outdated today

the doctor rabbit walked into a room

lilly and Ginger hugged then and got to chair

"there are a those now" Doctor rabbit said

"two are pregnant!"

"I you sure Ginger Now"

"yes Ginger said

"believe this now" doctor rabbit said

and "take it Away!"

2 taken to jail


"don't leave a jail" said pooh

beep beep beep!

Dream ends

Ginger Woke Up

"what a weird dream!" Ginger said

she looked her pregnant hen right

old year pooh give tigger a hug

"mm,more like this one has ever happened" tigger said

"you can get she is life"

at the chicken farm hut 17

"that she done" tigger said

"thanks Ginger,she's gonna have a little chick now sure there are love you baby"

hurray for chicks! :D.