'Ugh, did I act this bogus every time I saw a pretty walking around?'

Orion kept a stiff smile on her face as she walked to Tally's room, trying not to scream in annoyance as all the uglies around her gasped in shock. It wasn't common for new pretties to visit Uglyville, everyone knew that. Still, it was very annoying.

Finally, she reached Tally's room and sent a ping.

"Hey, Tally-wa!"

For a moment, there was silence, then Tally's surprised voice came through the ping.

"Orion?! Get in here, will you?!"

The door opened, and they rushed at each other and crashed into a tight hug. "It's been so bogus ever since you left! I can't believe you're here."

It was strange for Tally, seeing Orion again. On the one hand, Tally could see remnants of her friend's old face, but she still looked drastically different. All of her acne was gone, her skin a light olive tone, her hair hung to her waist and was an amber blonde. Her eyes looked like the ocean, and she smiled with full pink lips.

"Can't help but admire your handiwork, huh Tally-wa?"

Tally laughed and hugged her friend again, taking note that they were the same height now. "I just can't believe you're here! Not even Peris came to see me after his surge."

"Well he's a bogus friend." Orion sat on the bed, smiling at the familiar room. "Want me to make you a morphos, Tally-wa? You know, return the favor?"

"Absolutely!" Tally sat down next to Orion and tied her hair up, positioning her face into the grid. The software scanned her, and Orion got to work.

"Okay, so the right side of your face is complete trash-"

"Thank you!" Tally said, relieved.

"So lets flip the left side over. Bring your eyes further apart and make them bigger. Silver would be a good eye color for you. Make your lips fuller, obviously, your skin darker. Hmmm, what color hair?"

"Golden brown. Loose waves." Tally said.

Orion nodded and changed the morphos accordingly. "Good?"

"Great! I'm sending it to my surgeon." Tally said as she examined the morphos, a huge smile on her face. "I really am happy to see you again."

"Me too. I know it sounds weird, but I wanted to see you again before you turned. You know, see your old face again."

Tally made a weird face. "Why would you want to see my face again? I'm hideous."

Orion shrugged, deciding not to argue with her. Nothing could convince Tally that she wasn't as ugly as she thought she was, but perhaps Orion could help her understand how strange New Pretty Town was at first. "Tally, when I first left the hospital, I was overwhelmed by how pretty everything and everyone was. Uglies are awestruck, but seeing with new pretty eyes... it almost hurts. I love being pretty, don't get me wrong, but- I still wanted to see you again before you became overwhelmingly beautiful like everyone else. I want to remember your old face. I want to remember the person you were before you get the surge. Understand?"

Tally shrugged, hugging her knees. Orion could tell she didn't want to discuss the subject further.

"So, am I riding with you to the hospital?" Orion asked, forcing some cheerfulness into her voice.

"Aww, thanks Orion, but no. Come get me after my surge. Gosh I hope we're in the same mansion."

"Even if we aren't, we'll still be best friends forever, right?"

Tally smiled, and linked pinkies with Orion. "Forever."

Orion sat in the hospital lobby, watching the news feeds as she waited for Tally's surge to be done. She smiled when they announced that Nefertiti Stadium's new floating ice rink had been finished. It was one of the few news stories she actually followed.

Two new pretties came back from the operating rooms, and Orion sighed. Neither of them were Tally. Orion took a cookie and glanced back at the news feeds. Boring sports stuff, ugh.

Orion was about to get up to use the restroom, when Tally walked out of the operating room with a middle pretty nurse, freshly surged and smiling.



Tally ran to her, and they hugged tightly, both girls happy to finally be reunited. As it turned out, both girls had rooms in Komachi Mansion, and they were only two doors apart.

The two of them ran to Tally's room as soon as the elevator opened, barely out of breath thanks to their new bodies.

"Etcetera, hmm? Mine is Opera."

The rooms in New Pretty Town had names instead of numbers. Orion liked it that way, even if she did think some of the names were stupid.

"Okay, so let me just save you the trouble of being distracted by how freaking awesome these rooms are, and just follow me." Orion led Tally over to the nanofacture unit.

"Here is your new best friend, aside from me of course." Tally laughed. "The hole in the wall. Just tell it what you want and it'll form it right on you."

"Okay. Umm-"

"Don't be nervous. If it doesn't come out right, just recycle it. Look, watch me."

Tally stepped aside as Orion slipped out of her pastel pink sundress. "I want a black pantsuit, and a white sleeveless top. Black matching jacket, all cotton."

The outfit formed on Orion's body, and Tally gasped. Orion examined herself in the mirror, then shrugged. "Make the pants harem pants, bring them up to my calves. Throw in a pair of black ballet flats."

The outfit adjusted itself, and Orion gave a satisfied smile. "Your turn, Tally-wa."

Tally nodded, and changed out of her dorm uniform, handing it to Orion, and turning back to the hole in the wall.

"Okay, I want a black linen dress with capped sleeves, A-line." The nanos swirled around Tally and formed into a simple, but cute black dress.

"This is so cool!" Tally squealed. "Black pumps with subtle shimmer!"

As Tally continued to fill her closet with new clothes, Orion sat on the bed and became lost in her thoughts. She was happy Tally was finally pretty, but she was sad to discover that Tally seemed just as bubbleheaded as all the other pretties Orion had met. They probably wouldn't even be able to hoverboard together now.

'This is so bogus. How am I supposed to be around her if all she cares about is bubbly clothes and parties? She's already nearly filled her closet and mine isn't even half full, and I've been here for over a week!'



Tally had changed back into the black dress and pumps, and was waiting expectantly. "So, what did you have planned for us? We going to a party? Hot-air balloon ride?"

Orion cringed at the memory of being trapped in a balloon with Lottie. "Nah. I was thinking bungee jumping."

"Oh." Tally seemed disappointed, and Orion scowled at the lush white carpet.

"It's a lot of fun, I promise." Orion met Tally's eyes with a nervous smile. "It'll seem scary at first, but you'll enjoy yourself. It's way better than parties or balloon rides."

"Okay." Orion called for a hovercar to take them to the bungee jumping area. The silence between them became more awkward with each passing minute.

Finally the room pinged that the hovercar was there. Both girls jumped up and headed out the door. Orion could feel her blood beginning to pump faster as she imagined the feeling of freefall. She always closed her eyes when she went bungee jumping. It was more scary-making that way, and therefore more bubbly-making.

But- it still wasn't enough. She needed more.