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Kyoko woke to the feeling of her nose pressed against the cold wall flanking the side of the bed on which she fell asleep. The wall had a rough, uneven texture and the faint smell of plaster. She had no ideas as to how she ended up here but she was quite certain she was uncomfortable and needed to move. Her attempt to roll backwards towards the center of the bed was met with resistance by an elbow and a knee; neither of which belonged to her. She rotated in her spot to see Ren asleep on the bed beside her. Under any other circumstances, this would be cause for alarm but this was another night spent in a random hotel as the Heel siblings.

She noticed the blankets were bunched and twisted around his shoulders and neck. It must have been another restless night of haunting dreams causing him to thrash about and resulting in her current position of being pinned to the wall.

He insisted that they sleep in the same bed last night so that his "cute little sister could help keep the bad dreams at bay," he said. It appears that she wasn't a powerful enough ward against the night's visions. Kyoko sighed and looked towards the hotel room's balcony window. The sky was still dark with no sign of dawn approaching so she figured it was fairly early still and decided to try to get a little more sleep. The challenge would be trying to get 'Cain' to move out of the way and relinquish more space on the bed.

"Nii-san," she whined in a soft voice as Setsu while gently nudging the offending limbs out of the way, "you're taking up too much room. Move over."

A grunt came from the sleeping form as the extended elbow and knee slowly retracted. Kyoko began to adjust herself in the newly vacated space when Ren's arm suddenly shot out and pulled her in closer. Her head was now awkwardly tucked under his chin as his body moved to curl around hers. His chest pushed against her hand as he let out a long, contented sigh. She struggled in the tight embrace as she tried move up towards the pillow to straighten out enough so she could be comfortable.

Once she reached her goal, she realized, to her dismay, that she was too close to Ren's face opposite her on the pillow. Way, way too close.

She could feel his breath across her face as they lay almost nose-to-nose. He smelled of cigarettes and bath soap. As she watched him sleeping peacefully for a moment, her hand, as if moving all on it's own, reached out to brush back the hair that hung across his face; the soft strands running through her fingers. She smiled softly as she stroked his hair until the reality of what she was allowing herself to do came slamming home in her brain. Her hand jerked away; the sudden movement caused the arms that encircled her to tighten their embrace and Kyoto was pulled towards him yet again.

Nose bumped into nose and, without warning, lips crashed into lips. Kyoko's mind swam as it tried desperately to anchor itself so she could muster some sort of reaction. His hand dove into her hair and pushed gently against the back of her head; increasing the contact between them as his lips slowly began to move against hers. This was no longer an accident of proximity but an earnest outpouring of desire and yearning.

Who exactly was kissing her? Was it Cain? Ren? Someone else?

More importantly, who did they think they were kissing? Setsu? That high school girl? A former lover? It certainly wasn't her. No one as plain and unattractive as her would be kissed the way she was being kissed right now.

But she wasn't exactly ready to put an end to it. There was something intoxicating about the feel of his lips on hers while his hand lazily stroked the back of her neck. She was drowning in it and keenly aware of every smell, sound, and taste. The soft, warm pressure sent shivers down her spine. Her love for Ren had her crossing into very dangerous territory.

This was wrong. She was taking advantage of someone else's feelings to satisfy her own desires. That made her no better than that bastard who threw her away without a second thought. It had to stop.

Kyoko gently pulled away and slowly opened one eye to peek at him and see if he woke up and realized what was going on. She did not know what she would do if he had. There was no way to explain what just happened without her revealing her feelings for him. Death would be preferable over ever admitting that.

His eyes remained closed while his lower lip protruded in a sulky pout. Breathing a sigh of relief, she tried to free herself from his embrace without waking him up.

Ren's hand, the one that was previously in her hair, now hung limply across her shoulder and neck. Kyoko slid herself backwards until her back touched the wall behind her and began to crawl towards the foot of the bed.

Her feet touched the floor and she eased herself off the bed to make her way towards her own bed when she heard movement behind her. She froze and turned around; thinking she had been caught attempting to escape. Ren's arms reached out and clutched at the now empty space on the bed.

Was he having another nightmare? Kyoko considered whether or not she should return to the bed when a strained sound came from his lips. It sounded like a whimper but she couldn't be sure. She walked closer to where he lay to get a better look as he continued to grasp at nothing but the empty sheets. His face was contorted into a grimace of pain and sadness. He looked as if he were about to start crying.

"Don't go. Please." she heard him whisper. He sounded scared.

Her desire to have a small, private emotional meltdown would have to wait. It was obvious he needed someone. And she was the only one around. She climbed back into bed beside him and nestled her back against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her once more. She felt his breathing slow down and knew he was sleeping peacefully.

She concentrated on the feel of the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest against her back to calm her own racing heart. Her eyelids slowly began to close as she was lulled back to sleep.

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