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Chapter 1 Awakening

Bella woke up in a bed that was not her own with an annoying buzzing feeling in her head trying to remember what the hell had happened to her .

She remembered walking into the woods with Edward. Remembered being told she was a toy, a human plaything something to distract him from his immortal life that his family only put up with her to please him. How he told her they were leaving and her yelling that Alice would never just leave her.

She also remembered him telling her that it would be as they never existed and then he ran away like a coward. Bella remembered dropping to her knees and sobbing her heart out for god knows how long before getting up and running towards the Cullen mansion.

Trees whipped at her face and branches tore at her clothesas she stumbled through the woods running blindly in the dark. On and on she ran until her foot caught on an exposed tree root and she went tumbling over the edge of a cliff, almost flying as she fell through the air her eyes widening in fear as she impaled herself on a broken tree branch that went straight through her chest in blinding pain killing her.

Bella shook her head "No that can't be right I am breathing I am not dead I am alive."
Looking around the room she realised she was in a cabin of some sort and by the smell wafting towards her she was not alone and whoever it was had made coffee and she could either try and escape or see if this person knew what the hell had happened to her.

As she followed the heavenly smell to the kitchen and stepped inside her head snapped around as a voice said "There is a cup of coffee on the counter for you figured you might need it"
A man stood leaning against the wall sipping a mug of coffee he was maybe mid twenties muscled but more like a martial artest than a normal athlete. He was dressed casually in Jeans a T-shirt and Sneakers.
"Ummm Where umm How Why When?" blushed Bella

"Grab a coffee and I will try to answer at least some of that."

Bella grabbed the cup of coffee off the counter and sat down in the nearby armchair "What the hell happened to me who are you and why am I wearing a strange shirt?"

"What no hi thanks for the coffee nice to meet you?"

Bella blushed again "Sorry I'm Bella thanks for the coffee and bringing me in"

"Bella a pretty name for a pretty girl I'm Richie"

"I'm really confused what happened as the last thing I remember..."

"You died yeah happens to the best of us."

Bella dropped her coffee cup turning white"What I died?"

"Yeah, but you got better." smirked Richie "Uh not to sound dumb, but if I died how am I sat here?"

"You mean after having a tree shoved through your chest and waking up in my bed?"

Bella buried her face in her hands "Oh god that wasnt just a dream."

Richie smiled bending down to look into the eyes of the shaking Brunette "Bella you cannot die you are immortal the same as me and many others."

Bella met Richies gaze "You mean like vampires?"

"No we are real, vampires don't exist"

Bella laughed "Unfortunately they do they are the reason I am dead bastard Leeches."

Richie looked shocked he didn't think anyone had come across a real vampire before and the only ones any of his other immortals had met were just charlatans. "Why Don't you tell me why you think vampires are real and then I will explain what your life is going to be like now that death is no longer an option."

Bella looked like she was going to object but since Dickward had abandoned her maybe talking about it would feel like letting go and she really wanted to know what the hell was going on with her and what being an immortal meant "Ok well it all started just after I had moved here on my first day of schoo. I had just walked into Biology..."

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