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She knew

Cinder spoke not a word at the time.

Not a word as the silver light invaded every corner of both the surrounding area and her mind.

It invaded her mind, not as a force of good, of light and purity; but as a silver stake that drove to annihilate her.

It stopped.

Not because of her forcing it to, but of it realizing that she was as good as they come. One who believed in change and Truth.

The shock stopped the silver Light cold.

The way it started.

It stopped when it saw in her mind that she saw it as a cold being.

A being not of warmth and comfort, but a being of Coldness and deceit.

As it felt this, it also felt anger. Not towards the huntsmen or the Seasons, but towards it, the Light.

All this happened in a second, a brief second that all the world was still.

Cinder sensing freedom ran, not from the fight nor from the Huntsmen that were sure to come.

She ran from the source of the anger that she held within her.

She ran from the cold Light that knows.

That she knew what it was.

She knew