A Phantom Dumped in a Bucket of Bleach- Chapter two

Quincy Archer Hates You

"Damn that Ishida!" Daniel Fenton growls slashing down hollows left and right. Stay focused. His zanpakuto says. If they see you're distracted they'll strike. Danny slides right a step and slashes another Hollow. Only an hour in and he's up to 25 Hollows dead. Still, I'm going to have words for that guy! Danny sheaths his blade. His style is far different from even Urahara's. He holds his sheath in his left hand rather than have it in his belt.

This style is heavily reliant on Shunpo, timing and positioning. This style helps him target particular points on enemies to take out. Draw to kill and sheath. No fancy drawn out antics. One attack, possibly multiple kills. If an attack drawn out through Shunpo could slice multiple lethal targets, Such as the mask or neck, he could strike down as many as he wants. Urahara even was taken aback by his proficient use of the techniques, "If you can keep an opponent on his toes, then you're far more likely to see him make a mistake and kill him." Danny kept that advice as he fought these hollows. As he could not use two-handed strikes, he primarily relies on faster strikes that allow him to move with the strikes.

Danny ducks another swing and slashes that mask in half on a diagonal line. "So many... I hope the others are doing alright." Ichigo was probably slashing them down three or four at a time. Danny breaks from his thoughts and slashes another Hollow mask. He slides under the final one of that 'squad', cuts out it legs and slices the mask in half before it could stand up.

This wasn't even an exercise. His weeks of training against Urahara made him strong enough to deal with these Hollows no problem. Should they ever gain enough numbers, he could start using Shunpo and hack his way through them before they could blink.

By about a third of the way through the challenge, about noon, the Hollows are in full force. At a blistering rate, he carves his way through the Hollows. He is on a mission to find the others. This number of Hollows are close to overwhelming. Using a precise attack, he slashes down five hollows in one slash. The Hollow's he vanquished vanish and he gets a glimpse at the white of Uryu's shirt. He uses Shunpo and chops down seven Hollows en route. I'm going to make a fortune off this battle. He leaps over a swipe at his head and splits the Hollow in half vertically.

Danny looks around the area. A hundred Hollows slain without a scratch. The area feels clear of Hollows. He walks over to Ichigo and Uryu having a conversation. Remarkably, they weren't about to rip each other's throats out. Yet.

"I know the story, Uryu. The Shinigami wiped out the Quincy." Ichigo says walking over "Who was right, Shinigami or the Quincy? I have no opinion on that." Ichigo points a finger in the air "But I do know one thing. Uryu! Your way is..."

"That's ancient history." Uryu clenches a fist. "I heard that story from my master." He pushes his glasses up. "It's just an old legend. I don't care about what happened two hundred years ago. I'm not so sentimental to hold that against you, Kurosaki." He fires another arrow. "In fact, my master taught me to not dislike or hate anyone. And I didn't. Until..." Uryu shoots another Hollow down. "I saw my master get killed in front of my eyes. I challenged you to prove that the world can do without the Shinigami. To show you the strength of the Quincy." He pauses. "Before my master's death, he kept trying to make a point to the Shinigami. He wanted to make them see that the Quincies were needed." He fires two more arrows. "Each time the same response. 'Stay out of our business.' You see Shinigami take a while to get here. My master made a point that even a small number of Quincies could act as a first response. To protect people from the Hollows faster."

Ichigo listens quietly for a change. "You..." Ichigo knees Uryu's head into the Hollow in front of him. "Talk too much!" Ichigo turns his back towards Uryu. "Not to correct you on your own story here, but didn't it seem like he wanted Shinigami and Quincies to fight alongside? Your master didn't want you to show the Shinigami as weaker or even keep a group here." He rolls his shoulders. "I think he wanted Quincy and Shinigami to fight back to back."

"Back to back? But shy? We're about alike as cats and dogs are."

"Still holding on to that difference?" Ichigo says. "I'm originally human, I'm not doing this job for the love of it." He says, turning to face Uryu. "And I didn't want to just protect those closest to me. I lost my mother to a Hollow. I don't want anyone else to go through that. That's why I want to protect as many people as I can." Ichigo eyes show a resolve to fight until his dying breath to help people.

Danny hops down from the building to their right. "Well said." Danny agrees, readying for the incoming wave of Hollows "More company again!" He leaps up and slashes one down the middle and splits another mask on his way down.

The three make short work of the hollows attacking them. "Out of Hollows?" Danny says casually. The other two relax. Nerves were bristled up. Clearly this fight had the both of them on their nerves. At least they won't get sucker punched.

Ichigo breathes out. "Yeah we just killed the last of them." He rests his blade on his shoulder. A bestial howl unlike any noise a Hollow has made before rips through the air. The three turn in shock and terror to face it.

A crack in the sky. Pure black behind it. From it stepped out a creature that towered over the entire town. Sky scrapers were looking up at it. "What is that?" Uryu asks. He summons a bow. Danny flourishes his Zanpakuto in its sheath around him once.

"I don't know," Ichigo says. "But it doesn't look friendly."

With a second roar, the new beast charges a circular ball in its mouth. "Hit the deck!" Danny dives out of the way as a beam rips up where he was standing. Is this a Menos? A Menos Grande? He studies it for a few more seconds.

Its mask alone is huge. Easily around 12 tall. Around its neck are a row of spikes sticking out. It didn't have arms that were easily noticeable. The rest of the body is like a strange black robe. It stood over them at easily a hundred feet. The eyes behind the mask were just red circles of malice. I wonder if it has the same weaknesses. He holds his sword at his hip and sets into a deeper stance. He gathers his reiatsu to his blade... And draws. A flash of white light splits the mask, from the white blade multiple spike-like blades drive outwards through either side of its head. The Hollow howls in its miserable tone, agony chilling the three to the bone.

With a deep breath it drags in the remaining Hollows, drawn to Karakura by the bait, and consumes them to repair its mask. "That thing just won't die." Ichigo says pointing his blade at the Menos. He charges at the Menos with the intention of cutting it down. A single kick sent that plan, along with him and his blade flying back. Ichigo grabs his blade and charges as it gathers another blast charges.

The second blast fires. Ichigo shouts at the top of his lungs and rushes forward to block the blast. Sure enough he holds back the blast and delivers a blow equal to Danny's with none of the effort. This did dampen the damage to an extent as Danny's attack cut cleanly.

But the sheer force of Ichigo's attack made it retreat back into the crack it crawled out of. The cracks resealed. He hold up his first two fingers and shouts "Victory!" Ichigo falls forward out cold and in pain. His Zanpakuto was shifting between a solid a liquid state. Uryu rushes over. "He's overloading on Reiatsu! He can't control it." After a second of thought, Uryu forms the largest bow Danny has seen yet.

I guess then he controls the energy we release and channels it into weapons. Since Ichigo has so much that he can't control, the size of both the bow and the arrows released is going to be increased proportionately. Danny observes from Uryu as he fires more and more arrows into the sky. Arrow by arrow, the blade stops it's morphing and settles on being solid.

"It's over." Uryu drops to his knees exhausted. Danny walks over, checking Ichigo's pulse.

"He's alive, thanks to you." Danny says, turning to Uryu. "Oh by the way I have a question."

"What is it?" Uryu stands up catching his breath. Adjusting his glasses right after.

"What the bloody hell were you thinking?!" Danny says, grabbing Uryu by the collar and hoists him into the air. "I had to kill over a thousand Hollow today that you guys couldn't get to fast enough! You endangered the lives of the entire town with your antics!"

Uryu sees the anger in Danny's, he better have because it's kind of hard to miss at this point. "I know. I... knew the risks." Danny sets Uryu down. "I was blinded by my hate of Shinigami. I couldn't see that you two were different. You cared about the lives of others in a genuine way." Uryu looks at the ground. "You kept the people safe from me. My teacher, my grandfather... was left to die by the Shinigami. Even after my brash challenge you came back to find us..." He seems to choke on the next words "Thank you."

Danny smiles. "Welcome. So after all that, how many Hollows did you get?"

"I... I lost count. Say how did you know you killed a thousand?"

"I had this keeping score for me." He holds up his hollow detector with a grin. He puts it away and drops the grin. "Sorry for the yelling. I'm just glad this ordeal is over." He takes a seat on a nearby bench. Urahara walks over.

"Well, well, I see the three of you have fought off a Menos." He says clapping his fan in his right hand, his chain hanging on his left elbow. "I hope you've all learned something from this."

"Mr. Hat 'n' Clogs?" Ichigo says standing up. "When did you get here?" He leans against the next to the bench and slides down.

"I had an alarm go off in my shop that a Gillian-class Hollow had entered the World of the Living here in Karakura." He explains "I found you by following the energy to it's last known location." He says adjusting his hat.

Yoruichi walks next to him. Danny smiles and nods slightly. She was in her cat form and using the male voice. "Three brave students."

"Well there's a diffence between brave and reckless." Danny smirks "I think we fall in the reckless side."

"Why the hell is that cat talking to us!?" Ichigo freaks out at the cat suddenly talking, before turning to Danny. "And why are you so okay with it?!" A sweat drop right under his eye.

"Oh please," Danny says, sarcasm dripping from the phrase. "You have to deal with monsters that want to eat your soul and you're worried when a cat starts talking?" He laughs once "Ha! I expected better." Danny jokes.

"But more importantly, the Soul Society now knows about you and what you can do." Urahara explains. He hides his face behind his fan. "They are going to send a recon group to assess you and your abilities.

Yoruichi speaks next. "However, Ichigo, due to the nature of how you gained your powers, you will be a target that they will destroy." She goes on to explain "It is one of the highest offenses to transfer powers from a Shinigami to a human."

"Great, and now the talking cat is spouting doom and gloom." Ichigo sighs, "Alright, what do I have to do to avoid getting killed?"

"Let Rukia go." The cat says. "They will find her first, bring her back to the Soul Society for her execution. Then they will find you and they will kill you." The cat finishes, sitting down on her haunches. "Urahara has a special Gigai that can hide your Shinigami Reiatsu from them. But you must be willing to let her die."

"Like hell I'm doing that!" Ichigo shouts. "Why would I let her die? I owe her both my own life and the lives of my family!" The anger hides a deep fear. A fear Danny knew in the pit of his stomach. A fear that he couldn't protect those he cared about.

"You can't hope to fight them!" The cat retorts. "Standard prisoner hunt groups generally have a captain and lieutenant in them. The only person who could fight them is Danny. He trained relentlessly for a month. He fought an opponent to a standstill that you probably could not scratch."

"Tell me who, tell me who and I'll beat them senseless!" Ichigo lashes out "I'm not going to let a friend die like that!" Ichigo stands up, torn between his hopelessness and his strength. Danny opens his eyes and vanishes from the bench. His blade's edge at Ichigo's neck, Danny standing behind him.

"You could not beat him, nor even me, senseless. Not if you can't sense movement around you." Danny says flicking his blade back into the sheath. "You don't stand a chance against me or the person I fought if you can't follow movement around." Danny exemplifies this by using Shunpo to confuse Ichigo. "You are strong. Even with that strength, you can't defend yourself. Let alone someone else." Danny returns to his seat on the bench.

Ichigo hangs his head. "I can't hope to beat them, but I'll still fight them. I'm not going to let Rukia die like that."

"Good then you must fight them. If you fight, if you lose, you will die." Uryu says plainly. He pushes his glasses back up. "She is a friend of yours so I will help you protect her." Silence falls on the group. The tension dying.

"Come on, let's head to my shop. I bet you're all starving." Urahara says. Danny rises to his feet. He stretches his arms up. Ichigo stands up, clearly exhausted.

Uryu's fingers bled all the way back to the Shoten. Where he grabs a first aid kit and gets his injuries covered. When that's done, he takes a seat at the table to enjoy the feast prepared for the hungry warriors. Ichigo downs all of his food fairly quickly. Danny and Uryu eat at a more relaxed pace. The walk back was quiet. The meal was just as relaxed no one feeling the urge to tall given the business of the day. After the three had finished their meal, Danny leans back. "Ah that hit the spot."

"Yes, thank you Mr. Urahara. But I must go now." Uryu says pushing his glasses back. "I've got things to tend to. He opens the door tenderly. "Thank you for your hospitality." He says before walking back home. "Let's hope no more hollows show up for a while, eh?"

"On the contrary, gimme more of that Hollow bait," Ichigo says. "I'll slaughter them all to get stronger." Ichigo stands up and looks like he was going to charge Uryu. Danny steps in with a Shunpo-enhanced right cross to Ichigo's temple.

"Go now Ishida. He's gonna wake up sometime." Danny says moving a fake floor panel and drops Ichigo down it. "Best to make yourself scarce so that I'm the only target he has nearby." He says before jumping down himself.

Danny takes a seat on the rocks. After inspecting his sword, he sheaths it and waits for Ichigo to wake up. Let's see what you've got. Sure enough, an hour later Ichigo stands up. "Ugh, did a bullet train hit me?"

"It might have been for how fast the fist was going." Danny says with a smirk.

"Wait, it was you! You decked me, didn't you?" Ichigo draws his sword.

"Yeah? So what if I did, what can you do about it?" Danny asks. Ichigo slices where Danny is. "Heh, you're too slow. Your reflexes are non-existant. It's only through brute strength you haven't been killed yet." He says sheathing his blade.

He turns around, "And what could you teach me? You only trained for a month!"

"Better than your single day of training." Danny retorts. Ichigo flings himself full force at Danny to take his head off. Danny doesn't even blink as Ichigo hacked where he was. Ichigo whirls around. "Too slow." Danny says walking towards the ladder. "You'd be lucky to survive this. Don't make it into an actual fight." Danny looks back from his post by the ladder.

"No, I have to get stronger by beating you!" Ichigo levels his blade at Danny. He rushes at Danny again.

"Tch." Danny flashsteps over to Ichigo and knees him in the gut. He grabs the blade and rips it out of Ichigo's hands and throws it into the wall behind him. He flashsteps again and round house kicks him into a wall behind him. "You now have to be fast enough to get the blade from behind me. If you can't do that in a half an hour, I'll kill you." Danny says blandly, a cold look in his eye.

"I'll get it in fifteen minutes!" Danny appears in front of him and kicks him into the wall again then smashes his shin into Ichigo's temple.

"Challenge accepted. Go grab it." Danny gestures with his hand to the where the sword is.

Ichigo falls out of the other wall and stands up. "Damn it..." He starts running to the wall again. A foot trips him and a palm smashes his head into the ground.

"A sucker for pain aren't you?" Danny asks with a grin. "You'll never be able to save her. Let alone anyone else close to you." He whispers in his ear. Ichigo writhes against the words and the pin.

Danny disappears. Ichigo stands up and sees the sword unguarded. "Heh." He rushes towards the sword only to be frozen to the spot in sheer terror. He ducks a sword swing barely. "You missed!"

"You didn't dodge a thing." Danny says appearing behind him, two burst of blood from his chest appear. Ichigo looks down at the precise spots hit. The dead center of his chest and center of his abdomen. Just above the belly button. Ichigo drops to his knees. "Time is up. You are too late. Say goodbye, there is no future for Rukia."

Ichigo grabs the hakama's hem. "I'll kill you. I will get strong and I will kill you."

"You will never stand a chance. Not unless you smarten up." Danny brushes off the grip. He takes a few more steps towards the ladder. "With her power, you don't stand a chance."

"Then what can I do?"

"Find your own power." Danny says, before he climbs up, heart weighing like a ton of bricks.

Danny climbs up the ladder to main area of the shoten "It's done Urahara. Ichigo's powers are fading." Danny looks to the owner of the shop. "I hope you can make something happen out of this betrayal of mine." Danny says looking at the ceiling next "Stabbing a friend isn't my style. Stabbing a friend in the back is even worse."

"I know. But now when those Shinigami come, you can tell them, he's dead and that you killed him for his crimes." Urahara holds up a hand full of papers. "You already filled out these forms, yes?"

"Yeah. Why does it matter?"

"They are proof that you are a Shinigami. An unseated one, but a Shinigami nonetheless." Urahara hands him the papers.

The next day at school, Chad, Rukia and Orihime all asked where Ichigo was. Danny had to just shrug and say he left the shoten around 9 or ten and that was the last he saw of him. Rukia almost didn't buy it, but she didn't ask. She knew Danny could help her with the Hollows anyways.

Remarkably, no Hollows show up that day. It could be that they are scared of Karakura for now, because a Menos got pushed back. Either way, it doesn't look good. They might be planning something, who knows what though. Regardless, Danny still went out on a Hollow patrol that night. He still had the papers proving who he was. He spots Rukia running along the side walk, when a person in a Shihakusho stops her.

Danny drops from the roof, but stays at a distance. The Shinigami slashes at her, she manages to avoid the attack. Even from here though, it looks like he let her dodge. The next attack was stopped by a second Shinigami. This one looking somewhat like Rukia. But taller, and longer hair. A cold stern man from the look in his eye. Danny walks up to the group.

The two look at Danny in an instant. "Are you the human who stole the power of her?" The red haired guy with hair like a pineapple asks.

"No, I'm the guy who killed him." Danny says leaning against the wall, arms crossed with his Zanpakuto in his left hand still sheathed. "I killed him for his crime of stealing the power from her.

"Well done, what Squad are you a part of."

"Squad 11. Unseated member." Danny says.

"One of the swordsmen eh?" The red haired one asks

"Yes. It was insulting how little he knew about how to wield his blade." Danny shakes his head.

"But isn't this the 13th Squad's district? How did you get here?" The far more talkative of the two asks.

"I was in the area, a friend of hers told me he stole her powers and called me over to deal with him." Danny says, telling the story Urahara told him to.

"Fair enough." The man with the cold look nods. "Renji, Open the Senkaimon."

"Of course, Captain Kuchiki." The red head, presumably Renji responds. After opening the gate the first two Shinigami walk in.

"Rukia, I didn't exactly kill him." Danny says stepping towards the gate. "He's with Urahara. He'll make it. Ichigo won't have the power you gave him anymore. Better than letting him try to fight them."

"So you stabbed him in the back for his own good?"

"And yours." He says. "Had he been here, they might have killed him themselves and then killed you." He walks towards the gate, Zanpakuto across his shoulders like a scarecrow with his wrists hanging over it.

"So you're here to infiltrate the Seireitei to help me? Bold move. If they find out."

"They won't. It will be too late." Danny says. "If Ichigo is unable to save you before the month is up, I'll see what I can do." He steps through the gate, still looking like a scarecrow. A bright light blinds him as he steps out into the Seireitei with Rukia behind him and after the Lieutenant and Captain. So this is the Soul Society... A group of Shinigami walk over to the Rukia and restrain her. They escort her to a jail cell somewhere. Time to get adjusted. He spends the next few hours combing the Seireitei to get a feel for the area.

The area was very quiet. Nothing exciting going on. The most interesting places were the barracks for each squad. Everywhere else was pretty empty. After wandering around for an hour or two, he found the squad four barracks. From what he could tell, it was a medical squad far more specialized to deal with injured Shinigami. He is motioned into a lesson about healing using reiatsu. "First imagine the wound, then imagine wrapping the wound with reiatsu." The speaker looks over the Shinigami assembled and picks out Danny for him being so relaxed. "You, at the back come and try it."

"Alright." He stands up and walks over, he kneels next to injured Shinigami. He closes his eyes. Picturing the wound in his mind, he imagines wrapping layer over layer of energy over it. Seconds after he opens his eyes to see the wound completely healed.

"A new student mastered a healing Kido already? It took me ages to learn that technique." Some of the other students whisper just a little too loudly. A noise sounds as a door is burst down.

"Fourth squad, time to pay the insurance." A voice sounds out. Soon the room had four more Shinigami in it. "Pay up, or get killed up."

Danny stands "Tch. Ain't you a bunch of punks..." He says picking up his Zanpakuto. He walks calmly towards the four mobsters. "How about I cut you up so you learn to appreciate what they do for a living?" He smirks face to face with who seems like their leader.

"What does an unseated Squad Four member think he can do against us?"

"Correct you on something." Danny says twirling his blade, still in its sheath, around him. "I'm not from Squad Four." He smashes the end of the sheath into his gut launching the demander back. He leaps over the next one that charged at him, dislocating the knee with a sheathed chop to the side.

Putting the end cap of the sheath on his face, Danny jabs him into the ground as he stands up. The third tries slashing at Danny's back. With a Flashstep, Danny whirled around and drew just an inch of his blade, using it to repel the attack with a burst of Reiatsu. As his opponent recoiled, Danny smacks the sheath across his chest, causing the target to fall to the ground. Danny kicks him to stop his shuffling towards the wall.

"Please don't kill me!" The once braggart begs. He froze to the spot when a flaming blade point was mere centimeters from his eye.

"As long as you promise to not try and extort them again. Are we clear?" Danny says, not budging the blade. Upon the whining confirmation of the Shinigami, he and his cohorts pack up and take off. He walks back in to the meeting room. "Sorry about that, I'm not a fan of people who extort others for personal gain of their own."

"You realize, they'll be back later today with their full force yes?"

"If they try anything like that, if they kick in that door again, I'm going to start cutting them down." Danny says with a grin. "That was the whole point of that ordeal. If they learned nothing, they'll pay with their lives."

Sure enough, come sundown, they were at the door again. This time with a group of fifteen to thirty members. "Open up and pay up, or we'll start cutting up." A different voice calls out. The door opens, and a foot comes flying out, striking him back into the others.

"Keep the food warm, I'm going to have some fun." The mysterious assailant calls back into the barracks. He strides calmly towards the much larger group. All their weapons are drawn this time. I fought Urahara Kisuke to a standstill. These guys are common thugs, they are nowhere near his strength. I'll pound them into the dirt. Five of the thugs charge at him. Hilt of the sword into the first man's gut, then a sheathed chop across the other four.

The five land back at the feet of the group, "Numbers ain't going to save you when I start chopping you down." Danny says still walking forwards. "You might as well run away if you're going to run anywhere."

The leader laughs, "And what makes you think you could chop up down?" He laughs. "I'll mount your arrogant head on a spike!" He point to the lone Shinigami in front of the barracks. "Gut him alive!" His cronies give a shout and charge.

"Heh. Very well." A Flash step and the first ten stop in their tracks. Fear frozen on their faces. Blood explodes from their chests, spraying the wall of the barracks. They drop to their knees and bleed out from the wound.

As the second group slow down, Danny Flashsteps from target to target, cutting them down before they could blink. "You're men are slow, even as they die." Ten drop, one after the other, blood pouring from each killing slash. The leader, before he could open his mouth, found himself split from head to crotch in a single bifurcating attack. From there, he watches his men get cut down left and right around him, not even able to land a blow.

The last man standing was Danny. He flicks the blood from his blade and opens the door to go inside. Only to find most of Squad Four with their weapons drawn. They tense up before realizing it's Danny. "Wait, you killed them all off without a scratch?" The first woman, one with a mauve hair color asks. "How? There were thirty of them."

"Yeah. They weren't fast enough." He shrugs "Simple enough, strike fast and you'll kill them fast." He explains as they all lower their weapons and put them away. Danny smiles and explains how he managed to fight them off. When the Squad opens the door to meal room, a woman with her hair braided in front of her chest looks at them. Her uniform was different. There was a white coat over the standard uniform. It was as long as her sleeves and almost as tall as she was.

"Who killed them?" She asks calmly her eyes closed. The entire squad looks at Danny "it was you? A new recruit with a taste for bloodshed?"

Danny nods. "They were threatening and extorting your Squad, Captain Unohana."

"I see," The woman replies, "And is that any reason for a healer to fight them."

"You mistake me for someone else. I am a warrior first. I thought learning how to heal wounds would help both in the midst of battle and afterwards. By healing my own wounds and those nearby to me." Danny explains. "Pardon my forwardness, while I am familiar with the laws of the Seireitei, why is the punishment for transferring Shinigami powers to a human so severe? It saved, in this case, the live of both the human and the Shinigami." Danny asks. "Why waste it by executing them?"

"Because of Kugo Ginjo..." The Captain replies. "He was the last Substitute Shinigami." She opens her eyes. "He felt betrayed when he learned that the Badge given to him as his badge of office was a monitoring device." She takes a breath. "It is sad that both the human and Shinigami must die for it, but who are we to change the laws by which we are bound?"

"This isn't right. She saved both the lives of herself and his family." But he breathes "But who are we to change those laws." But I'm not bound to those laws. So I will change them. Or just ignore them and save her myself.

"If you think you could stop her execution, you would have to battle all of the Seireitei to do so." She says with a soft smile.

"Very well. But I won't fight you." He stands up and walks towards a door. "Unless you insist on stopping me."

"Go on. Her fate should not be bound by laws that should not apply now." She says.

Her lieutenant speaks up, "Wait, captain, you can't seriously support that goal!" She says. Her captain holds up a hand.

"Calm. I did not aid him. I merely told him I agree with him." The captain soothes her worries.

"Very well, captain." The lieutenant relaxes. "You know, I don't think he's actually a part of Squad Eleven. He's too much of a nice guy."

To be continued...