Chapter 12

It took Harry and his friends hours to sort through everything he'd picked up after defeating Voldemort. The money and jewels were easily divvied up but the sheer volume of other objects was nearly overwhelming.

The consensus was that Harry's first impressions were right - some of those skills were just too evil to be used. Harry was going to keep them in his inventory just in case they were ever needed, but everyone hoped they'd never have to see the light of day again, even as reference material for advanced defense.

But among the depressingly dark titles were other skill books that were real treasures. They had already learned Flight and Wandless Magic, but it was good to have the skill book to teach them some of the finer points of technique. The book on Legilimency would be useful, as would the one on Warding. Formal Dueling and No-Holds Barred Fighting seemed like it would be invaluable, though hopefully with the neutralization of Tommy and the Dee Eat Band there wouldn't be as great of a need to know how to street fight any time soon. The Legendary grade books on Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Conjuring and Non-verbal Casting would be great when they reached the minimum skill levels to learn them. But the skill that had them the most excited was Telepathy.

Hermione, Luna and Neville almost fainted when the saw the items that Harry had picked up from the top of the pile. Hesitantly, Luna reached out, picked up the tiara and set it on her head. She gave an immediate sigh of relief as her face relaxed in bliss, straightening stress lines that had been there so long that no one had even noticed they were there until they were gone.

"Have you any idea what you've got here, Harry Potter?" she asked.

Harry shrugged. "Not really, though it seems like you guys recognize something about them I guess I should have Observed everything, but there was so much stuff and I was anxious to get back that I threw it all in my inventory to deal with later and barely even glanced at most of it. So, what did we get?"

Hermione and Neville gaped at him while Luna calmly explained. "You collected several Founder's artifacts. This is Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, an item which will fortify the mind and increase the wearer's intellect. It will also keep a seer or clairvoyant in the here and now.

"The cup was Helga Hufflepuff's and is said to possess magical qualities related to healing potions. Personally, though, I think it just makes everything you drink from it taste of blueberries."

Everyone stared at Luna.

"Blueberries? Surely you can't be serious!"

Luna morphed herself into the shape of Harry's godfather. "I am Sirius. And don't call me Shirley. It was, after all, Helga's favorite flavor. Anyway, the locket was Salazar Slytherin's and is also heavily enchanted. So together, you have artifacts from 3 of the 4 Founders of Hogwarts. I think the most interesting item, though, is the ring. The symbol on it is of the Deathly Hallows, so I believe this is the fabled Resurrection Stone. My father will be ever so excited to see it as he has searched most of his life for the Hallows."

"That's great, Luna. Why don't you go ahead and take it?"

"Thank you, Harry Potter," Luna said with tears in her eyes. "This means more to me than you can possibly know!"

"It's nothing, Luna. What are friends for? But can you do me a favor, please?"


"Can you shift back to your normal look? It's disturbing hearing your voice coming from that body."

With a nod and a pleased smile, Luna reassumed her original appearance

"As for the Founder's items, let's study them and see if we can figure out and copy their enchantments. Then maybe we can make some sort of display for them, along with Gryffindor's Sword, and present it to the Headmaster?" Harry suggested.

"We can do that!" the twins shouted as they hurried away to a newly appeared wood shop.

"I'll help, too," Neville said. "I'll make sure they don't booby trap it or embed any sort of pranks."

"Would we do that?"


"He knows us so well, brother mine."

"Too true."

In addition to the books and treasures, Harry also found he was now the holder of the deeds to several properties in Little Hangleton that had been Voldemort's. The group made plans to check out the areas after school was dismissed, hoping to find a place where they could train during the summer holiday. If not, Sirius had offered to let them train at one of the Black family properties. Nothing was likely to be able to match the Room of Requirements but a wide open practice room of some sort, combined with Harry's ID Create skills, would give them something workable.

Harry was pretty sure Sirius was more interested in having them at one of his places so he could mooch some of the talents they'd picked up, but Harry wouldn't begrudge the man some fun. He had already been planning to invite the two remaining Marauders to join in, so it certainly wouldn't be an imposition. He figured that Sirius would love to pick up the family trait of Metamorph, especially as it'd let him be inconspicuous in public. Just like the twins, the pranking potential would appeal to him as well.

Harry was also working on a theory about Remus but would need to Observe him to be sure. He thought and hoped that Dispel might be able to break the Werewolf curse. He was sure Remus would be ecstatic if it worked the way he expected. He also had a theory that using his abilities and combining the Party system with their Teaching skill would allow Hermione's parents to learn some magic. He was planning to surprise her with that little nugget when he visited her house some time in the next few weeks.

Adrienn told him that she was planning to take her thunder of babies on a little tour of Eastern Europe over the summer. She was going to show them their native land of Hungary before stopping in Romania at the Sanctuary to get them a checkup. (They were going to need their vaccinations against common ailments like Human Pox, after all!) Hopefully by the time she returned, Harry would have set up somewhere that they could live outside the Room of Requirements.

All too soon, the leaving feast was upon them, followed the next morning by the trip on the Hogwarts Express back into the wider world. With the plans they'd made, the skillsets that they'd learned and the items they'd purchased and created, though, they knew that life was never going to be dull.


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