Hi! This is A Grey's Anatomy story based on the song "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" sung by Ariana Grande and written by Harry Styles

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Chapter 1: I don't ever ask you "Where you've been?" And I don't feel the need to know who you're with...

"Have you ever thought even if I am Satan I still might be the love of your life?" Addison stood face to face with the man who had her heart in his hands and didn't care. The elevator opened and he was gone without another word. She hated that she wanted to chase after him.

Addison was pacing the small floor space of the trailer as the sun sets over the mountains. She knew that he got off work already. His last surgery ended over four hours ago. She tried his phone but it went straight to voicemail. It was stupid to chase this man across the country.

But then again, He picked her. The divorce papers went into their fire pit that night but she could tell it wasn't as easy for him as he was letting on. He picked her but no one really knew why. Now his wife sits home alone wondering if he was coming home.

Derek stumbled into the trailer loudly a few hours later, waking Addison from where she fell asleep on the couch. The clock in her phone said 3:00 A.M. They had to be at work in 3 hours.

"Where have you been?" She asked, her voice stronger than she felt.

He didn't answer as he fell into the bed, not bothering to undress.

She untied his shoes and let them fall to the floor, which was easier than when she tried to get his wet jacket off. She wasn't sure why she was bothering, it's not like he would care or notice.

She fell back asleep on the couch with enough time to sleep to wake up with a raging headache that made her feel worse than when she went to bed. At 4:30 she started a strong pot of coffee and attempted to wake her husband from his alcohol induced slumber. Ten minutes later she was out of the cold shower thanks to the lack of hot water in his trailer and he was rubbing his tired eyes nursing a large cup of coffee in his hands.

"Rough night?" She asked with a smirk.

He glared at her, clearly not amused.

"You shouldn't have drove last night." She stated.

"I got a cab." He grumbled.

"So where did you leave your car?"

"The hospital I think. I went to Joe's after surgery." Bits and pieces of the previous night were coming back to him, but he was too hungover to deal with his wife this morning.

He took a quick shower and put on the first pair of clean clothes he could find, though Addison was not impressed by his rumpled button down shirt and mis-matched tie. She pushed a curl out of his face and he pulled her in for a quick kiss.

The hospital was busy when they arrived. Interns and doctors running around much too fast for the tired couple to keep up with. Meredith was on Addison's service again today. She still didn't like her but there was something about the young intern Addison wanted to uncover in a vain hope Derek would notice. Christina Yang was with Derek, and as they all found themselves locked on an elevator together to consult with a patient and her unborn child, an uncomfortable silence overtook them. No one in the elevator could help but notice the way Derek's eyes were locked on the young intern on his wife's service. Meredith gave Christina a sideways glance begging for a distraction as the elevator crawled to the floor they needed to be on.

The doctors entered their patients room after a short knock on the closed door.

"Dr. Grey will you present?" The he Shepard instructed.

"Emily Mercer, 31, admitted for seizures affecting her unborn child. Neuro is here for a consult for possible surgery to drain fluid build up from the baby's brain which we believe is causing said seizure episodes." Meredith recited.

The patient interrupted before the doctors could speak again. "Are you two newlyweds?" The pregnant patient asked. "The way his eyes follow you reminds me of my husband when we first tied the knot."

If there was any way to make this situation more uncomfortable, it was what the patient just said. Addison moved closer to Derek, taking his hand. "Actually we are married going on seven years now. Isn't that right honey?" She spoke, squeezing her husband's hand so hard he flinched.

"Seven happy years." He muttered.

Meredith looked crestfallen, though she didn't want to. She didn't want them to know she cared, because she knew she shouldn't. She tried to busy herself looking at the patient's chart but her eyes were too blurry from the un fallen tears. Maybe, Meredith thought, if she wishes hard enough the floor will just open and swallow her whole. But then again, luck was never on Meredith Grey's side.

The words that were being said were going in one ear and out the other. All she could think about was that maybe she still had a chance with the man who had stolen her heart that night in the bar. Vaguely she noticed that Addison was asking her a question but she was in too much of a daze to find the words to answer. Christina could tell and offered up the answer, which Addison was not happy with. "Dr. Grey if you are incapable of answering a simple question then you should find another profession. A first day intern could answer that simple question."

"Leave her alone Addison." Derek hissed, yanking his hand out of her grip. "Dr. Grey could you please go check on Mrs. Mercer's blood work at the lab?" He knew by the look on her face she was looking for an escape.

She looked at him, thankful and scurried out of the room feeling like the air had been sucked from her lungs. She moved down the hallway just short of a run, entering the first empty room she could find, a supply closet. She knew if she started to cry then she wouldn't stop, but her tears didn't listen as they started to fall down her face. The man she loved was married. He wasn't divorced, they weren't done, they were trying to make it work. And Meredith was alone. Her pager started to go off, and she looked down seeing it was his wife paging her to the nurse station. She still hadn't made it to the lab but Meredith knew she didn't have time now and made her way to the nurse's station.

Today was not Meredith's day. "You paged Dr. Montgomery- Shepard?"

"Labs?" Addison held out her hand.

"They weren't ready yet." Meredith lied.

"Go check again and don't even think about coming back till the labs are in your hand." Addison ordered, her lack of sleep affecting her attitude. She saw Derek heading in their direction but he quickly changed his mind, taking a side hallway.

The labs weren't ready, but Meredith told the technician to put a rush on them. She slid down the wall across from the lab window, hoping this day would be over soon.

She had woken up this morning to a voicemail full of drunken messages from Derek the night before. Christina knew she wanted to listen to them but after listening to the first one, she took Mer's phone and deleted them. Meredith didn't need more drama and confusion in her life. McDreamy made his choice to be a McAsshole.

What Meredith needed was to be put on anyone's service but the Shepard's. That wasn't a choice she could make, no matter how much she would like to. The double board certified doctor wife of the man she loved had requested Meredith to be put on her service all week.

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart is all I want

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit is all I'm asking for

Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, Ariana Grande (My Everything)