Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Hope you enjoy my first venture into anything romance. Also, let's pretend that pancakes are a thing in the OnS universe.

Yuu woke up feeling warm. He sat up and stretched, blinking away the remains of sleep, and slowly got out of bed. He felt very sluggish.

Paying no attention to the other person in his bed , he pulled on the first clothes he found and walked into the bathroom, washing his face then blindly feeling around for the towel. Yuu walked out and toward the kitchen, feeling a little more awake, and- was that his stomach? Yes, he decided. It was definitely time for some breakfast.

Yuu walked into the kitchen and dug around in the pantry for a little bit, pulling out some readymade pancake mix. He could have made them from scratch, but he didn't have time for that. Pulling out the rest of the ingredients from their various places around the kitchen, Yuu set to work mixing the batter. He put himself on autopilot, not even thinking about what he was doing anymore. Instead, he lost himself in the memories of the night before, feeling like he was walking on sunshine.

Mika woke up when he realized that he was alone in bed. He could hear the clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen, and assumed that Yuu had woken up and was making breakfast for himself. Yawning, he rolled out of bed, feeling a little stiff in his hips. Picking up some clothes off the floor, he wandered into the bathroom, then to the kitchen, where he wrapped his arms around Yuu's waist, then rested his head on Yuu's shoulder.

He felt Yuu's heartbeat pick up slightly, then heard him quietly say, "Good morning, Mika."

"Good morning, Yuu-chan. Making pancakes again?" said Mika, smiling at Yuu's quiet mutter of shut up. Even though it had been a few years since the end of the war, sometimes he still couldn't believe that he was there, together with his precious Yuu-chan, living happily, alive. Sometimes, he couldn't believe that Yuu had accepted him and his feelings with open arms, but then again, it was like Yuu to simply not let him go. After all, Yuu had fought tooth and nail against both the humans and the vampires to get him back after finding out he was alive.

Mika squeezed Yuu's waist a little tighter, moving to kiss him on the cheek. He felt like his heart was about to burst with happiness when Yuu put down his spatula and turned to face him, blushing as red as a tomato.

"Hey, Mika? Happy Valentine's Day," said Yuu, with a huge grin, and pulled him down into a kiss. Yuu felt Mika smile, and ignoring the pancakes, hugged him tightly.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Yuu-chan," said Mika. They had finally found the happiness they had worked so hard for. "Hey, Yuu-chan, how did this pancake end up in the shape of a cross?"

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