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Oliver woke up around 8 A.M. He hadn't slept all that well the night before. He was used to Aurora being beside him in bed. He was used to her small warm body next to him, her head on his chest and her arm draped across him. He missed her presence.

But Oliver knew that right now, the woman in the other room wasn't his wife, at least not completely. There were certain aspects that were still fully her, but others that weren't. She didn't remember anything and at the moment, the best thing for her would to be take it slow. She needed time to adjust to her life. Once she had adjusted some, then they would approach her memory loss. If all went well, she would remember and then they could go back to their life together.

Oliver hoisted himself out of the bed. He stood for a moment and stretched his body towards the ceiling. Then running a hand across his face he headed out into the hall. He figured he would make breakfast for himself and Aurora, then they would dress fro the day and her would give her a tour of the mansion so that she could get used to the place and begin to feel more comfortable.

So Oliver made his way down stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast. He was a good cook but he didn't really feel up to a fancy breakfast. He decided to just make some scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. Once he finished with cooking, he filled a tray with the food and headed back upstairs to wake Aurora.

As Oliver approached what was their room, he noticed the door cracked. He figured that she must have already awoken and was possibly in the shower. He knocked on the door, but heard no answer, so he peaked in to find the room empty. He walked in and placed the tray on the bedside table. He didn't hear the shower running so he went to knock on the bathroom door.

"Aurora? You in there?" he called.

There was no answer. He knocked again, but still no answer. Deciding that he needed to see if she was in the bathroom, he opened the door to find it empty. Oliver's stomach dropped. Where was she?

Rushing out of the room, Oliver began to search the house, calling her name out as he checked every room. Fear and dread began to rise with every room he checked. He had no clue where she could be. He now realized that he never should have left her alone.

"Hey Ollie, what is all the yelling about? The whole house can hear you." Thea said.

"I can't find Aurora. I made us food this morning and when I went to bring her breakfast, she wasn't in our room. And I have been checking everywhere for her and I can't find her."

Thea could see how panicked her brother was. She had only ever seen him this way with Aurora and seeing how she was missing, she needed to help him find her and quick before he had a total meltdown.

"Okay Ollie. We'll split up and I'll call you if I find her okay. And you do the same." Thea quickly turned and headed in the opposite direction to look for her sister-in-law.

Oliver decided to try looking around outside on the grounds. Who knew, maybe she had gone for a walk.

He spent the next half hour walking the mansion grounds calling out for Aurora. Thea had called him to tell him that she had finished looking inside and had not found Aurora. Oliver was beginning to give up hope when he looked off into the distance. He saw the tree that he and Aurora had had their first kiss under. It had been the place where he had realized that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

A heavy sigh left him as he walked towards the tree. He didn't know where Aurora was and didn't know how he was going to find her. With each step it felt as if a heavy weight was being placed on his chest. He didn't know what to do.

Oliver was almost to the tree when he spotted something lying in the grass below. It looked like a blanket had been left out on the lawn. But that was strange since, as far as he knew, no one had been out to this spot since before the car accident. As he approached he began to realize that the blanket wasn't just a blanket.

"Aurora?" Oliver called as he began to run. "Aurora?!"

When he reached her, he kneeled down to find her still in her pajamas and completely unconscious. Fear well up in him. She was cold to the touch and not responding to his voice or shaking.

Why did she come out here? How long had she been like this? What caused her to end up like this?

These questions whirled through his mind as he desperately tried to wake Aurora. But it was not long before he realized that he needed to get her to a hospital. He pulled out his phone and dialed Thea.

"Thea, I found her, but I need you to call an ambulance." That was all he said before he hung up and hoisted Aurora into his arms. He turned back toward the mansion. But as he looked up he spotted what caused her to end up the way she did.

"Blood, bones and soul. Love with all you have."

The words he had carved into the tree stood out. Those were the words that they had both said to each other often enough. They were written into part of their vows. The words had triggered her.