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Summary : The Pope has a daughter, but one day she leaves Sanctuary to be with the man she loves. Years later the Pope finds out he has a granddaughter and like her mother has a massive cosmos. Can she live a peaceful life in her new environment? Or will it get crazy as she finds her true love?


THIS WILL BE A ROMANCE! I just can't pick between a few characters. Either Griffon Minos, Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Pisces Albafica, Scorpio Kardia or even Virgo Asmita!

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Pope Sage sat in the Pope's chamber, his head down in deep though.

Soon the door to the Pope's chamber opened. He looked up.

A young woman stood at the door way, a young woman with blonde hair that resembled the Pope's silver hair along with the marks of Jamir above her eyes.

The young women was dressed in her traditional Jamir clothing, which looked very similar to Hakurei's clothes.

She looked away.

There was a moment of silence before the Pope broke through.

"I see you have made up your mind…" Pope Sage and the young girl shared a moment of pause.

A stubborn but sad look on the young woman's face.


"I have…." The girl finally spoke.

The Pope bowed his head to observe her closer.

This beautiful woman from Jamir was quite young, she was inexperienced with life, and new nothing of the rest of the world. Jamir and Sanctuary was all that she had ever known. Soon tho she would be sent on her first mission outside of Sanctuary to lands she had never known.

Everything she new was in The Sanctuary and in Jamir…. Her two homes…

The girl looked up at the Pope. Her eye's holding a particular sadness inside them….

"Do you still not approve of me marrying him….?" The girl asked.

The Pope was quite for sometime. "That man is an outsider… He dose not understand our ways…."

The girl looked away. "I know that…. But… He dose try…"

The Pope stared at her before standing up and making his way down to the girl.

"You will find happiness here…. Your home is in The Sanctuary…" The Pope walked over to her and placed his hand on the girls shoulder.

The girl looked up. "Yes Pope….. Please excuse me…" She bowed and left.

If the Pope had not removed his hand when he did, the girl would have surly knocked it away.

The Pope watched after her for a bit, until he saw her leave his chambers.

Soon making his way back to his throne….

…. Meanwhile outside the girl stood at the Pope's door, her back leaning up against it. Her eyes held more sadness after leaving the chamber.

That night while all of the Saint's slept the young girl from Jamir stood over The Sanctuary.

It was so peaceful.

A young man standing behind her.

His eyes held great sadness as he watched her.

Her mouth opened to say one last word while she stared, "Good bye Pope Sage…. My father…."

With that she pulled the hood to her cloak up and turned to the man standing behind her.

Both walking away into the dark forest….


The Pope sat in his chamber, looking down at the room below him.

A knock was heard at his door causing him to look up.

The Sagittarius Saint walked into the room. Dropping to bow before the Pope of Sanctuary.

"You have returned….. Was your mission a success…"

"Yes…. Pope…." Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus could feel his eyes burning with sadness. He could not meet the Pope's figure before him.

Pope Sage sensed this.

"There is something that troubles you…?"

Sagittarius Sisyphus clenched his hand that was on the ground, his hand shaking.

"Pope…. I have news concerning a Saint of Sanctuary…. On my mission to defeat the Specters in England…. I found the grave of…. Aquila Tsubaki…."

The Pope felt as though his body was made of air. It felt weightless. And his heart felt as if it was made of stone, sinking into the sand.

He quickly regained his composure from the shock. "You have prof that it is Aquila Tsubaki's grave…."

"Yes Pope…. I am sure of it…." Sisyphus could not meet the Pope's eyes, but then, he spoke, "I also bear more news…."

"More news….? Is it about the Specters?"

"No my Pope…. It is of Aquila Tsubaki…."

The Pope seemed surprised. What more did Sagittarius Sisyphus have to say about Tsubaki…?

"It seems… That she married and had one child…"

The Pope was in shock, "What?"

"Yes Pope… It seems she lives with her father in England… I was not able to approach them, it seems that the husband left, and the young girl was gone when I entered town…" His eyes closed, "and it seems… That the young girl has a strong cosmos…. The reason for the Specters being in that town was due to her…."

The Pope's eyes narrowed in though. "They are looking for her? It seems we have no choice… Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus, your mission is to bring Aquila Tsubaki's daughter to Sanctuary."

"Yes my Pope…" With that Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus stood up and left, to retrieve Tsubaki's daughter and the Pope's granddaughter.

The Pope sat in his Chamber alone, sadness in his eyes.

"You loved him that much…."