I got permission from Robotkitty5848 to use Alex in this story.

One year ago I went to Echo Village to help Alex with her farm. One year ago I was this shy girl who was afraid of everything. Even finding true love. It only took one very cute, very sweet guy to change all of that. He showed me that love can be a wonderful feeling. And, love can be found in the middle of nowhere. I have to admit, when I first got to Echo Village, I wasn't expecting all of this. I wasn't expecting to fall in love. But I did. I wasn't expecting to move here but I did. And I love it. On the day of Alex's wedding, you can say that I got a small surprise of my own. I remember that day perfectly. It was after the wedding. It was after I've caught that beautiful bouquet. Rod wanted to talk to me in private so that's where this whole thing started. And that's what brings us here today. I'm getting married today. I'm excited. I can't wait to see the man I love. I can't wait to wake up next to him every morning and falling asleep next to him every night. It'll be great to know that I'll have someone who actually loves me on my side.

"Sam." Alex gave me a smile once she saw me. "You look beautiful. Rod might get a heart attack when he sees you."

"That's the exact same thing I said to you on your wedding day." I giggled, "But thank you." I hugged her. "Who knew this whole thing started with you breaking your leg one year ago."

"Are you saying that this was my doing?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Well, who knows what I'd be doing right now if I didn't come here. Probably in the city doing who knows what."

"Well, when you put it in that way," She smirked, "You're welcome. Glad that my injury could bring you crazy kids together." She teased.

At the festival grounds, I couldn't believe it. All of my friends were here. Basically, the whole village. Even Katie was here. When I told the older woman that I was getting married, she told me that she wouldn't miss my wedding for anything else in the world. Well, that, and, free food. I laughed. Same old Katie.

When I laid my eyes on Rod, I paused. He really looks good in that black suit.

"Sam?" I could hear the nervousness in Rod's voice when he spoke. It's so cute. "You look...uh...you look beautiful." He gave me a smile.

I blushed, "Thank you, you look really handsome in that suit." I smiled.

Dunhill had started speaking, with us repeating his every word, and after we had said our I do's, we heard him say, "And now you may kiss the bride."

Facing my new husband, I gave him a smile as he brushed my hair behind my ear, and he kissed me. I could hear our friends cheering us on as I wrapped my arms around Rod, allowing him to deepening the kiss. I have a feeling of what we'd be doing later. I think I'm ready for that next step. I trust him. And, well, it's not like I've done it before. What? I lived in the city remember?

The wedding ended, so now I'm at Rod's house. Well, should I say, our house. We did agreed that I'll be moving in after the wedding. Well, the day after the wedding. I can move my stuff in tomorrow. As for tonight though, well, let's say I'm kinda busy. I faced Rod.

"Are you sure you're ready? We don't have to-"

I stopped him with my lips. "Yes I'm sure. I trust you." I whispered, still kissing him. he nodded as he led me over to the bed.

Still kissing my new husband, I found myself on the very comfortable bed, Rod on top of me. Well, you can guess what happens next, I'll see you later. I'll just say this last thing, just like me, you too can have your happily ever ever after.