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Chapter two,

I've Met a Useless Person, Part one!


Aki walked around town on her own, going down a new street that she'd always seen on her walks, but never went down. It'd been around six months since the incident, the girls had turned nine, and they were finally allowed to go out on their own, although they had a set area that they were allowed in, not that Aki followed it.

Aki had since improved her stats and abilities, but not by much, since she didn't really have much of a place to train. Her luck had improved by 2, and her strength, charm and intelligence had gone up by 2, 1, and 4 respectively.

She had also gained the titles, "Eloquent Liar" and "Housekeeper", which were pretty much as they sounded. Eloquent Liar showed up after she repeatedly lied to her parents about where she'd been and what she remembered, and housekeeper appeared after she kept cleaning up after her sister, who left trails of garbage around the house, much to Aki's annoyance. Would it kill her to put her garbage in the garbage?

Going down the street with a sigh, she heard a loud banging noise, then a shout of "goddamn it!" down the alleyway, piquing her curiosity.

"Crap, that's gonna stain," A black haired man whined, picking at his shirt. He seemed pretty fit, and was definitely in his mid twenties. "And this is my good shirt too…" Aki watched him for a moment, and his gaze flickered over to her. She flinched. "Hello." He muttered uncomfortably, turning to face her. The brown eyed girl nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good afternoon." He sized her up, making Aki shift nervously. He had a health bar, but the labels over his head were odd. He had a large yellow exclamation mark and no title. "You can get rid of that stain by using vinegar, you know," She saw that the stain was from a red pop drink. "Or even just cold water and soap." His eyes lit up.

"Seriously?" She nodded. "Thanks!" He paused, looking up at the sky for a moment. "What's your name?" Aki narrowed her eyes at him.

"I don't give out my name to strangers." She replied and turned to walk away, back into the street where there were people.

"Wait! My name is Hibiki Shinji, and I run a dojo near here," He called, catching her attention. Dojo? "Feel free to drop by if you feel like it, we're on 106 Yama street!" She kept walking, but stored that information in her head. That could be useful.

[Quest (optional): Go to the Dojo and participate in classes. Rewards: $20, 15 EXP]

Aki blinked at the notification. They came up occasionally, like when Midori started sending her on errands or asked her to clean something. The rewards typically consisted of +trust from her mother, some EXP and possibly some money. She didn't get an allowance, so that would probably be useful later on.

She clicked accept, and it moved over to "Quests" in her menu. Normally when she got notifications, the world kept going; however, when she went into menu, the world stopped, but she could only go places she'd been before. Aki tested it out one night but when she tried going on new streets, it would bring her right back to her room.


I walked up to the large doors of the supposed Dojo, Ali and Shisui tagging along behind me. It turned out that Shisui was actually very protective of us, and I have to admit, I'd grown fond of him.

"Well, this is it." I gestured at the doors. "Now what?"

"Opening them would be one of the first things that I can think of." Shisui remarked, brushing past me to push at the doors. He frowned and pushed harder, but the doors wouldn't budge. I raised an eyebrow.

"Is it locked?" He shook his head, looking baffled.

"No, it doesn't seem like it, it's just…" The now fifteen year old trailed off for a moment.

"It's just…?" Ali prompted, moving closer to the doors and giving them an experimental push herself. "Oh. That's weird." I frowned.

"What's weird?" I asked exasperatedly, still waiting for an answer. Ali nudged me over and looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to try. After a moment, I braced my arms against it and pushed, but nothing happened. Ara? I pressed harder, I even tried kicking it, but it wouldn't budge. "That is weird," I admitted, not seeing any lock or any way to lock it.

"Oya? You're that girl from the other day, aren't you?" It was the black haired man, who still had an exclamation mark above his head, and no level. He grinned happily at me, looking pleased. "I was hoping you'd come back," He said, coming closer and pushing open the doors with one arm, much to all of our shock.

"N-No way…" Shisui stuttered, gaping at him in shock.

"Now, why don't you all come in?"


To say the property was large was an understatement.

There must've been at least an acre of space, which was unusual in a place like Tokyo. I could only guess how much money it must've cost. Lots of plants, and it looks well kept, too, I noticed, scanning my surroundings as we followed the supposed martial artist. There doesn't seem to be anyone around though.

The man, Hibiki Shinji, led us into a large building which was empty with the exception of what looked like some training equipment, and sat down on the floor. Shisui eyed him with suspicion, but sat down anyways, Ali and I following suit.

"So, what do you need from me, Midori-chan*?" My eye twitched slightly from the overly familiar nickname.

"My name is Hinamori Aki," I corrected, shifting to be in a more comfortable position. "And I have come to enrol in one of your classes, assuming you have any." He hummed interestedly, going cross legged.

"I see… Why does a cute girl like you want to learn martial arts?" He asked, looking me in the eyes. "It's a very difficult and sweaty process, and you won't be able to wear pretty dresses during training." I don't want to get punched and die, is the obvious answer, but I probably shouldn't say that.

"I want to be stronger." I stared back at him, trying not to be unnerved by his gaze. "And I don't really like dresses anyway." Shinji nodded to himself and turned to my siblings.

"What about you two?"

"Same here," My sister chirped, my brother agreeing.

"I want to join too, temporarily. I can't leave my baby sisters alone in a place like this when I don't even know who you are." Shinji pulled something out of the pocket of his sweater, which was pretty unprofessional for the head of a dojo. I knew we came on short notice, but still.

"Let's see…" He scanned the paper and it looked like he was calculating something. "I have all days except Sundays free, and the classes cost… $40 dollars per month," He informed us, folding the paper up again. "Of course, I'll need written or verbal consent from your parents along with the payment."

"How many classes am I allowed to take and what times are there?"

"You can take as many as you want, but it'll still be the same price, unless you break something," He waved off my question, my siblings oddly quiet. "You can come pretty much any time in the day and I'll be here unless I say otherwise." He grinned at me. "Although, I wouldn't condone skipping classes, so you should probably come before or after school."

"We don't have school yet." I interjected, brushing a strand of my rather long green hair behind my shoulder. "We were in an accident, so Ali and I aren't in school until next April."

"Ten months, huh?" He mused, Shisui's expression souring as I explained, Ali shifting closer to him comfortingly. "I can get you pretty far if you came every day and so as long as your parents agree, we can start next Monday." I stood up and bowed slightly to him before turning and moving for the door.

"We'll be back next Monday."

"Thank you, Hibiki-san," I heard my sister say to the man as I waited at the sliding door.

[Quest Completed- Rewards: $20, 15 EXP]

I eyed the rewards carefully, making sure to discreetly click the "Accept" button. Right after I did that, another notification popped up.

[New Quest- Convince Parents]

Oh, that'll be fun, I thought sarcastically.


No rewards this time, huh? I mused, running a hand through my hair in the shower, letting the water cascade over my body. My body looked completely different from my old one, even the size of my shoulders being different.

I had to wonder how the real Aki was doing in my body, and how life was going there. Wait a minute, I frowned, turning off the water and climbing out of the tub. If this world is just as real as my own, does that mean that Rei is a god? I shook my head, not wanting to even think about my world, for fear of getting homesick.

I'd left so many people behind, my Mama, Papa, and my family was just about to welcome a baby boy, who was going to be named Taylor. There was also Sora, who was my best friend for my entire life, who I was never going to see again…

"Eh…?" Something wet hit my hands as I leaned against the counter next to the sink. I raised my hands and felt tears coming from my eyes. "Damn it, I wasn't going to cry…" I choked, hiding my head in my hands. "Stop crying, damn it," I ordered myself weakly, but to no avail. The tears kept flowing, regardless of my attempts to stop it.

Eventually I sighed and wiped my face off with the towel, trying to hide the red around my almond shaped brown eyes. It's not too noticeable, I think, I sighed again, getting myself dressed into the "pyjamas" -which were just a tank top and shorts- Midori had gotten me after I'd grown out of my clothes. Oddly enough, all of my clothes and whatnot had appeared in my closet along with Aki's clothes. It was probably Rei's doing, I decided.

Now, time to face the over protective parents.


"No, no, no! Absolutely not!" Tsumugu argued, my mother sitting quietly on the couch, listening to her husband rage, not that he was at all intimidating. Our father was ridiculously over protective, as I stated earlier. He didn't want anything to happen to his "baby girls", I understood that, but it was incredibly infuriating. "What if you get a bruise? What if you break a bone?!" His voice rose in pitch as he panicked. I rolled my eyes somewhat discreetly. Shisui saw it though, and he snickered.

"Oh no, heaven forbid I get a bruise," I said monotonously. "Or what if I even-" I let out a mock gasp of horror. "Get a paper cut?!" Tsumugu obviously didn't catch onto my sarcasm, however, Midori did. She looked surprised, clearly not expecting that from her nine year old daughter.

"Exactly! We can't let our precious darlings get hurt!"

"The only thing that will hurt us is if you keep sheltering us!" I countered, getting frustrated. "At this rate, you'll just pretend that that accident didn't happen, whatever it was, and act like nothing will ever go wrong! It will!"

"That's right," Ali joined in, grabbing my hand. "You can't pretend that we're still the same people that you knew before. We've changed, and you know that." Tsumugu flinched when she said that, looking down. "We aren't gaining any of our past memories, and we can't be protected forever. We have to go out and learn!"

"They're right, dear." Midori interjected from the couch, looking at us with a… bittersweet expression, I suppose. "We can't keep them cooped up in the house and this small neighbourhood forever. Besides," She rose to place a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Learning martial arts might be good for them, they'll be able to protect themselves better."

After a few more convincing arguments from his wife, Tsumugu agreed to let us go and our mother wrote up a note and handed it to me with a smile before bed.

"…Thanks." I muttered quietly, not yet used to her presence.

"Aki-chan?" I looked up at her face, only to be met with a lonely looking one. "Can I hug you?" I twitched. I'd been avoiding physical contact with our parents the entire time, trying to to get attached to any of them. I didn't realize how much that must've hurt her, not being able to hug her little girl or kiss her good night.

I nodded hesitantly, allowing her to wrap her arms around me in a tight embrace. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. After a moment, she let go and smiled again.

"Thank you." She walked over to the living room and turned on the TV, going back to what she was doing before.


[Quest Complete]


"Midori-chan, you have to do at least 20 more pushups before you start the next part of our training," Shinji called from his spot under the tree.

"My name isn't Midori," I grunted, feeling the strain in my body from already doing 15 pushups. Even in my own world, I wasn't much of an athlete. I used to absolutely hate gym class because I was so bad at sports, and it seemed like that was the one thing that hadn't changed in this new body of mine. "It's sad to watch someone's memory fade as they grow old, it must be hard," I could see his smile turn a little deadly.

"Add ten more pushups to that, brat." I grinned. It was worth it.

It was the third day, and all we'd done was exercise. We did squats, pushups, pull-ups, everything and anything you could think of.

"Aki, don't taunt Sensei," Ali scolded, slightly out of breath, being the more polite of the two of us. "He controls how many pushups we have to do." Never mind.

In Shinji's, or Sensei's, defence, he had done some good for us. Ali's and my strength had shot up, making us strong enough to withstand a few punches. The only thing I was concerned about was when we started sparring. I couldn't exactly stop every time my health was low and eat an apple, could I?

Shisui, on the other hand…

"I need a break," He groaned, only halfway through the assigned 35 pushups, while I was at the 37th one. Ali was the fastest of the three of us and finished almost right after she'd spoken

"C'mon, your little sisters can do more pushups than you," Sensei scolded, scratching his stubble on his chin.

Finally finished, I laid back, waiting for our brother to complete the set.

[Level up! You are now at level three! Rewards: +2 Speed, +1 Defence, 11 EXP, $22]

I clicked the accept button and watched as it blinked out of existence. It was so odd.

I glanced over at Shinji, who now had a title over his head, but no level. Was he that strong that I couldn't tell what level he was? The average person was around a level 3, sometimes a level five at most. Ali was at level two still, and Shisui was barely level one.

"Hey, brat." I snapped out of my thoughts with a "hmm?", making him roll his eyes. "What's that around your neck, there?" He pointed at a shiny silver locket around my neck in the shape of a heart. "No jewelry during training, you might choke."

"This…?" I touched it lightly, remembering how I found it. It was a few days ago when I was rummaging through my room to find one of my sketchbooks…


Aki swung open the door, quickly entering and closing it, trying not to alert her younger brother who had a habit of always asking her to play with him, that she was upstairs.

"Where is it…?" She mused, scanning her rather messy room. It was pretty small, but she'd managed to cram in a ridiculous amount of books and manga, along with her sketchbooks. There were many piles of books on the floor and on the bed perched precariously.

Although she had many, there was one sketchbook in particular she was fond of lately, and she just couldn't find it!

Scouring her desk, she shifted some papers over to the other side of her table and paused. A small white box that she didn't remember being there was underneath the mountain of papers, a note tucked underneath it.

"What's this?" She picked it up gently, opening it slowly. Inside was a small silver heart pendant with a tiny red rose on the middle. Aki picked it up carefully, looking at it and noticing the little lines around the sides, letting her know that it was probably a locket. The green haired girl picked at it with her fingers, prying it open and showing her a picture of her family on one side, and her friend Sora on the other. Her heart clenched, feeling absolutely devastated and delighted at the discovery at the same time.

Snapping it shut again, she decided to look at the note below the box, picking it up as well, reading it.

"Dear Alexis," She read aloud, feeling odd when she heard her old name. "Once again, I'm so very sorry for doing this to you. I hope that by the time you read this, you will have forgiven me, at least partially. I can't say that all the worst parts are over, but it will be calm for a few years at least. I sent you to this world for a specific purpose, not just that you and your counterparts were injured. For what, I cannot tell you yet, but I hope you will not hold that against me." Aki stared blankly at the paper, processing what she read. "I know it's little compensation, but there's a gift inside this box for you.

"Your family is doing well, and are coping with the change much better than most would. Your little friend… Sora, was it? He's taking it a bit hard, and he seems a bit suspicious of your counterpart. He's pretty intelligent to even suspect something.

"Finally, your mother and father are well. Your mother was quite upset at first, but she's handling it. Her pregnancy is going great, and your father got a promotion.

"I'll send messages to you like this occasionally to give you updates and orders from me, if need be.


"PS. This locket was a gift that your friend Sora wanted you to have. He made it himself, but was unable to give it to you because of the accident. He misses you a lot." Aki stood in silence for moment before putting on the locket and walking out of the room, no longer in the mood to draw. She just needed to lay down somewhere quiet and undisturbed for awhile…


"Okay." I unclasped it and put it in one of the hidden pockets in my gi, smiling lightly. Shinji blinked, obviously not expecting me to give up without a fight.

"Done!" Shisui gasped, not even bothering to sit up, collapsing on the ground where he was. Shinji clapped his hands.

"Alright, next, do fifty running laps around the block!"



"Nee, Aki," Ali called from the other side of the living room on one of the odd days they were left alone in the house.


"If we're in Japan, that means everyone's speaking Japanese, right?"

"Mhm." Aki mumbled out a reply, not paying attention to her sister at all, reading her new manga. She was a little worried that if she liked it, it would be added to the world, whatever that meant, but she wasn't going to give up reading it.

"But we're from Canada, so we're speaking English." Ali continued, making it sound more like a statement than a question.


"Then…" She frowned, looking puzzled. "Why do we understand them?" Aki looked up, eyes widened.

"That's… That's a good question."

"Can we still speak english?"

"Who knows?"


After a few minutes of experimentation and a lot of googling, it was determined that they could still speak english, but it sounded exactly the same as Japanese. To start up the language, they had to call up the menu and switch.

"…What the hell is wrong with this place?" Aki muttered, making her sister laugh nervously out of reflex. "Well, whatever," She shook her head and went back to her manga. "Nothing in this world can surprise me anymore."

"You've just jinxed us." Ali sang, getting up and dancing over to the kitchen. Aki frowned again.

"Shut it, I'm trying to read."


*Midori- Green. Shinji was trying to be funny and made a pun off of her hair. Funnily enough, that's also the name of her mother, Hinamori Midori.

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