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There was a cold atmosphere around the place and it was no doubt it happened anywhere she would step in. Even in the most crowded place she could have the power to shut everyone up by her only presence. No one would dare to say something, only few would shout from time to time mean things. It was beginning to be normal. However, at times where she was emotionally vulnerable anything could bother her mind and that's when she needed to remind herself that it was alright.

Lots of eyes fell upon her arrival at the place and everyone went into a circle around her. Murmurs started to increase and she could swear hearing every single hateful comment about her. Most of them wonder why she was the one there. A loud scream made her block every other voice and that's when Shayera looked up to a 15th floor building. It was caught on fire and a man was screaming at the top of his lungs to be saved. Everyone looked horrified thinking that the man was going to die burning, but that's when hawkgirl knew it was time to act.

Spreading her wings, she was about to fly up to the man when someone caught her attention in the sky. A man who she recognized got the man into a green bubble before landing him safely on the ground. At that moment everyone forgot for a second that Shayera existed and that really got her less tense. Being the center of attention was perfectly wrong in occasions like this where she just acknowledge there was no use to be there. Turning around to leave, she took a small glimpse of the dark-colored man before disappearing in the shadows of the night.

"Tell me you didn't just went to fight crime on your own" someone told her in a teasing way when she entered a big dull room.

"No need to tell" she boldly said while sitting down on a couch near the most dark corner.

Aquaman quickly hit the table where he was playing chess with Amazo, clearly annoyed by her response. Even though he was somehow a superhero, his temper would make anyone doubt about that.

"Another comment like that and-" he was threatening her, but she looked at him very seriously.

"Kill me?" hawkgirl knew that even when he had anger issues Aquaman would never kill her, even if she begged for it. A small smirk came out of her lips while she leaned back to be more comfortable.

"Have a try" she gave the invite knowing what his choice was going to be. When he pulled the chair straight back to keep playing, she wanted to triumphantly smile but resisted the temptation.

"Has anyone told you how annoying you are?" eyes were fixed on the chess game, not bothering to look at Shayera. She only smiled while her eyes got closed to get some sleep. Tha was the only way to escape from reality for a few hours.

Sometimes sleep could be enjoyable, but not when nightmares would come to hunt her and mostly about the past. It was weird how she considered those happy moments together with the League as nightmares, and those where she was about to die like a good dream. It wasn't like she really wanted to die, not at all! She loved herself, just not the actions she took against the people who loved her.

Everyone got to know she wasn't fully aware of the real plan of the Thanagarians yet they treated her as a traitor for being blind about the problem when her friends acted against them. Not only did the Justice League felt her as a traitor but the city -not knowing all the details- declared her an enemy to their people.

Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder constantly and when she opened her eyes, her breath was taken away when a familiar figure was standing in front of her. Looking to the side, Aquaman and Amazo were still playing like nothing has happened but both indeed took a glimpse of them and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" her mind still couldn't understand how it was possible that one of the members of the league was there, in front of her.

"I'm doing fine, thanks for asking" the scarlet speedster sounded a bit offended when that was her first question upon seeing him.

"I don't under-" before she could finish her sentence, Flash grabbed her and took her out of there as fast as always. Hawkgirl didn't even realize that in just one second they were at a different location, somewhere much bigger and brighter.

"Where am-?" as she scanned the room, the realization hit her. This was part of the Watchtower. She was in the freaking Watchtower! A place where she hasn't step foot since months ago.

"Why did you bring me here?" turning around to demand an explanation, Flash smiled and shrug before answering.

"Orders" he left. He seriously left her in that room alone, and she knew what that room worked for.

"Let me out of here" she yelled while trying to knock down the metallic door, but nothing. Why were they doing this to her?

Suddenly, the door slid open and she was about to take the opportunity to escape when each and every one of the Justice League entered the room. Eyes grew wide open while taking a few steps back before her back faced the wall. She was surrounded by the 6 members. Everyone had a smile on their face, even Wonder Woman.

"Shayera, do you know the reason why we brought you here?" asked Batman standing closer to her. Hawkgirl shook her head slowly.

"Remember we came to a vote of whether you'll stay or not?" Superman asked this time. Shayera nodded.

"Well, it would be good to let you know we said yes" J'onn told her getting as close as Batman and the other who have previously talked.

"But I resigned" she tried to remind them.

"Don't be silly, Shayera. You can't" Flash came in her view with that smile he always carried.

"Now, the only thing you need to do is something for us to take you back" Wonder Woman stood behind, emotionless. Then, Green Lantern walked towards her even closer than the others. He was centimeters away from her face.

"What?" it was a stupid question to ask since she didn't even want to join again the team, or that's what she was fighting against with. Gulping hard, she could feel his breath and it was intimidating.

"To die" at that same moment his hands went to grab her by the neck, trying to strangle her up against the wall before Batman pushed aside John and throw Shayera to the floor. Everyone started to fight her, struggling to kill the hawkgirl immediately, but it seemed impossible as she grow stronger every second. In the need to fight for her life, a sound blast sent everyone flying to encounter the wall except for the green lantern who protected himself with a big green bubble.

"Please, I don't want to harm you" she begged while looking scared to John.

"You did a long time ago" out of nowhere Wonder Woman tackled her against the table, almost cracking the back of hawkgirl. Shayera suddenly felt how she was out of breath before landing on the table that was placed in the middle of the room.

"You hurt us all, Shayera. You can't be forgiven, ever" a light speed was all she saw before realizing who the person hitting her next was. It was Flash, her dearest friend.

"Wally, please!" he was throwing punches at a maximum speed over her stomach. That's when it hit her, figuratively.

Flash, who was the closest one to her, wouldn't act this way and if he did, it meant she was really a bad person. When the most nicest, sweetest and friendly person in your world breaks down how horrible you are, it can only mean the true, at least to Shayera it was. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as everyone came in unison to hit her.

"You deserve this"

"NOOO!" she screamed so loud that it scared Amazo.

"Another nightmare I suppose" Aquaman couldn't sound more bored. He was in fact used to her and the nightmares. It happened almost every day, and it was fair to say it was usual and normal.

Shayera was dripping in sweat when she realized it was just another of her nightmares. Now this was one that included the Justice League plus them trying to kill her. Now she had her nightmares and good dreams combined.

"You were groaning, very loudly" he emphasized the last word very annoyed.

"Why didn't you wake me up, fool?" her head started to pound really bad and she gritted her teeth from the pain.

"Be grateful. I let you see the end of it" he chuckled while he moved a piece. Amazo quickly moved one of his and this removed the smile from his face.

"You-" at that instant someone appeared and cut her words.

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