Chapter 29

Sesshoumaru couldn't just agree with Kagome on many things anymore especially when he was put in the position of having to shoulder the burdens of Dragonsbane, but there was one simple change he was satisfied with. It was the practice of taking meals alone in the bedroom on a tray free from the fan fair of the dining halls. It was now acceptable for a mated woman like Kagome to take her meals in bed in the morning, but every meal and for the heir of the family? Sesshoumaru didn't mind it. He would take his shame with his toast such as long as that toast didn't get crumbs all over his bed.

Kagome usually didn't like to eat around others unless it was a dinner of importance, but she didn't seem to mind sharing this breakfast with him in bed. Perhaps it was her way of spending time with him before he left for the east.

"So the girl wants to throw a party?" Sesshoumaru inquired eating his raw pork that was already cut up for him, "and you think it is appropriate?"

"You disapprove?" Kagome wasn't surprised at all.

This better not turn into another fight. Sesshoumaru had his fill of fights and break downs and wanted no more of them before he left.

"Just think about it before you come for my head," he warned her, "she wants to invite those who hold power in Dragonsbane to a party where it will become obvious to everyone that my father is gone and I plan on leaving. Everyone will know Dragonsbane won't be defended by its Lords."

Kagome nodded, "Well then I raise you this point. Your home is not unguarded. If I can handle the Lord of the white tigers I can handle them as can InuYasha and Aimee who kept most of them in line during the war. Also we can make it known exactly what you are leaving for. Someone wronged us in your home and you're going to track that person down and kill them, so perhaps everyone should think twice about betraying us."

Both had fair points, but now it was time to decide the winner. Keep the home free of visitors so the family could remain on guard, or invite visitors to make it known Sesshoumaru and Kagome couldn't be crossed?

"You wanted Blythe to contribute didn't you?" Kagome was going in for the kill, "despite her hate of you she still wants you to have a good birthday. Let her be of use. A party planner in the family can't be a bad thing, and you know it can't be me."

"You are correct with that notion," Sesshoumaru feared a Kagome planned party with the dreadful food she preferred.

Kagome would win this one. Blythe wanted to prove herself he would let her prove herself. If he let his daughter have this perhaps she would take training seriously and become the dragoness she should have already been.

Speaking of food, however, what was Kagome eating?

"Cooked chicken for breakfast?" he inquired.

"What?" she asked after swallowing her food, "I eat what I want. I really need to spar today I need the energy."

"I thought you come around to learning the demon in you wants raw and bloody meat without all the dressings," they were back to one of their first arguments together when Sesshoumaru tried to force her to be what he wanted to see in a demon inuyoukai.

"Listen. You like things simple I like things crispy."


"Yes crispy. I can't believe you agreed to us celebrating your birthday, but the thing you can't get past is crispy chicken."

The funny thing was it wasn't even Sesshoumaru's birthday and he didn't have the heart to tell her. No he was born during the winter not the summer as it was now, but nowhere in conversations during this party did he feel as though he had a chance to explain that. Perhaps if this party was a failure it'd be a good way to make them all feel like idiots. Then again he couldn't do that to Kagome and Blythe, because perhaps that was what Akuma wanted since he was sure that dragon was going around telling false tales.

A good way to discover the true day he was born would be for Kagome to use Sesshoumaru's paper knife. His letter opener had been a birthday gift to him when he was a young prince to a small estate in the east from a fellow hawk youkai prince, whose family still held most of the eastern lands.

Seeing as how he was given a letter with the delivery of his breakfast Sesshoumaru reached for it on his night stand, but couldn't seem to find it. The mystery of where his paper knife had gone didn't linger for long as Sesshoumaru wasn't the sentimental type and used his claws to open his correspondence.

"A letter from your father?" Kagome inquired raising an eyebrow only taking a glance at it.

Sesshoumaru nodded as he simply crumbled it up once he was done for it, "Just letting us know he is still alive and well and closing in on his target."

"You should let him know you are going east," Kagome was still not pleased Sesshoumaru was leaving and thought his father could perhaps talk him out of it.

"Send a letter to where? He has already moved on. As you said you and InuYasha can handle this rock don't worry about him or I."

"Asking me not to worry is like asking the sun not to rise," she shot at him putting her tray down now that she'd devoured its contents.

Her mate chuckled glaring at the sunrays that shined through their window, "I'm not saying I can live without the sun, but I could do without the humidity."

"Jerk," she replied stealing the rest of his untouched toast from his tray not worrying if any crumbs fell onto their sheets.

Outside the hallway Sesshoumaru's most loyal servant Jaken was quite pleased with himself and just waiting for the small conversation in the bedroom to turn into an argument.

He pulled Sesshoumaru's treasured paper knife out of his pocket having stolen himself. Of course, Sesshoumaru had plenty of letter openers, but since this one was kept in his bedroom it must have been important. The maids hadn't attempted to steal anything in years, so clearly there could only be one suspect and that was Kagome. Jaken would let Sesshoumaru know he was mated to a user and a thief, and he planned to spend his afternoon planting fake evidence to let Sesshoumaru know his mate couldn't be trusted.

"Oh I think that's Lord Sesshoumaru's," Jaken froze when he was confronted in the hallway by his replacement.

It was that damn Rin always running the hallways not minding her own business.

"Go away girl!" Jaken yelled, "you running around and worrying about things that aren't your business will disturb Sesshoumaru during his breakfast."

"I'm not the one yelling though," Rin noted.

"You know what I mean!" he was totally finished with this girl but couldn't defend himself when Rin removed the paper knife from his hands.

"Were you cleaning it?" she asked him.

Jaken had no choice other than admitting that he was, because any other kind of reply would reveal the truth that he was the culprit who stole it.

"I'll go put this one in his office and you should polish the others," Rin smiled happy she had something to do before running off, "I'll get them for you."

Jaken was left alone to just crumble in the hallway. His first scheme to turn Sesshoumaru against Kagome had failed.

Last time the beautiful dragoness had come into his kitchens Miroku couldn't help but be entranced by her. Now when Blythe came near him he put his eyes down to his work in fear. It wasn't because of her scales or claws, but of the thought of what her father would do to him if he dared to try and have any fun with this girl.

Blythe noticed this and forcefully grabbed his hand to try and get his attention, "Hey meat boy."

"I'm a chef not a butcher," he remarked.

"Stop being so defensive because of that Sesshoumaru jerk," she rolled his eyes letting him go and dangerously pacing around him, "I didn't come to play. I need information, and I don't have much time to get it."

"What do you want Blythe?" he sighed not finding any of her words about Sesshoumaru reassuring.

"Music," Blythe smiled to herself, "I want to hire musicians to play for a party I'm planning."

"You planning a party?"

"Something wrong that meat boy?"

"You're still new here and you're already trying to upset the daily routine."

She chuckled, "Perhaps you servants enjoy a 'daily routine' having lived the same life for years on end, but I am here now and I don't like things to be predictable."

"You were a servant a couple days ago my Lady."

True, but like Kagome and Akuma kept telling her something had fallen into her lap and she needed to take advantage of it.

"Never mind that Miroku do you have any information that could help me?" the dragoness became more aggressive.

"Why would you think I have any connections to the music world?" Miroku asked, "anything I learned is from village taverns. That is where you should look and inquire. Not in Lord Sesshoumaru's kitchens."

Blythe thought it was worth a shot to save some time, but if her hunt led her back to a human village perhaps her new friend Hojo could assist her in finding a band on short notice.

"Here is my ideas for the party's menu," Blythe simply dropped a piece of paper in front of Miroku with names of meals she'd heard of in her human books.

"These aren't the kind of meals that are usually served here my Lady," Miroku said after only getting one glimpse of her instructions.

"I'm sure a man as capable of yourself will figure out something out," she suggested already taking her leave on to her next mission.

Miroku let out a sigh. Before he was so easily able to capture that girl's attention and she was putty in his hands, but now that she was being indoctrinated into the royal demon family she was above him and wouldn't give him the time of day. Almost similar to Kagome, but in his opinion Kagome didn't do it in a malicious way where Blythe was carrying herself around like she wanted the other servants to know she was important.

Speaking of Blythe the girl came to Jaken's mind as he prepared himself for another round of scheming. Jaken still thinking of Sesshoumaru as perfection could not believe he'd have a child with a dragon. He thought Blythe was some kind of spy sent to them from the dragons as an attempt to make another bid for power in their homelands. However, Jaken did know that Sesshoumaru once did foster feelings for a dragon girl known as Amara. It had been foolish for his Lord to waste his time on that girl, but at least unlike Kagome, Amara had known her place. Jaken had been by Sesshoumaru's side during the dog conquest of the west and knew all about that relationship including where the rest of the letters Amara sent him were.

Perhaps if Sesshoumaru stumbled upon Kagome sticking her nose in those letters he'd think of her as a crazed jealous bitch and be dissatisfied with her. It'd cause a fight and Jaken would be there to pick up the pieces and raise his Lord up to where he used to be.

Jaken quickly took off to one of the storage rooms on to his next mission to find Amara's letters and hide them in Kagome's possession.

"Why would you even bring that up!?" Aimee was screaming in the courtyard after just losing in a spar, "what is wrong with you?"

Aimee was losing it, but Akuma kept quite composed feeling that since he won the battle against her he had the right to be so forward in what he wanted from her.

"Because I don't believe you need to sacrifice little girls in order to be powerful Aimee," he told her silver eyes never losing focus no matter how angry she got, "you said you took on a true bestial form before the nasty business occurred and there was no sacrifice for that. I simply want to learn about that power and tap into it. Reimei might not have been no promised escort into paradise, but if we learn about these moon powers and abilities she can grow into a powerful demoness, and perhaps we can find a way to unlock Kagome's beastial form as well."

Amethyst never had issue with Akuma before finding him a nice companion for InuYasha to be idiotic with, but now she was fully annoyed. He thought it was okay to bring up such a disgusting subject for research? This dragon seemed to only be putting on an act when he appeared empathic, but when it came to his pursuit of knowledge it was as though he didn't care for anyone's feelings.

"I already told you it was some kind of trick to make me serve her," Aimee wiped the sweat from her brow as she made an attempt to leave, "it was probably her power I was using when I transformed and not my own."

"You don't know that for sure Aimee!" he yelled louder just incase she was literally plan on fleeing the conversation.

"No I don't, but I also don't care," she felt he was going to try and pursue her but InuYasha stood between them.

InuYasha had been watching their battle, and had known the moment Akuma brought up the crescent moon mark things would go south.

"Akuma just let it go!" InuYasha interjected, "she doesn't want to-

"I don't need you to defend me InuYasha!" Aimee was now putting her anger on him when he did nothing wrong.

InuYasha should have been use to that now. Was he perfect? Of course not. He was a mess, but had any of actions done anything to do true harm to the members of his family? No. So why was he always catching shit from everyone? He was getting tired of it.

"We're done talking about this," Aimee declared, "and you InuYasha have no right to judge me for it."

"I haven't judged you," he growled.

He had known immediately what she meant. If he had judged her for not wanting to talk about what she did to Rin, which he would never, he wouldn't have the right for he hadn't talked about Kikyo and the toll her loss took on him.

He was trying to protect his mate from being forced to think about her trauma, and he was being punished for it.

"Fine fuck you," InuYasha growled leaving them, "brush away the feelings I try to show and punish me for the ones I don't."

Kagome enjoyed the meals she'd been eating with her mate alone in their bedroom giving them much needed time together before he went away as well as setting the course for them just being together without distress getting in their way, but the dining room is where dinner would be. They were going to have a guest that evening, and that would be Blythe as there were things they needed to discuss with Sesshoumaru's oldest.

Kagome wasn't the only one Sesshoumaru needed to spend time with before leaving. He needed to foster some sort connection with her to keep her on a good path instead of just leaving her to think on how he'd slapped her and made his disgust at her dreams clear. So it seemed the best thing for him to do was to sit with his mate at the table waiting for the estranged daughter to make her arrival.

After what happened earlier in the day, tonight would be the best time to talk with her, but he'd get into that later.

As predicted Blythe looked quite annoyed when she was shown into the small dining room. She immediately felt betrayed by Kagome when she saw her in the same room with Sesshoumaru as she knew whatever her 'father' wanted of her Kagome would be forced to comply with it.

"What?" she simply asked taking a seat with no grace, "have I done something to upset your status quo Lord Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru then immediately remembered why he'd given Blythe such ill treatment before. That damn tone of hers angered him, but this time he couldn't let it show. She came in with this attitude wanting a verbal fight and she wouldn't get that from him. Those were for Kagome. Not for the likes of her or any other female that wanted to come after him.

"Haven't you already done that?" Sesshoumaru inquired pouring himself a small bit of demon made white wine, "a party is not something I believe we need at the moment, but yet I am allowing it. Allowing it for you so you better prove it wasn't a mistake and stop coming to me with such attitude."

"So you know everything now," Blythe had wondered how far she'd get into planning Sesshoumaru's birthday party before Sesshoumaru found out, "despite my dislike of you it's a royal Dragonsbane party. I will not let anyone down."

"As long as it remains small," Sesshoumaru reminded dangerously.

"It will," Kagome reassured him hoping Blythe wouldn't do anything to make Sesshoumaru change his mind, "I'm sure her planning is going well, but it is still on short notice so I doubt half the countryside will be visiting."

"Don't you start," Sesshoumaru warned to his mate, "I have already allowed this 'planning' so keep your claws to yourself and don't feel the need to outnumber me."

"I'm not starting anything," Kagome smiled to herself as she also took a sip of some wine, "just letting you know that you're safe from our claws my Lord Sesshoumaru. You'll find no battles here tonight."

That was a message to Blythe to let her know she could drop the defensive act. Tonight was going to be a night of calm conversation.

There was only one way Blythe could achieve such a thing and that was by pouring herself a much larger portion of wine than her hosts did, "So what is this about then if you are okay with the party?"

Kagome had brought something with her to this fine dining experience and had dropped a few pieces of parchment in the middle of the table, "Sesshoumaru and I don't know what these were doing in my office, but they are all letters from your mother. So you know your father now, but we were unsure how much you knew about your mother and thought you wanted to talk about her."

Kagome didn't make the same mistake she made before in quietly involving herself in Sesshoumaru's affairs. The moment these letters 'mysteriously' showed up on Kagome's desk she showed them to Sesshoumaru and it was discussed. These letters didn't have the meaning to Sesshoumaru as the previous letter had, which was Amara's good-bye, but they were still Amara's words demanding him to quit treating her like a prisoner or she'd destroy him.

Blythe noticed the bad handwriting and already knew the letter was written from someone in her clan. Dragons who learned to read and write never had the patience to perfect their handwriting. Well, Akuma was an exception, but Akuma was an exception to a lot of things.

"I was told she was a warrior who despite being captured would never submit to the dogs," Blythe mused looking through the letters.

Never submit huh? Sesshoumaru had a moment of reflecting on his past in a positive light for a change. Oh Amara submitted eventually. Just not in a conventional way. If she hadn't Blythe wouldn't be here right now.

"A warrior when she wanted to be," Sesshoumaru noted, "trained to fight hard from her clan, but that didn't mean she enjoyed it. The hostages I was in charge of would try to come at me when they were displeased, but Amara would be first to put her thoughts to paper before considering violence."

Blythe didn't know if Sesshoumaru was telling the truth, but then again why would he lie? What could he achieve by getting any positive thoughts of comparison out of her.

"If I got into a real fight I would die," Blythe remarked, "and then what could I accomplish? Every time you get into these battles you like so much Lord Sesshoumaru you are taking a gamble with your life."

"You think I enjoy fighting for my family's honor and life?" he asked almost amused by what she said, "and it's not really a gamble. You can afford to die at least once in your battles Blythe. That's what Tensagia is for."

'Oh please don't beat me to death,' Blythe worried to herself.

"Sesshoumaru," Kagome spoke sadly also picking up a letter and reading it, "Were you really in a position where you couldn't have brought Amara back to life. Were your hands really that tied?"

Sesshoumaru nodded, "There is a time limit to what my sword can do, and Inukimi killed her to make a point, which would have been revoked if I brought her back. I wasn't going to be allowed to get my hands on that body. Not even to bury her."

"Your is a terrible person," Blythe noted glad she'd come to this place towards the end of Inukimi.

Sesshoumaru was quiet for a bit before looking at her, "And you are fortunate enough to have not known her. I am not her Blythe. I am not cruel for the sake of being cruel. You need to be strong, not to serve the family, but to protect yourself. Both Amara and I were out of our league when it came to my parents, and I doubt you'll ever become that strong, but it's better than meeting her end."

"I'll try to not ever be in her position," Blythe was still quite naive.

"Never in a position of danger?" Sesshoumaru inquired, "you might be under the wrong roof then."

Kagome's eyes remained on the letters as Blythe continued to ask Sesshoumaru questions about her mother. She wanted to claim she didn't know how these letters came into her possession, but she had a feeling someone out there was trying to pit her and Sesshoumaru against each other. Joke was on whoever this individual was. They didn't need outside help in that regard, and these letters were a good starting point for fostering some sort of relationship out of Sesshoumaru and his estranged daughter. Hopefully this party thing didn't turn into some kind of disaster he could blame them for. If he honestly had to leave to Dragonsbane to make himself whole again she wanted him to leave with new goals and new better memories to make him want to return.

If Kyra really was going to be forced to travel east with Sesshoumaru then she'd have no other choice but to pack for a month's long journey. He never even told her when they were leaving, so it was better to be prepared as opposed to just be dragged out of bed one night forced to walk in the dead of night with nothing clean to change into.

Staring at her collection of clothing didn't bring her any comfort when it came to her situation. All the dresses she had acquired as of late were just plain and unsuitable for walking day and night. It was all she'd ever tried to acquire for she didn't believe she deserved any better. Speaking of better she still possessed lavish kimonos, but those were from what seemed like a different life now.

Kyra had been sent to Dragonsbane with only one job, which was becoming Sesshoumaru's mate, and she failed on all accounts.

"Those kimonos aren't for you," she told herself letting them fall into the ground where they would become wrinkled, "those were for the heiress of the Sunset Isles."

Or was she still the heiress of the Sunset Isles? She had no brothers and sisters, and she doubted she ever would as her parents didn't seem like the kind that would enjoy being intimate with one another. Was that why they wanted to speak with her? To either confirm or deny her the inheritance? Could that be why Sesshoumaru still held interest in her? To get what she may or may not have had coming her way?

It didn't matter. She was human and her parents were demon. She'd never live to see any inheritance.

"This is still here as a cruel joke to me," she grumbled when the next item revealed to her in the wardrobe was a black silky under garment.

It was a cruel joke now and it was a cruel joke when it was given to her. Her Lady's maid had given this garment to her with a laugh saying it'd be perfect for her mating ceremony as there needed to be something attractive in front of Sesshoumaru to get him aroused.

Kyra knew she needed to quit beating herself up. So she was being tortured because her parents and those around her were cruel to her? That didn't seem to be a new backstory that hadn't been heard already in this house. Was Kagome the only one with a somewhat normal upbringing and supportive parent that was still alive?

"I don't know what lies in my future," she noted carefully taking the garment, "but you might as well come with me. Just incase."

Jaken needed to attempt one more scheme. At least one more! Would it be easier to harm Kagome in some way when Sesshoumaru was gone? Probably, but Jaken thought that if he could just do one thing to make Sesshoumaru angry with Kagome upon his departure then maybe the anger could stew and his Lord would wake up to the reasons why that woman was horrible when left in solitude to think about it.

After finding out that nothing came of Kagome receiving Amara's letters Jaken knew his next plan had to be something big. Something that would hurt his Lord, which the imp believed would be worth it in the long run.

He was still trying to complete his original mission, however, and destroy all of Inukimi's belongings in her secret den. Jaken wouldn't be able to order humans to take care of this mess for he didn't trust them to do the job perfectly like Sesshoumaru requested.

If Sesshoumaru truly wanted everything that reminded him of his mother gone it would probably piss him off if Kagome of all people, who should have been aware of how much he despised the Lady Mother, kept something of hers.

"What to take?" Jaken asked beady eyes searching through the various instruments of chaos trying to find something harmless, "now what is this?"

Laying in a chest of various trinkets seemed to be an open locket. It was hollow and had nothing inside of it. The locket was tear drop shaped with very detailed engravings of veins surrounding it, but since there was nothing valuable inside of it Jaken was hoping it wasn't dangerous. Still his hands shook in fear as he picked up, but as he hoped for the item seemed to just be a useless piece of fashionable metal.

"Even if this locket had stolen my soul it would have been worth it for I am serving my Lord Sesshoumaru," Jaken told himself putting it in his pocket before going back to work.

The locket faintly smelled of this place and of Inukimi. It'd be enough to point Sesshoumaru's anger in the right direction. Towards his distrustful mate!

The next few days Dragonsbane seemed to be in a place of peace. No fights and most importantly to her mate nothing unpredictable, but tonight was the night of Sesshoumaru's 'birthday' party, and Kagome just hoped the amount of things that could go wrong wouldn't.

Kagome was completely nude staring at herself in the mirror knowing that she would have to dress herself tonight as Blythe was probably very busy with preparation and she knew Aimee would kill her if she dared to ask her for help. Would using the yukata Sesshoumaru gave her be too lazy? It had the power to transform itself into whatever attire she needed with minimal effort, and perhaps wearing a gift he'd given her would fit the theme.

She could feel the heat of Sesshoumaru's breathe behind her. She didn't even need to look into the mirror to see her mate. All she needed was to feel him as his hand took advantage of her nude form and grasped at her breast pulling and teasing at her nipple forcing it to stiffen. Her face blushed as she put her palm over his hand. Those simple touches of his were enough to make her ears rise completely pointed as though he was sending electricity through her body.

"What will my mate give me for my birthday?" he mused his voice sounding hungry for her.

"Nothing," she smiled closing his eyes enjoying his touch, "because it isn't your birthday. Rin showed me where your paper knife was and I saw the engraving on it. I don't have the heart to tell Blythe though."

"If we keep up this lie then I will receive nothing for my real birthday," his fingers continued working her soft mounds, "I walk away from this embarrassment with nothing."

"Lord Sesshoumaru doesn't wait for his gifts he takes them," she mused finally, at her own displeasure, removing his hand from her breast, "I need to get dressed so we can get through this. You can take your gifts later."

"What kind of slave denies her master and expects him to be patient?" he asked lowly already dressed and ready to his dissatisfaction.

"The kind that knows her master is capable of such feats," she stood up and went to fetch her magical yukata pulling it from the drawer her ears twitching when she heard the sound of metal hitting the wood floor, "what was that?"

It seemed some sort of locket had been wrapped up in her yukata and fell out when it unraveled. An open locket with nothing in it. She never owned a locket in her life despite always wanting one when she was a young human girl, so she knew it was nothing of hers.

Sesshoumaru picked it up for her and had a small growl when he could pick up hints of his mother's scent from it as well as the musk of the cave she'd dwelled in.

"Where did you get this from?" he demanded to know as he shoved it into her hands.

Kagome was slow with her reply as her eyes focused on the locket for a while. An odd sensation came to her when she looked at it. There was something so familiar about it despite knowing she'd never seen it before.

"I don't know it was just laying in there?" she was also very questioning, "I doubt a maid put there, but I know it wasn't me."

Sesshoumaru instantly believed her from both her reaction to the locket, and fact that he was sure Kagome didn't even know Inukimi had a secret dwelling. If this had truly come from that cave Sesshoumaru quickly noted to himself that Jaken was to blame for this and would be punished later. He examined the locket in her hands one more time. Perhaps it had once contained a powerful object that had now been removed to be used in something else for the item just seemed like a worthless piece of scrap metal.

"It doesn't matter," he dismissed the whole thing, "if I am to receive no gifts from my mate at this moment then perhaps we should just get this night over with."

Kagome nodded putting on the yukata and clicking on one of the magical gems sewn into the sleeve transforming her outfit into a striking blue kimono to match her eyes.

The guests had arrived and as predicted it was mostly the wolves that had served under the dogs loyally during the war, Menomaru and his entourage, and a group of human cheftons that Sesshoumaru probably wouldn't pay any attention to.

Kagome spent the first portion of the party introducing herself to Menomaru as he hadn't been able to attend the mating ceremony. She didn't know what to make of the moth daiyoukai. He didn't strike her as a kind man, but also didn't seem sinister. He was just quick to the point that he was given a job to mind his territory in exchange for Inukimi training him to become even stronger than he had been initially and he would continue doing so.

Before that conversation could become any more dry than it already was Blythe had told everyone she had a special surprise for them as she introduced a troupe of human musicians that had serenaded them with songs of the west with accompanying music from flutes and various stringed instruments.

Kagome was captivated as well as many of the guests having either never heard live music or hadn't been able to experience it in so long. Even Sesshoumaru, once he felt as though no one here was a threat to him, seemed to enjoy himself a little with something a bit different. It seemed Blythe had pulled off a successful mission in creating a good atmosphere for everyone, which would make her prospects higher in everyone's mind, and that was really all Kagome could hope for that girl at the moment.

Kagome was going to try and engage in talk with their human cheftons to help build these connections they so badly needed to keep the land in peace, but froze when she saw Hojo was among them. She quickly hid behind one of the pillars in the main hall not wanting Hojo to see her and know that she had lied as she was really the demoness mate of Sesshoumaru in Dragonsbane. She took a moment and sighed before revealing herself when she could smell him near. The fun game of hers had already been ruined by trying to control Blythe the other night, so she might as well come clean now.

"K-Kagome," was the reaction when the boy had run into her, "or-

The poor boy didn't know how to react. The fact that she lied to him would take a moment to process, but if she wasn't a liar it meant he was addressing the Lady of Dragonsbane in a very inappropriate manner.

"It's me," she attempted to calm him with a sigh, "it's a long story Hojo, but to make it short sometimes I'm human sometimes I'm demon, and Lord Sesshoumaru is my mate. Don't stress my friend. I lied to you and deserve no courtesies."

Her giving permission to not be so formal was a weight off his shoulders, but as he looked around the room he was still unsure about this.

"Perhaps I should leave," he suggested, "I came because Lady Blythe invited me to thank me for arranging for the musicians, but the more I look around the more inappropriate it seems."

Kagome shook her head, "Relax and enjoy the party. Don't worry about impressing anyone. Honestly Sesshoumaru or any other demon don't know much about the human clans they'll probably think you are just a young prince."

"Me a prince?" he laughed putting his hand behind his head nervously as his gaze went somewhere else behind Kagome's shoulder, "I don't think anyone would believe that I am hardly dressed for such a title, but if I have your blessing I guess I'll stay."

Kagome turned around to see what Hojo was looking at and found Blythe trying to force a frown off of Kyra's face by inviting her to dance.

"Of course despite your clothes the demons won't think nothing of you though I doubt they'll be rude," Kagome mused out loud to herself in front of him, "but circumstances regarding Sesshoumaru would change if you became too forward with his family."

Kagome had given him an official warning, and she hoped Hojo had listened to her walking past him and Jaken, who was doing his job by serving wine to their guests. Jaken seemed quite unhappy even though he was put a position to once again serve his Lord. Oh well. She had bigger concerns than that of the feelings of that hateful little imp.

Everyone seemed okay and happy, and that didn't sit well with Jaken. He was unaware if the locket had been discovered or if it amounted to anything. The Lord Sesshoumaru he had served would never waste his time with such parties choosing to rule with fear of blood rather than entertain anyone, and here he was allowing such a folly, and one arranged by a supposed bastard girl. It seemed the rest of his schemes would have to wait until Sesshoumaru was gone, but when he got a glimpse of Kyra dancing with Blythe he had another idea. This plan would have to work.

"Lady Kagome," Kagome during her walk through the party was interrupted by a young demon wolf.

There was something familiar about this wolf. Had Kagome seen her before? Didn't Ayame come to Dragonsbane escorted by another female wolf? The events of that matter seemed as though it happened a lifetime ago and she invited the wolf to speak.

"We were wondering where Lord InuYasha is?" she was referring to her fellow group of female wolves, "we haven't heard from in a while and wanted to what he is up to."

These wolves were all young and attractive, and it had been implied InuYasha had former correspondence with them? Kagome tried to stop herself about thinking how many women in this kingdom InuYasha was truly involved with. They posed a good question though, where was InuYasha? She thought he'd love to come to a party like this. If not for enjoyment at least for the curiosity of Sesshoumaru's reaction to it all.

"I'll go and find out," Kagome assured them as they bowed in response while she became a slave to her nose trying to seek InuYasha out.

His scent seemed strongest further in the castle, and she eventually found him sitting alone in the dark of his father's sitting room with a glass of demon wine.

"Surprised to find me in here?" InuYasha asked with a growl clearly annoyed that he'd been found, "perhaps you thought I'd be in the servant's hall. That is where I should be to be alone in my thoughts isn't it? That's where I met her. That's where I found her and fell in love with her."

Kagome instantly knew the her he was referring to was Kikyo. His words were enough to let her know he was in no mood for a party. She wanted to find out what was wrong. She wanted to help her friend, but her thoughts quickly went back to her last conversation with Kikyo. She tried to help then, and clearly it didn't work. Kikyo leaving her family to deal with her trauma was the wrong decision, but if Kikyo had made that decision maybe she'd be alive.

"This castle has many rooms InuYasha," Kagome sighed inching back towards the door, "you're free to be alone with your thoughts in any of them."

"Where are you going?" InuYasha looked up dangerously from his wine obviously already quite under the influence, "tell me Kagome, where I should mourn? I wouldn't dare ask Aimee, so you're the only option. You both know everything and can take care of yourselves, so please instruct me! Judge me as I know you want to!"

"InuYasha," Kagome tried to be the cooler head in this situation, "you are drunk. Now isn't the time for this, alright? We'll talk later, but I don't know how I can help you. You've gone through a great loss and I've never lost anyone. I don't have the answers for you."

She heard glass shatter as InuYasha let the glass cup crack in his now balled up fists, "Yes you do! You always have the answers remember? Always telling me how I should act or what I should and shouldn't do. You're the only one that can judge me Kagome. Aimee can't. Aimee never can. She didn't know Kikyo the way you do. You know Kikyo more than her own daughter ever will. Once we're dead Kikyo will die with us then nothing more to her life than that. So Kagome should I mourn here or in the servant's hall? Or is the real reason you're a loss for words because Sesshoumaru tamed you? Turned you into his little loyal slave with no opinion anymore."

She needed to just let it go. She needed to just leave this room and revisit this once InuYasha was sober, but of course she couldn't. Her demon got the better of her as she glared at him with a sharp growl.

"Don't tell me how to feel InuYasha!" she showed her fangs to him, "don't you ever. You nor anyone else understands nor is it any of your business! You just want me to say what you want to hear, which is it's okay for you to move on to someone else and not feel guilty about it. That's what you want to hear, but I can't tell you that. You have to figure it out for yourself. Now stop your whining and stop drinking!"

"Fuck you Kagome literally fuck you!" he shouted his growls telling her she really needed to leave or this fight would become physical when their demons took control, "you're not even you anymore!"

Kagome snarled finally forcing herself out of that dark room, "Then you should have thought about that before you forced me into this life InuYasha!"

If he had any issue with how she acted the blame lied with himself didn't it? He could have wished her to be anything, but decided on Sesshoumaru's ideal mate! No… that wasn't right. She couldn't blame him for her flaws. No one was controlling her. She was her own person, but still she couldn't be expected to save InuYasha from himself. She couldn't save him six years ago and she couldn't save him now.

She couldn't give up on him, but it wasn't up to her to save him. They needed to figure this out at another date and time. InuYasha and her needed to work together when Sesshoumaru left, and this was not a good start to that partnership.

Kagome needed an escape, and after being forced to go through that she couldn't go back to the party. Without taking much consideration of her surroundings Kagome forced herself into a servant's hallway hoping to be alone.

Privacy is not what she found, but it was something that was being treasured by two shadowy figures in the room. Kagome heard the sound of giggling and kissing. Her eyes widening when she saw Blythe in the arms of Hojo.

No. This was not what she needed to find at the moment.

"Lady Kagome," Hojo tried to compose himself pushing himself as far away from Blythe as he could the moment he got discovered.

Kagome paid no attention to Hojo in the slightest as her eyes burned onto her newly acquired step-daughter, "Blythe you need to go back to either the party, your room, or anywhere else but here and compose yourself and we'll forget this happened, okay?"

Blythe heard the sharp tone and anger in Kagome's voice and was so confused. When Kagome was agitated in the human village she thought it was because she was worried about them getting in trouble for being out so late not knowing Kagome was actually this strict.

"I'm just having some fun Kagome," Blythe tried to tell her, "is it really a big deal? I'm not your daughter remember. I'm just a bastard why can't I have the same kind of fun I've heard InuYasha gets up to?"

InuYasha was really not the name Kagome needed to hear if Blythe was trying to get her on her side.

"You aren't mature enough yet to partake in what InuYasha considers 'fun'," Kagome growled at her, "just please do what I asked of you, because if this gets found out about I can't protect you from the drama it will stir up. Yes, you're not my daughter, but you are my mate's and I know he wouldn't react to this kindly."

Luckily during this argument Hojo had somehow shown himself out as Blythe shook her head, "I can't believe this! Do you really have to uphold his unrealistic standards? I thought you were better than that Kagome, or am I mistaken?"

"You are mistaken!" she glared, "and I will not have you disrespecting yourself in this way and throwing away everything you built for yourself tonight on a human boy."

"Sounds like father like daughter since he is disrespecting himself with a human girl!"

Kagome's fist balled, nails stabbing into her skin. What had she done wrong? She let Blythe have her party and set it up so she and Sesshoumaru could have a better relationship, and now she was being attacked. She'd forgiven InuYasha for what he did to her and always tried to be understanding regarding his dynamic lifestyle, and yet he lashed out at her. What was she doing wrong?

She just felt attacked by all corners of this home, and was wondering briefly if it was truly where she belonged when another unwelcome interruption came their way.

"Lady Kagome and Lady Blythe I hate to interrupt," a female maid came into the room not understanding why she found them both in the servant's hallway, "but Lady Aletha has just made her arrival and Lord Sesshoumaru wishes you both to return to the party."

Lady Aletha huh? Blythe's grandmother, Amara's mother, who they expected not to show up had arrived late.

"It seems Blythe you are now being surrounded by enemies," Kagome told her in a dangerous tone, "so think about your words and try not to make one of me."

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