It wasn't uncommon for squibs to go missing out of the blue. That didn't mean that Jattalia and her husband Leo would not be missed. They would be mourned, but there was nothing that could be done about it. They would make this place their home, this land where there was no magic.

The couple had two sons. One would take his mother's name while the other took his father's. The oldest was named Alexander Slytherin while his younger brother was Vicar Gryffindor. These two brothers were thick as thieves, though only the eldest would survive to have a family. Alex would bury his brother and end up with the two heirlooms that had been split between them.

The Slytherin name would service the centuries living in a world without magic. Never knowing that they had come from somewhere else. That is until Esmeralda was born on January first of 1995. It was then that both heirlooms glowed with a blinding light. Though it would be many years until anyone understood why.