A/N: Why are random, plotless oneshots so fun to write? I don't know, but here have another! Yes, it's a cartoon. Yes, it's for kids. But, come on! Kion is adorable and the episode with Jasiri is definitely my favorite so far. So, you get this short thing! Hope y'all enjoy!

Kion and Jasiri sat side by side on Flat Ridge Rock. The two unlikely friends had been talking for almost an hour now about everything and nothing. But, it was clear Kion was quickly losing his grip on the thread of conversation. Every few minutes, his head would dip toward his chest, until he realized what was happening and sat up once more, stiff as a board.

"Long day?" the hyena asked teasingly when the lion cub's head began to sink once more.

"Ugh," was Kion's eloquent reply. "Ono came to Pride Rock at sunup to tell me Janja and his clan were after the gazelles again. Then, we had to help dig Mister Muhanga the aardvark and his family out when their den collapsed. Then, we helped them dig a new den. Then, Miss Asha lost track of her kids and we had to help find them. Miss Asha is a rabbit, by the way. And do you know how many kids she has?"

"How many?"

"Twenty-two. And counting!" Kion sighed, finally giving in and sinking down to lie on the warm rock, head pillowed on his paws. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I love being leader of the Lion Guard. I love helping others and protecting the Pride Lands. But, sometimes, it's just…exhausting,"

Silence fell between the two for a long moment as Jasiri considered all this and Kion wearily closed his eyes.

Jasiri couldn't help but laugh lightly when, barely a minute later, her friend's breathing evened out as he fell asleep.

The hyena sat in silence for another minute, letting her friend rest; until, that is an idea came into her head. She had known Kion for months now, but, in all that time, she had never heard the lion cub purr. She had, one day, had the immensely hilarious pleasure of hearing what passed for his roar when he didn't use his "Roar of the Elders." The idea of hearing Mister Mighty Leader of the Lion Guard purr like a kitten was almost as funny.

The opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Lifting a paw, she used one claw to gently scratch behind Kion's right ear.

The lion cub shifted in his sleep and Jasiri jerked away, trying to look casual in case he woke up. But, after a moment, he relaxed once more.

"Hmm…" she considered her next move. She had been sure that would work! Though she would never, ever, ever tell Kion, or anyone else for that matter, she loved behind scratched behind the ears.

Beside her, Kion grumbled in his sleep and rolled over to lay on his back.

Slowly, a wicked grin spread across Jasiri's face.

Carefully, oh so carefully, the hyena ran her claws through the soft fur of her friend's belly. Kion laughed and jerked away, grumbling sleepily, "Bunga, stop."

Jasiri gave him time to relax and then made another attempt, even more carefully this time. And then, she heard a noise. It was just the faintest rumble in Kion's chest. Grin widening, she tried again, a little braver this time. With each stroke of her paw, the rumble grew a little deeper, a little louder, until Jasiri could take it no longer. She burst out laughing.

Poor Kion nearly jumped out of his fur. "What?!" he shouted, stumbling drunkenly to his feet. "What is it?" Eventually, he turned to blink blearily at his friend. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," Jasiri managed between giggles. "Nothing, Kion. Go back to sleep."