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It's been a year since the Life Fibers have been defeated, yet their presence is still being felt in the world... New Life Fiber monsters have been turning up in Tokyo, and it's up to Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, and their friends, to find a way to stop them.


Kill la Kill fanfic:

"Threads of Fate"

by Avi

Chapter 1: "New World Order"

"Morning, Ryuko!"

Ryuko opened her eyes, to find Mako's upside down face, cheerily smiling down on her. She could also feel the familiar weight of Guts sitting on her chest, and the less desirable feeling of him starting to drool all over her pajamas.

"All right, all right! I'm getting up, 'kay?" said Ryuko, with a chuckle. She sat up from her futon, but not before picking up Guts by the collar and depositing him on the floor, where he scurried off, leaving a trail of drool in his wake.

"I just don't want us to be late for school," said Mako, bouncing towards the bathroom, as Ryuko trailed behind her, yawning. "We wouldn't want to have to repeat the last year of high school, now would we?"

"Can't have that," grinned Ryuko. "Satsuki would never let me hear the end of it."

As they both began to brush their teeth, Ryuko couldn't help but think back to all that had happened, just a year ago...

As hard as it was for her to believe, it had only been a year since she and her friends defeated the Life Fibers, with Honnouji Academy sinking under Tokyo Bay not long after that. It seemed like only yesterday since she had first arrived at Honnouji Academy, searching for her father's killer...

Ryuko shook her head. So much had happened since then, that it made her head spin just thinking about it. And despite all the strange and horrible things that had happened to and around her, perhaps what was most amazing was how ordinary her life had now become: She had gone from being alone in the world, to living with a loving (if odd) family, and having a best friend, who was closer and dearer to her than a sister, even more than she cared to admit...

And speaking of sisters, she had that now, too; Satsuki was a far more caring older sister than she would expect, considering that she was Ryuko's former enemy. But Ryuko knew that her sister was at least trying to make up for her past sins as best as she could, as well as those of their family... And that Satsuki also had her friends by her side, to help out as well.

Ryuko then felt a wistful pang, as she was reminded the one friend that was no longer with her... Senketsu. Even though she didn't know him for very long, he was still a part of her, both literally, and figuratively, and his loss still stung. Still, Ryuko had promised to move on, for his sake, even though she sometimes wished she had gotten to know more about him...

"Ryuko? Is there something wrong?"

Ryuko blinked, and realized that she was now sitting at the breakfast table, with the entire Mankanshoku family staring at her with concern. She had been so lost in thought, that she had gone through the motions of washing, dressing up and eating breakfast, without even thinking about it.

Quickly, Ryuko shook her head. "Nah, I'm fine. I just had something on my mind, that's all."

"Are you sure?" asked Barazo. "I could probably write a note to excuse you from school, if you need it."

"No, really!" insisted Ryuko. "I really should to get to my classes, in case I have to miss any."

"Such a conscientious student! I'm so proud!" smiled Sukuyo.

"Yeah, you've become such a goodie-goodie now, it's almost disgusting," sighed Mataro.

Mako bonked her little brother on the head. "Don't be rude!"

Ryuko found herself smiling at the almost comforting babbling around the table, as Guts climbed into her lap, chased his tail for a bit, then settled down.

Beside her, Mako quickly downed the rest of her rice, and leapt to her feet. "C'mon Ryuko! We should really get going!"

"Oh, right!" Finishing her own bowl of rice, Ryuko got to her feet, as Guts leapt down from her lap. "Thanks for the meal!"

As Ryuko grabbed her schoolbag and headed out the door with Mako, she found herself thinking about Senketsu again. To be honest, she hadn't thought about him in a long while, because of how much it pained her to do so. But deep down, she knew that he would always be in her heart...

However, Ryuko also knew that the only reason she had been thinking about Senketsu again, was because of what had been happening lately. She tried not to sigh aloud, as she toyed with the ring on her left thumb.

Just then, her phone chimed: 1 long tone, 2 short, then one very long one. Ryuko pulled out her phone, and glanced at the message that had popped up on it. A frown then crossed her face.

Mako glanced over at Ryuko's phone. "Is that a message from the Elite Four?"

"Yup. Sounds like something bad is going on downtown," explained Ryuko.

"Aw... Guess you won't be going to school with me today," said Mako, with a pout.

"Don't worry, I'll catch up as soon as I can," reassured Ryuko.

"Nah, I understand. You should get going, then!"

"Sure thing!"

Running behind the humble shed that was the Mankanshoku's home, Ryuko emerged a moment later, riding a little red motorbike at full speed. As she rode past, Mako cheerfully waved at her.

"Have fun saving the day!" yelled Mako, as Ryuko flashed her a thumbs up, before disappearing around a corner.


Meanwhile, in downtown Tokyo, some... Thing, was standing in front of a local hospital.

There wasn't really any better way to describe the creature, apart from it being huge, spiky, and seemingly made out of rock, or some dull metal. It stood stock-still, with its huge fists resting on the ground; it stood so still, in fact, that it could be mistaken for some strange choice of statue... Assuming that the city would choose to display such a monstrous thing.

However, the presence of the creature was keeping all people and vehicles (including ambulances) from even approaching the hospital, and causing all nearby witnesses to watch it warily, from a distance... Including a familiar quartet of teenagers, who were observing it from across the street.

"So that's a Life Fiber mutation, huh?" murmured Sanageyama, as he and the Elite Four stared at the huge rock-like figure standing in the distance.

"It's bigger than I thought," mused Gamagori.

"Uglier too," muttered Jakuzure.

"Well, then..." Inumuta pushed up his glasses with his right hand. As he did so, the ring on his pinkie gleamed; upon the ring, was an oval gem with a 4-pointed star. Grinning, the rest of the Elite Four also held up their right hands, revealing that they were wearing similar rings, as well. "I guess it's time to test these new transformation rings Iori made for us, hmmm?"

They all then cried out: "Life Fiber Transformation: 4-Star Generals!"

Gamagori held a fist over his heart, as metallic bands streamed from the golden gem on his index finger, and wrapped around his naked body. "4-Star Shackle Regalia!"

Sanageyama held a hand over his right eye, revealing a green gem on his middle finger, as stacking armour plates covered his body. "4-Star Blade Regalia!"

Jakuzure held a hand over her right ear, as musical bars streamed from the pink gem on her ring finger, enveloping her in pink hearts. "4-Star Symphony Regalia!"

Inumuta held a hand over his mouth and pushed up his glasses, as glowing circuit lines traced across his bare body, from the cyan gem on his pinkie. "4-Star Probe Regalia!"

With the Elite Four now fully transformed, Inumuta began to scan the creature with his brand new Probe Regalia, as the incoming data streamed across the interior of his face shield.

"Hmmm..." mused Inumuta aloud. "From what I can determine, that being is definitely covered in Life Fibers, armouring it in a substance that's stronger than steel. However, my scan indicates that its armour is weakest around the midsection; therefore, that's where it should be most vulnerable."

"But where should we hit it exactly?" asked Gamagori, as he eyed the creature. "It's covering its midsection with its arms right now."

Inumuta pointed. "About where that mark on its waist is, see? The one with the two stars-"

"That's all I needed to hear!" declared Sanageyama, cutting him off. Wielding a crystalline sword, Sanageyama ran straight for the creature, as the rest of the Elite Four watched him, agape.

Jakuzure hid her face in her palm. "Aw geez, not again..."

As Sanageyama charged the creature, it turned to face this new attacker with the metallic green armour. The monster then began pounding the ground, with its massive stony fists.

Sanageyama's eyes widened, as the ground started to crack beneath him. He was then blown back, by the concussive force of the monster's attacks.

As he skidded back towards the rest of the Elite Four, Sanageyama cursed under his breath. "Dammit, I can't even get close enough to hit it!"

"Honestly, you dumb monkey," sighed Jakuzure. "You want to embarrass us in front of the entire city?"

"Let me have a shot at it," said Gamagori, as he tugged at the Egyptian flail he wielded; a match for the mummy-like armour he now wore. "Perhaps a long distance attack will be more effective!"

Gamagori cracked his flail like a a whip, the ends of it aiming at the monster's weak spot. However, the creature managed to block these attacks, causing Gamagori to grit his teeth, in annoyance. He then extended the metallic bands from his armour, attempting to whip the monster with those as well, but that had no effect on it, either.

"Damn!" growled Gamagori, as he drew back his weapons. "Not even I can penetrate that creature's defenses!"

"Hey Inumuta, don't you have any other info we can use against this guy?" asked Sanageyama. He turned to Inumuta, only to find that the latter was no longer standing beside him. "Wait, when did he...?" Sanageyama then narrowed his eyes, in the direction of the monster.

Just then, the life fiber mutant began pounding the ground with his fists again. The rest of Elite Four looked up just in time to see Inumuta knocked out of stealth mode, right in front of the creature. Leaping into the air, Inumuta flipped back towards the others, and landed right beside them.

"I tried to use optical camouflage to get in close enough to hit its weak spot, but it must've sensed my presence," muttered Inumuta, as he adjusted his face shield.

Jakuzure just shook her head. "Nice try, Blue Streak."

At this, Inumuta frowned. "You know I don't care for that so-called codename you came up with."

Jakuzure shrugged airily. "Whatever. Let me show you boys how it's done," she added, smirking, as she launched herself in the air with her jet boosters. "Too bad the rest of you guys can't fly like I can, huh?"

"Some of us don't need to fly to fight, you know!" retorted Sanageyama.

"Hmmm, what was that?" replied Jakuzure, her voice faint from being high up in the air. "I can barely hear the squeals of dumb monkeys from up here!"

"You don't need to hear to see this, do you?" snapped Sanageyama, as he flipped her off.

"Knock it off you two!" growled Gamagori.

"Agreed. If she can defeat that monster, then it hardly matters, does it?" said Inumuta. "Even if she will be insufferable for days," he muttered to himself.

Meanwhile, Jakuzure was hovering just out of the monster's reach, as it watched her warily. "Let see, what musical composition should I use against this thing?" she murmured to herself. She then brightened. "Oh, I know!"

Just as she was about to launch her attack, however, the monster raised its fists towards her. Jakuzure seemed caught off guard, but then her eyes narrowed.

"Like you can hit me from up here, you ugly freak!" she snarled. "Take this!" She launched a sonic attack from her shoulder-mounted speakers... Just as the monster began spinning its fists, aiming a pair of huge whirlwinds directly at Jakuzure.

Jakuzure barely had time to register this counterattack, when she was caught up in the whirlwinds; no longer able to control her flight, she found herself screaming.

"Jakuzure!" yelled the rest of the Elite Four, as the pink-haired girl fell to the earth, completely disoriented.

Just as she was about to crash land onto the ground, all three of the Elite Four boys moved in to catch Jakuzure, and cushion her fall.

Just then, Jakuzure snapped out of her daze. Realizing what had happened, she shook her fists in frustration. "Put me down, you jerks!"

"Geez, ungrateful much?" muttered Sanageyama, as the rest of the Elite Four backed away from the tiny bundle of pink fury.

"Not so easy, was it, Scream Queen?" commented Inumuta, as Jakuzure glared at him.

"Who's calling who names now?" she retorted.

Inumuta shrugged. "I thought it appropriate, since you were favouring that queenly look, now."

"Not to mention your voice," added Sanageyama.

At this, Jakuzure's eyes narrowed. "What's that supposed to mean?" she screeched.

"It's still better than the codename Sanageyama came up with for me," muttered Gamagori.

"What's wrong with with that name?" asked Sanageyama, looking hurt. "Nothing wrong with being called 'M'... The 'M' is supposed to stand for 'mummy'; you know, like your costume!"

At this, Jakuzure and Inumuta exchanged sidelong glances.

"That's not what I thought the 'M' stood for," mumured Jakuzure.

"Agreed," nodded Inumuta, causing Gamagori to glare at both of them.

"And you guys haven't even come up with a codename for me yet, either," complained Sanageyama.

"How about Butt Monkey?" snapped Jakuzure.


"Um... Shouldn't you guys be fighting that monster, instead of arguing with each other?" said a familiar voice behind them.

The Elite Four turned, all at once. "Matoi!"

Ryuko grinned at them. "And as much as I miss you guys arguing, this isn't the time, right?" At this, the Elite Four looked rather ashamed of themselves.

Ryuko then held up her left hand, revealing a ring with a red gem on her thumb. She then cried out, "Life Fiber Transformation: 5-Star General!" As the red gem on her ring gleamed, Life Fiber threads streamed out from it, enveloping Ryuko, and then engulfing her in flames. "5-Star Hellion Regalia!" Ryuko was now clad in what looked like a black and red biker outfit, complete with leather jacket, black cutoff shorts and flame-patterned stockings; there was also a wide red scarf tied around her neck.

Ryuko then pointed a thumb at the monster, who seemed to watch her warily. "So what's the deal with this thing?" she asked the others.

"As you can tell, it's heavily armoured," explained Inumuta. "But there's a weak spot on its midsection... Where that two star mark is, see?"

"Gotcha. You guys stay back; I've got this," said Ryuko firmly.

"Are you serious?" retorted Sanageyama. "None of us have been able to get close enough to even touch it, much less hit it hard enough to defeat it!"

"Just trust me, okay?" Ryuko then pulled the scarf off of her neck, and shook it out; it then hardened, and formed into a blade. Now armed with this weapon, Ryuko then charged the monster, head on.

Spotting this new attacker, the creature began pounding the ground with its fists again; but Ryuko leapt up in the air, before the reverberations could even reach her. The monster then switched tactics, as it aimed a pair of whirlwinds from its fists at her, but Ryuko managed to twist in midair, barely missing both of them.

Even then, Ryuko was nowhere close to hitting the monster, and was beginning to lose aerial momentum... That is, until she held out her blade, and cried out, "Scarf Blade, extend!"

The red blade elongated, swiftly speeding past the creature's defenses, and piercing it right through its two star mark. Cracks then began emanating from the stab wound, which then spread all over the monster, cracking its armour... Then it exploded, raining fragments of stone and rock dust everywhere.

The Elite Four found themselves shielding themselves from the flying rubble. When it stopped, they all looked up, to see Ryuko lying on the ground.

As they all ran towards her in concern, Ryuko slowly sat up, and shook debris off of herself.

"Matoi, are you all right?" asked Gamagori.

"I'm fine," replied Ryuko, as she got to her feet, with the help of her Scarf Blade. "The explosion just caught me off guard, that's all."

As the dust settled around them, all five of them cautiously headed towards of the centre of the blast radius, where the monster once stood. As they gathered around the area and looked down, all of them found their eyes widening, in shock.

"I know who that is," said Ryuko slowly. "That's..."

"Takaharu Fukuroda," finished Sanageyama quietly. "Former Captain of the Honnouji Academy Boxing Club..."

As they stared at the unconscious, naked figure in silent shock, the moment was suddenly broken by a muffled voice: "Don't lose your waaaa "

Hastily, Ryuko pulled out her phone and excused herself, as she tried to avoid the Elite Four's pointed stares.

As soon as she was out of earshot of the others, Ryuko answered her phone. "Hello? Oh, hi Satsuki... Um yeah, everything is fine over here," she replied, casting a worried glance at the unconscious Fukuroda. "How are things going in Africa?"

"Fine as well," replied Satsuki, as behind her, Rei Hououmaru slung a pack loaded with supplies over her shoulder. "We're just about ready to start our expedition into the jungle."

"Well, good luck on finding whatever it is you're looking for, sis." Behind Ryuko, EMTs had placed Fukuroda onto a stretcher, and brought him into the nearby hospital, while the Elite Four were helping to clean up the area.

"Thank you," said Satsuki earnestly. "Actually, there's another reason I decided to call you, Ryuko..."


"There's something I might need your help with..."


Next chapter: "Rage Against the Machine"


This fanfic is supposed to be my written sequel to Kill la Kill, and will hopefully have everything I'd want from a KLK sequel: action and humour, but with more of a superhero/sentai feel. And although the main characters will still be Ryuko and Satsuki (and eventually, Mako), I also want to focus a bit on as many of the other characters as possible, like the Elite Four.