Binas: I will not be using Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, nor Omniverse in this fic. I might use some of the names and terms introduced in those series, but no major plot stuff like Kevin becoming good. Kevin becoming good makes absolutely no sense to me since he has more screws loose than the Naruto character Deidara (who is my favorite (I don't consider him a full on villain just a crazy artist who wants to be noticed and a certain charm to his being) if you have seen my recent Naruto stories). I would actually believe Deidara going to the good side over Kevin going to the good side.

On another note, this is after fifth grade and during summer break, hence the story's name. Only Ben's parents know about the Omnitrix (like they do in "Good Bye and Good Riddance", but because Ben couldn't keep his mouth shut and not because of Vilgax showing up).

As for DP, this is prior to Phantom Planet and post D-Stabilized because there's more for me to work with than after and I like Dani.

Now, on wards my fellow readers and fanfic fanatics! To the story we ride!

Well that was an awful attempt at making a medieval joke…

{Summer Vacation Note: Illinois (where I think Amity Park is): August 18th to May 26th/ Louisiana (Where one of the many cities named "Bellwood" is located; randomly chose): August 17th to May 27th}


The school bell rang as kids ranging from four to thirteen years old flooded into the courtyard of Madison Elementary School. Majority of them cheering and chanting with joy of being liberated from the torture methods known as schoolwork, homework, tests, quizzes, and bullies. However, there was one who was a little more excited than the others…


A brunette kid dressed in a white and black shirt and green cargo pants raced through the crowd of kids, knocking some of them over. A laugh came from the culprit before he came to an unexpected stop. The one who stopped the over excited eleven-year-old in his tracks was another elven year old. A female eleven-year-old named Gwen to be more exact. Gwen had short red hair, bright green eyes, a blue cat shirt, and dark blue pants. The look on her face was one of annoyance.

"Ben!" Gwen scolded. "What do you think you are doing?"

"What does it look like to you, dweeb?" Ben asked.

"Other than being a human bulldozer, I honestly don't want to know." Gwen retorted. "Anyways, come on. Grandpa has a surprise for us."

"Is it another taste bud adventure?" Ben asked with a disgusted look. "My tongue is still recovering from the last one!"

"We can only hope it isn't." Gwen said, grimacing at the memories of the gross meals they had last summer.

With that, the two cousins rushed off, praying in their heads that creepy crawly meals weren't in their future. Both were thinking that their taste buds would be brutally murdered if someone denied their wishes and put them in a room full of cricket stir fry or something like that.

Once they found the RV known as the Rust Bucket, the two eleven-year-olds hopped in and greeted their grandpa with open arms. They nearly knocked him over with the force of their hugs.

"Easy you two." Max said with a grin on his face. "Are you guys ready for your surprise?"

"Would we be this excited if we weren't?" Ben asked, returning the grin before it dropped. "That is if it isn't some sort of weird kitchen concoction."

"What he said." Gwen agreed with a pleading look in her eyes.

"It's something a little different." Max said with a twinkle in his eye.

Ben and Gwen gulped. Those words were not reassuring. Both began speculating on what the surprise could be. Some of them were in the realm of possibility like another road trip like last year to ridiculous stuff like being attacked by boxes and/or a face full of mystery meat (which both surprisingly preferred over their grandpa's cooking).

Every time the two tried to ask their grandpa for a hint as to what the surprise was, he kept his lips sealed tight. Heck, even being subtle about it did nothing in their favor. Whatever was planned was going to be a true surprise rather than a spoiled one due to meddling. It made both a slight anxious and excited as to what was to come. At least they now knew weird meals weren't in mind due to having those during the trip. And it was unlikely to be a road trip in the states at this point due to having that last year. On top of that, a road trip in another country was unlikely because none of the roads they took led to an airport or a country border. Whatever the surprise was, it was a mystery, one that Ben and Gwen wanted to solve.

So about two days later in the Rust Bucket, Ben and Gwen decided to lay off the major spoiler stuff and tried to snoop around when Max wasn't looking (or awake) for their answers. They conjured up none at all and quickly learned that their grandpa knew they would go digging for the answer. A few times Ben suggested that he could turn into Stinkfly and scout ahead for any clues. That idea was shot down the same number of times because of the fact it would require them being on the move and Max being unaware of Ben's absence (which was highly unlikely to happen). And no matter what word twisting Ben did, Gwen would untwist the words. By that point, it was decided that it would be best to just wait and see. Ben was more or less a bit reluctant to agree on the fact waiting was the better option, but none of the less went along with it. Most of the reluctance came from the fact of how boring waiting sounded. It sounded worse than the quizzes that school hurdled at him to boot!

One morning, the two cousins woke up and looked out the window. They saw a billboard that read "Amity Park: A Safe Place to Live!" on it in giant letters. Ben scoffed at the sign, knowing that a sign like that was bound to attract a bunch of weirdos. Probably more than what he could ever dream of attracting.

'And Gwen calls me a weirdness magnet.' Ben thought. 'Let's see what can attract more weirdness while I am here.'

"Grandpa," Gwen began. "Why are we in Amity Park of all places?"

"You'll see in just a minute." Max said.

"What's so bad about this place?" Ben asked with a sly look. "Afraid that the sign is lying?"

"I already know it is lying, Ben!" Gwen said. "Amity Park is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States! It has high vandalism and destruction rates! Right now they are losing population rather than gaining!"

"What's wrong with a little finger painting and chipping a few bricks by accident?" Ben asked, not even slightly worried.

Gwen pulled up a picture of one of the many roads in Amity Park on her laptop and showed it to Ben. In the picture there were giant craters, bent street lamps, scorch marks, green goop splattered here and there, and boxes strewn all over the place. Ben blinked at the picture, having nothing to use to fire shots right back at Gwen.

"Okay, it's a dangerous place to live." Ben said. "Well this should mean Amity Park won't be boring."

"If we even survive here." Gwen said.

"We will survive! Remember this?" Ben assured and pointed at the Omnitrix that was latched on his left wrist. "Got it around this time last year. Nearly got killed several times because of others wanting it. Ring a bell?"

"Yes, I know you have your watch!" Gwen said. "But what if it times out?"

"Then you cast some little spell from Charmcaster's little spell book." Ben stated bluntly while kicking his feet on top of the table. "Bing bang problem solved!"

Gwen shot an irritated look at Ben, which in turn made the brunette boy flash a smug smile right back. She was losing patience with Ben's button pressing game. And on top of that, his joking attitude about Amity Park was astoundingly stupid in her eyes. Sure, they dealt with other dangerous things like Vilgax and bounty hunters, but unexplained massive destruction of property was another thing all together. Okay, it wasn't on the same level as malicious aliens attacking or another one of Dr. Animo's crazy biology stunts, but it was its own brand of dangerous.

Eventually the Rust Bucket came to a stop. Ben and Gwen quickly dropped their scuffle to look out the window. What they found was some of the worst choices to incorporate into a building design.

"Something tells me that this summer is going to be…" Gwen said looking for words to describe their predicament. "Interesting…"

"What gave it away?" Ben asked. "The butt ugly neon sign or the giant UFO that's about to fall off the roof?"

"Both…" Gwen mumbled as she bowed her head down.

Both children left the Rust Bucket with Max and went to the front door of the bizarre house. Their grandpa knocked on the most normal part of the house, the door.

"Will you tell us when we will get to our surprise is now?" Ben asked.

"We are at your surprise." Max said.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Gwen trailed off as the door opened.

In the door way was a petite brunette woman in a blue HAZMAT suit (that had black gloves, boots, and belt and red goggles). The only thing visible on her entire person was a warm smile.

"Hello Max." the woman said. "It's nice to see you again!"

"Nice to see you too Maddie." Max said.

"I see you brought your grandkids." Maddie said. "They look just like they did in the pictures you sent Jack. Well come on inside, we don't need you guys getting spirited away."

Ben and Gwen shot each other looks of confusion as they entered the house. To their relief the inside was very normal. There was a large purple sofa, plush blue carpeting, lavender wallpaper, a large window behind the sofa, and a large TV mounted on the wall. Behind the TV was a stairway that led upstairs. The wall adjacent to the stairs had an opening that peered into the kitchen and a door way to said place.

"This place looks bigger than it did on the outside." Gwen said. "And surprisingly normal."

"Jack, Max and his grandkids are here!" Maddie called out.

"They're here?!"

Jack was a large man dressed in an orange HAZMAT who came flying out of the kitchen with a few brown crumbs and smudges on his face. He lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw Max.

"Cousin Maxie!" Jack shouted and hugged Max. "It's so good to see you again!"

"You haven't changed a bit Jack." Max said, returning the hug.

After that was done, Jack grabbed Gwen and Ben and pulled the two into a mammoth hug. Both began to gasp for air as Jack's hug began to restrict their breathing.

"Need… Air!" Ben gasped.

"Sorry." Jack said as he released the two.

Ben began popping his back into place and Gwen rubbed her now sore arms. They quickly noted to be cautious about Jack's bone crushing hugs. They did not need to be hospitalized due to being literally hugged to death. In both of their minds, it would be just embarrassing.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again. Ben, Gwen try to behave yourself." Max said.

"Wait, it sounds like you are leaving." Gwen pointed out.

"I am." Max said sadly.

"What?" Ben complained. "Please don't! Don't leave us alone in this nut house!"

"It wasn't my decision. I really do want to spend this summer with you guys, but you could say that some old plumbing businesses are making a comeback and they requested my help in setting them up." Max said, giving a wink to his grandkids. "Don't worry, I will call you two every night when I get the chance."

Ben and Gwen immediately got the message while Jack and Maddie didn't get any of the hidden messages that Max implied. The Fenton couple automatically assumed that they were talking about actual plumbing rather than alien hunting (in a sense).

"Don't worry, we will keep these two safe." Jack promised as he rested his large, gloved hands on Ben and Gwen's shoulders. "Jack Fenton never lets anyone hurt his family, no matter how distant they are by blood or actual distance!"

"Thanks Jack, I know I can count on you." Max said.

With goodbyes and hugs being gifted to each other (and bringing in Ben and Gwen's extra clothes and Furry Freddy), Max left the house. Only two seconds later, the Tennyson cousins already missed their grandpa. And to top it off, they were assaulted by the topic that the Fentons were infamous for…

"So, what do you two know about ghosts?"

Ben and Gwen stared at Jack, both wondering what brought on that sudden topic. None of the less, one of them decided to answer the question.

"That they can possess you and go through things?" Ben sort of asked, mainly due to his experience with Ghostfreak, who was an Ectonurite.

"That's only the surface, Benny!" Jack said as he pulled him close, making the brunette boy blush in irritated embarrassment. "Now come on, time for you to get a proper lesson in!"

Jack grabbed Ben and Gwen's wrists and was about to take the two towards the kitchen when Maddie stepped in and stopped her husband.

"Jack, maybe we should wait on the ghost lessons." Maddie said. "They did just get here. Let's let them get settled in the guest room and meet Danny. After that you can then ramble on all you want."

Jack pouted a bit and allowed Ben and Gwen to go move about freely (rather than being dragged around by their wrists), but perked up when he was presented with a cookie. Not looking the gift horse in the mouth, Gwen and Ben wasted no time and ran off upstairs with their stuff.

"We should probably look for that guest room now." Gwen suggested.

Gwen, rolling her eyes, walked over to a door an opened it. Behind the door was the bathroom.

"Nice choice, doofus." Ben said with sarcasm lacing his voice and a cheeky grin.

"If you don't shut up you will get the bathtub." Gwen groaned.

Ben blew a raspberry at Gwen as a response to her threat. To him, if anyone was going to sleep in the bathtub, it would be Gwen. So thinking that he'd have better luck than Gwen on his first try, opened a random door. What he got was a yelp and a crashing sound. Gwen couldn't help but snicker at the fact Ben opened the door on a pale, self-conscious, half-naked, black haired teenage boy (who they assumed was Danny). While it was rude, but it did prevent Ben from getting an achievement just so he could rub it in her face.

"Nice choice, mega dweeb." Gwen echoed mockingly.

"Eh hee hee… Shut up, freak." Ben fake laughed.

In the room, the teenage boy was hiding behind a purple bedsheet, trying to hide his half-naked body, and was glaring at the two. Only when he made the "uh hem" sound and gestured to the open door, Ben decided it was a good idea to shut the door and save the teen from further embarrassment. The moment the door clicked shut, Ben raced to another door and opened it to find the guest room, which had a queen sized bed, a large purple rug, a TV, and a desk.

"Yes!" Ben cheered and sped into the room. "I call dibs on the bed!"

"You do realize the bed is big enough for the both of us?" Gwen asked, gesturing to the bed's size.

"And risk getting your cooties?" Ben asked with a disgusted look on his face. "I'd rather think there is no room for you."

"In that case, there is no room for you either." Gwen countered.

"There's always room for me!" Ben retorted.

"Not by your logic!"

Ben ignored that come back and hopped on the bed. Gwen watched him as he kicked off his shoes onto the blanket, unleashing the foul stench that was trapped within them. The red headed eleven-year-old quickly grasped her nose as she looked ready to vomit. Her eyes watered for how putrid Ben's sock not only smelled, but looked.

"UGH! Please don't tell me you didn't wash those socks for two weeks straight!" Gwen pleaded as Ben removed his socks.

"Not even close! I haven't washed them in two months!" Ben said with an evil look in his eyes as he waved the smelly socks in the air. "You want to know the best part? These are my lucky gym socks!"

The sick look on Gwen's face grew to comical levels. She ran out of the room, wanting escape the horror known as Ben's socks. Ben snickered to himself, knowing that he had an ultimate weapon that he could use at any time he pleased. The socks were no Omnitrix, but they still had a killer punch of their own. With a sly smile, he stuffed the socks under the mattress, thinking they could have a use later. No one would find them there.

Once that was done, he decided to put on a less smelly pair of socks. Hey, even he couldn't stand how foul the ones he stuffed under the mattress were getting. Once the somewhat cleaner socks were on, he put back on his shoes and went to go find his big butt of a cousin.

Ten minutes had barely gone by when Jack dragged Gwen and Ben through the basement corridor into the place known as the Fenton Ghost Lab. Despite not wanting to have their ears talked off by Jack's ghost ramblings, they did kind of want to see it. And they were not disappointed by its appearance. The ghost lab looked like it popped right out of a sci-fi film/television series. Ben poked several beakers that were full of a strange, eerie, glowing green substance that was begging to be played with.

"This place looks so cool!" Ben shouted, picking up the closest beaker and began mocking a certain crazy guy. "Look at me! I'm a mad scientist! Ready to mutate the entire population and create a new world order! MWHA HA HA!"

Gwen couldn't help but snicker a bit. Ben's impersonation was pretty much a parody that was so bad that it was good. However, when she realized that Ben was holding one of the beakers as part of his impersonation, she became instantly worried.

"Put that back, doofus!" Gwen called out. "That stuff could be dangerous!"

"The only real danger with ectoplasm is the mess it makes when it is not being used. It is practically harmless like this." Jack said, not worried in the slightest as he took the beaker from Ben and put it back on the counter. "Trust me, I have spilled a few of these suckers myself. And now that I think of it, I might have done something else with it… Oh well, not like it matters now."

'Why do I have a feeling we probably don't want to know?' Ben thought sarcastically, getting a good idea of what could have possibly happened.

Before anyone could blink, Jack whipped out what looked like a high-tech gun and aimed it behind the Tennyson Cousins. The determined look taking place of the goofy look that was there a mere seconds ago was unsettling.