A Phantom Dumped in a Bucket of BLEACH Redux- chapter one.

Author's Announcement: So the goal of this series is to reboot my oldest fanfiction story to a higher standard of writing. After this is done, I'll redo ACT 2 as well. The foremost change is the removal of the filler Arc. Going through the Bount Arc slowed not only BLEACH as an anime down, but by extension my story as well. Therefore, scratch that Arc. This is the No Filler version.

Now on to the story! Actually that was a lie. I have one more thing to do. Reign Storm is coming, D-stabilized happened, Phantom Planet didn't happen and Ultimate Enemy happened. This starts before the first Arc in Bleach does.

NOW on to the story.

Two beings, locked in combat, cross blades. One a pallid green skinned ghost with flaming hair and red eye burning with fury. The other, a trench coat wearing, white haired red eyed, man with a sword. The sword was nothing interesting. Besides looking like the Fright Knight's blade to a tee. While one was furious, the other was cool and collected. He stood back, baiting swings and stabs from the other. His red eyes dull, contented to watch his opponent fluster and boast.

"I am Dan Phantom, the destroyer of humanity." The enraged one says attempting another offensive barrage. Too easy to feint him. Each swing was deflected and parried with ruthless efficiency. "You shall fall before me." He says.

"Nope." The reply was nothing new. But what shocked Dan was the blade that cut his cheek. It stung and burned, even after the blade ran its course. "If you're the destroyer of humanity, then humanity must be pretty pathetic to be destroyed by you."

The reply bit into his mind. "You dare call me inferior. You mock me and my accomplishments." He said his hair flaming up even more with each passing word. "I shall destroy you, take that blade, and burn the world to the ground."

"Try just hitting me first." The young man replies. "I'm not just going to bow down and let you take my blade." He say, swatting aside a feeble downward slash at his head. "No skill or finesse, why did old Gearhead even let you try to fight me?" he catches the blade aimed for his heart. "Even your sword is dull." He kicks the ghost in the stomach crashing him into a wall.

"It doesn't need to be sharp." He spits out rising from the dust. "I'll still hack you to shreds." An open hand stabs into his forehead.

"Wrong Dan. I am stronger and smarter. What hope did you have of defeating me? This is not the real world. You only had the power I was giving to you." He continues, cold seeping from every word. "Now I take, even from the real world, the power which you did not know how to command." A flash of light and Dan's outlook on the world has changed.

Rather than six feet tall, he stood about a foot tall. His body was replaced with a stuffed bear. With black fur on the front of the ears and the pads of his feet and palms, as he had no fingers or toes. The rest of him was white, save for three black circles; two for eyes and one for a nose. "What happened to me?" He asks standing up

"Your opponent was kind enough to spare your life. But this comes at a cost, Dan. No longer are you considered a ghost. A Kaizo Konpaku or Modified Soul. While you might retain some of your powers, you are no longer strong enough to battle Danny or other Half Ghosts like him" Clockwork explains, not moving from his vigil. He is focusing on events, be it in the future or the past. "Danny is on his way here now. Just as I summoned him."

Danny races through the Ghost Zone, trying to not disturb the locals or damage the properties in his way. His hair flapping around in his face, his eyes set on the tower ahead. "Have to get to Old Clockhead's tower. Please don't let the first words out his mouth be 'Dan has escaped and is going to finish what he start' or something like that." He complains, still zipping through the neon green and inky black that makes up the skies of the Ghost Zone. He lands on the small walkway up to the Clocktower.

"Daniel, Dan has escaped and is going to finish off the world. Your mission is to stop him." Came the all too familiar voice of Clockwork.

"Oh come on!" Danny shouts.

"Come in now before it's too late." Clockwork says in an urgent tone. Danny opens the door and rushes in. Contrary to what he expected, Clockwork is perfectly fine and unharmed. Seeing danny's affronted face, Clockwork chuckles. "A joke Danny. At the moment, Dan could not destroy the world even if he had a button that launched all of the world's nuclear weapons at once."

Danny rolls his eyes and sighs. "Ha ha. It's hardly fair making a joke like that." He takes a seat by the table. I didn't know Clockwork got into sword collecting. Danny thinks looking at the sword. Although, for how old he is, a hobby might not be that bad of an idea.

Clockwork smiles wholeheartedly, "And it's hardly fair calling me an Old Clockhead. Because I could be a young Clockhead." He says changing his size but not his voice.

Danny shrugs. "So why the call all of the sudden?" He asks casting a glance at the screen. Clockwork points to a sword on the nearby table

"I want you to pick up the sword and swing it once." He says gesturing a swing with his his staff as he swats Danny on the head with it.

"Ow." Danny flinches and looks at Clockwork confused "What was THAT for?"

"Just making sure you were paying attention, like you were not paying attention in math class." He says with a chuckle. "Now, pick up the sword and claim your destiny." He pauses for a yawn "Or something like that." He says floating back over to his screen. He made a summons for Dani and sent it to her.

Danny puts a hand on the scabbard and thinks of where he could have seen such a sword before. What ghosts even use swords? Fright Knight is the first that comes to mind. Aragon possibly if he didn't want to be a dragon. His hand traces the pattern on the sheath before moving up to the guard. "Why do I need to do this?"

"Something is coming Daniel. A shroud of White that will smother all life. I need you to wield a power that could possible prevent that outcome. A thousand year war." Clockwork explains.

"Gee, that sounds ominous. Well more ominous than usual." Daniel says grabbing the hilt. With a poof, he is gone. Bright lights blind his vision.

As the light fades, and his vision returns, he sees a figure standing a little distance away. His eyes a dull red. His skin normal enough and white hair. A red beanie, might have been a touk but there wasn't a pompom on it, held the white hair down. A red trench coat flaps idly in the breeze.

"I see you're awake now," The man's simple voice with a cheerful hint to it, made him sound like a good guy. The sword he held says he means business. "C'mon, pick up a sword and fight. It's why you're here isn't it?" He says pointing a thumb to himself. "To fight me and claim the sword as your own?"

"Actually, I was just told to pick up a sword and swing it." Danny says holding a finger up.

"Really now? So you came all this way just to talk?" He says with a laugh, "C'mon man, at least give me a friendly spar before we start blabbing." He says pulling the tip of the sword up and pointing it at Danny. "Grab a sword and fight. Then talk."

Danny grabs a blade sticking out of the ground nearby. "You seem like a good guy. I'll go easy on you this once." Danny sys flourishing the blade."

"Ain't you a confident one..." The man vanishes. Danny sees the blade flies at his neck. His eyes widen as he flips over the blade. Only to find the point at his throat when he lands. He sends sparks flying as his swats the blade aside. He sees an opening and attacks. A blade directs his sword into the ground and cuts him across his chest.

He removes the blade and slashes at the man again. The parry comes again but Danny retreats and manages to land a blow, drawing some blood. "Not bad kid. Given some practice, you might be good enough to fight me."

"Isn't this practice already?" Danny quip back. He fends off a downwards chop.

"Interesting point. Too bad mine's sharper." The blade cuts Danny's right arm, the blade burns just as bad. Danny launches another attack. His blade is launched into the air from his grasp. The man rushes at him. Seeing the blade coming, Danny didn't flinch. The blade cut through his core and out the back. "In order to wield me, you must set aside your old power and accept my blade."

The ectoplasm drips from the wound in Danny's chest. "But without my power how can I protect anyone? Even with my powers, I could not even protect myself."

"Trust me. My power is better. If you help me be free of this form, I will help you by giving you power." He draws the blade out, but Danny stops him

"Then give me your power." He falls forward on the blade. The last of his ghost power drains away. He warms up because of the loss of his ice core. Soon a new cold wash over him. A cold that would make the Far Frozen shiver. Pure ice. His core was dulled by ectoplasm. But this new power felt like it would freeze him to death (again) on the spot.

His body heat regulates and he opens his eyes in the real world. Clockwork stood back. "I see you have awoken."

"Yeah, no thanks to you."

"If it were not for me, you would have frozen half the ghost zone." Clockwork objects. He turns away from his screen and walks over. "To help you learn about your new powers, I am sending you to an old friend of mine. In Japan. Specifically, Karakura Town." A map shows up on a screen showing where Karakura was in Japan. "After you arrive, find one Urahara Kisuke. A shop owner. He should be able to train you to use your new powers more effectively." He lifts something from the table where the sword once was. "You'll need this. It's a concentrated knowledge pill. It will teach you all you need to know about a new language when you hear it. This one is designed with Japanese in mind."

"Okay. Just let me get on the road already." Danny stand up and stretches. "Say how long was I out?" He says taking the pill in an instant. "And why am I wearing these robes?" He says, inspecting the new outfit.

"Youth always so impatient, so many questions... Very well." Clockwork forces a deep breath out and opens a portal to Karakura. "Five days. Those robes signify your new powers."

"FIVE DAYS?!" Danny shouts "I was out for five days?" He asks much more calmly.

"Two hours." Clockwork says truthfully.

"Oh phew... Had me kinda worried about it." Danny walks up to the portal. "Hey Clockhead, say hi to Dani for me." He steps through the portal. A different feeling than most portals. This one just felt like going over a bridge than through a field of energy.

As he emerges from the other side blinking, he sees a fairly normal town

A swing of a monsters arm is blocked at the last moment. The force still launched him back. He rolls a few times to land safely. "What the hell is that?" He gets a good look at the huge monster.

"Oh so you can see them?" A man standing beside him says. Beneath a green and white hat, his eyes were hidden only blond hair is visible framing the upper half of his face. He points his cane at him. "Can you fight them?"

"I'll do what I can." Danny says.

"Go get them." The man stabs through Danny's chest with his cane. Danny flips back a few times seeing his body fall limply to the ground. "I'll take good care of it. Go fight the Hollow." Danny nods and takes a running start.

Aim for the mask. A voice speaks in his head Only chance of you defeating it in your current state. Sure enough, there was a masklike face. The monster notes the person running at it. "Time to die, Shinigami." The monster calls out.

Danny ducks something that looked like an energy beam. Damn that was close. He leaps up and slashes on his way down. A line devides the monster in two diagonally. It fell, half forward half back. Dissolving into a red mist. Danny flicks the blood from the weapon by holding the hilt in front of his face and flicks the blade to just past his right foot and sheaths the blade.

"Well done for the first Hollow you fought. Clearly you have some skill and discipline." The man steps forward. "I could train you to fight on a whole other level. All you would need to do is work for me for a month."

"Sorry, but I was told to find someone called Kisuke Urahara."

"Well you found him." He points a thumb at himself. "Will you work with me?"

Danny nods and shakes his hands. Time to get stronger.

For the next few weeks, Danny had a day job. Running the shop for Urahara when he had more important matters to tend. His afternoons were far more interesting as they were spent training with the various members of the Urahara Shoten. Each week the training got more and more advanced.

Physical changes were also in order. His hair had grown a several inches until it started getting in his face and obstructing his eye. At which point, he pulled it back and tied it there with some spare cloth. Since Urahara would have skinned him alive for missing work or training, what other choice did he have? He also didn't put on much weight. Sure his muscles are more defined, they weren't necessarily bigger.

By the end of the first month he could put up a fight against Urahara and his employees all at once. His best match lasted over an hour before the four of them, Kisuke Urahara, Tsukabishi Tessai, Tsumugiya Ururu, Hanakari Jinta, managed to pin him down, one for each limb. Given this fight, Urahara calls him over in the shop the next morning.

"Quite the fight that was, eh? An hour in and we only managed to end it by holding you down." He fans himself once and walks over to the door. "Since I've finished training you, it's time to teach you something else. I might be a good candidate for teaching it, but when one has a person called the god of it around, might as well hand this off to them." He opens the door and in walks a black cat.

"And who is that?"

"Me. I am Yoruichi." The cat speaks to him."

"Okay then. So you're a cat then? Interesting. What is he going to teach me?" Danny asks, defying the common practice of freaking out at a talking cat.

"Not at least concerned by me being a talking cat? That's a nice change of pace." The cat walks over to Danny who takes a seat.

"Do you mind if I... pet you?" Danny asks just a flustered by asking the cat if its okay. "Since you are a talking sentient cat after all, it seems fair to have to ask."

"Not freaking out and brave enough to ask? I'll have to say yes this once." He, as his voice would make Danny believe, walks over to Danny and lets him stroke his fur a few times.

"Okay now that I can say I've met a talking cat, what are you going to teach me?" Danny says as he pets the cat slowly.

"A technique called Shunpo. Or simply Flash Step." He says through the purring. "Okay that's enough, I don't want to pass out before I even get to the first lesson." He says stretching up. He walks over to the fake panel on the ground. He lifts it up and sets it aside.

Danny walks over to the ladder and climbs down, the cat hops on to his shoulders. "Elevator going down!" He grabs the sides of the ladder and sets his feet on the sides of the ladder and slides down the ladder as he practiced several times. He slides down at high speeds. The cat hops off at the bottom. The cat didn't react to the descent at all.

"First lesson. How to transmit your body from one spot to another."

"Teleportation? I got that down." He closes his eyes and focuses his energy and he appears next to the cat. "See?"

A human foot is sent at his face. As he was so focused on teleporting, the cat had vanished. The only other thing down here was the lady who tried to kick him. Danny ducked the kick, only to take a kick to the back. "You are too slow, even when you dodge." The woman says standing over Danny land another kick before being launched back by a palm to her face.

"That was a cheapshot!" Danny shakes his fist at her.

"In this line of work, a Shinigami favours haste over cleverness. Therefore, no such things as cheapshots exist." She says appearing behind him aiming a kick for his head. A punch launched her up. "Impressive, you are learning faster than anticipated. A speed clone. Only certain highly trained Shinigami can pull that trick so convincingly."

Danny bats her towards the ground. She manages to turn and deflect his attack. She launches a barrage of punches and kicks. Danny responds with deflecting the strongest attacks and blocking only the weaker attacks. He breaks the stale mate by landing a kick on her midriff sending her to the ground.

"Your abilities are growing so much faster than anticipated." She says, left hand on her hip and the other at her side. Her brown skin starting to develop perspiration. Danny delivers a final punch to her face. Her right hand blocked the attack before it even came close. "Don't overestimate your skill or underestimate your opponent."

Danny flies away from her from a low leg sweep and a synchronized dual punch to his stomach and chest. He rises from the far wall, a knee was inches from his face. He leaps up only to get kicked to the ground. He rises to a knee. A roundhouse kick bashes him into a rock structure nearby.

How does she move like that? Urahara didn't use it that often. Her style relies on it. He comes to a realization Time to play her game. He launches a speed clone at her. It took a single kick. A second one kicks out her other leg and rises to grab her foot to keep her unstable.

A third one kicks her into the air and then the real Danny roundhouse shin smashes her into the ground. He freeze when nothing was there. His hair fell loose around his neck. He catches his breath. "You're too much for me to fight, Yoruichi."

"Yoruichi? Why would you think I'm Yoruichi?" She says with a fake frown.

"Because." Danny pauses for a second adjusting his uniform, the Shihakusho as he was told it is called. "Where did that cat go? I only closed my eyes for a few seconds. Yet you had time to change to human and get..." For some reason he had not noticed the large amount of steam that filled the area they fought in, because there was just barely enough to make her decent. Danny looks away his cheeks turning beet red. "Put some clothes on please."

"You were still able to fight me, so kudos for focusing on the fight and not what the opponent wasn't wearing." She says with a Cheshire grin. She throws on a modified version of a Shihakusho. An orange top with short sleeves to her elbow and light beige arm wraps with steel gray clothe tying it in place. Similar wraps are on her shins. Her shoulders had two white straps over the seams attaching the sleeves to the rest of the shirt. Her long purple hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She wore similar pants to the Hakama, but they aren't as loosely fitting. "If you like what you see so much, why'd you tell me to put clothes on?" She says chuckling at Danny's embarrassment.

"Ha ha, very funny." Danny takes a seat on the ground and leans back against the rock. Something falls on his lap. He opens one eye and looks down. It was Yoruichi's cat form next to it was the cloth he used for his hair. He grabs the strip and ties his hair back again into its original state. He closes his eyes again.

The weight got heavier. She switched forms again didn't she... Even though he still knew what she did, he still opened an eye to check and sure enough she did. Steam included. He breathes out deeply and just closes his eyes. Her teasing isn't going to get on my nerves. After a few minutes, he passed out. The first real chance he's had to sleep.

A few hours later when he wakes up from the nap he took, Tessai was calling for dinner. Yoruichi had taken off to do who know what around town. Probably talk with a few cat friends or something. Danny stands up and appears at the main floor of the Shoten. Danny walks to the table and sits down to enjoy a meal with them.

"And now for having that meal, you must work an additional week for me. However with your training complete, I think I can trust you enough to send you on a field mission." The slow drawl of Urahara explains. "I want you to attend the local high school and find a young woman who looks about your age, named Rukia Kuchiki. Tell her," Urahara fans himself for a second. "Urahara sent you to help her deal with the Hollows. She recently gave her powers to someone else, and until he is ready to fight, I need you to help her cover the Hollow hunting."

"Alright. I'm still not getting paid for this am I?" Danny asks with a chuckle.

"You will be. Whatever supplies you need, I can supply you with." Urahara says with a glint in his eye. "To start off though, you'll need this." He hands Danny a duck shaped candy dispenser, this was a Gikongan dispenser. "And this." He snaps his finger and a fake body that looked just like Danny, thankfully dressed, is brought over.

Danny stands up and picks up the body and puts it on. It felt strange to have a body again. He was in a plain white tee and a pair of loose jeans. "Alright. I'll have to get used to this again." He rolls his shoulders and hops back and forth on his heels. "So what's the name of the high school?"

"Karakura Highschool."

"Well that's not very original." Danny shrugs and sits back down at the table to finish his food.

"You also need a school uniform." Urahara pulls out a package and hands it to him. Inside was a uniform that looked like it would fit Danny. "Since your from America, I don't know if your school has a standard uniform or not for all students. As such, you'll have to get used to wearing one."

"Alright." Danny says with a smile. Damn, and I thought I could get away from school. Well, lets hope this school is nothing like Casper High School. Danny stands up, "I'm still staying here aren't I?" he asked the man with the green and white stripped hat.

"You are still under my employ, so I'd have to say yes." He smirks. "Might cost you a few afternoons of work though. Fridays only I figure."

"Thanks." Danny finds his room, changes into something more comfortable and goes to sleep. Tomorrow is Monday, first day of school. The night passed without incident. A full night sleep was rare for Danny. At least he'll be fine for now.

Danny wakes up as his alarm clock goes off. He puts on the School Uniform and grabs his bag of books. He grabs a piece of toast and butters it. He tossed back a glass of orange juice and grabs his toast and chows down before heading out the door. After a few minutes of walking, he sees the school.

The students standing around and talking added a nice background noise, the neat and orderly building. Finally a normal high school. He finds the home room and his assigned seat. A teacher walks in with a stack of books. "Good morning class, I am happy to announce we have a new student. His name is Danny Fenton. Could you please come and write your name on the board."

Danny stands and walks over to the board and writes his name. He knows from writing things to Urahara that what he writes might look like English it is actually Japanese. He turns to the class, "Good morning my name is Danny Fenton. I'm a transfer student from America." He bows and takes his seat.

"Anyways, I was going to dump a huge assignment on you, but you can thank the new student. Because of his arrival, I'm moving it over to tomorrow so he can get used to the school." The teacher picks up her stack of books and leaves the classroom saying in a singsong tone "Dismissed!"

Danny blinks a few times. At least she's not like Mr. Lancer. A few of the other students walk over and introduce themselves to the new kid, reclining in his chair with his feet on the desk. One was an orange haired guy with brown eyes and a permanent scowl on his face. He's different. He feels a tingle in the back of his mind as he walks over.

"So you're the new kid, huh?" He says taking a seat next to him.

"That I am. Danny Fenton. You?"


"Nice to meet you Ichigo." Danny nods.

"Oh come on! Don't ruin the new kid with punk ideas Ichigo, I'm Keigo Asano, and I'm here to show you the ropes."

"No thanks I think I can find them on my own!" Danny is cut off mid complaint as Keigo attempts to drag him off. A bop on the head courtesy of Ichigo releases Danny from the grasps of Keigo. "Thanks for that." He hoofs Keigo in the stomach into a chair. Before resuming his relaxing state, he straightens out his uniform.

Two other students walk up beside Ichigo. "Hi! I'm Orihime, do you like..." And off she goes on a semi-intelligible rant about some of her favourite kinds of food. Her hair was a similar colour to Ichigo's. She eventually stops her spiel and says "Sorry about that, I tend to get carried away." She says with the brightest smile.

Danny returns the smile "It's quite alright Orihime, I understand how easy it is to get carried away." My parents are carried away incarnate. He adds to himself, with a smile to Orihime.

"I'm Chad." A young man taller than both Ichigo and Danny who towers over the whole group addresses Danny. He raises his left hand as he says it. His skin is darker than the other three by a long shot. His shaggy brown hair covered his eyes.

"I'm Danny." He matches the gesture.

A more serious looking girl walks over, hair almost the same color as his. Her purple eyes looked very much like his own at least in this lighting. "I am Rukia Kuchiki. Welcome to Karakura High School." She says with a bow.

"Hello Rukia, I am Danny fenton. Pleased to meet you." He nods to her. He spins on his rear and stands up. Suddenly the room shakes. "What was that?!"

"What was what?" Chad asks. Orihime had a glassy eyed look in her eyes. She must have felt that rumble too then. Rukia and Ichigo share a glance for a second before...

"YOU IDIOT!" Rukia winds back her right palm and smacks Ichigo up and backwards. Danny grins as he sees Ichigo flies out of the body in a Shinigami uniform, his own body collapsing. So I found the person she gave her powers to as well, hm? Danny pops one of the Gikon into his hand and pops it into his mouth and his body crumples too. He stands back and watches as his body takes a seat and picks out a text book to start reading. Danny Flash Steps to the ground outside. Ichigo gets out the front doors of the school moments later.

"Wait, you're a Shinigami?" Ichigo asks, catching his breath.

"Yeah." Danny draws his blade and rests it on his shoulders. "A friend of Rukia's wants me to help her with the Hollow hunting." Danny looks around the nearby area. Rukia rushes out next. "So where's the hollow?" Danny asks

"Near here. Right above our head" She says looking at her Hollow detector. "Any minute now."

"Gotcha." Danny nods looking around the area. A gentle breeze ruffles the long sleeves of the Shinigami robes. It feels like I've been in this town forever. A guttural roar breaks the stillness as a hollow leaps at the two Shinigami. Ichigo readies a monstrous blade. Ready to, if not cut it, smash it to pieces.

A blue streak passes through the hollow mask, splitting it in two. The Hollow vanishes. "You Shinigami are disappointing." A young man from their class says. That's Uryu Ishida. "Even when there is a Hollow nearby, you wait for it to come to you. Do you know the number of lives you put in danger with such habits?" Danny shrugs not knowing the answer but agreeing with his point.

Ichigo clearly didn't. "Your point?" He says putting the blade back and crossing his arms.

"My point is that the Soul Society doesn't know what its doing, sending two inexperienced and mostly untrained Shinigami to the World of the Living." Uryu says walking forward. A strange blue bow in his hands. "My name is Ishida Uryu. I am the last Quincy. And I challenge you two to a competition. Who can kill the most Hollows in 12 hours. You two" he points to Ichigo and Danny "versus me."

"How about no." Danny says. He steps between the other two. "That kind of competition would put the entire city in jeopardy. Not to mention set off a few alarms in the Soul Society that a town basically got swallowed by Hollows." Danny says with a chuckle "Ha, rhyme."

"A shame. I thought you would be more willing to test your strength against me."

"Are you just as blind to the danger such a challenge would cause?" Danny says "In order for it to be a challenge, you would need a way of drawing enough hollows here. In the process of the challenge, you would endanger the whole town."

"I can protect this town far better than 2 untrained Shinigami could-" Uryu is cut short by the flaming blade pointing at his eye.

"You could potentially protect this town better than us, I'll grant that." Daniel says, eyes burning with a fire. "But don't ever call in to question whether or not I am trained." Danny says, lowering the hilt of the blade. It was a trick he figured out from Urahara. "If you want to endanger the whole town with some maniac plan for showing your superiority, count me out." Danny says, raising a hand as he walks to the school door. "The destruction of Karakura is on your heads."

Ichigo and Uryu look at Danny in a manner of shock. They weren't sure if he was serious or not. Rukia stops him though. "You are wrong." She says to Danny. "If you abandon them and leave them to this fight on their own, then Karakura's destruction will fall on your head too."

"Damnit, I can't get away with anything around here." He says with a chuckle. "Fine, I'll bite. How do you plan on summoning enough Hollows for three of us to fight?" Danny says, pulling a 180 and leaning against the wall next to the door.

"With this." Uryu pushes his glasses up as he pulls out a small tablet "Hollow Bait." And crushes it in his hand, throwing the dust in to the air. "The contest starts now and ends at 8 PM. I'd wish you good luck, but then again you're my enemies."

To be continued.

So how do you think this Reboot is going? Any ideas of what I could improve on? I'm not going to include the little end skits from the previous version because I'm aiming for this to be a far more serious but still occasionally funny version.