City Builders

They dug up the desert.
They made tons of sandstone,
And constructed a palace, resplendent.
With large halls and rooms,
Libraries, and larder,
For crafting, potions, and enchantment.

They brought heaps of soil,
Assembled large fields;
Livestock, in ponderous herds.
Every plant you could name,
They grew a large crop.
It was architecture beyond words.

Around their great palace,
They built smaller homes.
What's a castle if you have no kingdom?
From far and away,
Villagers came
To live in the houses they built them.

A great wall surrounded.
Street lights were erected.
The city hadn't a shadow to haunt.
Golems patrolled
And beat zombies brainless.
They gave flowers to children who want.

The streets grew tall trees.
The town squares had fountains.
The kingdom had beauty unmatched.
In the city center,
There was a small park.
It was the original patch.

The One and the Other
Look over their city,
And plan the next thing to construct.
They still till the fields.
They still dig the mines.
They maintain the town aqueducts.

Though they build and aren't finished,
And dig without ending,
The two of them: they are content.
For One has the Other.
The Other has One.
Together, through any event.

They don't merely build buildings
With wood and with stone.
They are building a kingdom within.
Their memories are blocks.
Their love is cement.
He is a treasure to him.

Love is a treasure
That cannot be made
By forging together rare metals.
Nor can it be found
Digging under the ground.
Except when you're mining together.

The End

(And they all lived happily ever after)