. They had just managed to duck behind cover when the footsteps reached the door and froze on the steps. There was a curse and the two heard yelling. Allie and Zoe crouched close to the ground, staring wide eyed at each other.

"Is that…" Zoe whispered, trailing off. Allie nodded, putting a finger to her lips and Zoe nodded back. The two men continued talking by the door, wondering what could have done that to the car before them. Allie motioned Zoe to remain quiet and still before slowly pushing herself upwards to see through the cars broken side window. Due to her horrible luck, the taller man was just looking up and she moved away quickly, cursing in her mind. She glanced wide-eyed at the girl beside her, who did the same. They were caught.

So as you may have realised, this is me and my friend and it is really exactly how we act. My friends is currently helping me with plotlines and her character as well as proof reading out personalities. So, this should be interesting...