Ben walked carefully down the gleaming white corridor, blaster at the ready. So far, he hadn't seen anyone, but he could sense the presence of life everywhere.

He and Tahiri had magnetically attached the Shadow to the hull of the strange ship, then blown a small hole through the plating to get in. She was currently about five paces behind him, watching for movement behind him.

Tahiri suddenly stopped short and held up her hand for him to stop. He was immediately on alert, and she slowly walked along the wall to peek around the corner of the hall. Her head immediately jerked back as energy bolts flashed past, dissolving when they hit the wall.

Ben rushed to her side. "Droids?"

She shook her head. "Security guards. They look human."

Ben raised his eyebrow. "You sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Tahiri whispered harshly. "Come on, Skywalker, do I look blind to you?"

More shots flew past. "Well, evidently, they might be. I mean, they can't even be sure we're still here, and they're still shooting. What do they think they're aiming at?"

Tahiri sighed and started running the other way down the corridor. Not wanting to risk her wrath, Ben followed. Besides, this wasn't his first time in combat. Common sense said that if you were outnumbered against an unknown enemy, run the other direction. Things were always easier that way.

Anyone who jumped into combat without any thought to the enemy might as well be laserbrained.

Jim Kirk was very much resembling Han Solo, though he wouldn't know. He stood in the elevator combing from the bridge, Spock and Sulu behind him, riding down to the level that had reported intruders.

"Captain, are you sure we should engage in battle with people we don't know? Their purpose for boarding might be peaceful." Spock said, in his usual overly-critical tone.

His laserbrained captain just smirked. "Don't worry, Spock. We'll only attack if they do, if it makes you feel any better. If that's possible."

Sulu was trying very hard not to laugh. They had been having the same conversation ever since Uhura had first found the strange ship attached to their hull. Or maybe argument was a better word. But then again, how do you argue with someone almost incapable of emotions?

Ah, the life of a Starfleet officer. See new and exciting places, find new cultures and ways of life. Nearly get killed on numerous adventures with an overly-cocky captain. Wasn't life just a breeze?

The elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing five red-shirts waiting on the other side.

"All right, men," Kirk said. "Phrases set to stun, don't shoot unless ordered to or the intruders almost kill you." This part didn't seem to help the men's morale. "Let's go!"

And so they carefully moved through the corridors of the deck, checking doorways and offshoots. They had almost covered the whole deck when the sound of footsteps echoed from the hall ahead.

The whole patrol froze in their tracks. The footsteps, two pairs, running, were definitely getting closer. Kirk drew his phased and crept along the wall up to the corner. As soon as the footsteps reached the corner, he held his phased in front of him and swung around the corner, finding himself staring into a pair of wide green eyes.

In a split second, the woman ducked under his arm, crouched, and swung her leg around and under his. He cried out in surprise when he hit the floor, hard, and ended up flat on his back.

The woman barely paused as she sprang back up and jumped over him, quickly followed by a man. They would have gotten away, if not for Spock's quick reaction. They were forced to come to a halt when they realized they were wide open in the hall with two phases locked on them, since Sulu's reflexes were almost as good as Spock's.

Groaning slightly, Kirk rolled back onto his feet and got a better look at his assailant and her companion. The woman was tall and beautiful, with a slightly wild look to her, with bright greens eyes, long blond hair, suntanned skin, and three strange scars on her forehead. The way she held herself spoke of a warrior born.

What Kirk had thought was a man turned out to be a boy in his late teens, with shaggy red hair and dark blue eyes, a ready smirk on his face, despite the fact he was staring down some of Starfleet's finest.

The two sides stood there, watching each other, with nothing but the barely audible hum of the engines breaking the silence.

The kid looked between Kirk and his men, one cynical eyebrow raised, almost imitating Spock, only with even more attitude than the Vulcan. He was the first to say anything. "So, who talks first? I mean, you could shout at us, accuse us of trespassing, or we could yell at you, the usual kind of caught-in-the-act speech, Who do you think you are? How dare you point those weapons at us!, that sort of thing. But I don't think you'd catch the sarcasm behind that."

Kirk had to refrain from smiling. This kid had spunk. Not only did he break an almost unbreakable silence, he had completely perplexed his men at the same time. Jim watched them exchange confused looks, trying to figure out if the kid was serious or not. Spock simply looked disapproving.

"I believe we should be asking who you are before we start accusing you of anything." Spock replied, with the same, even tone.

The kid almost looked surprised while the blond looked calculating. She looked at Kirk, then at the group on her other side, and seemed to make a decision. "Strange, I could ask the same thing." Her gaze hardened. "I am Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila, of the New Jedi Order. Who are you?"