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Five pairs of eyes were set on the hawkgirl while was gulping down this new revelation. Levi have left long ago knowing it all got out of control, and mostly when this was his fault that one person outside of them knew their secret. Walter sure wanted to give him a lecture but he realized that the one who started all of this was none other than himself. Ali, on the other hand, didn't felt guilty at all for any actions she have taken until now. There was a bright smile on her face that anyone could tell she was happy someone like Shayera got to know about them and their abilities.

"So, each and everyone of you?" asked and looked everyone one by one. All of them nodded except for Dawn. She kept her head down and pretended not to hear her. There was a hint of anger written on her face and Walter knew more than anyone why.

"So what are your powers?" it sounded like if it was a normal question and everyone straightened up to put all their attention on this. No one have ever before asked this.

"Well..." Eddy was about to talk but Dawn placed her hand on top of his mouth, making him unable to respond that answer. Shayera looked at her confused but didn't say a word.

"We rather not talk about that. If someday we run into trouble you'll see them" the hawkgirl inspected her expressions and it frustrated her to not find anything but her normal way to act and talk. Yet, it seem suspicious how it was so important to them to keep it as a secret.

"I think my friends need to know about this. This is great" she suggested, but as soon as she saw everyone's face turned into shock, and a bad one, lots of questions came right up.

"What? Don't you think it's a good idea?" her eyes went to meet the oldest one from there, probably the leader.

"She can't be serious, Walter?" Finnick finally spoke and was getting upset. A serious glance was shot to her and she caught something was wrong. "After all we have been through to hide our identity?" he asked furious this time, but there was something more. His eyes, they were teary.

"This was all a bad idea and you knew it" Dawn once again scolded him with a calm voice.

"Tell that to tattle-tale, she is the one who got us into trouble" Eddy pointed at Ali and she begin to deny it while he insisted she was the guilty one. And it kept on and on. However, that was until Ali got angry like Shayera has never seen before from the cute little girl that she always was. Her veins could be seen all around her body as they were glowing purely red. That was when Eddy stopped and his eyes were filled with fear.

"Ali" Dawn said in a threatening way but the red-haired girl wasn't listening at all. "Stop" she continued her words and came close to the young one. Suddenly, Ali came back to being herself as if Dawn had change her somehow.

"Phew! Now that was close" Eddy muttered under his breath, feeling more relax now.

While during this short seconds of them arguing, Shayera came to realize what could be the reason behind them trying to cover who they really were. Seeing them all at such young age made her think of the dangerous threats they could face, and they weren't absolutely ready to face anything she hs gone through. The only one who appeared to have more experience than the others stood silent with his head lowered. Walter couldn't look more disappointed than ever as he sighed and thought what to say. Shayera walked close to him and waited for some answers.

"Would you care to explain?" one of her hands touched his shoulder and looked at his eyes truthfully worried. That's all it took for him to raise his head and give her a serious glance before looking at everyone else.

"I'm sorry. I can't" his hand pushed hers aside and walked towards the closed door just to open it. Shayera didn't know what to say and what was going to happen next.

"I just want to believe you will keep this as a secret from everyone" Walter signal her to leave but she stood there, not being able to process anything. Everybody else looked at her with their arms crossed, waiting for her to just walk away from there. Even Levi had show up his face but kept himself in the shadows so nobody would notice his presence.

After having a hard time trying to figure out what to say before having the obligation by all the stares to leave, she give up and walked her way to the exit. Before Walter could close the door behind her, she turned around and looked at them one last time.

"You know, you're not alone. When I first came to Ear th I felt that way, but now I know there's a lot of people out there willing to help because they are like us" her words came out sincere but there was a problem- she didn't apply that last part to herself. Indeed, she understood that a lot of her previous teammates wanted to help her, the only problem there was she didn't want to accept that help. Pride was making her life be all solitaire.

With that being said, she didn't waste more time and headed towards a new direction, a place where she could be all alone. It took her time to find out the perfect spot, but once she got to the rooftop of an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city, she contemplated the view and reflected on how her future would look like if this was the planet she was going to stay at forever. There was no other place than this one, her own home planet hated her for treason and basically every other have been an enemy of the thanagarians. It was either Earth or death, and even though sometimes she wished to finish her existence, there was still some people worth to live for.

"Hey, Supergirl! Say white three times very fast" a scarlet speedster made his way to sit across the table where the girl was already eating. Kara did as he said but with her mouth still full.

"What does the cow drink?" he made another random question and she looked at him a bit confused.

"Milk" her answer sounded more like if she asking him if it was right, and the Flash couldn't help but laugh loudly.

"It's water" at that same time he said the correct answer, realization hit her that it was a mental trick question.

"Ha-ha. Very funny" she shoved another spoonful of food inside her mouth while sending him a nasty glance of annoyance. Wally wiped out a tear from his eyes while his little chuckles vanished and return to his normal smiley face.

"Oh man! You're an easy bait" he sighed really happy before ending his meal seconds after beginning. Kara rolled her eyes but held a small smile on her face that was too hard to notice.

"So, how are you feeling now?" she asked all of a sudden which took him by surprise. Returning the stare, he shrug confidently.

"As good as I have always been" he shot a cocky smile and she could swear they even sparkle for a moment. It was inevitable to feel at times annoyed from how his high self-esteem could act on him.

Once again she rolled her eyes. "No, that's not what I meant" her body moved forward on the table, getting close to the scarlet speedster with this glare he knew it meant she was interested to know something else, something that he didn't like to talk about.

"Oh geez, make yourself more understandable" there wasn't enough time to think of what to do or ask next so she would stop with the interrogation that was soon to come. If he would just run away that would make every suspicion quite clear and he sucked at avoiding or even lying to this subject.

"You know what I mean, or should I say, who I mean" that devilish smile, he was in serious trouble now.

"Do I see cheesecake there?" he tried to dodge her question but before he could go, she held him by the arm. Wally was trapped.

"Flash?" a manly voice came from behind. The moment Kara let go of his arm he knew who had call him. However, thinking about the situation he was going through at this moment, he realized that Batman had save him from something he wasn't prepared to talk about. Turning around really quick, he gave a big bright smile to the leader only to be responded with an eyebrow raised.

"Control room, now" as soon as he order him to come, Wally went in a flash and waited for Bruce to get there.

"I'm guessing you already know why you're here" Batman entered and sat in front of multiple screens that showed various blurry images and some of common people walking around the streets, but the camera was zoom to specific ones. Wally didn't put interest on this and just looked at his friend sitting right there.

"I know, and I'm sorry" even his words really meant it, this didn't work for Batman.

"Wally, the only way I can know you really are is that you don't commit this error again. You understand me?" his eyes were fixed on the screens while his fingers were moving too fast typing down on the keyboard. Sure enough he was more concentrated on this than the attention he was giving to Flash.

"But..." Flash was about complain but Batman interjected.

"No buts, Wally" the voice of Batman was getting really annoyed that their conversation was taking too long. Indeed, he had call him for this but he figured out that a scold would be enough to put the scarlet speedster away from trouble.

About to leave with his shoulders dropped, the sudden voice of his teammate put a stop to his legs.

"Also..." No. Batman had think again. And when he reconsider his words, it did mean no good. "You are being suspended from any mission for a month" the look on his face could tell he was satisfied now with the punishment, instead of letting him get his way with a simple scold. Even though Bruce was facing the screens, the sense of a gasp send the message that Flash wasn't obviously happy about the decision.

"But..." Wally was once again interjected.

"What did I previously said?" there was no doubt he hated someone who would bring up lame excuses or whine like a kid, and the scarlet speedster was using both at the time, reason to be annoyed.

"Fine" a serious gaze appeared on his face, one that was hard to take out from him. Grumbling between his lips, the speedster didn't stay no longer and run out of there to the rooftop. At least that was the only spot where not so many superheroes could be found. There was always someone keeping guard, mostly the new members, which he consider the perfect bait to do some jokes on or play a false alarm. But he wasn't in the mood for anything and no one.

Suddenly, something caught his eyes unexpected as a huge water monster rose from the ocean. What seem like a tentacle got wound around his legs, pulling him fiercely into the air and about to go under water. However, two little black gadgets flew right to the tentacle sending an explosion. Flash was free from it but not from the inevitable swim to the water. When his body fell and dive, an immediate eyes appeared in front of him. A giant squid that seem possessed moved it's tentacles frantically for the pain that the explosion caused. Flash tried to scream but only bubbles came out of his mouth as he tried to swim away from the big monster. But soon enough, the animal was slowly going up to the surface and Wally wondered if the thing could even fly.

Finally, after struggling to get out of the water and to the shore, he could see what was happening now. Superman have defeated the giant animal like it was nothing while Batman was checking and analyzing the dead creature. Rubbing the back of his head, Flash went to see what was going on.

"How did this thing appeared out of nowhere?" he looked at Batman taking some DNA samples, but his words brought the leader's attention his as he stood up, letting fall from his the samples. Suddenly, a new sound entered their ears as they search from where it comes. Superman got close to the giant squad and did an X-ray examination only to find something ticking inside it's body.

"It's a bomb!" he shouted before turning around to escape. At that millisecond Flash took Batman and ran away as far as impossible. Right after the explosion occurred, all that was left were pieces of meat splattered all around the building and sand. The smell was unbearable, they were covered with it too and the scent became even stronger.

"This was a trap" Batman realized after Wally had save him, but didn't have the time to react to the situation, not until now. Going all by himself to the tower, he left both superheroes confused but decided it was best to follow him.

As soon as he got to the control room, no one was there, not even the ones in charge for the hour. This made him even more mad and frustrated. He was completely that it had to be the same ones that previously entered the tower like nothing. Not losing his time, the monitors were quickly checked and the video cameras were replayed to the moment of their accident with giant monster. However, the surveillance didn't caught anyone on tape entering anywhere. But suddenly, it all went black and that's when Batman paid more attention. There was no sound, no one had talk, just a lot of footsteps. It stood like that for twenty seconds and then everything was visible again with no one to blame for. Smashing his fist against the keyboard, he gritted his teeth and kept thinking of what they could possibly have taken away.

Checking all their secret files, he didn't find anything. Yet, after a few minutes of non-stop search, he missed something so small but important; a small notification on the right below of the monitor. Someone had insert a USB. Batman groaned as he begin to look for any possible history of any file that they could have copied, but nothing.

At that instant, Vixen entered the room and found herself surprise to see three original members there. She walked slowly to their side and took the extra seat beside Batman. Noticing how tense and serious everyone was, she tried to take a peek of the screen monitor.

"I'm sorry, I was just..." the woman was abruptly interrupted by Bruce.

"You were supposed to be here" he started speaking out low but clearly mad. Vixen saw his face again and could tell this wasn't going to end well, so she stood quiet.

"You realize your mistake?" he asked turning to see look at her in the eyes furiously.

"I was just helping cleaning out the mess you guys left outside. I saw it all in the surveillance camera" she took that as her defense but it didn't make anything change as Batman grew more angry. Not even a few minutes ago he left her in charge and she had become very irresponsible to leave it all by itself.

"You could have send someone else, you aren't supposed to leave this room for anything and now-" he paused and looked at the others "now there's someone out there who might have all the information about each and everyone's secret identity, and vital information that even the government doesn't know about" his voice was getting higher until it came to a point where he was yelling at her. Green Lantern happened to enter for all the loud noises that were heard through the corridor.

"What's going on?" John asked really serious noticing that the problem was between his girlfriend and Batman. He walked towards her and stood by her side.

"She just happened to give all our information to a threat" Bruce didn't care to keep looking at her. At this rate anything could have been leaked in the Internet or some threat could have been sent. He checked everything but nothing surprising came in.

"It's that true?" Green Lantern took a step away to look at her face better, and she shook her head.

"No. Like I said, I just went to help clean up the mess by the shore. Besides, I didn't leave the control room alone, Diana passed by and offered to look out for it while I was gone" when that new information was revealed to the others, everyone turn to look at each other confused. Batman stopped from typing over the keyboard and stood up, slowly turning around.

"Diana is out on a mission" Batman thought of how clever the intruder must have thought it would all result, that's without realizing he or she comitted a huge error.

"Now that I think of it, I never saw her or the team return back" Vixen acknowledge, but it was hard to figure out what went on. If it wasn't the real Diana, then who?

"Congratulations on finding out now. Your reward might as well be your secrets being exposed to the whole country, or use your weaknesses for their win" Bruce was definitely still not happy with this slip. In his mind, anyone was smart enough to realize that was a fake Diana. It only consisted in a little thinking, and he was starting to think Vixen didn't have that virtue. Conscience was going to hit him soon or later on how he treated her, but right now he was just letting go all kinds of bad feelings. He was the leader, the one supposed to protect them as a team and make everything stay in order, but someone had outsmart him, hurting his pride.

"Hey! Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm not going to let you treat her this way" Green Lantern defended her and even had the crazy idea to poke and point at him on the chest. Flash and everyone else in the room held their breaths as they didn't know what could happen next. Then, the unexpected happened. Batman gave a small grin, it wasn't a happy but sarcastic one.

"Tell her that after the Justice League doesn't exist more for this "mistake"" with that being said he left the room.

Everyone stood quiet while John looked at each of them for any expression given. Their eyes couldn't disagree more with the side Green Lantern was taking on. Of course it wasn't her fault, it wasn't like Vixen purposely wanted to make the mistake, but a superhero always needs to be smart and analyze every situation, something she didn't do.

One by one all the superheroes left leaving behind John and Vixen. Disappointment wad written on her face as she sat down to keep in charge of the room until the hour could be finished. He didn't know what to say and just sighed thinking that she really had made a huge mistake. Not knowing whether to leave her alone or not, he glanced around the room to check for anything that could be out of the otdinary, but nothing. Surely enough he decided it was best to leave when none of them spoke to each other.

Vixen took a glimpse of him go away and heaved a sigh. "Become a threat to the world and betray your friends, still forgiven. Make a huge mistake, be hated for it"

Her eyes were fix on the city's highest skyscrapers and all the lights that were turned on every possible room. Her hawk-like vision let her watch perfectly the people and their expressions. Everyone seem so busy with their own life, so happy with the people by their side, and getting mad at the simplest thing. Years back she though the human race was nothing but the lowest and most weakest living thing on the universe. The planet seemed so easy to take over until she met the reason why Earth was still alive. People from all around the world with superpowers have united to protect it, and along that way she became part of it not knowing that the strongest force that kept them from losing to those with bad intentions was love. Love moved them to take action and justice for the innocent ones, for the happy families, for their loved ones, and what they called home. Now she was there, admiring how beautiful and amazing a world could be, how different would have been if she had been born here instead of Thanagar. For once she felt jealous of normal human beings who lived their life without any kind of preoccupation like superheroes had. Yes, it was a choice, but one that was irresistible not to say no.

"Enjoying the view?" someone scared her enough to make the woman jump. It really bother her since it was becoming an habit that someone would come whenever she felt all lonely, yet it resulted surprising to hear and know that someone was there.

"How did you find me?" hawkgirl thought that maybe they were already being too pushy with the situation of her coming back to the league again. But she was wrong.

"I didn't find you. I just saw you" said the man in green. J'onn didn't exactly sit next to her but stood right beside watching the night sky. His comment made her blush a little for how embarrassed she was to think someone would be looking for her.

"I see" she wasn't in the mood to talk. Her arms crossed as the night was getting windy.

"Shayera" he called her name to grab her attention, and it worked as she took a quick glance at his eyes before returning them to the view in front of her.

"Even though I voted against you to stay" this was a new information to her, and even when she didn't feel like knowing it, it hurt to see someone like him feeling that way. "There were more votes for you to stay. Now, I have been always wondering..." he paused again looking at Shayera for any kind of expression that could be written on her face, and found a sad one. Yet she was trying to hide it.

"What's the reason to keep saying no after many times we insist you come back?" she wasn't prepared for this question at all. Yes, she had think about it before but never thought someone would ask her, especially J'onn. They never talked that much and his emotions were always a mystery. He never showed them just like she has done so many times, at least that was something they had in common.

"I guess I just don't deserve it" she pushed her knees up to the chest and rest her arms on top of them like a little girl who was sad. The wind was blowing a bit stronger and moved her hair softly, covering part of her face.

"If you didn't deserve it we wouldn't be asking for your return" he was still standing up, not planning to sit in any moment. "Shayera, everyone makes mistakes- tiny or huge, it doesn't matter. What matters is the person you are now and not the one you left behind. If you keep being stuck in the past, your mistakes are always going to be there, but once you get to the present, you're going to find yourself with new opportunities and decisions" she looked at him with a grateful glare but didn't say something. The Martian manhunter didn't show any emotion whatsoever and kept staring straight to the sky and stars.

"I'm not saying this because I'm trying to change your mind, but I wish that at least you wouldn't think that way any longer. I don't want that to be your answer next time. Don't hate nor pity yourself, that's the worst you can do" as J'onn felt like there was nothing else to say or a reason to stay longer, he flew away without waiting for a response from Shayera.

"Thanks" she murmured while watching him disappear in the dark sky. "But I guess my punishment is to live in the past" she said to herself.

"Master, they are here" a small young adult announced at the entrance of the door and let a group enter. There was five of them.

"Must I say there's someone missing" a bald man around his mid-forty was looking to the other side of the room. He was looking at the extraordinary view from his glass window.

"He didn't feel well" one of them answered with a stuttering voice.

"Are you sure about that?" suddenly, the member of the team begin to scream and press the head like it was a strong painful headache. Everyone else was about to help him but understood that there was nothing to do and they could probably be next if they had attempt to help an agonizing friend.

"You do realize I can know what you're thinking, right?" no one else dare to talk against the man. Their friend was being torture in a way they couldn't explain, almost all of them have gone through the same. There was no point to lie but still, sometimes they forgot and hope he wouldn't notice.

Finally, after thirty seconds of a painful view of their friend and teammate, the man stopped his cruel torture and come to stare at all of them with a peaceful glare as if nothing had happen before. Their friend was on his knees gasping for air, trying to recover from the awful pain.

"We are supposed to be a team here. We don't lie to each other" his peaceful voice sounded more terrifying than ever, even comparing it to when he would yell, this was ten times worse than that.

"Tell him he needs to be here next time or I will make sure someone pays for it" the man's eyes stopped at the youngest member of them, knowing for a fact that he had a weakness and it was the person he was looking at.

"Do you have it?" he changed the subject really quick and glance around to their hands until one of them stepped forward. On his hand was to be found a small black objet that made the man really happy. This was the first time the team had seen a smile on his creepy face.

"Good. This is everything I need to make myself stronger" observing the small USB, he inserted it in his laptop and took a look at it just in case it didn't have anything, but in fact it did. A slight chuckle couldn't be stopped from his mouth as he kept on scrolling down looking at all the information.

"You may go now" he ordered but as they were about to turn away, one of them stopped and look at the man really confused.

"So does this mean we are free to go, right?"

"Remind me where did I sign a contract saying such thing?" he stood up very serious and begin to walk towards their direction to the door. Everyone moved to the side so he could pass.

"But that was the deal. You gave us your word" the leader of the team sounded really furious as he gritted his teeth.

"Have you forgotten I'm a bad guy. Bad guys don't keep their words, never" with that being said he left the room, leaving everyone of them shocked and scared.

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