Renovations were in effect about a week after Phoebe and Mike revealed their plans to their children, to transform Central Perk into their own café. The Hannigan family spent a lot of time helping out the contractors whom Mike had hired to get it done faster; reasoning the sooner they were in business, the better.

Phoebe hoped that her friends might offer to help out as well, but oddly enough, other than the Gellars, there was no word from the others. Her call to Monica and Chandler had gone straight to machine. She managed only to reach Joey's agent, not knowing his new number in L.A., who said she would pass on the message to call her back, but obviously hadn't.

None the less, Phoebe reasoned that she'd put her focus more onto bringing the coffee shop to life, and continue hounding them later. She envisioned some sort of huge private party, pre-opening the shop to the public, with all 6 of them, and their families there, for once and for all. It had been so long since they'd been together.

As of now, she decided to stop by the place after work at the massage parlor, as she knew Mike and the kids were there. She was pleased to see her plans coming together, as she steps through the door. With old wood and plaster being knocked out to make room for new material, the place seems twice as big of a mess as it had last week. At the same time, it was oddly satisfying to see the brand new window panes that had recently been put into place, and crates of unused tables and chairs stacked in what had once been the back room, waiting to be used.

Phoebe finds her husband, clad in jeans and a tool belt, going over some blue prints with one of the workers. She decides to surprise him as she approaches from behind and places her hands on his waist, and her chin on his shoulder.

"This is a very sexy look for you, Mr Hannigan" She says into his ear. Mike turns around, greeting his wife with a grin, as he returns her embrace.

"You think so? I didn't think this tool-belt was my style at all."

"Oh, it is. In fact, I hope they let you keep it." She smirks, as she passes her hand through his hair, gazing into his eyes. "Because in my opinion you'd look better wearing only the belt."

Mike gives a small laugh before he leans closer, kissing his wife deeply, only when they hear someone clear their throat do their lips part, and Phoebe realizes that the contractor Mike was speaking to was still within earshot of their conversation.

"Uh…unfortunately, Ma'am, we're going to need our belt back eventually."

"Sorry, Tony." Mike says, slightly embarrassed, despite years of experiencing his wife bringing up their sex life in public. Sometimes, he still wasn't prepared for the things that came out of her mouth. "She was only kidding."

"Oh, no I wasn't." Phoebe assured Mike with a wink, one the man was out of sight. Mike places his arm around her shoulders.

"What do you think of the place? Starting to come along, huh?" he asks.

She nods in agreement. "It is. Gosh, it already looks so different. It's exciting."

"Hey, Dad!" Toby calls from across the room. He's holding a tall, narrow, rectangular shaped box. "The UPS guy just dropped off this package."

Phoebe suddenly gasps with excitement. "Ooh! Ooh! I think I know what it is!"

She runs over to the box, taking it from her son, and reads the label. "Just as I thought! It's our neon sign I ordered!"

"Oh!" Mike says, visibly sharing her excitement. "That's great! Well, open it up, let's see it." He pulls a box-cutting tool from his belt, handing it to her.

"Ava, honey, come see the new sign." He calls to his daughter, who is sitting near the window, scrolling through her smart phone, instead of participating in any hands-on work, glances up momentarily. Reluctantly, she joins her family.

Phoebe beams from ear to ear as she carefully removes the new item from the box, pleased with how it looks. "Wow…isn't it awesome!?" She barely notices the confused expression on all three of her family member's faces.

"It's…great." Mike finally says. "You, uhm…changed the name? I thought we were going to be 'Music & Mochas'?"

"Oh, right...I'm sorry, sweetheart. It was a good idea that you had, but…I just thought it sounded a little..y'know, 'blah'."

"I thought it was your idea." Mike points out.

"Oh…well, then I guess I don't feel bad." Phoebe replies, her smile returning.

Ava however, stares at the sign, her eyebrow raised. "'The Smelly-Cat Café?' Well, doesn't that sound appetizing.."

Her father frowns and gives her a nudge in the arm for her rude comment. "Stop it. I think it's great, sweetheart. It's….very unique. And I like the cute little cat face in the corner."

"I know, isn't it great?" Phoebe agrees. She returns the sign to it's box for safe keeping, until it would be time to officially put it up. "I can't wait until the others see it."

"Speaking of them," Mike says. "Did any of them get back to you?"

Phoebe's smile fades. She gives a small shrug. "Well…no. Not yet, anyways. Ross and Rachel are on their cruise, so they probably haven't got the message yet. No word from Joey, or Monica and Chandler. I guess they're all just too busy…it's not that big of a deal, really."

"Well, I think it is." Mike tells her. "It's a huge deal that we're buying this place. This is going to be a big change in our lives, and if they knew about it, I'm sure they'd be just as excited about it as you are. At least they should be."

"I know, but…honey we haven't exactly talked much over the years." She points out.

"Doesn't matter. They're still your friends, and they should be here. Why don't you try calling them again? Maybe they just missed the message."

Phoebe takes out her phone, staring thoughtfully at it for a moment. She nods in agreement with her husband, and decides maybe he's right. Besides, there was no harm in trying again. She had tried Monica and Chandler's house number, and last time, it went straight to voicemail. Locating the number in her phone, she tries them again, letting it ring a few times. Much to her disappointment, she gets the voicemail, once again. She can't help but smile, hearing Chandler's recorded voice.

"You've reached the Bings. Thanks for giving us a ring. Sorry we're not in, but leave a message on this thing. We'll get back to you in a….swing?"

Followed by Monica's distant voice. " Chandler, what are you doing? I told you to leave the phone message alo-"

Her sentence is cut off by the tone.

"Hey guys, this is Phoebe… Buffay-Hannigan, in case you forgot. Uhm…anyways, give me call back when you can. I know it's been a while, but Mike and I have something really exciting to tell you. And also…we kind of miss you. So, call us back! Oh, and check this week's paper, if you can, they're doing a story about us! Alright, bye!"

Erica Bing pauses to stretch, after spending about an hour in front of her laptop, in the office, writing an essay paper for one of her college classes. She lets out a long sigh, feeling exhausted, as she stares at the words she just typed. She hears the phone ringing. Knowing that her parents are both out, she calls to her twin brother, watching tv in the next room.

"Jack! Get the phone!"

No response. Not surprising. She knew how useless her brother could be. Rolling her eyes, she stands up, grateful for the excuse to leave her computer screen. "Jack!"

By the time she reaches the living room, the phone has gone to voice mail. Her brother sits on the couch, smiling dopily at the screen. She picks up a couch cushion and throws it at him to get his attention. "Hey, stupid…you deaf? I told you to get the phone."

With his eyes still glued on the screen Jack waves her away. "It's probably just a telemarketer anyways. No one calls the house phone anymore."

Erica takes a seat on the edge of the couch, not wanting to go back to her paper any time soon. "What're you watching?"

She recognizes the scene immediately. "You're watching this again? Mom's gonna kill you! She told you to delete this off the DVR ages ago."

Her heart almost stops when she hears the front door open, but eases when she hears her father's voice.

"I'm home!"

Chandler Bing walks into the living room, looking as exhausted as Erica was beginning to feel. He drops his briefcase next to him.

"How was work, Dad?" Erica asks, to be polite.

Chandler sighs. "Chipper as ever. I think I might have actually sprouted a grey hair or two. Can you tell?"

He asks, running his hand through his head of long-since salt-and-peppered hair. As he goes into the kitchen for a beer, Erica reaches over and hits her brother for laughing at the tv.

"Turn it off!" she hisses.

"What's so funny?" Chandler asks, returning from the kitchen with a smile on his face. It quickly disappears, and his eyes widen at the sight on their flat-screen tv:

Gordon Ramsay, pointing at a restaurant dish, and yelling at an attractive brunette in a chef uniform. An attractive brunette, who happened to be his wife.

"Guys! Turn it off!" He too, hisses at his children. "If your mother sees this….you know what her therapist said to her about moving on from this! This isn't helping!"

"Dad, it's cool." Jack assures, glancing around at his father. "Mom's not home."

With that news, Chandler climbs over the back of the sofa to join his son. "Turn it up then. This is the funny part…"

All three Bings edge closer to the TV, smiles pasted on their faces, as the camera zooms in on Monica's livid face, ominous music building the suspense. Suddenly, Monica snaps and starts shouting, her curse words being censored by the network.

"Well, obviously they don't have decent chef's in the UK, or wherever the (bleep) you're from, because you wouldn't know a five star dish if it jumped up and bit you in the (bleep)! Do you know how long I've been in this business!? I didn't come this far to have some British (bleep-bleep-bleep) tell me that my dish is too (bleep) under cooked! How (bleep-bleep) dare you! Like anybody can work with these crappy ingredients in this (bleep-bleep) short amount of time! You have no (bleep-bleep) idea-"

The living room of the Bing house-hold erupted with belly laughter from all three of them.

"Oh my God…I've seen this on Youtube so many times, and it's still hilarious!" Erica howls.

"The..the vein!" Chandler cries pointing to the screen, while laughing so hard he can hardly form words. "Look at the vein!"

"Wait, wait….Dad, check this out!" Jack says. Lifting the remote, he presses a button. "It's even funnier in slow-mo!"

The on-screen Monica's voice slows down to a pitch that resembles that of an angry grizzly bear, causing the Bings to laugh twice as hard. None of them even notice Monica's arrival, until she snatches the remote control from a very horrified Jack's hand and turns the tv off. The room falls deathly silent.

"This is great." Monica begins. "I'm glad you're all enjoying this so much. This is exactly what I needed to come home to after an entire day of being laughed out of every restaurant I've applied to…one of which the manager asked for a picture and an autograph, but wouldn't give me the job! My family….treating this as a joke! That's okay…everybody else does! It's been three months and I can't go out in public without someone pointing and going 'Oh my God, it's the psycho lady from Master-Chef, who yelled at Gordon Ramsay and got kicked off the show'! Not to mention, my restaurant had to close down, and I can't find a job anywhere, and we've lost half of our household income, but that's okay, as long as you're all amused!"

Chandler quickly rises to his feet. "Hon, I'll have you know, that I was laughing at joke that I heard at work today. The twins however, were laughing at you. So, anyways…how was your day?"

His wife sends him an icy-stare, looking rather unimpressed, before she storms out of the room. He glances at his children, their near-identical, fair-haired, freckled faces looking back at him with an expression that told him that neither of them would want to be in his place at the moment.

Taking a deep breath, he follows his wife to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, Monica. It's just…sometimes you have to see the humour in a situation like this."

Monica leans against the counter-top, her arms crossed. She lets out a sigh and stares at the linoleum floor. "You and the rest of the world, I guess."

He lovingly places his hands on her shoulders. "Speaking as someone who knows how the media works, trust me. It'll blow over. People have very short attention spans these days. It's like the entire next generation is going to be a world filled with Joey Tribbianis."

He's relieved when this comment brings a smile to her face.

"Luckily, you and I will have probably withered from old age by then, and forget our own names." Placing his hand under her chin, he tilts her face upwards, to plant a kiss on her lips. "You'll still be pretty, I bet."

He pulls her in for a comforting hug, knowing that her stress had gotten the best of her, once again.

"I hope you're right, Chandler." She says, her head still resting on his shoulder. "Going on that show was such a big mistake. I just thought maybe it would put my restaurant on the map. I guess it did…but not the way I wanted it to." She pulls back, her face filled with concern. "It's just…without my job…and our mortgage payment coming up, not to mention Erica's college..I just…"

"Sweetie, don't worry about it." Chandler assures her. "It'll be okay. Jack doesn't seem interested in going to college! We can always dip into his savings."

"But I want him to go to college, when he's ready!"

"Well, we gotta do what we gotta do, for now, I guess. Something will come up for you in due time. We might have to move down to Mexico, and change our names to the 'Bingduardos'…"

She smirks, lightly hitting her husband on the arm. "I'd take about anything, right now."

She walks back into the living room, where the kids are still seated, the TV still off.

"We didn't mean to upset you, Mom." Erica tells her.

"Yeah." Jack agrees. "It's just…it's kinda funny." He tries to suppress a laugh, earning another smack on the arm from his twin.

"Shut up!" Erica hisses.

Monica takes a deep breath and shrugs. "It's alright, guys. It's just been a long day, that's all. Why don't I order us some pizza?"

"Yeah!" the twins agree in unison.

As Monica reaches for the phone, she pauses, noticing the blinking green light. "There's a message, guys. How many times do I have to tell you to answer the phone when it rings? That's why we have it!"

"Sorry, mom. It was Jack's fault." Erica says.

"Was not!"

Monica raises a hand to silence their argument, as she listens to the message. She looks at her husband as he emerges from the kitchen.

"It's Pheebs." She says, sounding surprised.

"Pheebs? She hasn't called us in ages. Is something wrong?" Chandler asks.

"No, she said she has exciting news, and to check the paper." She sets down the phone, and picks up The New York Times for this week, which had been predictably placed in the drawer beneath the phone, by Monica who was known for hating clutter of any kind.

Chandler glances over her shoulder as she begins to flip through the sections. "I'm not seeing anything here…Oh, here's something about Central Perk."

Chandler looks at her with a quizzical expression. "I thought they shut that place down?"

"Somebody bought it…" Monica said, reading the article. "Phoebe and Mike bought it!"

"You're kidding!" Chandler says. "Where did they get the money?"

"Well I remember Ross telling me something about Phoebe winning a settlement over that whole cop-stabbing incident about a year ago."

"Who are Phoebe and Mike?" Jack asks, suddenly interested.

"Mom and Dad's friends, you moron!" Erica shoots back. "Don't you remember anything?"

Choosing to ignore their bickering, Monica reads on. "It says they're going to turn the place into an all organic-deli and café, called 'Smelly Cat Café.'"

"Smelly Cat? Sounds more like something off the menu of a Chinese joint." Jack pipes up. Chandler smiles. He may have not been his biological son, but Jack's sense of humour was incredibly Bing-like, at times.

"Well that's great, for them." He tells Monica. "We should give her a call back and say congratulations. And hey, maybe Pheebs'll give you a job at her new deli." He laughs, intending to make a joke, but Monica doesn't laugh. "You're actually considering it, aren't you?"

Monica shrugs. "Hey…why not?"

"Well, it's just you were a five star chef. It'd be like me going back to my job as…" he pauses for several seconds, tapping his chin. "Great. Now I don't even remember what the hell I did there."

"Well, a job's a job, right? Besides..maybe I could come up with a menu that would really get it noticed. I mean, who knows, it could turn into a whole franchise, and me and Phoebe would be rich!"

Chandler tilts his head, still not convinced. "I dunno…I remember the last time you and Phoebe worked on something together."

"If you're talking about her wedding…I thought it turned out just fine! I mean, she's still married to the guy, isn't she?"

He nods. "That's a good point. Maybe we should just start by calling them back. If anything, we might a get a free meal."

"Yeah, and we're poor." Jack pipes up.

"We're not poor, Jack!" Erica irritably snaps.

"Sorry, Miss-Politically-Correct. We're…Less Fortunate-American."

"Nice.." Chandler mutters, offering his son a fist bump for his joke.

"Guys, be quiet, please. I'm on the phone!" Monica tells them, as she waits for someone on Phoebe's end to pick up. "Hi, Pheebs, it's Mon! Long time, no talk…"