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New Flames

(Fire Nation Prison)

His plan would soon come to fruition. He had waited for too long in that damned cramped prison cell, too long was he denied his place on that throne. Not a day went by that he had not cursed that brat Avatar for stealing his bending or that he wished he just killed that embarrassment of a child when he had the chance. But he would have his day and his return soon. A very special day was coming soon, a day he eagerly awaited. He made sure to hide a particular parchment of law his father created after his daughter was born and soon his loyal followers would bring it out and he would take his throne again. The world would know the wrath and power of a true Fire Lord, not some weak child playing king. His dark grin reflected his surroundings of the dark and damp prison cell, a hell of isolation, keeping a fowl being locked away until he was consumed by obscurity. Just one more day, and his return would come. There was the sounds of footsteps thumping and metal scraping against stone and gravel. The once a month changing of the guard, his only source of information since he told his agents to stop contacting him almost a year ago.

"We're here to relieve you lucky shumcks."

"Finally! Watching over this guy is so dull.

"Yeah, no bending and his twisted nature being so glaringly exposed? What threat is he to Lord Zuko?" Ozai grinned maliciously, loving the delicious irony of that statement.

"Well according to that law that was recently rediscovered, he could have legitimately retaken the throne." But alas for him, the taste of victory was followed by another crushing defeat.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, according to what I've heard, this law would have allowed Ozai to retake the throne if Lord Zuko did not produce an heir. It was found six months ago but wasn't brought to light until recently."

"Any reasons why?"

"Probably to give his majesty a chance to revoke it. He did finally get the council of Fire Sages to have a say in politics again."

"So that law is revoked?"

"Not yet but they're working on it. Probably because of the women bearing his children. One of them is his sister." Ozai couldn't believe it. His plans were ruin and even Azula betrayed him. His mental control on her was gone and he was now truly powerless. He would never get out of this prison, and the Fire Nation would become a weak pathetic land.

"So congrats you guys, you get to join in the celebrations of the Fire Lord's birthday and reign."

"It certainly is a better place than it was during that damn war." Their laughs only became mocking jeers to his ears. He lost everything, his throne, his bending, the fear of his citizens, he would be lost to the annals of time as a nameless tyrant. This was his Hell.

(Inside the palace)

In the six months since Azula returned, since the succession law was found, there were relatively few changes but they were grand in scale. Mai became the Lady of the Law, the firmest and most fair authority on the matters of the law and chief adviser to her lord. Azula was welcomed back to become the Lady of War, the highest ranked general of the Fire Nation, only Zuko held more command of the army. Ty Lee was the Lady of Celebrations, she just organizes parties. Under their combined efforts, Republic City and their own borders became secure almost overnight. The kingdom was secured. Mai was sitting in her office, dressed in much lighter clothing on a hot day, writing out some paperwork and contently rubbing her swelling stomach. She never thought she would become a mother so soon, but now that she was going to be one, she felt really proud. On top of making Zuko stressed out over every little thing as a source of amusement. Suddenly her doors opened to reveal her husband's mistress and sister-wife.

"Mai! How are you and the baby!" Ty Lee exclaimed in jubilation, taking care not too overexert herself, or her growing child. Mai smiled at her exuberant friend. She was also wearing more modest maternity clothes.

"We're fine Ty Lee, just finishing up some work." She sighed in slight boredom. "I just wish it was easier."

"You're telling me." Ty Lee groaned in agreement, reflecting on her own struggles while sitting down. "Going to the bathroom all the time, morning sickness, all those mood swings. It's exhausting."

"Good thing Zuko loves us despite everything."

"It's great to get all that tender loving care from daddy!" They giggled. If there was anything to say about Zuko, it's that he was a gentle caring man and had a good father figure role model.

"Speaking of the proud father, where is he?"

"I think it's Azula's for today."

"Oh yeah... how are the celebration plan coming along?"

"They're good." They tried to distract themselves from their own desires.

(With the incestuous couple. Lime to Lemon)

The fire siblings sat in the bath, Azula leaning into her brother's embrace and feeling safe in his arms, smiling as he caressed her body.

"This is nice." She said, letting her head rest on his shoulder.

"Yes it is." He said, kissing her neck tenderly and making her giggle. He ran his hands all along the contours of her form, but he paid more attention to her growing belly than anything else, something his sister caught onto.

"Aww, is my big brother excited to be a daddy?" She teased resting her hands on top of his.

"Guess I kind of am." He smiled, feeling the fire of a new life inside his lover and sister. He was amazed at the concept of his child. He couldn't one, let alone three. He was also concerned of the fact that one of his children was going to be born from his sister, and he swore to be the father these babes deserved. Just as his uncle was his. "I can't wait to meet them."

"But I'm here too Zuzu." She said in a cute, whining tone, which didn't affect his conditioning as his erection immediately grew.

"Again? Really?" He deadpanned while Azula rubbed her ass on his cock. "Didn't we do this five times already?"

"Pregnant and wanting!" She exclaimed as they deeply kissed each other. "Besides, I'm aiming for ten." She aligned his cock with her womanhood and slowly impaled herself on him, causing ripples in the water. She released a loud moan as she reconnected with her brother, rocking her hips back and forth, trying to get as much pleasure as she could in the position. Zuko brought his hands to his sister's swollen breasts and began to play and squeeze, milking her breasts. "Hey! Don't waste it." She scolded as she spun around to face him and pushing her breasts to his mouth. He eagerly accepted her motherly treat and began drinking her milk.

Zuko's hands found their way to her supple ass and latched on, using the leverage to return his sister's thrusts. He honestly loved the taste of her breasts on their own, her milk made it all the better. He grabbed her unattended tit and stuck it in her mouth to drink as well. Azula kneaded her breasts while her brother fucked her slightly harder. Losing herself, she came, her pussy quivering on his dick as he bathed their child in his cum. They released her dripping breasts with a loud pop as they basked in the afterglow.

"I love you." She told him.

"Why did I ever let you go?" He asked himself as they shared a kiss.

(Lemon end)

Three more months passed after that and the entire Fire Nation celebrated the births of Zuko's children. From all the nations, signaling a sign of lasting peace for the generations...until the Legend of Korra that is.

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