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Now as for what Ghostfreak said about the Omnitrix, in case if anyone is still confused, I believe that there is a form of protection in the Omnitrix that prevents hostile takeover via aliens like Ghostfreak. Why Technus could possess Upgrade was for two reasons, DP ghosts are really, really nasty when it comes to possession in terms of power. Very few were able to eject the ghost that possessed them in DP (like Fun!Danny did in Identity Crisis when Super!Danny overshadowed him). Sure, some can fight it (like Jack when the ghost is going against his wishes), but not all of them can fully regain control. And two, Technus controls technology. Upgrade is practically living technology. Put two and two together. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Now why didn't Technus try to hack into the Omnitrix? The Omnitrix seems to have a mind of its own from time to time if the mistransformations are anything to go by. Seriously, that watch has a twisted sense of humor that almost always gets me laughing. I am pretty sure of where Technus would go if the watch timed out. That's right, into the watch since Ben would be human and still technically possessing technology. Since I think the watch has some form of artificial intelligence, I assume it would be able to tell when a force like Technus is tampering around with one of Ben's alien forms.

GameGrumps (Guest; Chapter: 5): Glad you love the story so far. Sorry about that, I have a hard time describing things that are so simple. And that is why you probably didn't realize Technus overshadowed Upgrade in the lab. Yeah, that moment was an attempt at trying to be super fancy with descriptions.


It had been about a week since the shooting incident with Technus. During this time, Ben had become warier of using Upgrade, thinking Technus could pop up at any time and once more use the Galavanic Mechamorph to harm his friends and family again.

On another note, he was thankful Gwen recently mastered a minor healing spell. However, it had some side effects. One of them was the pure exhaustion that hit her from just using it. Another effect was that her own life was slightly shortened thanks to a little thing known as the Hayflick Limit. It took her just reading what the spell did to learn what that cellular mechanism was, which surprised Ben. He had assumed she knew everything, which irritated Gwen considerably. Even she didn't know everything, but she would never admit that little fact.

Thankfully the spell did what it was advertised to do. If it hadn't they would have had to explain why Gwen was bleeding all over the place when they had eventually came home.

So back in the present, Ben was lounging about, wondering what to do on the hot and sticky day that was currently known as Tuesday. The Fenton parents had told the three kids in the house not to go outside due to dangerous heatwave that recently began to plague the small city. They had explained that with the current La Nina in development, the heat probably won't be letting up anytime soon.

Which it just flat out reeked for Ben, Danny, on the other hand, was suspicious of the weather. He was thinking something sinister was behind it despite the low probability behind it. The chances of Vortex returning were pretty much slim to none thanks to the fact he now had a nice little spot in a high security prison (more secure than Walker's) designed for the ghosts who would willingly destroy the Earth for the heck of it. And that was a big no-no in almost every ghost's eyes due to the bond between the Human World and the Ghost Zone.

Ben kicked his sock covered feet on top of the couch as he swiveled his body into an upside down position with a yawn. This action did not satisfy his eleven-year-old boy needs of fun, not one bit.

"So bored!" Ben complained. "I need something to do!"

Ben continued to squirm on the couch, trying to find a way of curbing the curse known as boredom. Much to his dismay, nothing could be found. That was until Jack entered the room. He looked at the young boy with a bit of concern.

"Are you alright there, Benny?" Jacked asked. "Is there a ghost messing with your body?"

"I wish!" Ben stated. "I'm so bored that being possessed actually sounds like fun right now!"

"Fret no longer then!" Jack proclaimed. "I have the cure! Now come on!"

Jack grasped Ben by the wrist, causing the boy to yelp. Filled with excitement the hulking man rushed towards the lab with Ben in tow. Ben hoped Maddie would be there to calm down the human rollercoaster ride. Sadly, she did not pop out. Instead, Jack quickly opened the door and blitzed right in. At the bottom of the stairs, Jack released Ben, allowing the disoriented boy to calm the nausea that the orange man-child caused.

That calmness didn't last for long. Jack spun Ben towards something that had his eyes glimmering with joy. And that something was something that looked like a vertically bisected cylinder shaped vehicle that was hovering in the center of the room.

'So hover technology did get put to good use.' Ben thought. 'Too bad it was used on a giant soup can!'

"This here, cuz, is the Fenton Speeder 2.0!" Jack introduced. "The latest in Ghost Zone exploration technology! Much better than the first model, which will be sadly missed." A tear was shed from the older man. "But enough sentimental talk! You are going to test drive this baby with me!"

'Man, and I thought infomercials were trying to sell…' Ben thought, blinking at the mini speech Jack gave.

"Come on, boy!" Jack said throwing Ben into the Specter Speeder. "Let's go have some family bonding, in the Ghost Zone!"

Jack got into the driver's seat, bouncing with excitement as he shut the door and began driving towards the portal door. Actually, driving was not the correct term. Speeding was a lot more accurate. Ben clutched to the seat he was sitting in for dear life. He let out a scream of horror while Jack let out a scream of delight.

The Specter Speeder plunged into the Ghost Zone, leaving very little trace of its previous presence except for one. One that anyone who wasn't blind and worked on the invention itself with Jack would notice right off the bat.

At that moment, Maddie walked into the lab with some tools and spare parts in hand. She dropped everything and looked at the location where the Specter Speeder once floated. Her eye twitched in anger.

"JACK FENTON!" Maddie screamed.


The speeder raced through the green and black swampy mixture of the Ghost Zone's atmosphere. Ben had finally calmed down, relieved that they didn't crash and die from missing the portal by an actual hare. While that description would give an idioms expert a bit of humor if they liked foul puns, but in this case it was true. Ben knew from Gwen that Jack's driving was too erratic for the proper idiom to fit.

Ben's eyes began to wonder around, trying to peer at the outside dimension. While its coloring did remind him too much of the Technus incident, it was still cool to look at, so it wasn't all that bad. He watched as tiny blobs of ectoplasm swim past his side of the window. It was almost like an aquarium! A spooky, Halloween themed one to boot.

'Gwen's gonna be so jealous!' Ben mentally gloated.

On the other side, Jack was just as amazed as Ben. It was beautiful despite its chaotic appearance. There were so many fascinating things from the location's appearance. In fact, he saw a bunch of things that he missed from the Pariah Dark incident. This got so distracting that Jack didn't see an upcoming island.

"Look out, Jack!" Ben shouted, spotting the purple floating island.

That was all that Jack needed to snap out of awe. With a clear head again, Jack did a sharp turn, narrowly colliding with the purple island. Both let out a sigh of relief.

"That was a close one…" Jack said.

"You can say that again…" Ben agreed.

"That was a close one…" Jack repeated.

Ben just looked at Jack, unable to find the words needed to tell him that it was just an expression. After a few seconds, Ben went back to taking in the view. He watched as various ghost began to come into view. Some of them looked like octopuses. Others looked like various mammals. Heck, Ben even thought he saw one that looked like a female version of a twelve-year-old Danny, which was weird and really confusing and awkward… He would have to ask about that later. Now wasn't the time, and the Omnitrix bearer didn't exactly have the means to either.

"Well, what do you know?" Jack asked. "Who knew that the Ghost Zone was actually this peaceful despite the chaos? I should open up a resort here! Everyone would just kill to see this place!"

It was a weird idea, but Ben didn't pay any mind. He was still too busy taking in the view of the spectral dimension. True, he had been to some pretty awesome places like Incarcecon, the Null Void, outer space, and Xenon (okay, Xenon wasn't exactly awesome, it was a bit of a nightmare). The Ghost Zone, however, took the cake and refused to share any of it. The only place that could rival in looks was probably the Null Void if the cake had to be shared with one other.

The duo watched as random natural portals opened and closed with grace. Ghosts floated in and out of them without a care quite literally. Heck, they even got to see mounds of ectoplasm come together to form new ghosts, which made Jack let go of the steering wheel to jot down some notes with enthusiasm.

"Oh this is great!" Jack cheered. "Imagine me, Jack Fenton, when I get my Nobel Prize in Ghostology for discovering how ghosts are formed!"

"At least it doesn't involve a bunch of kis-" Ben began just for his eyes to come across two ghosts about to get their rocks off.

Jack quickly shielded Ben's innocent eyes from the kid unfriendly display. No kid who wasn't mature enough to see an R-rated movie should have had to witness such an event.

"Thanks." Ben said. "But who's driving?"

Jack's eyes widened when he realized that the wheel had no driver now. He told Ben to keep his eyes shut and went back to the wheel. Jack tried to avoid an incoming mass of purple rocks and mud, however it was not meant to be. They were going to crashing into the ectoplasmic infused soil and rocks that had come from the human world.

Because of this inevitable outcome, Ben acted impulsively. He did not care if Jack knew about the watch at this point. All that mattered was that Ben could save him and he was not going to sit around and do nothing. The lives of others were more important than keeping an object as powerful as the Omnitrix a secret. This even meant if he had to deal with the negative consequences like a scolding from Gwen.

Ben quickly dialed up a random alien the Omnitrix and slammed down on it. At that moment, his left limb began to grow. After that, the rest of his upper body followed the same suit causing him to become top heavy. This was then followed up with yellow plates emerging from his back, arms, and now clawed hands.

With the transformation into Cannonbolt completed, the Omnitrix bearer grabbed Jack and curled up into a ball, protecting them both from the blast radius. The shockwave from the explosion slung the curled up Arburian Pelarota into the distance. The transformed boy ricocheted off of the ectoplasmic infused pieces floating around in the area, leaving dents and cracks from each and every impact. Eventually, Cannonbolt lost some momentum and unrolled on a fairly large chunk of land, releasing Jack in the processes. After shaking away the dizziness, Jack looked at Cannonbolt, causing the boy to sheepishly wave.


Back in the Fenton Lab…

Maddie rushed around the lab, trying to quickly put together a device that would help her not only travel through the Ghost Zone, but also drag Jack and the Specter Speeder back. All of the ruckus she made just trying to find the parts with the best chances of helping her fulfill her goal wound up drawing attention from upstairs.

"Mom, what the heck is going on?" Danny asked as he entered the lab. "And where's the Speeder?"

"Jack took the Specter Speeder out for a test drive without letting me know!" Maddie said as she blow torched a mass of scraps. "I'm going to go after him."

"Okay." Danny said, not very surprised. "Do you know where he went?"

"According to the software we installed in the Speeder and on our research computer," Maddie began, "Your father decided to go into the Ghost Zone. And that's not even the half of it. He also took Ben with him. The nerve of that man!"

That caught Danny's attention. Of all the ridiculous and poorly thought out things Jack has done, this had to be number one. There was no way his dad would know how to get back if he went too far. While Ben could protect him, that protection would not last long. At the same time, he was assuming Ben would not want to reveal to the man child of the Fenton household the Omnitrix. He had a feeling Jack would just beg to play with it and try to reverse engineer it to make a ghost fighting weapon. How it would work, Danny assumed it would make the wearer a temporary ghost or something like that (which in a way had "everything would go absolutely wrong" written all over it).

"Are you sure you know the way?" Danny asked and immediately added on, "I mean, what if you get lost in that place?"

Maddie turned to face her son. She gave him a big hug; which Danny did not refuse.

"Honey, I will find your father and Ben." Maddie said as she let go. "You don't need to worry about anything."

With that, Maddie put on the finished product of her jury rigged device. It took the form of a miniature, glider-esque jetpack that had the fuel cells located in the pack shaped component that connected the wings that jutted out from each side. On the outer part of the faux wings were tiny rockets meant for propelling the jetpack forward. Since there was no time to implement any form of controller for precision flying, the jetpack would have to rely on body movement and weight distribution for control and direction.

Maddie began to walk to the portal, determined to drag Jack and Ben back to the human plane. Just ten steps away from the portal, she began to feel a cold, tingly swish pass right through her. A few seconds after it passed, the pack's weight mysteriously disappeared from her back. She turned around and gasped. She spotted the pack in Danny's hands. While yes, it was surprising, it was how Danny's hands looked that she was more focused on. His hands were translucent and surrounded with a bluish-green glow. The look on Danny's told her that he had not expected her to notice the disappearing jetpack that quickly. He had intended her to notice after he turned off his intangibility.


"Uh… I can explain?" Danny sort of asked as he dropped the surprisingly durable jury rigged jetpack on the ground.

"You better right now, mister." Maddie demanded sternly. "I want the truth right now. No more lies, and no more secrets."

Danny looked down, shame painted very vividly on his visage. Maddie didn't really like seeing this look on her children's faces. It was always heart wrenching.

"Danny," Maddie said, coming closer to Danny, making him very uncomfortable, "Please just tell me. I love you, and I always will. I just want to know what happened to you."

Danny's heart pounded in the back of his head. Cold sweat ran down his spine. He wanted to spill the whole truth. He knew his mother would accept him. She had done it officially twice already. Once during the reality gauntlet incident and again in the alternate timeline where his dad got Ecto-Acne instead of the fruitloop. However, in the back of his mind, he felt his subconscious tell him that it was all over and that he was now dead and had no way to escape whatever horrors that his imagination cooked up. His anxiety skyrocketed to the point Maddie saw it instantly and began comforting him. This shocked Danny. He knew she saw his hands intangible and there was no way that he had any doubt about that fact. Was she really just asking about what caused him to have his powers rather than asking what he had become?

"It's okay Danny." Maddie said. "You don't have to tell me this very minute, but I do expect an explanation after this is all over."

With that, Maddie picked up the forgotten jetpack and put it back on. With no hesitation, she jumped into the Ghost Portal, leaving Danny wondering what he should do now. His plan of jumping into the Ghost Zone with his mother's jury rigged jetpack failed. He could go in and drag his dad back in his ghost form, but that was about as good of an idea as wearing faulty fireproof pants that were on fire. It unfortunately became one of the two only ideas he could muster. He could just hope that he didn't get an ecto-gun to the face again.


"It's my birthday! I knew that watch was the Omnitrix!" Jack shouted and began doing a really embarrassing victory dance. "If only I could have Mads join in on the bet! I would be swimming in fudge right now!"

The look on Cannonbolt's face was absolutely priceless. It was as if he just watched a really bad twist in a really bad movie. First of all, there were some many things wrong with what his eyes were being subjected to. Secondly…

"How did you know?" Cannonbolt asked.

"How did I know?" Jack asked with a goofy grin. "My parents were Plumbers back in the day! They helped fuel my passion for ghost hunting during the war against many of the universe's worst nightmares. And said war was the reason why I was forced to live in a log cabin and eat horse meat, unfortunately."

That actually made his suspicious question about Vilgax make sense. At the same time, it made Cannonbolt realize that the "good enough for me" bit was just a distraction and make Jack seem like he was oblivious to what they were talking about that day. How could he not see that? Heck, how could Gwen, Miss Know-it-All not suspect anything? Was it because of the personified form of eccentricity that was known by the name of Jack Fenton? Who knew Jack was a really good actor?

Jack's train of thought diverted itself away from Cannonbolt and went to the Specter Speeder. He gave a sad look towards it. So much hard work was poured into making this one better than the first version. And now, it was totaled and was almost completely unsalvageable.

Cannonbolt could have fixed the problem if he had turned into Upgrade, but he would have to wait quite a while. At the same time, he did not want to risk Technus being within a fifty-foot radius of the Omnitrix.

"Looks like we're stuck here." Jack said. "That is unless you have anything that can fly."

"I do, but it will be a bit before the watch decides to time out." Cannonbolt said. "And that is assuming that the Omnitrix doesn't want to mess with us."

"Then I guess we will be holding our own until then." Jack said and pulled out an ecto-gun and began patrolling the floating rock for any sign of trouble. "Those spooks better not get any funny ideas."

Just as Jack said that, a mist began to surround the two. Their eyelids began to burn from the fumes that slipped all around them. The minute Jack closed his eyes, he fell to the ground with a heavy thump. Cannonbolt tried to keep his eyes open, but as every second passed, it became harder and harder to keep them open.

"No. I won't shut my eyes!"

"You will soon." A slick, deep voice chuckled darkly.

With that, something smashed into the back of Cannonbolt's head, causing him to reflexively to close his eyes due to the impact. After that, Cannonbolt knew no more.


Maddie flew through the Ghost Zone, holding an ecto-pistol close. The vigilance she held was very potent. Potent enough to leak through her eyes in the form of a focused gaze. She couldn't let any distractions get to her. One slightest distraction could get her lost within the ever shifting world around her.

"Oh Jack and Ben, where are you two?" Maddie muttered to herself.

She continued forward, keeping her guard up. There was no room for any form of error. Her motherly instinct continued to override the inner scientist within. She wouldn't give in to her temptations of collecting samples from the ghostly plants waving about in the green and black void.

Eventually, Maddie found where the Specter Speeder's signal was last picked up. What she saw devastated her. Shouting out Jack and Ben's names, she quickly landed next to the run down Speeder and began to frantically search it. The good news was that they were not inside the wreckage. The bad news: she had no idea where they were.

Anything could have happened to them by now. For all she knew, they could have been held hostage somewhere. Or worse: They could have plummeted to their deaths. While the latter was an uncertain one due to the fact she had no idea how humans interact with the Ghost Zone, but it was still a very real possibility that Earthian physics could apply here. She was not going to risk anything.

"Well, well," a voice said, "What do we have here?"

Maddie turned around, her guard and vigilance back on full force. Before her was a very familiar face. A face that sickened her more than Vlad Master's face. It was the Wisconsin Ghost's face. She snarled a bit and fired at the ghost's face. In reaction, the ghost merely deflected it off to the side, infuriating Maddie even more.

"Leave me alone you piece of ectoplasmic scum!" Maddie snapped. "I have something very important I need to take care of!"

"Me? Leaving you alone?" the Wisconsin Ghost laughed as he smirked seductively. "That's rich! After all, what could be more important than me?"

"Why should I tell you?!" Maddie yelled defiantly. "I don't associate with ghosts who think it is a good idea to threaten my family's lives!"

The Wisconsin Ghost grabbed Maddie's armed arm and threw the ecto-pistol into the distance. Maddie began to fight the ghost's powerful grip, but found it incredibly difficult.

"Let go of me you monster!" Maddie shouted as she tried to pry the invading ghost's hands off.

"No, I don't think I will." The Wisconsin Ghost said devilishly.

With that, the ghost began to take off with his prey when something singed his hands, forcing him to let go of Maddie (who landed on a floating island). He turned around and looked very puzzled. Of all things that could have happened, this was the most confusing, weirdest, stupidest stunts that anyone could ever pull if they wanted to keep a secret.

"Really Daniel?" the Wisconsin Ghost asked. "Of all the hare brained things that you could have done, this is what you chose to do?"

Right before the Wisconsin Ghost and Maddie was Danny Fenton, standing on a floating rock with his right hand surrounded by a green glow. Danny's glare was pointed at the ghost who had attempted to kidnap his mother. Maddie was stunned that her baby boy, the one who was awkward and a bit shy from time to time actually risked his life to come into the Ghost Zone. While she was a bit curious on the extent of his powers, it just couldn't compare to the interest that was sparked by his sudden development in courage. Inside she was really proud of him.

"Unbelievable!" the ghost exasperated. "I don't know if you being around your idiot of a father caused you to do something so reckless or not, but whatever it-"

Danny had shot yet another blast at the ghost, effectively shutting him up. The black haired teen leaped off the island he was standing on and landed on the island his mother was on.

"You okay mom?" Danny asked.

"I'm fine." Maddie said.

"We need to find dad and Ben and get out of here."

"You two will not be going anywhere!" the Wisconsin Ghost sneered and threw a silver ball at them.

The silver ball began releasing a pink gas cloud around the mother and son. Their eyes began to sting from the harsh fumes. The more they tried to close their eyes, the more they wanted to go to sleep. As they fought to maintain consciousness, Danny grabbed his mom and jumped out of the pink fog. The two began to cough, their lungs begging for fresh air. However, jumping out of the fog did not undo its effects. They were still fighting to stay awake and resisting sleep still made their eyes burn. Eventually the pain became too much for the both of them and they gave into their desire to sleep. The last thing they heard was the Wisconsin Ghost's evil laugh.


Danny moaned as he begun to wake up. Everything was so mixed up and disorienting. He tried to move, but found himself unable to. He had no idea if it was because of Vlad or the fact his body didn't want to move, but either way, it was a bad thing.

He forced his eyes open a bit and tried to look around. All he saw were green blobs floating around him and an oxygen mask on his face. He lifted a hand forward, but found movement slow and a bit tedious due to the thickness of the liquid he was stuck in. It was like he was swimming in molasses! When his arm was fully extended, he felt glass. That was when he realized he was stuck in a tube full of ectoplasm. He tried to turn intangible, but found himself unable to. His powers were short circuited. Danny balled up his fists and began pounding on the glass as best as he could. Due to the slowness of his banging and thickness of the ectoplasm, he was unable to tell if he made a decent sound.

'VLAD!' Danny screamed in his head. 'He's gonna pay for this!'

Thinking of the devil, Vlad (in his ghost form) appeared before Danny's containment tube with a sadistic smirk. He began to say something, but Danny couldn't hear him. Because of this, Vlad continued to ramble on, rubbing whatever he was talking about in the ghost boy's face. It was as if Vlad was talking to him as if he were deaf! This made Danny want to punch Vlad's lights out very badly.

Eventually, Vlad left the tube that Danny occupied. The boy wondered what the older hybrid was up to until he came back. What he held enraged Danny. Vlad was holding an unconscious Ben.

'I should have known Vlad would take advantage them getting lost in the Ghost Zone!' Danny thought angrily.

"LET HIM GO, VLAD!" Danny shouted at the top of his lungs.

Vlad however, didn't hear Danny. Instead, he kept waving Ben in front of Danny as if he were teasing a tied down, angry German Shepherd with a piece of meat. Needless to say, it was downright insulting and rage inducing to the point Danny's eyes would have been glowing an intense green if his powers were still active.

Satisfied with what he had accomplished, Vlad dropped Ben on the ground callously and laughed as flew away. Danny shuddered with fury. Vlad was really pushing it this time. There was no doubt about it.

'When my powers are active again, you're gonna be in for it big time!'


Vlad finally had what he wanted. He had his beloved Maddie with him. He had Daniel out of his hair for the time being. Jack was currently locked away in his lab for the purpose of making him suffer a bit before killed him off. And as a bonus, he had that little shape shifting eleven-year-old and the technology that followed him. Yup, everything was going as planned.

The crazed fruitloop approached a machine that was still reading "Please insert spit and hair sample to continue". This was intended to create a perfect clone of Danny yet again, but at the same time, there were still many, many issues with that plan. He needed a DNA sample from the boy at the right moment during transformation. Knowing how that went last time, needless to say, he needed several work arounds.

Which lead to his recent idea. Creating a completely human clone of Daniel. It was farfetched, but the idea seemed very sound. There would be no worrying about melting or fetching extra DNA to keep the clone permanently stable. All that would be needed to do would be teaching the child how to use his powers, what he exactly wanted to do in the first place with Danny.

Until recently, he had no means of making a perfectly human clone. Thanks to whoever fought Daniel, he now had the technological means to make it possible. With the wreckage of the homemade invention of miss-matched household items, he was able to reverse engineer the device and created one that would complete the job. Unfortunately, the only thing he couldn't replicate was the mind control and multi-use factor of it. Meaning, it was a one shot device that allowed the victim to keep his/her/its mind and will. It was saddening, but it would still get part one of his goal completed. After all, he had the gift of a silver tongue.

The second issue was making the clone a human-ghost hybrid. That was where a second invention came in. Once more, it was also a one-shot due to being an off-cast of the original invention that he had found.

Aside from his cloning project, making Maddie his "wife" (illegally), having Jack and Daniel locked away, there was something else he was a bit curious about: the brunette boy's power to transform into various unearthly creatures. It was something that fascinated Vlad a bit. From what he knew, the watch that was glued to his wrist gave him this power. He had tried removing the watch via intangibility so he could study it, but wound up getting a nasty electrocution from the watch. It was as if the watch chose the boy and actually refused to be removed, signaling that it could have a mind of its own. It frustrated Vlad, but in the end he didn't really care. As long as the boy did not interfere with anything, he would be alright with letting the boy lose into the Ghost Zone for any ghost to randomly pick up. For all he cared, the boy could find comfort in Walker's jail with a cell right next to Skulker (who had recently got thrown back into said prison).

Vlad pulled out hair and spit samples that belonged to Danny and set them on the table. With his first new invention, the Plasmius Humanius, he blasted the samples. As the invention powered down permanently, the samples glowed for about a second. After they stopped glowing, Vlad exampled the samples and gave a fanged smirk. The DNA samples were now fully human and were ready for step two.

Without wasting a second, the ghostly fruitloop flew into the next room and inserted the DNA into the cloning machine. He hastily flew to the control panel and began the process. His eyes lit up with evil glee as the machine rapidly created a human clone of Daniel. In fact, it didn't take very long for him to be completed. As soon as his human body was constructed to a point where he could fully function independently without medical assistance, phase three began. A laser inside the machine emerged and bombarded the newly created boy with DNA altering ectoplasm. A shriek could be heard from inside the chamber, which would have been off putting to a casual viewer. For Vlad, it caused him to smile. Not because that his creation was in pain; it was because he knew that his creation was alive and not defective like how his very first clone was (which was discovered to be Anencephalic as it melted away much to Vlad's horror). Sure, that still sounded pretty sadistic, but Vlad was officially crazy and probably developing other mental issues without the help of a therapist.

Soon, fog emerged from the chamber. A silhouette of a young boy emerged, sending Vlad happy thoughts. What came next, stunned him.

It was a toddler...


Maddie jerked her body, trying to get herself unchained from the plush, expensive bed that she was shackled to. While she was out, the ghost that kidnapped her and her son had taken off her HAZMAT suit and replaced it with a skimpy purple dress with golden accents. Needless to say, it was an absolutely disgusting move. She shuddered at the possible other things that the ghost probably did to her.

Only two thoughts raced through her head. One of which was making the Wisconsin Ghost her personal Public Enemy Number One. Danny Phantom, never stooped this low, and she was thankful for that. However, that didn't mean that the ghost kid was off the hook for the other things he did like nearly ruining everyone's Christmas cheer.

Her second thought was merely prayers for the safety of the rest of her family. She had no idea where Jack, Ben, and Danny were, but she desperately hoped that they didn't end up in similar or worse situations than she did.

"HELP!" Maddie screamed, hoping someone would hear her.

Moments passed with no feedback, causing her heart to sink. She hated the feelings and emotions that rushed through her. However, she wasn't gonna channel them into things like depression. No, she wasn't going to be the stereotypical rape victim. She was going to do whatever she could to fight back, even if it meant she had to die trying. She was a Fenton, and Fentons don't lose hope, courage, or get sad and mopey when things got rough.

Once more she began jerking and struggling her hand towards her hair. She felt around her scalp, searching for something. She then felt something metallic brush against her finger tips, making her smirk. She twisted her wrist, pulling the bobbing pin out of her light brown locks and maneuvered it over one of the shackles. She slowly inserted it and began jiggling it around until she heard a click. She raised up her free hand and began working on all of the other metal cuffs.

Once she was free, she peeked out the door, looking for signs of the nasty ghost to the best of her ability. She then snuck out of the room, as quietly and quickly as possible. She needed to find her weapons and her family fast.


"Uuhhh… What happened to me?" Ben muttered as he began to wake up.

Ben looked around, squinting his eyes as he tried to see in the dark. During his glancing he saw something catch his eyes. It was a large tube filled with glowing ectoplasmic goo. He rushed towards it with curiosity.

"What is this thing?"

Ben put a hand on the tube, wiping off some of the condensation that was collecting on the glass. Not resisting his childish urges, he then began tapping the glass with a mischievous smirk. Suddenly, something smacked the glass from the other side, Making Ben jump back a bit. When he got a better look at what startled him, he gasped. It was his cousin Danny.

"Danny?!" Ben asked. "What are you doing in there?"

Danny began to say something but Ben couldn't hear him. Realizing that this was a problem, he backed away a bit and popped up the dial on the Omnitrix. He began twisting it until the dial landed on Four Arms. Satisfied with his selection, he slammed down on the dial. When the transformation was done, he wasn't Four Arms. He was Ghostfreak, again.

"Aw man!" Ghostfreak moaned with a face palm. "Not the sociopathic Ghostfreak again!"

Danny began wildly gesturing. This mostly involved him banging on the inner walls of his containment unit and inaudible shouting.

"Right." Ghostfreak said, getting back to main reason why he used the watch in the first place. "I can worry about this in a few seconds. We need to get you out of that thing."

Turning his hand intangible, Ghostfreak reached into the containment unit and spread his power to Danny, allowing him to pull out the teenage halfa. Once Danny was free, he fell to the floor, dizzy from his indefinite time floating in ectoplasm.

"You okay?" Ghostfreak asked.

"I think so." Danny said and began to see if he could use his powers now only to find that he couldn't. "Great, my powers are still short circuited."

"Danny, do you have any idea where we are?" Ghostfreak asked.

"In Plasmius's lab." Danny responded as he began to get up. "He's my archenemy and I am so going to get him for this."

"How bad is this Vlad guy?" Ghostfreak asked.

"Here's the short version: he is a crazed up fruitloop who wants to marry my mom, kill my dad, used to want me as his little evil son, and I have no idea what he wants with Jazz." Danny said, getting a more repulsed look as he went on.

"Ew…" Ghostfreak muttered, trying to get the thought of some random guy trying to marry someone else's mother out of his head.

"Yeah, I know, him being after my mom is disgusting," Danny began, "But we really need to find my parents and get out of this looney bin."

"You won't be going anywhere, Daniel!"

The two young boys turned around and found Plasmius. He was very peeved at the sight he saw to the point he had a pink glow around his right hand.

"I have worked far too hard, more than I should have, just to get what I wanted." Plasmius said sternly. "I will NOT be letting you go anywhere."

"I thought you stopped wanting me as your son when you started trying to clone me?" Danny asked with his voice filled with venom.

Plasmius picked up Danny by the neck and brought him close in a creepy manner. Danny wanted to get away from but found himself lacking the physical strength to do so. At the same time, he couldn't feel his ghostly half anywhere in him, so there was no use in trying to turn intangible. Ghostfreak tried to help Danny but found himself on the other side of a pink bubble shield made of ectoplasmic energy.

"True, but after how many times I have failed to perfectly replicate your unique DNA," Plasmius began, "I just now realized if I ever want a half ghost son, I will have to try even harder to make you such."

"Forget it!" Danny squirmed. "You still know my answer is no! And you knowing that you suck at cloning doesn't change it!"

"True, but I have leverage boy." Plasmius said. "How about a deal? I let that changeling boy go free in exchange for your obedience."

"Um, that boy you're talking about is right here!" Ghostfreak shouted as he began trying to manifest the purple energy that he had seen the real Ghostfreak do. After some struggling he got it and glared at Plasmius with his one eye. "And he is not gonna let you offer his cousin such a horrible choice!"

The Ectonurite thrusted his clawed handed forward, shooting a blast of purple energy at the pink bubble. The shield didn't break thought, instead the blast ricocheted off the bubble and blasted a human-sized hole in the ceiling. Plasmius and Danny looked at it, not expecting that. While Danny knew that once his powers came back there would be an exit that they could use, Plasmius on the other hand was very ticked off about this little incident.

"Well then, Ghostfreak." Plasmius sneered. "If you want to be able to leave, I suggest you do at this minute before I let Daniel suffer."

"Dude, you need better one liners!" Danny shouted and bit Plasmius's hand.

"OUCH! You little brat!" Plasmius shouted as he accidentally dropped Danny.

Danny fell to the bottom of the bubble shield. Once more he tried reaching for his powers but found himself unable to fully grasp them. All he could do was gather ecto energy in his hands for a second before it would fizzle out.

"Great, your powers decide to come back now." Plasmius growled as he made the shield dissipate. "I will have to fix that."

Danny fell to floor in a squatting position. At this exact moment, Ghostfreak lunged at Plasmius. Plasmius moved out of the way and began going toward were he kept the Plasmius Maximus. The Ectonurite charged up another energy blast and shot it at the evil vampire ghost equivalent of a Chinese knock off. This sent Plasmius to the ground. Before he could get up, he felt something smack him in the back of the head. It was Danny's shoe. He looked up and saw Danny sprinting as fast as he could as his human form would let him to where the Plasmius Maximus laid on one of the many counters. Plasmius snarled and began to fly towards the device, hoping to reach it before Danny could.

Ghostfreak didn't let this happen though. Instead Plasmius found himself in Ghostfreak's grasp. He tried to phase out of it, but the Ectonurite wouldn't let him. Deciding not have any of this, Plasmius unleashed a wave of ectoplasmic electricity, shocking the Omnitrix wielder. Ghostfreak dropped Plasmius. The evil, older ghost began going towards the Plasmius Maximus again just to find it in the hands of Danny. Danny glared at Plasmius, with intent to shock Plasmius with it. Plasmius stopped dead in his aerial tracks, not wanting to get touched by his own invention. However, this was a very bad move. Plasmius then felt something slimy grasp him. When he looked down, he saw black and green tendrils snaking themselves around his body, making him grimace in disgust.

Danny began approaching Plasmius, fire burning in his eyes as he pressed the button on the side. The Plasmius Maximus began sparkling to life, ready to disable the ghostly powers of any halfa it touched.

At that moment, Maddie entered the room and saw the kidnapper trapped in Ghostfreak's tendrils. Danny was unaware of her arrival, despite Ghostfreak and Plasmius trying to get him to notice (Ghostfreak because it was good news, and Plasmius because of their deal about revealing who they were). Instead, Danny plunged the forked end of the Plasmius Maximus in Plasmius's side, electrocuting him. Ghostfreak quickly removed his tendrils, not wanting to be fried.

Black rings formed around Plasmius's waist and split, forcing him into his middle aged, human form. Ben was surprised by this, but no one was as shocked as Maddie was. She stood behind Danny frozen and silent. Horror, anger, betrayal, distrust, all of these emotions raced through her.

Danny turned around and saw his petrified mother. He then looked at the human form of Plasmius known as Vlad Masters and put two and two together. While that wasn't his intention, it was still a good enough punishment after what the despicable older hybrid did to his family.

"Um… Please tell me you didn't see anything, my sweet Madeline?" Vlad said sheepishly.

"Oh I saw everything you lying piece of cheese! I thought you were Jack and I's friend!" Maddie spat. "You kidnapped me, my son, AND my cousin, you possessed my husband, you make me look a Play Boy Model, and you have the guile to call me your sweet Madeline?! You're despicable and you are no longer any friend of mine!"

With that, Maddie punched Vlad right in the temporal region of his head, knocking him out. She began panting as her rage began to cool down to a less violent state. She faced Ghostfreak and Danny, who were just staring at the sight, looking like a pair of deer in front of a pair of headlights. At that moment, the green hourglass symbol on Ghostfreak's chest began to flash red, leaving Ben in his place, looking just as shocked as Ghostfreak was.

Maddie blinked, shocked by this as well. However, with the recent development with Vlad, she didn't really care. All that matter was that she find Jack and hope that he was okay.

"Danny, Ben make sure Vlad doesn't wake up." Maddie said darkly. "I'm going to go look for Jack."

With that, Maddie disappeared, leaving the two boys with an unconscious Vlad Masters.