Chapter 3

Havok had been surprised to be called into the school so early. He didn't usually come in until the day before the students came. Perhaps something had happened that they needed him. Four weeks before was still a bit much though.

What he walked in on made him pause. There were two young ones standing one behind the other. Their backs were to him and it seemed as if things were about to become hostile. He now understood why the Headmistress had called for him. He was also presented with Vicar's niece and nephew.

" Now who made them hostile?" The prince asked causing the two in front of him to jump.

" Havok?" Marvolo asked as a bit of anger entered his eyes. This was the man that had taken their Uncle away to Wonderland.

" I know you don't like me Marvolo." Havok responded noticing that his sister had lowered the wand. " But I think both of you would like to see your uncle?"

" Uncle Vicar?" Esmeralda asked as she turned to face the prince that she had met when she was young.

" Yes, we can also get you two clothing and a place to stay when you aren't here at school." The elf stated as he glanced behind them at the headmistress. She nodded saying that would be ok.

" And what of my wand?" Essie asked as she held it tightly. She would not let them have it.

" It isn't cursed so I see no reason for it to be taken." Havok stated as he glanced at Granger pointedly. This was no time for her to be showing prejudice.

" Alright." Esmeralda nodded as she glanced at her brother. She could see his anger and understood it all too well. Both of them had been angry when their Uncle had said goodbye. Essie however had let it go reasoning that her uncle was most likely happier than he had been in their own world. Everyone had called him crazy save she and her brother.

" That wand was made by him." Hermione pointed out unnerved by the piece of yew. " How do we know there isn't some hidden enchantment that could appear later? It could be horcrox!" She exclaimed.

" If it is a horcrox it isn't a normal one." Harry stated having a feeling they were going to tell them now. Perhaps not at first, but it would happen eventually now. " All his other horcrox's tried to take over people. Made them see the worst things, their greatest fear."

" He is right Granger." Draco stated as shook his head. He knew they weren't getting that wand off of her. She had a lack of knowledge when it came to Latin, but her brother did not.

" Can I see the wand for a moment." Havok asked as he held his hand out. " I will give it back." He told her honestly.

Esmeralda was hesitant at first, holding the wand close to her chest. She glanced at her brother before looking back at the elf. With a soft sigh, she handed him the wand. If he broke it there would be hell to pay.

Havok chuckled as he turned the wand over in his hands. " Riddle did the one thing Ollivander could never do. This wand can't be cursed and it can't hold your normal horcrox."

" What do you mean it can't?" Hermione asked as she crossed her arms over her chest. She didn't trust the wand or these twins. They had had contact with a vile man.

" This wand is made of Wonderland yew, very noticeable as the age rings are iradesant." The prince replied as he handed the wand back to Esmeralda. " Because of this it can't hold a normal horcrox, but it can hold a piece of one's soul."

" It can hold a piece of the soul, but that is what a horcrox is?" Harry asked a bit confused.

" This wood will absorb a small bit of the soul as it is worked with." Havok responded as he clapped his hands behind his back. " It is hard to make wands with it because of this. This wand works because it was made for a person Riddle cared deeply for."

" You can say that again." Marvolo chuckled as he looked at his sister. " He only ever seemed to have eyes for her. Though he and I didn't like to mess with her by speaking in Latin."

" Oddly, that does sound like something he would do." Harry nodded smiling a bit as he thought about it. " At least Tom, would have done that before."

" Before what?" Esmeralda finely asked as she looked at the green eyed man. " The frizzy hair woman said Tommy wasn't very nice here."

Havok sighed as he tried to think of a way to explain this to her. She hadn't see that side of him. Esmeralda only knew the boy that had come to visit her. Never had she conceived that the bitter sweet boy she had fallen for would become a man feared by all.

" It might be better to explain that in Wonderland with your uncle present." The prince told them honestly. It would be best to do this away from Hogwarts.

" Alright." Essie nodded as she met Havok's gaze. She had a feeling she wasn't going to like what he was going to tell them.

" I think it best you take them to Wonderland now." The older woman, the one that had been silent till now stated. " Do try to catch them up as mush as possible. They will be with the Seventh years."

" Yes, head mistress." Havok nodded as he motioned for them to follow him. The elf led them through the castle and onto the castle grounds. At the edge of the woods stood a man. He was dark and foreboding a hood most of his features. What could be seen was covered with black scales, similar to a snake.

The man gasped as raised his head enough that one could see his face. There was something Essie found familiar about him. She didn't know what it was though. The girl simply felt like she knew him and she didn't know why.

" You sir, get to explain what you did." Havok stated plainly as he passed through the portal and into wonderland.

The snake man nodded solemnly and motioned for Esmeralda and Marvolo to go first. This was not going to be pleasant, more so for Essie. Tom was well aware that she thought the world of him. Now he was going to have to break the picture of him she held so dear.

" Nice to see you again, Tom." Marvolo chuckled before following the prince. " You are a true serpent now."

Essie looked at her childhood friend before following her brother. She didn't know what to say to him. Something in her gut told her he wasn't the same as the boy she had known. That he had done terrible things to people.

" This is the last thing I ever wanted to do." The young man stated as he followed after them all.