Parker looked around, everything looked normal. So why did he have the strangest feeling that he was being watched? He walked out of the dorm lounge and over to the stairs. He was terrified. What would take the time to watch him? He was just Parker Greene. A normal guy(if you can count the utterly ridiculous amount of freckles on him normal) who just wanted to get through college. He opened the door. That's when he saw the glitter. Oh god no. "Greg? Did you do this?" No answer. Good, he's not here. Parker stared at his little dorm, everything was glittery. The beanbags, the kitchen sink, EVERYTHING. He sighed and went to go get the vacuum, when he stepped on, something sticky and rose-gold. That's when he knew. Something was up and it wasn't normal. "Okay, what do you want? My soul? My eyes? Hello?!"

Giggling, he heard giggling. "Surprise!" He screamed like a little girl as something poofed into the physical plane. "Nice to meet you Parker! Though technically I already knew you and-"

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE. I know just who you are and I want nothing to do with you." Parker was putting up a brave front, inwardly he was still screaming. The demon frowned. She was not expecting this reaction.

"Oh come on! I got the place all set up and everything for our first 'official' meeting!" She started to fish through her sleeves for something. "Now where did I put that camera?" She was pulling out all sorts of random junk, sweaters, sticker sheets, more glitter, paint, and so on. "Found it! Say cheese!" She grabbed him and smiled a grin that would have been goofy were it not for the very sharp teeth in her mouth and snapped the photo. "first picture with my little Alcor! Yay!"

"Wait, what? I thought Alcor was a demon like you?" She stopped glueing the picture into a scrapbook.

"No dummy! Alcor is completely human! They just say that 'cause it's scarier and sounds much cooler."

"I still don't get why I'm Alcor, why me?"

"You have the same soul as the last one. I didn't get to choose. Now, let's go do something fun, like mini golf!"

"Yeah, no. My roomie could be back here at any second and I do not want to explain why there's junk everywhere. Let me clean first!" He started to go back for the vacuum when she groaned.

"That will take forever. Just make a deal with me and I'll clean for you, K?"

Parker couldn't believe it. Mizar, wanting to make a deal for a clean house? What the heck was going on? "Fine, you clean up the house and put it back into the condition it was in just before you arrived and did this, and I'll give you…"

"How about some stuffed animals? Like the ones hidden in you closet?"

"Fine but just the ones I want you to have." He had no idea how she knew that and he really didn't want to find out.

"You drive a hard bargain, it's a deal?" She reached out with her hand, soft purple flames emanating from it.

"Deal." Parker shook her hand and watched as all the mess disappeared. That was quick. Mizar smiled, arms full with stuffed animals.

"Now can we do something, Alcor?" She giggled at the name.

"Ugh. Fine, minigolf? We have a course at the student center." She squealed and dragged him out of the dorm a little too roughly. This was not going to be fun.