Nigel stared at his bloody hands, then the still form of his long time enemy:

The Red Squirrel.

He hadn't meant for this. It was never supposed to happen, it just did.

He had been so angry.

Why couldn't Red see that Nigel loved him?

That lone dim golden eye stared back at him with none of the usual life- the burning fire- within it. Now the Russian would never have the chance to. All because he hadn't been able to control himself when the rouge had brushed aside his feelings as just another ploy on the Spy's behalf.

"Oh Red."

What had he done?

Carefully, Nigel picked up the cooling body, afraid it would shatter should he touch it the wrong way and laid it upon the Russian's bed.

Stepping back the spy forced himself to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.

He had to ensure no one would ever know about this. He would have to ensure there wasn't a trace left for anyone to find but even though he knew what he had to do; it didn't make it any easier.

Red would have to vanish, permanently this time.

Setting to work, Nigel poured the gasoline- he fount in a storage closet- on everything and anything he could reach; stopping only long enough to grab a photo album and an engraved sliver lighter the Russian had owned.

Setting down the jerry can the spy made his way to the bed and placed a single kiss on Red's cold forehead before making his way safely out of the base the Russian used for his home.

The harsh wind and icy snow stormed around him but the spy didn't feel it. He didn't feel much of anything at the moment as he flickered the lighter on, giving the small cozy place one last finally look before closing his and tossing the lighter into the fuel.

Though he didn't feel the wind or snow, the British Spy would feel the scorching as the flames against his skin as they stole away everything he once loved.

They Stole away Red for a final time.

And this time, Nigel was know without a doubt there would be no marvelous escape and reappearance for the younger.

This was the end.

The final chapter- the closing of a book yet unread- for both The Red Squirrel and Nigel's heart.

~St. Mungo's Maternity Ward.~

There was something special about her newborn son.

Lilly knew most new mothers said the very same thing the first time they held their child but this was different. She could feel it in her very Soul.

Holding the small child close to her chest, Lilly Potter nee Evans allowed herself to study the precious package she had waited so long for.

He had her fire red hair and pale skin. His sharp Grandfather's Golden eyes, but the shape of said eyes and the messy nature of his hair was solely James.

Perfect in every way possible with a bit of heritage from both sides showing.

Smiling softly, the new found mother gently caressed her son's soft hair.

Hadrian 'Harry' Azrael Potter.

James had wanted to give their so his own name for his middle name but Lilly had quickly stomped that dream. She didn't want her son growing up feeling as though he had to live up to his father's legacy- or anyone's for that matter. She didn't want him to feel pressured to be something he wasn't.

"He's perfect."

James spoke softly as he made himself comfortable on the bed next to his wife.

"That he is."

Lilly agreed softly as she leaned against her husband's chest while James wrapped his arms around his small but happy family.

~In the room next door~

Neville Longbottom?

What type of name was that?

Sure Neville was fine but Longbottom? Seriously?

It was worse then Doctor Mammal Fish's name and that was saying something.

The very thought of the mammal that had killed him, after everything they've been through made Hans the former Puffin scowl to himself. For a Doctor the mammal hadn't even been smart enough to check the settings before attempting to Mind Jack him.


~Number Four Private Drive~

Dudley Dursley was a Special Newborn, with copper brown hair and bright golden eyes, most fount him utterly adorable. Though there was much more to him then they would ever guess.

He was a 'Mother's Boy' through and though, finding the newfound experience rather pleasant.

Though he utterly loathed his father's very existence, even at the age of three months.

That bastard called himself a man yet constantly beat on his mother, like earlier when she had mentioned her sister- Lilly's- child was due today.

He knew she wanted to go, but even now as she tried to get him to eat the 'throw up' baby food, he could see the bruises barely hidden under her makeup.

He hated this. He wanted to do something, anything to help but couldn't.

He was a baby for crying out loud!

Like once hadn't been enough and worse his brother wasn't here. All he had was his new lives' mother and an abusive bastard of a father.

For not the first time in this new life, Francis Squirrel felt like crying at the injustice of it all.

If only Red was here- even as a baby- Francis was certain his Younger Brother would know what to do. Only he wasn't, Red- if he was lucky- was probably still alive, an adult by now, living a happy life far away from the Labs which had taken so much for them and killed him.

Hearing the door slam shut and the drunken slurs shouting for his mother, Francis once again cursed the inability to do anything to stop what he knew was coming.

He hated being damn baby!

~Malfoy Manner~

He always said he spy was insane, but murder had not been something he had expected.

At least not until the sound of the Brit's gun had gone off point blank against his chest.

He knew his sometimes lover was unstable- being raised from toddlerhood to solely serve Queen and Country- but God, it had been worse then he had thought.

God Nigel needed help and no one knew- at least no one alive.

Hell the Brit had probably been behind Red's disappearance as well!

And the murder and betrayal would have been that bad, if he had stayed dead that was.

But no~

He had to be reincarnated to physcotic parents with blood issues and worse of all:

British Accents!

He was a Proud American Agent not no damn Nancy Cat!