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All he could remember was red. The only color to describe the battle would be red. The end of the so called "Holy War" was a disaster. The order had betrayed him left him for dead. The ones he called friends left him injured at the hands of the Noah. The called him a monster and freak. They labeled him a traitor all he ever did was fight for them. The Noah, they took sympathy on him and helped him recover. They stayed with him until he could doge a bullet. Literally, he could dodge and destroy any bullet that Cross fired his way. When he was fully recovered he gave them his thanks and regards. Cross left him to go find some Women as always. He told them he would no longer fight in this war. He was through fighting. They told him he would always have a family to come home to.

Chapter one~

He walked down the streets of London. The "Holy War' ended a decade ago. The Noah's won. Without him the order and its exorcists dropped like flies. Turns out the only reason the Noah's didn't attack headcorders head on with full force is they didn't want to hurt their precious fourteenth. When they won the war, they wiped out humanity. Forcing them to start again. They destroyed all the Innocence except his own. He found with his Noah gene he didn't have to eat as much. He also found that his Innocence had no effect on his body. He never aged. Although he was almost 2,050 he still looked as young as sixteen.

"Just keep going state nephew. You'll reach his house at the end of the block."

'How will I know which one is his?'

"Trust me, you'll know when you see it."

'fine' he walked on until he was standing in front of a building with the sign 'UNDERTAKER' slightly falling off. He gently rapped his knuckles on the door. When he got no response he walked in.

"Hello! Is anyone home?" He called.

A man with long silver-grey hair and scars all over his body popped his head through one of the doors. Sorry I didn't hear you. What may I do for you?"

"let me take over." With that command Neah Forced control of Allen's body. "We need a place to stay Undertaker. Think you can help an old friend out?"

"Why of course Neah. It would be a pleasure. Mater a fact you came just in time. Things are about to get interesting. Go lay on that coffin and mask your presence."

"Okay. I'm gonna let my nephew take over though." He gave control back to Allen who in return did as instructed.

Six people walked through the doors. A young boyish voice called out "Undertaker are you here?"

Undertaker's voice boomed around the room until he hoped out from the coffin he hid in and scared the shit out of everyone including the demon. Allen decided to speak up and announce his presence.

"I'm here too. Don't forget me."

The demon turned around and got in a defensive position with his master behind him. The unknown and unusually melodic voice was defiantly not human or demon. What was this creature?

"You can lower your guard butter he is one of my old friends." Allen watched as the demon slightly relaxed but kept his guard up in case he attacked.

Allen tuned out their conversation on Jack the Ripper. He was pulled from his daydreaming when the Undertaker said. "Earl take Allen with you. He may be of great use on later cases. He needs a place to stay and I fear I will not have enough room for him."

"Fine. Come Allen. Good day Undertaker."

With one last warning from him the Undertaker shut the door, but not before winking at Allen.

(I got a lot of Reviews saying this would be unlikely bit I'm going to keep it because I want it here. This is going to be a Allen X various so… Just let it be.) Due to lack of room in the carriage Allen was forced to sit on the demon lap. Sebastian unconsciously curled Allen's hair between his gloved fingers. Allen leaned into his touch. It had been a long time scene anyone had touched him.

When Ciel ordered the demon to make a list. He took Allan with him. It wasn't until they reached the manor that he realized that he was caring the white hared.

"Your name is Allen right?"

"Yes. That is correct. Allen Walker."

"What are you, Allen Walker?"

"It is rude not to introduce yourself before asking questions demon." A playful smirk on Allen's face.

"My apologies, my name is Sebastian Michaelis. Now will you answer my question?"

"Which one?"

"What are you?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out." With the smirk still on his face Allen snuggled into the demon and fell asleep.

Sebastian looked down at the boy in his arms and his eyes lit up magenta. This would be fun.


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