Looking for Treasure

They grew malcontent
With their little patch.
They dreamt of the biomes out there:
Sprawling Savannahs,
Heaven-High Mountains,
And a house they did not have to share.

They gathered supplies:
Food, tools, and armor.
They packed up their ingots and coal.
They set out to the South,
Through desert forbidding,
leaving the patch they called home.

In a day and a night,
They emerged from the desert,
Which ended against mountain range.
They paused for a moment,
Gave each other a look,
And headed their separate ways.

After some time had passed,
And much work was done,
One of them had a new home.
Carved out of a mountain,
With caverns below,
And a valley where animals roamed.

Large sweeping fields,
Abundant with wheat,
With carrots, and pumpkins, and cane.
He had herds of chattel:
Cow, sheep, and fowl,
And a warren of rabbits he'd tamed.

Deep under the mountain,
He'd dug to find treasure:
Coal, iron, and gold excavated.
He often found red stone,
And lapis lazuli,
Some diamonds he even located.

He'd tended these crops,
Tamed these animals,
And carved his wealth out of the earth.
Yet, something was missing;
A hole yet unfilled.
Unhappy, what was it all worth?

As he pondered this quandary,
His mind harkened back
To his toiling days in the patch.
Though they had wanted,
They always were happy.
What had they there, here could not match?

He resolved to seek out
This ethereal trait,
Buried in that patch of dirt.
So, he packed up his stuff,
And led all his chattel
In a caravan into the desert.

The going was slow.
It took many days.
The sheep always tried to escape.
Finally, they arrived
At his old, little patch;
It's familiar and desolate shape.

He then saw some hounds
That were guarding the door,
Noticed jungle trees growing about.
He wondered who came
To squat in this place,
And that's when the Other came out.

The greetings were warm.
They were beckoned inside,
Where they began to reminisce
Of what they had done,
And where they had been,
And how they had come back to this.

Said One to the Other:
"I built a large house.
I built fields and tunnels below.
I made items, and armor,
And tools, and books.
I could not make myself happy, though."

Said the Other to One:
"I went many places.
I saw more biomes than I could share.
I found many plants.
I found temples, old.
But I could not find joy anywhere."

One reached for the Other,
Intertwining their fingers,
And suggested a workable plan:
"I'll make you happy,
If you help me find joy."
He smiled and held onto his hand.