Sorry to anyone who read this when it looked like a bunch of computer coding! My tablet glitched and completely rewrote my chapters! Hopefully it won't happen again. Thanks!

This story starts after Star Trek: Into Darkness and Star Wars: Crucible

Somewhere in deep space...

Jim Kirk settled into the captain's chair and allowed himself a moment of satisfaction. The Enterprise had just set out on it's five year mission to explore the unknown. He was looking forward to relaxing. He had hardly had the chance to since the battle with Khan. Plus, dying and coming back to life wasn't exactly a smooth recovery.
Besides the pilot, he was the only person still on the bridge. Everyone else had left for their quarters for the duration of the warp.
It was nice to finally have some peace and quiet. Kirk was looking forward to adventures and action, but for now, it was a good time to just relax.

The pilot, Sulu, seemed lost in his own thoughts, mindlessly humming a tune. Kirk was currently entertaining the idea of sneaking up behind him and seeing how high he would jump, but Jim wasn't sure it was a good idea to anger someone with wicked sword skills.

Kirk was still contemplating this idea when the red alert siren started blasting.

However, he did have the satisfaction of watching Sulu fly out of his seat. He started laughing, but thought better of it when he remembered Sulu with a sword on the Romulan drill, and the broadcast Sulu sent to Khan. Better to hold it in.

Practically seconds later, Spock walked onto the bridge while the other officers ran. "Report?" Kirk asked as soon as everyone reached their posts.

"It appears we have stumbled upon some sort of special anomaly." Spock said, probably the only person on the bridge who wasn't on the brink of freaking out.

"Dark matter readings are off the charts!" Chekov yelled, before breaking into Russian phrases only Uhura could understand. Wait, can she speak Russian?, Kirk wondered.

Outside the viewport, the blue of midwarp disappeared, to be replaced by a red nebula.

"Chekov! Where are we?" Jim asked, his eyes fixed on the glowing red cloud of gas and dust.

"I don't know, captain. We can't identify the nearby stars!"

"Sir!" Sulu said, looking panicked. "I can't change our course! The ship is heading right into it!"

"Everyone brace yourselves!" Jim yelled over the alarm.

The glow grew brighter, until it didn't matter if they closed their eyes or not. Suddenly, Jim had the feeling that something was not right, that this wasn't natural. But before he could figure it out, the light disappeared in a split second, and he found himself passing out on the floor.

Aboard the Jade Shadow, in hyperspace...

Ben Skywalker yawned and watched the stars go by. Why did traveling have to be so boring?

The young Jedi Knight was sitting in the pilot's seat in the cockpit, booted feet raised on the dashboard. He had heard that staring into the tunnel of hyperspace could drive people mad, but he didn't care. He just wanted something, anything, to happen.

He and his current partner, Tahiri Vila, had left the Chiloon Rift only a short time ago, but to a bored seventeen-year-old, it felt like forever.

Ben sighed. It just wasn't enough that he had just gotten out of another death-defying experience. And the torture of being paired with one of the scariest members of the Order certainly counted as one of those experiences. But the fact that they were to continue their original mission, despite everything that just happened, seemed like overkill.

At that moment, he felt a slight warning in the force. "Well, speak of the devil." He said, right as Tahiri walked into the cabin. She merely glanced at him before sitting in the copilot's chair.

"If you're so bored, why not check the Headhunter's systems?" She asked, running through a list of diagnostics.

Ben shrugged. "I did that yesterday. Besides, its not like I'm ever going to fly it. The only reason Dad kept that relic on the ship is because it was Mom's. Give me a StealthX any day."

"Well, you need to be doing something. I'm amazed the waves of boredom coming off of you haven't solidified by now, they're so thick."

Ben decided to change the subject. "So how far out are we?"

"We still have three hours, if you're wondering."

He groaned. "Is it even possible to hide my true motives from you?"

This prompted a smile from her. A very, very small smile.

As they lapsed into silence again, Ben suddenly realized something. His danger sense hadn't gone away, in fact, it was stronger. Just as he realized this, Tahiri cursed and started powering up the shields, right before the hyperdrive cut out, and the stars stopped moving.

"What is that?" she murmured, before glancing back at Ben, who was now sitting upright, eyes wide in surprise. It took a moment before he realized his jaw was hanging, and his mouth closed with an audible click.

They were stopped in front of a large red nebula. But that wasn't what caught their attention. It was the strange ship in front of them, that looked like a disk with engines attached.