I have been trying to find a good Percy Jackson story where he becomes a Jedi master for a long time, I don't know why. I guess I'm just weird. However if you're reading this then most likely you've been looking for one as well. Anyway, on to the story...

The sound of a soccer ball sailing through the air catches his attention. He watches as it smashes into the face of a young teenage kid who drops to the grass clutching her nose. He sees the girl get up and stomp over to the boy who sent it her way. A quick shove soon escalates into a full blown fight between the two teams. Although it couldn't really be called a fight, for the strikes were sloppy. They lacked both the ability and skill to do any real damage to one another. It was over soon enough when Chiron came clopping over punished everyone involved. Resting his hand against the massive pine tree Percy gazed out across the valley. Hidden along the long island sound, many claimed camp half blood a paradise, more called it home. Satyrs walked through the strawberry fields helping grow produce while the children of the gods ran around practicing archery or canoeing. A large head snakes its way into Percy's hand as Peleus looks to be petted. Glancing down at the copper dragon Percy stifles a chuckle as the monster acts like a common house dog. 'I just slew a dragon, did you know that Peleus?' An inquisitive stare is all receives as acknowledgement. 'It was a difficult battle, we fought across the rocky mountains, but as you can see I came out on the winning side.' He gave a slight pause before continuing, 'The Colchian Dragon, guarded the same fleece you do now, he was a beautiful majestic beast. Scales bluer than the depths of the ocean. It was a shame we had to fight, the loss of such an incredible creature truly is a slight upon the world.' Peleus let out a mournful whine as if he agreed with Percy. 'I had landed a fatal blow and the dragon collapsed. In his last moments he looked me deep in my eyes, nay my very soul and gifted me the most incredible ability ever. I believe he saw me as a worthy warrior and a respectable enemy to which he could be defeated. It's as if I was blind before and only now did I truly learn to see, to feel.' Percy looked down to the dragon, the sun glinting off his scaled back. He reached out not with his hand, but rather his mind until he could feel the consciousness of Peleus. Such a strange feeling, to be able to feel both his emotions and the dragons at the same time. The dragon's mind was unlike any other he had touched. It lacked the proper consciousness and intellect of humans, but it was too advanced to be comparable to that of a cat or dog. He felt the comfort of sun on the scales across Peleus's back, the deep hunger for raw meat, and the protectiveness for the fleece hanging in the branches above his head. 'It's time for me to go old friend. I promise to bring some meat next time I stop by.' Percy pulled his mind back from the dragon and gave him one last pat on the head before taking a deep breath, and stepping down into the camp.

As he walked through the valley people stopped what they were doing to look over at him. They gathered in clusters and whispered amongst themselves. 'That's him...war hero… heard he fell into hell...Perseus…' That's right, he was no longer Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. No he was Perseus the Slayer, or The Unstoppable Storm. His exploits had been exaggerated to the point they gave him the same reverence they did the legends of ancient demigods. They thought him an incredible warrior with power beyond imagination. An honorable warrior who was the epitome of a shining leader who they all strived to be. They were all wrong. There was nothing honorable about the wars he fought in. The mindless slaughter he participated in was the mistake of the younger foolhardy boy he had once been. He survived because of a streak of incredible luck that seemed to follow him around when he was younger. Once he had finally developed some skill he learned that his opponents would always be more powerful than him. There was nothing honorable about throwing dirt in your enemy's eyes or stabbing them with a dagger while you locked swords. It had made him feel despicable, but it kept him alive.

The big house had been repainted while he was gone. It now gleaned a light tan color not unlike khaki pants. Sitting around a table playing poker on the porch were Chiron, the ancient trainer of heroes, Dionysus, the god of wine, and Grover Underwood, his old friend. Perseus walked up the steps to report his success to Chiron, however before he could say anything Grover leaped out of his chair and shot over to embrace Perseus. His hand shot down to his belt where he kept a dagger at all times before he was able to suppress the instinct and flung it towards Grover. The satyr's eyes went wide with fear and betrayal as the knife soared towards his face. Fear and desperation shot through Perseus and he reached out to grab the blade even though it was far beyond his reach. A centimeter from Grover's face the blade hovered and slowly rotated, glinting in the sun. H released the tension in his mind and body and watched as the dagger clattered onto the table before him. Slightly out of breath he looked up to see Chiron watching him with both disbelief and pride in his eyes.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity before Mr. D slapped his cards own on the table and said 'I do believe that my Four of a Kind beats your hand.' That seemed to break the spell that had been holding us still, for Chiron shook his head and showing Dionysus the Straight Flush he had. 'I will defeat you one day you old horse' he exclaimed before he disappeared, leaving behind the faint smell of freshly crushed grapes.

'Sorry G-man, just got back from a long stressful fight and I guess my nerves are still on edge.' Perseus said.

"It's alright Perce, no harm no foul. It's great seeing you again, but I do have to go meet with the elders right now' Grover stammered, ' I'll see you around man' He made a hasty escape and soon it was just me and Chiron on the porch.

'It's good to see you return alive and well from your trip Perseus. Although you might not recognize it, what you did just now is extremely impressive son. I have never seen a child of Poseidon with such fine control over their hydrokinesis that they could affect the moisture in the air around them.' Chiron said with pride leaking into his voice, ' However as impressive as it may be I do have to ask you not to throw knives at people.'

Perseus smiled at his teacher and pretended to listen, but inside he was truly puzzled. Chiron said he had used his water powers to stop the knife, but he knew that couldn't be the case. Using his powers came with a distinctive feeling of unleashing pressure, not unlike he was opening a small hole in a dam and allowing the water to rush out. No this felt more as if he was submerged in water and simply used it to stop the knife. Water didn't convey the correct feeling, it was as if he was connected to something else, a field of energy and he simply wanted the dagger to stop so it did. It was difficult to do so and quite taxing, however he would need to look into this and study it with great detail. 'Yeah Chiron, I understand. It won't happen again. Now would you excuse me there are some things I must attend to.' It wasn't a question, but rather a statement.

'Sure Perseus. Be on your way, but please use this time to relax. We are no longer fighting and you more than anyone else deserve peace.' Chiron said.

Perseus walked away and gave a nod to confirm he heard Chiron's words. People were constantly telling him that he needn't train so hard because he had already killed anyone who would ever fight him. He knew better though, his entire life had been defined by war and he knew that he would wind up stuck at the center of another one before he knew it. The truth was that he was actually afraid of what might happen if there were no more enemies for him to fight, no more battles to be won, and no more wars to wage. As much as he hated the mindless slaughter it always was, there wasn't anything else he knew how to do. He hadn't gone back to school after the war with the giants. It had just seemed so childish at the time. After running around Europe slaying monsters and killing beings who could destroy the world, he couldn't see schooling as important. War was what he studied. He trained for the next fight. Once he had mastered the sword, he moved on to knives, after that to spears and so on and so forth. He couldn't stop training or else the next enemy would win and everything he had fought for would be lost.

Perseus made his way towards the low gray stone building that served as the Poseidon cabin ignoring the stares as he walked through the pavillion. He barely recognized the faces of the campers that surrounded him. Most of those that he knew had either died in battle, or had learned enough to survive in the outside world and had moved on with their lives. He seemed to be the only one left. His thoughts were interrupted by some camper who shouted out at him.

'So you're the great Perseus huh? I bet I could fight you with one hand behind my back. All you do is practice all day and don't talk to anybody. Do you not have any friends or something?' Perseus turned around to look at whoever had said this. It was some nothing camper who must've thought himself a big shot because he had probably killed some monster on his way into camp.

'They're dead.' Perseus said in a low voice that edged on that of a growl. It wasn't completely true, seeing as most of the seven still lived. However, Jason and Leo were dead, as was most of everyone he knew.

'I bet they would have lived if I had been there instead of you. They must have been to weak. No monster can beat me.'

'They died protecting everything you see around yourself. They died to preserve this place. They died because they believed in something. Most importantly, they died so you would the chance to live. You can say whatever you like about me, but you will not diminish their sacrifices else you might find your head removed from your body.' Perseus growled his voiced getting louder as he went. All talk in the pavilion had died down and all eyes were on the two of them. None of these children know anything. He continued on his way to the cabin leaving the camper to fume about being slapped down.

Perseus opened the door to his cabin and watched as dust particles lazily drifted down from the ceiling. He started to pace and began to ponder over what happened on the porch. The blade had stopped once he tried to reach out and grab it with his hand. Perseus stood up and took aim at the wall across from him with the knife. He threw the blade and then reached out trying to grab it, but nothing happened. It hit the wall and skidded off with a shower of sparks, leaving a deep scratch in the wall. It had been more than him just trying to grab the knife then. Maybe it had something to do with the field of energy he had felt. Accessing that plane must be the key, but how to do that? It wasn't unlike when he had reached out with his consciousness to various animals on his way to the camp. He sat down and began to reach out with his mind. Nothing happened. He cursed himself and the conundrum he had been presented with. Why couldn't he feel anything!? Again he reached out with his mind trying to grasp at something, anything really. There it was, he had felt something. Following the thread that had connected him to something, he came across a fly that had been trying to make its way across his cabin. Looking at the insect he was able to feel the hunger it had. Fascinated Perseus watched as the it flew straight into a spiderweb up in one of the corners of the roof. The insect's fear grew with each passing second and soon he felt another life form, that of the spider. He watched as the spider scuttled across its web and bit into the fly, killing it instantly. The energy rushed out of the fly and dissipated into the air around it. That energy was the same energy he felt when stopping the dagger. Was it caused by death? No, It couldn't be that because nobody died on the porch and he had felt such a massive field of energy at the time. If it wasn't death, than maybe it was life. Unfortunately he had no way to contact Nico so he couldn't test his theory. A clearer head was needed to sort this out, and Perseus had been tired since his battle with the dragon. Laying down on his bed Percy wondered just what the extent of this new ability was. His breathing slowed and after a short period of time he was drifting off into the realm of Morpheus.

He bolted upright shaken from his sleep, a fine layer of sweat on his muscular and toned chest. Perseus quickly took in his surroundings and once he realized he was somewhere safe dropped back onto the bed. His sleep had been plagued by memories of the war. When they had finally made it to Greece it seemed as if everything changed. Gaea had been toying with them until then and she made it clear she was done messing around. For every enemy he cut down, three more took their place. Every step closer to the mountain was a fight in it of itself when the very earth doesn't want you to move. Blood soaked through his clothes and hair, he hadn't been sure if it was even his. Even after they had won the battle wasn't over. The gods had sent them back to camp half blood where he watched as Greek and roman demigods killed each other in trench warfare. When they arrived the Romans had attacked on sight and once again he had been forced to strike down his own brethren. By the time the fighting stopped he had been covered in mud, blood, and shit. He had slain so many of the Romans that they had banned him from entering New Rome, which was a serious problem considering that's where Annabeth was going to college.

He rolled out of bed pushing the memories of battle out of the forefront of his mind to focus on getting up. The alarm clock said it was five in the morning which allowed Perseus enough time to do his morning workout routine and still grab breakfast before the wind spirits closed the pavilion. Throwing on a gray under armor athletic shirt and some blue running pants he went outside to look for a suitable place to run. Asking a nearby dryad he found out that the from the pine tree past the cabins and around the strawberry field would be a 4.66 mile loop. Perseus set out on his run reaching speeds that children of Hermes would be proud of. He ran the designated track 3 times and when he got back saw about forty minutes had passed. Checking the his time and doing the calculations in his head, Perseus realized he was slowly getting faster. Happy about that he quickly powered through the rest of his workout and then settled down next to the hearth in the center of the cabins. There he sat and reached out with his senses until he began to feel the various animals around him. Slowly he was able to extend his senses little by little until he could feel everything within five meters of himself. Encouraged by this he continued to sit there ignoring the hunger he felt in exchange for immersing himself in the world around him. When he stood up and let the feeling fade away it was already dusk. He was surprised by the speed with which the day had passed and went to sleep looking forward to tomorrow.

A week passed by with Perseus doing this every day, although he made sure not to repeat his mistake and always grabbed something to eat. Over the course of the week he had been able to extend his mind out to ten meters and had been able to start feeling the plants around him. He had been vexed when they first appeared in his consciousness. There was no feelings he could gleam from them, he got hints of the need to have sunlight and water, nothing else more. He wondered what it would have been like had he been able to do this when Thalia was still a tree. It would surely have been interesting. The train of thought was broken when he felt a new presence walking up in front of him. There were seven of them, one in front of the other six. He felt anger, the need to show off from the one in front and adoration directed at the first one from the three in the back.

'Look at him, just sitting there and meditating all week. He hasn't moved from this spot all week. What's so important about this fire huh? Does it remind you of all the friends you had to burn?'

Humor from those in the back, confusion at my lack of reaction from the first one. After the confusion comes anger at being ignored.

'Don't wanna talk, huh? Break it. See if that changes his attitude'

He feels as one of the lackeys strides up and winds up to kick the hearth. As the foot comes out Perseus's hand is there catching it. He stands up causing the lackey to drop to the ground from the change in leverage.

'Get him!' shouts out the leader. He recognizes the voice as the same kid from the pavilion. Some people never learn.

He feels two of them rush forwards at him. Perseus takes a couple steps and jumps off of a rock, planting his foot on the one on the right and driving him into the dirt. As the right one runs past Perseus he does a combat roll of the guy he jumped on and is on his feet in the blink of an eye. He feels another run at him this time brandishing a spear. He knows the thug will stab the spear in his direction, he ducks to the side and slams his hand palm first into the thugs chest. Perseus rolls over the thugs back and is confronted by another one wielding a large two handed axe. He grabs the axe so that its held horizontal and head butts the demigod who lets go of it. One rushes towards him brandishing a sword. Perseus spins around and slams the flat side of the axe head into sword wielders chest knocking him to the ground. Dropping the axe he feels another one with a sword coming at him with an over head strike. He dodges out of the way and grabs the kid's arm, twisting it out of the socket and using the sword still clutched in its grasp to catch an attack from the axe guy, who he then promptly sparta kicks in the chest. The spear wielder swing the spear at him sideways, but he knows that it's going to be there moments before it happens and ducks underneath it. After ducking he rushes up and claps both of his hands on either side of the kid's head, knocking him out. The one who ran past him originally is able to grab him around the chest, but he breaks free right as a sword comes down at him, instead slicing deep into the demigod's shoulder blade. He grabs onto the sword arm of the attacker ad headbutts him before driving said head into his knee. One final aggressor runs at him holding a sword. He feels its the one from the pavillion. The boy rushes forward, sword held in a reverse grip, and goes for a powerful overhand strike which Perseus dodges out of the way of. The boy uses his momentum for a cross body swipe, but he has already moved out of the way. He moves his sword back into a regular grip and swings it sideways as if it were a baseball bat. Perseus dodges by leaning back until he is almost parallel to the ground and the spins away. He can feel the immense anger and frustration welling up in the boy and it almost shocks him how potent it is. Another overhead strike, but instead of dodging he grabs the wrist and flips the kid over pulling the sword out of his hand. As the boy regains his footing Perseus toss the blade away and waits for the next move. The boy rushes forward fists raised and Perseus realizes it's time to finish this. He knocks the clumsy punch away and lands a few jabs to the gut before sweeping out one of the legs. His opponent falls to their knees and throws a wide right, but Perseus grabs the arms and punches the outside elbow breaking it in one swift move. He grabs the demigod's head and slams his knee into it once, twice, three times, before clocking him in the jaw with a roundhouse kick. He feels the absolute pain of a broken jaw before the boy fades away into unconsciousness.

Perseus finally opens his eyes and sees the seven campers rolling and groaning on the floor in front of him. A ring of demigods had formed around them cheering on the fight it seemed. He made his way through the crowd and they parted before him like red sea. Slowly walking back to his cabin Perseus never noticed the young girl in a brown cloak smiling at his retreating back.

End Chapter