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It was three days later that Aurora was finally released from the hospital. She couldn't believe at all the people that had come to see her since she had awoken from her medically induced coma. Oliver's sister, Thea, his best friends, John and Felicity, and even Thea's boyfriend, Roy, stopped in to check on her. It was all very exciting for her to meet these people that Oliver had been telling her about, but also extremely weird.

At one point Oliver actually had to kick everyone out because they all tried to ask question and test the limits of Aurora's memory. She had been a little overwhelmed by the questions, but not offended. She understood that this was weird for all of them just like it was weird for her. She would have told her husband that it was okay, but she could see how protective he was of her.

She had also noticed how he acted around her versus how he acted around his sister and friends. He seemed more relaxed around them and more tense with her. Also he seemed to care less about where they were or who they encountered but almost overly protective of who interacted with her. She knew that he was hiding something from her and that his friends and sister obviously knew so the wall didn't need to be there with them. Now her question was, did she know the secret too before she had her car accident, or was she always out of the loop?

After a not so quiet dinner, full of stories and hilarity with Thea, Oliver and Roy, Aurora made her way up to her's and Oliver's bedroom. She had practically had to pry Thea off of her before she could leave. Once she had escaped Thea she went to the bedroom she was told was her's and Oliver's and changed in the bathroom. When she returned to the bedroom she found Oliver entering the room.

"Hey," she greeted him. They hadn't had a moment alone since they left the hospital earlier that day.

"Hey," he said as he headed for his closet to grab a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt.

"So, dinner was fun." She called out to him.

"Yeah it was." He returned with clothes in his hands. "I hope it wasn't all too much for you. I know this is difficult and Thea has a tendency to be a little pushy." Oliver had more than once had to reign Thea in.

"No it was good. There is a lot that I don't remember so it is nice to hear everything. Also it was pretty funny." She chuckled, then winced. Her ribs were still sore from the accident.

Oliver saw the pain that flashed across her face and immediately set his clothes on the bed and crossed the room to her.

"You probably need your ribs retaped. I can help if you need it." He voice was layered with concern and worry. "Or maybe you need some more of your pain meds."

"No," Aurora reached out and placed a hand on his arm before he could turn to the bathroom to retrieve her medication. "I'm fine." She smiled up and him trying to ease his worry. She may not remember him, but she could clearly see that he was caring.

"Okay." He sighed and stepped away from her. If she didn't think she needed anything then he wasn't going to push her. He turned and grabbed his clothes back off of the bed and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To the guest room across the hall." He said as if it was nothing that he hadn't done before. But the second his eyes landed on her face he could see the confusion and pain there.

"Why?" Aurora could understand why he was leaving his own room.

Oliver didn't think he would have to explain himself to her, but… well now he did. He wasn't about the leave her thinking that they had an unhappy marriage and that this was a normal thing. It was just the situation that they were currently in.

"I'm going to the guest room so you can rest in here. I don't think me being here will help you. You still need time to adjust to everything and I don't want to push you."

"Oliver… you aren't pushing me." she paused. "And this is your room as much as it is mine. I would feel bad if you slept somewhere else. This is your bed."

"And it is yours too," he countered.

"Yes but I don't remember it so I'm not exactly attached to it. I can easily sleep anywhere without it bothering me." She was conceding that maybe she needed a little time before crawling into bed with a man who she didn't exactly remember, no matter how good looking her was, or the fact that he was her husband.

Oliver sighed and looked at the woman standing across from him. He should have figured that she would do something like this. Memory loss or not, she was still the same person he fell in love with all those years ago. She still showed such selflessness and concern for everyone else but herself that it astounded him.

"Look, I'm not gonna fight you about this. At least for the time being, until you start getting some memories back, I'll sleep in the guest room. You can sleep here." Oliver turned once again to leave but, yet again, her voice stopped him.

"Oliver…" she hesitated. He turned to look at her. He could see the worry that hid in her eyes. There was a small crease between her eyebrows and her lips pulled tight. It was her worried look.


"I know that you are hiding something from me. I just… I need to know, is it something that I once knew and you think I'm just not ready to know it yet, or did I never know?"

Her question struck as if she had punched him in the chest. She had always been observant, but he didn't realize how much. It also occurred to him for the first time how truly lost she was in this world right now. He could see the confusion in her blue eyes.

"You know, just not right now. You have a lot going on and you need to focus on the simpler things."

"Promise me you will tell me? It doesn't have to be now, but sometime soon." She pleaded with him.

"I promise," he said and smiled back at her. He couldn't deny her anything.

At his words she smiled and tension in her shoulders dissipated and her face relaxed. She just needed to focus on her memory now and not some horrible secret that she thought her husband might be keeping from her, the real her. He would tell her in time and that was good enough for now.

"Goodnight Aurora." Oliver turned and exited out the door and into the hall.

Aurora had decided the next morning to take a walk around the mansion gardens. Getting some fresh air seemed like a good idea after having been cooped up for over a week. The cool air blew across her face, unfoiling her auburn hair. A chill went down her spine and she hugged her wrap closer to her body.

She hadn't told anyone where she was going this morning. In fact, from the outside, it would look like she had snuck out. But the truth was that she hadn't slept well so right before the sun rose, she decided that a walk outside would be good. She thought that it might clear her head and she could possibly get back in an hour or so and get a few hours of sleep.

She had spent her night lying awake thinking about her life with Oliver. From what he and everyone else had told her, they were completely in love and happy together. But something felt off to her. Why would he keep a secret from her if they were supposedly so in love? He seemed to almost be running scared. She knew he would tell her in time it still made her uneasy.

As she walked on the outer edge of the gardens she couldn't help but think about how all of this felt right to her, like she had done this before. This was familiar. She walked over to a tree that seemed to be calling out to her lost memory. As she approached she saw words carved into the trunk of the tree.

"Blood, bones and soul. Love with all you have."

Reaching out Aurora placed her fingertips across the words. When the rough bark touched her skin it was like a white hot poker was stabbed through her head. She gasped out in pain.

She backed away from the tree, stumbling back, trying to find her balance. But even though she was no longer touching the tree, the pain remained. The fire in her head was spreading from the top of her head down through her eyes and continued down into her neck. It was all becoming too much. Her world was spinning out of control. Everything was starting to go dark around the edges.

Aurora knew she was about to pass out and that terrified her. No one knew where she was. She could die out that, not for her, not for Oliver. He would panic when he found her gone and couldn't find her. The thought broke her heart. Oliver deserved better.

Her last thought as she fell to the ground and her vision went dark was that she just wanted Oliver to be okay once she was gone.