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Argh, this is going to be complicated. Not only that Emiya Shirou isn't supposed to be here, he's magic is also an unknown entity, although I have the same magic as him. Wait, is this what Gaia mentioned when I'm receiving allies? Dropping them into the sky and then bursting a lot of Magic around the surrounding area? If so, then her action is one of the most ridiculous things that I've ever encountered.

I just sighed at this predicament. Since that I'm the only one here, might as well take care of him. I'm really going to be caution around this, not only that Shirou's magic can have a lot of impact (mine also), this world is full with magical energy, so that may solve Shirou's problem of low magic reserves but that raises the second question; who's Shirou is this?

I mean I can pretty much guess who Shirou is this due to the three routes available on the game. If this Shirou is the Fate/Stay Night one, then he's really going to be pissed due to Excalibur being destroyed and made into seven different ones. Yeah, definitely not going to enjoy that. If this is the Unlimited Blade Works one, then Rin is definitely going to find a way to go to this universe. Definitely. Also last but not the least, is the Fate/Heaven Feels one. If this Shirou is from that world, then this Shirou is going to be a tough one to handle, especially when he has Third Magic. Definitely not going to think about that. Nope.

I heaved another sigh, this is getting really complicated as time passes. I mean I've been in this world for only a day, A DAY! Ah… whatever, there's nothing that I can do about it anyway. I then walked towards the center of the crater and checked his conditions. It seems that his injuries is due to the impact that he received here. Hmm… also, he doesn't look like that he has Archer's arm nor he doesn't look like he's 18 but he looks 16, so this isn't a Heaven's Feel Shirou. Good.

So he's either a Stay Night or Unlimited Blade Works Shirou, huh. This is going to be really complicated. Why does my life suck? I should probably start upgrading my Luck then, well mainly for me not having to encounter bad scenarios but also to have special loots, especially when I'm going to farm in the Instant Dungeons.

Wait… How did he arrived here in the first place?

If Gaia intervened and sent a Shirou through the Multiverse, then towards me, then that would perfect sense but he looks heavily injured and I mean, by the way that he landed, it's safe to say that he landed in a way that was… accidental. That was weird to say. Anyway, it seems that he was sent here accidently, so that gives me two clues as who Shirou this is.

One, is that Gaia intervened while Shirou is having an event that leads to him being here or two, is that he was sent here accidentally. I don't have enough evidence to back up my investigation, so I'll probably just ask him when he wakes up. Yeah, that would be good enough.

I started to move him through my camp that I've set up. Shirou is going to wonder how he ended up here in the first place though, so I guess that I better prepare for his questions. I wish that I can comply in his questions.

I started to cook while tending to Shirou's wounds. The reason for this is because I don't have any healing skills yet, which I'm regretting at the moment, so that spurs me to only check and only offer my surgical prowess at the moment. It's a good thing that I have the Gamer's power otherwise, I would have a problem dealing with Shirou's wounds at the moment.

As I was cooking, I noticed that Shirou is beginning to wake up. I started to clean up the surrounding area, feeling that Shirou is going to be demanding answers as to when he wakes up. After that, I created a makeshift bed using twigs and leaves that's on the surrounding area. With that in mind, I started to cook back again because I don't want my food to be burned. I still love food, you know.

Satisfied that the food that I was cooking isn't on fire, I prepared bowls for both of us and then properly placed it right next to him.

That should be enough then because Shirou is going to wake up anytime soon.


Ugh… where am I? Where is this place? Am I in a forest? I'm confused. The last thing that I remember is that annoying old troll decided to call me on the top of the Clock Tower and decided to send me to a parallel universe. For one, I know that Zelretch is a troll but I didn't expect him to call me to the Clock Tower and with him training Rin, I imagined him to be really busy but of course that wasn't the case.

And I'm really pissed at him now. Not only that he wanted to try and experiment, I didn't imagine that the test subject to be me. And secondly, Zelretch told me about his plan to me, by basically sending me to an alternate world. Well, I mean he has the power to travel through parallel worlds, but I really didn't expected him to have the power to travel through alternate universes.

So, I did what I had to do. Just wing it.

And by that decision alone, I made one of my stupidest mistakes that I've made for my entire life. Like, literally the biggest and most regretful decision that I've made for my entire life.

So, with that in mind (and the Kaleidoscope basically blowing in my face, directly sending me to a random alternate world), I wondered what am I going to do when I woke up.

I didn't expect myself to be lying in a comfortable bed, a makeshift one that is, with soup on my right side, the wind blowing towards me, a camp being set up and a young man, who's fairly tanned, with his eyes being the color brown, his hair reaching towards his neck and with it being color black, and wears blue navy pants and a white shirt, he also looks 16.

"So, you've woken up? How do you do?" He asked while reaching his arms towards me, I just accepted it and then stand up.

"Yeah, I'm good for now, thanks." I replied which he nodded and then he headed back towards the food that he's currently making. I started to look around and noticed that I was in a forest, although that begs the question; what is he doing here on the forest? What is he going to do here? And why does his soup looks good?

"If you're hungry, just sit on the bed. Let me finish up my own meal that I'm currently cooking right here." He answered. I just followed his request and decided to eat, because I still haven't got any food yet. And oh my god, this tastes really good. Much better than Sakura if I were to compare.

"Do you like the food? It's actually my first time cooking." He said while sheepishly rubbing his head. Really? This is his first time cooking? I thought that he's actually been cooking for a long time, due to the fact that the soup tastes really good.

"Yeah, it tastes really good. And this is the first time that you're cooking? I'm honestly surprised."

"Ah, thank you for the compliment." He slightly bowed. And he also has manners. That makes it more surprising. If Rin was here, she's going to forcibly make the boy more like her. A really strict person, well… she's also a Tsundere.

"No, thank you for taking care of me while I was knock out cold." I also bowed in respect.

After that, I noticed something strange. My Prana isn't as restricted as before, it feels like that my Prana reserves are actually… growing, and rapidly too. I tried to project the Bow, and surprisingly it appeared the second I traced it.

I also noticed that the young man was staring at me. God damn it. I always hate my Rank E Luck.

"Hmm, a Bow… how fast did you projected it?" He stated. I just blinked in surprised. How did he know about my Projection? Is he from the Church or from the Clock Tower?

"…About the moment that I've thought about it." I slowly answered. He just stares at me, then to the Bow, then back to me.

"Umm… this is going to be awkward, but… Can I ask for your name?" He asked. Yeah, that's definitely awkward.

"Emiya… Emiya Shirou." I answered, he nodded and then raised his hand towards his chin, imitating a thinking pose.

"Emiya huh… My name's Roland, Roland Ross." He then raised his hand towards mine and I accepted Roland's gesture.

We then stared awkwardly for about a minute until Roland decided to break the ice.

"Well… this is going to be complicated." Roland sighed. What does he mean by complicated? Is it related to me? Or is due to the fact that something happened while I was sleeping?

"It seems that you're… landing here is going to cause me some trouble." Roland answered my confused face. I was looking dumbstruck for a moment there.

"What kind of trouble?" I asked. Roland then pointed north of the camp that we're currently on. And then started to walk towards it and oh wow, my landing has caused quite trouble.

"I hope that answers your question." Roland then sighed. I also sighed in process. I think that we're really alike, like we sigh a lot and that we both have bad lucks. He then turned towards me and looked at me with a serious face.

"Well then, Mr. Shirou, How about we return to camp and answer your questions there?" Roland asked with his serious face immediately being gone and then transformed into a goofy face. He can change emotions quickly, it seems. I just nodded at his question and then we returned back to the camp. Roland then pointed me to the bed and I complied in return. He then brought a chair out of nowhere and placed it towards me and decided to sit there.

"Before we start, can I ask you a question?" Roland raised his hands and asked with a troubled look on his face. Why is he troubled? I just nodded in his statement.

"Good, then my question to you is that… Have you fallen in love? And if you did, can I ask you for her name?"

What? What kind of question is that? How is this related to my current predicament? I stared at Roland for a moment and was genuinely surprised because he looks at me with a serious face. Is this question related to me? If so, then I'll need to answer this properly.

"For you first question… then yes." I slowly answered, Roland then nodded his head which prompted me to continue my answer.

"Her name is… Saber or more accurately…"


"Artoria Pendragon."

With that statement, I just stared at what Shirou said to me and he stared back. I sighed at that. So it's Saber huh… So he's the Fate/Stay Night Shirou huh. Well, this is going to be interesting. Not only is that Shirou going to ask a lot of question as to where he is, he's probably going to wonder as to why I'm asking this question in the first place.

"So… I have answered your question. Can you answer mine?" Shirou asked. I nodded in understanding.

"Ok then, well my first question is that how do you know me? Because I'm generally surprised as to how you know my name."

"Well… it's complicated… Really complicated. If I were to explain to you everything that is happening so far, then this is going to take long." I then started asking Shirou's questions from where he is, how did I knew him, where I am from and what world is this.

"Hmm… I see… so this world is vastly different huh… so that's why my magical circuits are acting strangely the moment that I've landed on this world… And it's weird that my life is like a visual novel…" Shirou mumbled then stared at me, looking that he still need answers. I heaved another sigh.

"Well, of course that you're Prana is going to ask strangely, it's because of this world's abundant magical resources. Let me guess, is your world or any of the other parallel worlds that you exists in has low magical reserves?" Shirou slowly nodded at my guess.

"Also, there's the fact that Clock Work doesn't exists here, so don't even bother going to London." I stated which left Shirou to think about it for a moment. After that, Shirou then raised his hand.

"Umm… What am I supposed to do now?"

Hmm… yeah, what is he going to do know? Firstly, he can just try to live his life here, preferably become the Hero of Justice that he wants to be in the first place because you know, there's a lot of things that's happening here. Secondly is that Shirou can find a way to go home, that or Zelretch finds a way to travel to alternate worlds because I definitely know that he can travel to parallel worlds not alternate ones. Or three is that…

"Hey Shirou, can I make a proposition to you?" I asked which gotten Shirou to look at me with a questioning look.

"Yeah… What is it?"

"Well... Do you want to come with me?" I asked in which Shirou face has changed from a questioning one to a confused one.

"I mean is that do you want to accompany me in my adventure?" Shirou then blinked in surprise to my question. He's probably thinking about this for a while now.

"Why? Why do you want me to accompany you?"

"Firstly you don't know how to go home right? Then stay with me for a while until I've found a way for you to return home. Besides, this is actually my first time on this world too, so maybe we can partners for a while?" I said while sheepishly rubbed my head.

"What? You have the power to travel to other worlds?" Shirou sarcastically asked. I stared at him for a minute until Shirou's face turned to a surprise one. "What?! Really?! You can travel to other worlds?!"

"No! Well, I mean technically I can BUT there are some restriction to it, you know." I then opened my inventory which by then Shirou was looking at me funnily. I then pulled out Caliburn to show it to Shirou.

"That sword… That's Caliburn! How do you have it?!" Shirou exclaimed while he's carefully examining it. I then give the Shirou which he hastily took from me. At least that he can examine it because I basically stole his power from him.

"Well… I have a power called the Gamer…" I slowly said while stopped Shirou from examining it and then looked to me with a confused look on his face.

"And its main power is basically to have… the power of a video game character, more specifically, a RPG character."

Shirou then stared at me for a minute until he chuckled then turned into a full blown laughter.

"Hahaha… that's funny, that's really funny Roland." Shirou was then busy controlling his laughter until he decided to look at me directly. I just gave him a serious and stern look. He stopped laughing after looking at me.

"Wait, really? Does it mean that you Stats or something?" Shirou asked. I nodded at his question.

"Then that means that you have one OP power. Hey, can you guess my level is?"

I then stared at his Bar at the top of his head.

Emiya Shirou
[Hero of Justice]
LVL: 37
HP: 5100
MP: 2300

Huh, he's level 37 and has the tile [Hero of Justice]… Well that's a stupid title, I'm not going to tell that to Shirou, definitely not.

"Shirou, it seems that you're level is 37…" I answered in which Shirou nodded in return. I stopped for a minute before Shirou decided to raise his arms towards my shoulder and was looking at me with an irritated look on his face.

"And? Is that it?" Shirou skeptically asked. What does he mean by there's more? Does he wants to know more about my powers?

"What is what?" I slowly asked.

"Your powers! Does your power allow you to do more things?" Shirou exclaimed. Ah, that's what it is.

"Umm… Yeah, I can do more things, watch." I stand back to let myself give some space and then decided to trace Kanshou and Bakuya. Shirou was obviously surprised at this action.

"Is that… Archer's weapon?" Shirou asked, I nodded back.

"And did you just do… Tracing?" Shirou was then beginning to look surprised as to what I just did. This is going to be hard to explain, really hard to explain.

"Umm… Yeah, just so you know, I'm going to properly explain as to what's going on, but first let me do something." I stepped back, raised my arms towards the sky and basically shouted, "ID Create!"


I transported Shirou to the area in which were I basically train myself for over the ten hours. Well, ten hours here, one hour on the real world. Also, the Dungeon that we're currently in is that of the Vampires, so better watch out for their sudden attacks but first I need to inform Shirou as to where we are because I don't want him to panic. I really don't want him to panic.

"Umm… Welcome to the Dungeon, I guess." I introduced as while I was trying to interpret Shirou's look at me at the moment, and there is only one thing that I can basically judge to Shirou's face at the moment: it was that of surprise and bewilderment.


"What I mean is that you're currently in a Dungeon in which I've created." I added casually with a wave of my hand.

"EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?" Shirou exclaimed with a loud burst that it attracted some Vampires. I casually summoned Shirou's Bow and Caladbolg II, aimed as to where the Vampires are coming and then released with such intensity, that I destroyed the Vampires that was on the firing range, and also blow up half the forest that we're currently in.

Shirou looks at the destroyed property with silence, yet in his eyes it was filled with fear. It seems that he's really scared of my powers... This is going to be a problem, but not anymore because of my decision to basically bring him to the Dungeon.

"Now, for everything that I've done to confuse you up to this point, I'm sorry." I bowed down to prove my point in which Shirou was taken my statement with surprise and embarrassment.

"N-no, thank you for treating me back on the forest." Shirou said while frantically shaking his hands in dismissal. I chuckled at the sight that was unfolding at the moment. This is really weird. Maybe it's because that we're alike in terms of personality?

"Now that were finished with that embarrassing part, we need to discuss about my powers." I stated with my face being serious, Shirou noticed this and decided to hear about it.

"First off is that my power are given to me by a being named Gaia-" Shirou was about to say something until I raised my hands to stop him from asking his question. "No, this is a different Gaia." I interjected, which Shirou sighed in relief. I then decided to continue as to what I'm saying. "Gaia then gave this power and I was just there surprised by it. Until I decided to train the powers that was given to me. Then I received this amazing skill called [Fiction Adaption] which can basically allow myself to adapt the powers of the fiction that I was currently reading, reading through computer and books."

Shirou blinked at the words that I've said and decided to think about it, adopting a thinking pose, he let himself think about what I've just said. Then his face light up like a Christmas tree.

"If you say that you have that power, then you can basically do anything?" I shake my head as if saying no. Shirou look confused at my reply.

"Not really. It's because of some restrictions." I then raised my hands to prove my point. "Firstly is that my powers doesn't really give immortality or anything, it only gave me the parameters of what a gamer should have." I raised another finger. "Secondly is that in order for me to improve myself, then I need to train hard. Really hard." I raised the last finger. "And thirdly is that I can make skills but in order for me to that, then I really need to improve the power that was given to me even more. So that's the reason."

Before Shirou could say what he wanted so say, I clapped my hands which shook him a little bit. I just chuckled at the moment.

"Now, we're going to train ourselves in this Dungeon that I've created." I then pointed to the Vampires that was only standing at the moment. Others are just roaming around. "I can easily judge how much weapon that you can project at the moment."

I then dragged him towards the Vampires and then projected Kanshou and Bakuya. "See this? This is Archer's weapon. This is Kanshou and Bakuya and you're going to train yourself with this weapon along," I then released Kanshou and Bakuya which lets them return to their original state, and then I started to project the Bow. "With archery training."

"Ok then… but how long does time exists here." Shirou suddenly asked.

"Oh, well it's just like a ten hour difference here to the one hour in real life." I casually replied which Shirou blinked in surprise. I then formed a grin on my face. This is going to take very long, and with the long hours that we both have here is going to be fun. Really fun.


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