Ciel's POV

"This is no time to be playing chess," I say irritably as Madam Red makes her move.

"Working obsessively at it will lead to no good. Why not leave it to Sebastian or Allen?" She replies. A worried look on her face.

"Sebastian is just my chess piece. I'm the one who moves him by giving him orders. But he's not an ordinary chess piece. He can advance as many squares as he likes at once…" I knock over her King. "Like this."

She gapes at the board for a moment before regaining her composure. "That's against the rules!"

"Yes, If this were a game, it would be. But rules have no meaning in this world. There are always knights who break the rules, and pawns who betray. If you let your guard down, before you know it… It's checkmate."

"And what about Allen?" She turns to look at the boy asleep on the couch next to the window.

"Well he's… I don't really know yet. I guess he would be the Queen. He can go in any direction, and can go an infinite amount of spaces."

She looks confused. "Why a Queen?"

"I have little control over his moves. He has the most control over himself while I have complete

control over Sebastian, who is a pawn."

"Ah. I see."

Suddenly there is a loud growl, like a dying whale. We look around the room before our eyes land on Allen who seems to have woken up from the sound. He rubs his stomach with a sheepish grin on his face. Madam Red chuckles before asking, "Are you hungry Allen?"

He nods his head rapidly before replying, "Yeah a little." Sebastian leaves to get him a snack but surprises everyone when he brings back what looks like dinner.

"Why did you bring so much?" Madam asks.

He looks at the cart and seems shocked that he brought so much food. He goes to take it back but before he can Allen grabs it and starts wolfing it down like he is starving.

~Time Skip to After Allen's Snack. Brought to you by Neko Allen~

3rd Person POV

"You must have had other choices in life besides becoming the Underworld's guard dog. My sister… Your mother would have wanted something else for you, too. And yet you returned to the underworld… Is it because you're trying to avenge your parents' murders?" Madam Red looked at Ciel as they sipped tea.

"Revenge won't bring the dead back, and it won't make them happy. But… I didn't come back to the house of Phantomhive for my predecessors' sakes. I did it for me. I just want to make the people who betrayed and defiled my family to suffer the same humiliation and pain that I suffered." As Ciel said this Madam Red's face saddened and looked pained. She got up and walked to him, before touching his head.

"I still remember the day you were born. You were so tiny and cute, I thought, 'I have to protect him.' I wasn't able to have a child, but I think of you as my own son. I wish you'd leave the under—" Ciel slapped her hand away.

"Being here now is something I wanted, and something I chose. I don't regret it, and I can't let anyone spoil me."

She walked to the door where Sebastian helped her with her coat. "You don't have to escort me, Sebastian."

"But, my lady-"

"Please don't leave that boy's side. Make sure he doesn't stray from the path and get lost."

Sebastian got down on one knee and bowed to her. "Fear not. I shall stay by his side and protect him to the end."

He opened the and Grell stood in the rain with an umbrella waiting for her. "I've come for you, my lady."

~Time Skip to After They Left. Brought to you by sexy Grell.~

Ciel's POV

The door is knocked on as Allen and Sebastian walk through.


"No matter how many times we examine it, the result is the same," they reply together.

I shift and sit up. "The Viscount had nothing to do with yesterday's murder."

"Indeed. None of the humans there inside hi mansion could have done it," this time only Allen replies.

I hold my head in my hand. "Quite... None of the humans there… Anyway, tomorrow we'll… Sebastian! Don't tell me you two…?" I look up at him quickly.

He smirks. "I've told you over and over: I do not lie. Involved in medicine, ties to secret societies or black magic, and no alibi for the nights before the bodies were found: The only human that fits those criteria is the Viscount Druitt," Sebastian explains.

"Was your investigation just a farce, then?!"

"You see, I am merely one hell of a butler. I simply faithfully carry out my master's orders and instructions." I felt my brow twitch at the attitude underlying the comment. "With one order from you, I can become you pawn or your sword." I glare as the demon tosses the papers behind him onto a surprised Allen and finishes with a smirk, "Now, put the villain in check, Master."

After he says this, Allen hits him on the head completely ruining his cool guy look. "Don't ever throw papers on me again! You got that?" We watched as his skin started to turn ashen gray and stigma like scars on his forehead. He stood there for a moment looking angry before he calmed down and went back to normal.

~Time Skip to the alleyway brought to you by Noah Allen.~

Allen's POV

As we stand outside the alleyway leading to the next victims house Ciel is talking to Sebastian. Sebastian completely ignoring his master for the company of a cat. Ciel not noticing at all.

"He'll show up if we stake this place out right?" Ciel asks.

"Yes," was his simple reply. As he rubs his hand over the cat's chest.

"It's true that the murdered prostitutes had other things In common besides having their organs removed."

"Beautiful, glossy black hair." I stand to the side and watch their conversation amused.

"But why should he have to kill them?" Ciel's face shows a look of confusion at his butlers answer.

"Sinfully Lovable."

"And I—" Ciel notices the cat in Sebastian's arms. A tic mark forming on his head.

"So soft… Yes, so soft… So soft—"

"Listen when I'm talking to you!" Ciel yells.

"I apologize. She's a rare beauty," he replies with a serious face while the cat hugs him meowing.

"So soft."

I laugh loudly but stop when the woman inside the house screams loudly alerting the two.

"No one could have gotten past us..." Ciel gasps out.

"Let's go!" I say. Ciel runs to the door and opens it without thinking. Instantly becoming sick at the

sight. Sebastian covers his eyes but it is too late. "Don't look," he says as he grabs Ciel and jumps back. I on the other hand just look at the mess and sigh. I calmly walk over to where Sebastian and Ciel are. Sebastian is currently helping his master, who is vomiting.

"That's is quite a mess you made, Jack The Ripper… Or should I say Grell Sutcliff." Sebastian smirked from his place beside the Young Master. "This is the first time I've met someone like you in the human world. You played the role of 'harmless incompetent butler' quite adeptly."

"Yes. You seemed to have done quite a number on her haven't you Grell. Very messy," I sigh. I wonder how the Noah will punish him.

Grell seemed to pale at the implications before stammering out, "Y-You have it all wrong! I heard the scream and ran over here, but she was already…"

"I think you can stop playing innocent in that body, Grell," I say with a sharp grin.

The previous fear dripped off his trembling form, leaving behind a bloodthirsty grin and a cocky attitude. "Adeptly? Do you think so? What about you, Master; did I play it well?" he asked with an almost teasing tone.

"Yes, you did quite well. Although there were some minor flaws, overall it was exquisite. We seemed to have taught you well. I'm impressed. And my name is Allen!" I praise him. He turns to Sebastian.

"That's right. I'm an actress, honey, and I'm absolutely first rate. I was taught by the best. But you're not 'Sebastian' either, are you?" his wicked grin widening to rival that of a Noah's.

"That's the name I received from my Young Master, so yes, I am… at the moment." Sebastian sighs rubbing his forehead.

"My, so you're a 'Faithful Dog' character. Though for a fine-looking man like you, that's fine too. Well then, Sebastian… No Sebas-Chan, let me re-introduce myself. I am Grell Sutcliff, butler to the Burnetts. I'm sure we two butlers can get along marvelously." He blows a kiss at Sebastian who shudders in disgust.

"The same as always Grell," I say as I lean on a brick wall, "Still a flirt, I see."

"Ah! I finally get to meet you in my true form! I'd never seen a demon playing a butler before, so I was surprised when I first saw you."Grell says to Sebastian.

"That's my line. I never imagined someone like you to play butler, someone who stands neutral between mankind and God… A Grim Reaper" He replies back.

" And I assume you are bored, Master Allen, or you would be with the other Noah's" Grell states.

"You assumed right, my friend," I smirk.

" Why would a divine being such as yourself bother to play a butler?" Sebastian asks, clear annoyance on his face.

"Good question. Perhaps I should say I fell in love with a certain woman." He states lying through his teeth.

"And that woman would be?" Sebastian asks.

"You don't need to ask do you?" Madam Red's voice came from inside the room.

As she walked out Ciel uncovered his eyes. "Madam…" he said.

"I didn't calculate on anyone being able to see Grell for what he is or for us to run into a Noah." she says. A dark smirk on her lips as she looks at me.

"Naturally you were on the initial suspect list, but your alibi was perfect." Ciel states coldly.

"You suspected even your own Aunt?" She feigns shock. Mocking him

"If you had the potential to be Jack, any blood relation was irrelevant. None of the humans on the suspect list could have committed all the murders. If he could enter the room in an instant without us noticing, he could also instantaneously get from the Viscount's to the East End. You are the only ones who could be Jack The Ripper… Madam Red and Grell Sutcliff. Jack The Ripper victims had another thing in common, they all underwent a certain surgery at London Central Hospital, where you work. The only patient on the list who hadn't yet been killed was Mary Kelly who lived in that flat. I thought you'd show up if I kept an eye on the place. I couldn't save her though…" His face shows brief sadness.

"This is unfortunate, my beloved nephew Ciel. If you hadn't figured it out we could have played chess together again. But… I won't give anything up this time!" she yells. Grell starts up his chain saw scythe and goes for Ciel. Sebastian catches it between his palms. He throws Grell away.

"W-What is that thing?" Ciel asks, shocked.

I decide to answer, "Grim Reapers possess tools for harvesting souls. That is a reaper's sickle."

"Sickle is such a dull name, don't call it that Master! Not after I've customized it to my personal specifications! This is a 'Death Scythe.' Only I can wield and it can hack any being to pieces! I've behaved myself so well lately; I'm out of shape now! I want to get some real exercise for a change… with you." The last part is obviously pointed at the demon.

"I told you to call me Allen, not Master, Grell." I state. He ignores me.

"Could you not say such repugnant things? I am on duty." Sebastian says.

"How stoic you are! Yet another thing that makes you irresistible. You see, I love the color red. Red is my favorite color for hair, clothes, and lipstick. So I paint those ugly women with pretty, pretty red, like beautifully-scattered rose petals," Grell says while trying to be seductive.

"A Grim Reaper quietly harvests the souls of the dying. A butler subserviently follows his master like a shadows," Sebastian drapes his coat over Ciel. "Your vulgarity violates the aesthetics of both, and quite frankly, I find it sickening." Sebastian's face darkens while Grell smirks.

"Oh, Sebas-Chan, you wound me. I'm a more deadly efficient butler than I look!" He poses.

Ciel raises his hand to his eye. "In my own black name and that of the Queen, I order you:" he touches his eyepatch and pulls it off to show the faustian contract mark, "put an end to them!"

"Yes my lord." Sebastian's eyes glow fuchsia.

"Sure no problem little lord," I pat his head and transform into my Noah form.

'This will be fun.'