Title- The Fallen Empire.

Summary- Falore is a society filled with misery, oppression, disease, and overcrowding. It is overrun by a government that calls themselves the Guardians, however if you are caught stealing, lying, or running they will put you in the games. The games is a small campus divided into districts, each district consists of teams. The Bellas, The Trebles, Das Sound Machine, and the Tone Hangers. Can they all come together and overthrow the Guardians?

A/N- This is the first time I have written for Pitch Perfect, and this is nothing like the actual movies. I hope you like this and I will be posting when I can, do to being in school and working.




The fight for freedom had begun long ago, when the old government had fallen. From its ashes arose a group who proclaimed themselves as "The Guardians." They picked up the pieces and cleaned up the mess, making everyone feel safe and secure. That is until The Guardians sunk back into the darkness of a corrupt leadership. The price of liberty was gone and because of that there was no longer freedom. It was all a game of control.

The leader of the Guardians, Harvey Micahelson, had decided that everyone in Falore had to listen to his rules. If you did not listen you were stolen from your home and never to be seen again. That is unless someone you knew was forced to leave after you. Anyone and everyone who didn't listen was forced into 'The Games'. The Games is not at all what it sounds like. It is not a place for games nor a place for fun. It is a place well known as punishment for the people Harvey thought were going to ruin him. Thus they were thrown into them. The Games is not at all what it sounds like.

The Games is a small campus that was once called Barden University, there are four main houses there they were the houses for people thirty years of age and older. Some houses drew beyond that. The hidden ones were evanescent to the point that few knew about them, these housed people eighteen years and older.

Although there seemed to never be any children in 'The Games' there was one child there. The young girl grew up in The Games. Her parents Warren and Lily Mitchell had her after being placed there. Her name is Rebeca Mitchell. Although if you call her that she won't answer you ever. Beca Mitchell is what the girl goes by. She is now nineteen years old and housed in the Bellas' house. It is a hidden house that nobody but the Tone Hangers and Das Sound Machine houses knew about.

Beca Mitchell ran the Bellas' house with Chloe Beale and Aubrey Posen, to make time pass better they made an Acapella group, using music that they were allowed to have. Harvey had decided to allow them music and set up competitions between the houses, this way they wouldn't think to overthrow him.

Today Beca had gotten word that they were going to be receiving two new Bellas, Stacie Conrad and Emily Junk. This meant they would have to set up more rooms and find a way to keep their title.

"Aye Becs, when are the new shrimp coming?" An Australian blonde asks walking up to the fearless leader.

Beca turns and smiles, "Hey Fat Amy, they will be arriving soon. Which is why Harvey told us to wait by our 'house'." she says using quotes because the Trebles and the Bellas were not where Harvey believed, in fact the other two main houses belonged to the Trebles and Bellas.

It was Beca and Jesse the leader of the Trebles who decided to build extra houses, two were for them so they could plan and the other houses were for more teams that were set up.

"Hopefully they can sing." Aubrey says from where she stands on Beca's left.

Chloe looks over from her spot on Beca's right, "Don't forget dance. They need to be able to dance."

"Girls, relax we can help them learn to dance and if they can't sing they can do backup beats with Lily." Beca says looking at them as they wait for the two new girl's to arrive.

Finally a black sedan pulls up and two of Harvey's henchmen get out before opening the back doors and revealing two brunettes. One was extremely tall and wearing a revealing shirt, while the other one was also tall but seemed a little awkward.

"Welcome to the Barden Bellas." All of the girls say with wide fake smiles.