"What is this big commotion about?" out of a bright purple light someone appeared. The two who were playing chess didn't even turn to look at him since they knew who it was.

"Ask her" Aquaman said while taking a small glimpse at the girl trying to ease the headache by rubbing her temples.

There wasn't much to investigate, just by looking at her he already know what happened. "Shayera, this isn't the reason why I gave you a place you could find peace at"

"It won't change the reality" standing up from the couch, she walked past him to get out of there. At this time a scold wasn't needed and even though this people have given her a place to stay, she would always feel uncomfortable around them. It wasn't because of a gender matter, it was the fear to let them down like the first ones who gave her shelter, food, friendship...love.

The night seem much darker than any other time before, and maybe it was because she chose to look at it that way, dull and depressing. A night meant almost the end of another day where she had to remind herself the terrible person she became to be, another day spent alone. That last word would scare her before all this happened, but now she was used to it. Acting careless and without love is what everyone thought of her now, but she was truly dying inside. The right guess is that she didn't want to look weak by showing her true emotions. If she let them out, the tears would never stop from coming.

The most close thing she had from the tower was a small park where no one would come. She had swear it must be haunted. It seemed like nobody would dare to even look at it, or maybe it was because she would hang around there a lot. There was a small breeze that made the trees around the way move softly. Leaves would fall at her feet while she walked calmly, looking for some nice and sweet quietness. That wasn't going to last long as she heard a tree branch crack and something thrown at her. It landed right in front of her feet. A few centimeters more and she would have been in deep pain.

"Hawkgirl" someone in a green suit jumped out of the tree to meet her gaze. She recognized him immediately.

"Why did you do that for?" her defensive pose made him smirk.

"That's how I extend my greetings" it wasn't a lie. Anybody who knew the Green Arrow could agree with it. He wasn't the friendly hero type but an emotionless man doing a job for the city. At least they had something in common; they wouldn't show their real feelings, or maybe he was just a plain boring serious guy.

"Have we not met before?" she asked and at that same moment she cussed under her breath. Of course not! She had seen him in action from the shadows, just one time. He raised an eyebrow, not having a slight memory of talking to her before.

"Forget it" brushing away the embarrassment felt inside, she turned around to go and head for the tower. It was very clear there was no place at this time to find some peace.

"Also, don't call me hawkgirl" she shot him a dead glare before taking a chance to leave.

"Shayera" that made her stop again. He was no one to call her by her name, not even a friend.

"You're only hurting yourself"

"We've just met" the message was clear, he didn't know her at all, so how could he be saying that? Has the Justice League talked about her with the new members? Those only words made her re-think a lot of stuff she thought were being forgotten. Flying out of there, she headed towards the tower but something stopped her. Oh! It was the anger she was feeling rushing through every single vein of her body. No, she wasn't just only hurting herself. She had hurt every single one of them!

A new direction was she heading to, and there was no one stopping that decision. Just for this night, every memory needed to be forgotten just for a couple of hours at least. There was a dislike on this kind of Shayera she was letting out. It was just sad and depressing. Pushing the door wide open, many people were having a nice time; man were drinking a cold beer while most woman tried to flirt with some of them. Others would just prefer to lit a cigarette and talk about their life problems with strangers. However, when the girl with wings entered, not a single soul kept talking. All eyes were against her.

"One bottle of whisky" sitting down at the table where the bartender was located, she examined the place just to find it very uncomfortable how everyone wouldn't stop from looking. Heaving a sigh, she knew it was going to be a long night.

"Go back to where you come from" someone shouted loudly. It was unfortunate to not know she wasn't in the mood, and even more when that same person had the audacity to throw an empty bottle at her, hitting the back of the poor woman who just wanted to have mental peace. This, of course, was doing the opposite.

All of the other people kept quiet, just a few dare to yell at her the same words said previously. "Alien! Go back" that was it.

A sudden quiet filled the bar, nobody was dumb enough to understand what was going to happen next. Hawkgirl slowly got up from the seat, cracking her neck both sides and her knuckles. Locating the man wasn't as hard as she thought, he somehow outstand from everybody. Maybe it was reasonable to say that dressing like a homeless and sending dead glares at her while trying to stand up to his feet was obvious enough. She found herself soon in front of him, threatening him with her eyes. Sending the message she didn't like to be bothered, but the man wasn't in a position to think correctly.

"Get-" A hiccup escaped from his mouth with a nasty smell of alcohol and cigarette combined. "-out of..." Shayera didn't let him finish after grabbing the man by his neck, cutting short his breathing.

"You know what's best for you, right?" she murmured to his ear. Even when the man seemed the most drunk in the place, being scared made him come back to his senses. Nodding carefully, she let go of the neck and he ran away with difficulty. Gaining a bad reputation after the Thanagarian invasion was more than enough to make it worse just for someone who wasn't thinking straight, a simple human being wasn't worth of her fist. She was better than this at least.

The whisky was already on the table when she came back and after that no one bother her anymore. It was stupid of her to think everyone would just ignore her presence, or at least not direct a word to her. It wasn't their fault to decide not to trust a thanagarian, a previous superhero who saved them countless times. After all it was her own people who tried to destroy the earth. Fear could awake the most darkest feelings in anyone, and they were experimenting it towards the hawkgirl for almost leaving them without a home and to live. It was her fault, she repeated that to herself constantly.

Hours past and she was still ordering more and more. Amounts of empty bottles were piled up to the other side while the bartender handed her more. People have left the place and just a few remained but about to leave. The owner couldn't complain at all, he was enjoying every single time Shayera would finish one and go to the next round. It was a fact she had triplicate the profit for the night.

"Wow! I must say I never thought someone could break my record" a manly voice reached her ears and that's when hawkgirl tried to look up. All to be seen was a man around her age with a mid-short sable hair and a bit of a bulky body. His eyes were green...wait, blue. Shayera rubbed her eyes, was she too drunk or did she saw his color eyes changing? Maybe it was an hallucination or the effects of having a lot of alcohol. But the smile he gave was clearly not an hallucination.

Words wouldn't come out of her mouth correctly, so the only hope was he could leave her alone, but no. "I'm Walter" stretching out his hand, there was no response from her part, just a serious glare sending the message she wanted to be alone. After that he lowered his hand awkwardly.

In that precise moment, she felt her stomach weird. Could it be butterflies?, she thought. But could that really happen when being drunk? If it was true, she was surely letting out all those butterflies from her mouth. Walter, who was still there, got spread all over with butterflies on his feet. He took some steps back, watching the poor woman spill out every single liquid she had drink during the night.

"Nice to meet you too" he smiled weakly, obviously for the fact of being covered by what was once inside of her.

The bartender approached them after witnessing her embarrassing moment. It was asked nicely to them to leave as the bar was about to close and hawkgirl shouldn't be taking no more alcohol, but before Walter could say about not knowing her, the bartender left. He could just simply turn around and leave, and let Shayera deal with herself, but something was telling him to take her. There was no problem in recognizing her even from the distance, the wings always betrayed her identity. And it was not much of a mystery to know that every single soul in this city hated her. If she was left behind to her good luck it was more the probability she'll end up in the hands of someone with no good intentions.

Thinking and thinking, he came to the conclusion it was best to take her. The explanation was definitely going to be the first thing to do quickly after she wakes up, but was he really going to end up stuck a whole night with a drunk superhero?

"Great! I came for a beer and end up with a drunk hawkgirl on my back" he turned his head to look at her face who was resting on his shoulder, drooling all over his favorite jacket. That made him hurry and think of where he could leave her. Nothing. He didn't know where she could be living now, and the Justice League...

"Oh! I know" Walter said before heading to where he thought she could be safe for tonight. The only hope was that everyone could get along with her, at least just for a couple of hours.

Knock, knock...

No answer.

This time he hit louder. Walter was growing impatient. Until someone finally opened.

"It's...her" a female voice said when she saw who he was carrying.

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