Harry Potter's Prophecy

In the near future a boy will be born,
As June draws near and at its end.
Bringing with him hope for some and others scorn
Even in darkness, light's flash will descend.

Bringing with him hope and cheer
As days and nights past.
For the end is drawing near
and for a time darkness's evil will be cast.
Lifting naught but hope and dispelling fear
but alas it shall not last.

on the night of hollows eve
2 sets of friends and lovers disappear
leaving a little boy to grieve
as he was discarded in the night left without a care
sleeping still all wrapped up by the fall's leaves
for the start of his life at a relatives who try to only teach fear

on his own he'll find a world
hidden in shades and shadows
where he discover a new life ready to be unfurled
allowed to laugh and play, learn and grow
returning to the hidden world but hiding his till events begin to twirl
when they'er ready to know

fate will let them be shown
how wrong they were that night
when fates favored child was left alone
and greet them with chaos and a bit of fright

but do not worry do not fear
with chaos is peace and darkness is light
"its natures love of the queer
peace will return just as day follows night