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1. My English Partner's a Hottie

It was the first day back from Spring Break, and all of the seniors at Jump City High were way past being over school. Graduation was only three weeks away, and they were counting down each and every second. The ones who had played around all four years were scrambling to make ends meet while the ones who had done all they needed began to play around. Then, there were ones like Roy Harper, more popularly known as Speedy due to his extensive track record, who continued to play around instead of focusing on finals.

"Think fast!" Speedy bellowed as he threw his friend, Victor's, football at his best friend, Wally. Victor was mostly known as Cyborg, because of his ability to work magic with anything technological and electrical. He was the quarterback of the football team and everyone's best friend due to his friendly nature. He had chocolate skin, a shaved head, steel gray eyes, and huge biceps that made most girls swoon, but he was never one to be a jerk.

On the other hand, even though they were part of a bigger group, Wallace "Wally" West was Speedy's partner in crime. They had been best friends long before they could even count. Wally had an even more impressive track and field record which earned him the nickname, Kid Flash. However, he wasn't liked by some due to his overconfident nature. Plus, he was never still and always happy which ran some people off. He was almost way too perfect of a human being. His red hair was spiked with gel and hair spray and anyone could get lost in his clear, lake blue eyes.

"Ow!" Kid Flash winced as the ball pounced into his nose making it slightly crack. "Not fair, Speeds, I was NOT prepared." He eyed his friends as they doubled over in laughter. They were in the middle of changing classes, but of course Speedy couldn't go on to his next class without getting a good laugh. The last day of school was near, and he really was going to miss running and messing around with his friends, getting scolded by teachers, and just having a place where they could all be together and have a good time. He would also definitely miss the access to all the hot chicks, being the ladies' man he was.

"I'm waiting on you to toss it back, Butterfingers." Speedy smirked and held his hands in a catching position. His tall, lean, 6'2 figure started trotting backwards as Kid Flash prepared to throw the ball, then before he knew it—

SLAM! A loud pang swept through the air as a crowd of books fell to the ground.

"Ugh, watch it, Sunny D." Speedy quickly turned around and realized he had bumped into one of Wally's mysterious, outsider friends, Raven Roth. He smirked at the insult and eyed her up and down. He had never really given her looks a second thought due to the fact that she was a brooder and just had a dim aura surrounding her. He realized her long, flowy hair was a strange shade of purple, maybe violet, and her eyes were an almost identical amethyst color. Her skin was so pale and gray that he wondered if she ever faced the sun. She was very petite at a mere 5'4, but she had the hips and curves of a goddess. Yet, her clothes downplayed her looks.

Speedy came to his senses as he realized his smirk had turned into a creepy stare.

"Sooooo, are you going to say anything?" Raven said lowly and shifted under his uncomfortable gaze.

Speedy immediately resorted back to himself, "Oh, yeah! My bad, Rae, you know we're just getting a good laugh in before we have to go to that boring English class. You're in our class, right?" He questioned her, but she just looked at him blankly. He felt like he was talking to a glass wall. "Um, well, uh…here, let me help you with your books!" He frantically kneeled down and grabbed the books. She snatched them out of his hands as gingerly as possibly, mumbled a mere thanks, and continued down the hall.

"Dude," Cyborg finally spoke for the first time in those swift three minutes, breaking the awkward silence the quiet girl had left them in, "she called you Sunny D!" And with that Cyborg and Kid Flash broke out into uncontrollable laughter. Speedy grimaced at his friends and folded his arms. He thought they were going to joke about his stalkerish staring, but of course they only focused on her insult.

"If I'm Sunny D, then Wally's orange soda," Speedy leered, but he was right. Being ginger was another thing him and his best friend had in common. People often commented that they were the male version of the Doublemint Twins.

Now, it was Kid Flash's turn to grimace, "Whatever, dude. Let's get to class before the bell rings."

The last class was always the worst class. It always seemed to drag on and on and on and on...and on. Especially if it was a topic as boring as English Literature.

"Good afternoon, class," the teacher, Mr. Mod, paused, expecting his students to reply, but they never did. "Since, graduation's almost here, and I know most of you no longer care about class, instead of a final exam I decided we should do something fun for the next few weeks!"

The class continued to stare at him blankly until a curious Kori Anders, aka Starfire, raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Anders?" Mr. Mod asked with a hint of aggravation in his voice. Kori always had a question due to her naivety. If you'd ever met Kori, then she was definitely the sweetest girl you knew. She was also one of the most beautiful with her fire red hair—hence the nickname—and bright, youthful, emerald eyes. She was tall, slender, and had the strut of a supermodel. She never felt any negative feelings towards anyone.

"What could possibly be more fun than doing nothing?" she cooed innocently.

"A group project!" he chuckled evilly. The whole class let out a synchronized sigh. Everyone hated group projects. Not to mention, what sane person with senioritis would enjoy a group project?

"Dude, since when are group projects fun!?" Class clown, Garfield Logan also known as Beast Boy thanks to his love for furry animals, exclaimed. "One person always ends up doing most of the work while the others pitch in every now and then! Then, there's always that one person who does nothing but show up to class to get their A on the day of the presentation!"

"Hmph," his longtime girlfriend, Terra, rolled her eyes and mumbled, "and that person is usually you, Gar." Beast Boy scratched his freshly dyed green hair embarrassingly and took that as a sign to sit back and shut up. Terra balanced his boyish ways perfectly.

"Exactly, Mr. Logan!" Mr. Mod startled the teens. "It is fun for me, not you." He had always been the evil teacher everyone despised, and of course he wouldn't let them leave without making them hate him more.

"Well, what exactly do we have to do, Mr. Mod?" Everyone at JCH could recognize that voice without even raising an ear. That was because it belonged to the most popular and wealthiest boy in the school, Richard "Robin" Grayson. In most girls' opinion, his photo belonged beside perfect in the dictionary. He had spiky, ebony hair, soft porcelain skin, and cerulean blue eyes that he often hid behind glasses with lens so reflective you could only see yourself. He stood at an even six foot and had the body of a well-trained, basketball player. He was valedictorian of the class and president of the student body club and debate team. Not to mention, he had been adopted into the ideal lifestyle. Yet, through all this, he managed to stay humble and normal. Most of the other guys at JCH preferred to pretend he didn't exist while the girls did the exact opposite. Robin had many friends, but insisted on spending a lot of time alone like his best friend, Raven.

"Thanks for asking, Mr. Grayson. We're going to mix a little drama with literature. I want you to do a video presentation acting out your own take on some of the most popular stories in historical lit. There shall be some romance, comedy, tragedy, and fantasy. You will be in groups of four and you'll decide who does what dealing with recording, editing, and acting. Any questions?"

Once again, no one replied, but this time they eyeballed him annoyed and angrily. This sounded like a project they were going to have to actually put some effort in.

"Okay, very well. Listen while I call out your assigned partners…"

Speedy dazed off as Mr. Mod's voice began to drift. He didn't have the best of grades, but he planned on taking it pretty easy the rest of the way. Now, he actually had to work. How could he focus on a project when he couldn't even focus in class? Usually he couldn't focus because he was thinking about sports, food, or some hottie that he'd scored with the weekend before or a hottie that he was hoping he could score the following weekend. But this girl was different. She wasn't just any hottie, she was a mysterious one. A challenge and a treasure with a very distinctive look and personality. And for some reason, he wasn't thinking about scoring with her. He was just thinking about her. And that hottie was—

"Ms. Roth, you'll be working with Mr. Harper, Mr. West, and Ms. Spellman, and your topic is the classic, Romeo and Juliet."

Speedy's jaw dropped. Oh, the irony. He was going to be working with the girl he couldn't suddenly get off his mind for two whole weeks. Usually, he'd be more excited about working with his brother from another mother, but this time was different.

"Grayson, I'm pairing you with Anders, Logan, and Markov and your story is The Odyssey. Stone, your topic is Pocahontas, and you'll be working with Beecher, Fisher, and Wilson…"

As Mr. Mod continued to talk, Speedy felt something sting his neck, "Ow!" he screeched lowly and spun around to see Wally bouncing small wads of paper off his neck.

"Dude, did you hear that?" The hyper boy whispered as softly as he could. "I'm going to be working with that cutie, Jinx! I've been trying to think of a way to approach her since freshman year. The senior gods are with us!"

Speedy shook his head and laughed nonchalantly, "Yeah, and while you're cozying up with the pink haired witch, I'll be stuck receiving death glares from the violet haired bit—"

"What was that, Sunny D?" Speedy slowly faced forward and looked right into Raven's squinted eyes as she stood over him.

Speedy scratched his arm awkwardly and managed to squeak out, "Um, Raven," he giggled nervously and continued, "what's up?"

Raven mean mugged the redhead and stated, "Mr. Mod told us to get together with our group and figure out the roles and schedule, and I couldn't help but hear your little complaint."

"This is going to be wicked," Jinx snickered as she walked over. Everyone thought she was some sort of witch, but she preferred to be called Wiccan. She didn't do any of that evil hocus pocus most people suspected she did. Raven had always been a good friend of hers, and she knew this would be an interesting experience to say the least.

"Hey, Jinx!" Kid Flash rushed out cheerfully. There wasn't a shy bone in his body.

Jinx didn't know whether to smile or not. No one with good intentions ever spoke to her. "Uh, hey, Wally."

"The bell's about to ring, what's the plan?" Raven eyed her three coworkers.

Kid Flash instantly opened his mouth, "Well, conveniently you and I are neighbors and Speedy spends a lot of time at my house anyway, so we can just meet at my place around 6 and do all the fancy stuff there."

"Why so late?" Jinx questioned with her arms folded. "You guys aren't going to roofie us or anything right?"

The buddies burst out into laughter and choked out, "No," together.

"We have track practice and meets during the week. States is the week before graduation, and Speeds and I have to win gold in all our events. It's our last meet as high schoolers!" And with that last sentence, the bell rang. "So, party at my house. See you guys there?"

"Duh, Wally," Raven sighed at her longtime friend.

"Can't wait!" he winked at her and Jinx as him and Speedy sprinted out the door.

Raven shook her head at the ground, "This is going to be a long two weeks."

"Hey, Raven." Raven froze at the sound of his voice. It always managed to bring butterflies to her stomach. "Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure, Robin. What's up?"

"I know it's out of character and all, but remember when you said I should get out and date more?" Robin said kind of uneasily.

'I was talking about with me dummy,' Raven screamed in her head. "Yeah," she murmured aloud, her heart sinking to her feet. It had been almost two years since Raven realized she loved Robin more than a friend, but she knew she hid it so well no one even suspected.

"Well, since Kori and I are basically being forced to work together, I figured maybe I should ask her out. Any advice?"

Raven tried to hide a frown and said, "I thought Star and Aqualad were getting pretty close. They're practically a couple."

Now, Robin was the one hiding a sneaky frown. "Well, they're not official yet, so there's still a chance. And may the best man win!" He was starting to feel excited and all competitive as usual. He was going to do whatever it took to win Starfire's heart over.

"Chill, Boy Blunder," Raven waved, bothered. "She's just a girl."

And you're just a girl, she thought, a girl in love with her best friend.

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