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SUMMARY: A year or so after the fall of Sunnydale, the PTB's come to Buffy to offer her a new fight. What will she do when it is something completely different than what she's used to? Will she be ready to move on? Better yet, will she finally find love? Let's find out together.

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I guess that now I'm Buffy the CIA Slayer...

As Buffy continued to enjoy her retirement after the battle with the first, she finally had begun to realize that she still wanted to keep helping the world even if it is from a different venue.

"How ya doin' Slayer?" Buffy recognized voice immediately as her local neighborhood Balance Demon Whistler.

"I was doing pretty good today, but I have a feeling that if you are here, then my day has just gone downhill severely." Buffy replied almost instantly.

"Geez. Missed you too Slayer. Thought that you would have at least missed me just a bit." Whistler stated with a fake pout.

"Why do you keep calling me that? Haven't you heard that I'm retired now?" Buffy asked of Whistler.

"Once a Slayer, always a Slayer. Slayer. The powers have a job that they want to offer you." Whistler began, but was cut off by Buffy.

"What do you mean offer? Aren't they known for their lack of options? Does that mean that I can actually turn them down without fear of repercussions of them screwing up my life?" Buffy asked of Whistler, already planning on turning them down.

"Just what I said, an offer. And, yes you can turn it and them down, but I would think long and hard on this decision Slayer." Whistler began, and continued on with Buffy's nod of actually having her full attention. "One of the powers; possible future Champions is approaching a cross-roads so to speak, there is a prophecy in play here," Whistler said, but was cut off by Buffy.

"Of course there is. How am I going to die this time around?" Buffy asked shortly.

"Don't worry Slayer. This time it is not about you. It is about a mere mortal this time. A matter of fact Slayer, all of the player that will be in this game are 100% Human. None of them are aware of anything Supernatural. That we are aware of at least." Whistler took another slight pause, and noticed Buffy's growing irateness if he goes bu her ever raising eyebrow.

"Just come out with it Whistler. What do the damned powers want with me?" Buffy asked succinctly, all the while showing her impatience.

"Alright Slayer. There is a man that is stuck between coming to the good side, which BTW is what the powers want to happen, or delve deeper into the darkness and evil that he is into now. He is currently in CIA lock-up, and is about o be handed over to the bad guys for some faulty info. There will be some ruff times ahead for the good guys and more than one future Champions for the side of good." Whistler took another pause to see if Buffy was catching on yet.

"So what exactly is it that I'm supposed to be doing in all of this?" Buffy asked, realizing that her previous thoughts were beginning to come true.

"There is a traitor in the midst of the good guys that is not only trying to destroy pretty much everything that the CIA is working on, but also the souls of a handful of human Champions that are working for the CIA already. We are going to give you an in for you to join this group. Possibly more, but you will need to do as much possible to bring the one known as Julian Sark back to the path that will be needed during the endgame." Whistler stated firmly.

"I can't work for the CIA Whistler. The players mixed up in all of this plan of yours is Human. I don't hurt or kill Humans. It is all part of the whole Slayer package." Buffy replied almost instantaneously.

"That's why there will be some changes made. Plus, if you agree to this, the only Human victims that you would be going up against would be just as evil, if not worse than the Demons that you have gone up against in the past Slayer. Other than Sark that is. Trust me on that. He may seem just as bad as the rest, but he is being used like so many others. Plus, I have been told that here is a huge chance that you are finally able to fall in love, and not be destroyed by it." Whistler ended on what he thought would be the one point that would cause her to commit to this next journey

"What kind of in are you talking about Whistler? What would my actual job even entail?" Buffy asked of the Balance Demon messenger.

"We would give you some items for you to take with you to give to the CIA. You will automatically have the abilities to speak just about every language known to man that will be needed for this job. Plus, to top it off Blondie, you will also be able to keep those fancy Slayer abilities and then some as well. You will also have access in your pretty little head bout everything that has to do with this Rambaldi guy." Whistler said, as he told Buffy some of the plan while she was thinking everything over thoroughly.

"That's part of the problem Whistler. I trust the CIA, just as much as I trust the Military folks. I refuse to just sit around and take orders from anyone." Buffy said surely to her intruder.

"That's the thing Slayer. You wouldn't have to. You will be coming to them as a Rambaldi expert. Once the head of the CIA contacts his bosses bosses boss, and seeing as though the big man is such a huge fan of yours for some time, and actually owes you some major favor chasing...see where I'm going with this? I'm sure you get the gist by now, seeing as though the big man will know immediately that this is a problem within one of his own organizations." Whistler ended, hoping that he didn't waste all of his time and breath for nothing.

"Can you leave me these pieces of Rambaldi's work to look over, and any information on the unit that I would be running? Also, any information on the future Human Champion. Give me 48 hours to go over it all, and then come for an answer." Buffy ended, as she held her hand out for said information.

48 Hours Later

As Buffy sat in her office at home going through everything, she began to see the need in helping these people.

'Human or not, these bad guys are worse than the Demons I have faced in the past. My first action would be figuring out the mole to keep an eye on any damage they try to inflict.' Buffy was thinking to herself.

"Whistler! I need to have a chat with you!" Buffy shouted aloud, knowing that he would know to come.

"So it's a go then?" Whistler asked of the Blonde Slayer that he respected so much.

"Under 2 conditions. 1St, I want the name of the mole. I won't call them out just yet, because I know that this will be a long term type of thing. I know that the bad guys will need to think that they have the upper hand and all that. 2Nd, Evil as most of them are, lethal force will be a last resort. I will set that they are to at least try to apprehend them before going to the last resort of killing. Same with me if I go out into the field. This next on is not contingent on if I help or not." Buffy began, but took a pause before continuing on.

"Whatever it is Slayer, the Powers told me to give you whatever it is that you asked for." Whistler told Buffy seriously.

"Who will I fall in love with? How much longer until I am no longer alone?" Buffy asked the Balance Demon quietly.

"Your future love will be revealed to you eventually. I don't want to mess this up for you by just telling you. It needs to happen naturally. Trust me when I tell you that you will know when you meet them and the timing is right. I'm sorry Blondie, but you asked the one thing that they don't want to spoil for you. Just to let you know, in the beginning it is not going to be as easy. Mainly because everyone on the side of good hates him, but you have dealt with worse odds." Whistler stated sincerely.

"Kind of like me and Angel, or me and Spike, huh. I guess that I'm used to sucky odds when it comes to love. Alright then Whistler, I'm in. where do I need to go for this case?" Buffy asked, hoping that wherever it is will have some awesome shopping that she can't afford.

"Pack your bags Slayer. You are going back to LA." Whistler said with a small honest smile.

"I can't afford anything in LA Whistler. That was why I moved to the middle of nowhere Indiana. Let alone live somewhere even remotely close to there." Buffy stated bluntly.

"Don't worry about that Slayer. Here is your new address." Whistler said, as he handed her the lease and photograph of an awesome looking apartment/condo in a modern style highrise in downtown LA.

"Wow!" Buffy said in awe, as she looked at the photograph and glanced at the lease stating that she now owns the condo in said contract.

"You will be living in the same condo area as 2 of your other Agents that will eventually work for you." Whistler stated, as he tried to keep up with his straight face before telling her the rest of her deal.

'At least this time around I may be able to keep my ribcage where it is supposed to be.' Whistler thought to himself with a smile.

"Well that is better than nothing. At least I don't have to splurge my savings on somewhere to live. I can probably live on what I have until I start bringing in paychecks from the CIA." Buffy was mumbling to herself, before grabbing something else that Whistler was trying to hand her. "What's this?" Buffy asked, just after grabbing a black plastic card that only held Buffy's name Elizabeth Summers.

"We know that it is your real name Slayer. You will need to go by it once you start working for the CIA. As for the card itself, it is your bank card from the PTB's. It really is not connected to an actual bank or anything. Something that the PTB's came up with for you and you alone. They are going to be covering everything for you that you would ever want or ever need. Swipe it like any other credit card and it's done. They don't want you going back to how you were the last years of Sunny-Hell. Pretty neat if I do say so myself. If you need any help Slayer, just give me a holler." Whistler said, just before he vanished away into thin air yet again.

'Welcome back to the fray Buffy the cult Slayer. I guess that I got my wish.' Buffy thought to herself, as she began to pack up her little amount of belongings to load up her life into her Chevy Tahoe to relocate once again.

'At least my car is large enough for everything I own. Kind of sad though too. Where should I put you for the trip?' Buffy asked herself, as she tried to find a safe spot for her Scythe.

Buffy was rather pleased with herself once she was fully packed and loaded within 6 hours.

As soon as Buffy placed the last box in her car, she moved around to the drivers side of her car to start her trip back to the West Coast.

Seeing as though Buffy was alone, it has given her the time to go throughout everything again to learn everything that she could about certain players of the game.

'The 1st players I should familiarize myself with should be my new neighbors.' Buffy thought to herself as she continued driving her way back towards LA.

"Alright. Agent Eric Weiss. Field Agent for the last 9 years. Fluent in 4 languages, and fairly skilled in hand to hand combat. Not bad. Plus he will be living down the hall from me." Buffy was speaking to herself, as she continued on her trek across the country.

"Next Neighbor we have is Agent Sydney Bristow. Poor girl. Abducted 2 years ago, but all of her friends and family thought that she was dead. Been there done that. I feel for her. Maybe I can help her with seeing as though she will be living right next door." Buffy was musing to herself just before seeing an exit for a stop for some gas and food.

As Buffy took the closest exit, she veered off to the right to make her way to the all to familiar sign of a Pilot Gas Station.

As soon as Buffy had fueled up not just her car, but her stomach as well, she decided to get on her way once more. Hoping that she will get there sooner rather than later.

Mile by mile, Buffy had finally made her way back to California once again since the fall of Sunny-Hell.

"Let me find this address here." Buffy mumbled to herself, just as she turned on the road that her new building was supposed to be placed on.

"16847. Here it is." Buffy said to herself, as she pulled up to the gate for the buildings underground parking garage for the residents.

"WOW! Whistler sure did get it right this time." Buffy finished her musings, just a gentleman made his way over to the gate that Buffy was stopped at.

"Can I help you with anything Miss? This here is Private Property." The young man asked of Buffy once he had reached her car.

"Actually, I do need some help. I am actually a new resident. I can't seem to find a parking permit to get inside the place here in my welcome packet." Buffy responded instantaneously.

"Can I get your name please, and proof of Identification?" The man asked, as he moved to the mall enclosed office off to the side of the garage entrance.

"No Problem. My name is Buffy Summers. Well, I guess that it is Elizabeth Summers legally, but I go by Buffy." Buffy responded, as she handed over her Identification to the attendant.

"I think that you'll fit in well here in LA with a name like Buffy. As for your permit, that one was only a temp one anyways. Here is your permanent one. Try not to lose it because they cost like $30 to replace. Welcome to The Towers. Your spot is on level SL4. That means Sub Level 4. Spot #'s 6A and 6B." The man stated, as he handed Buffy back her Identification and parking permit.

"Is there a service elevator on that level to use, so I could unload my car?" Buffy asked the young man before driving through.

"All of the service elevators are at the back of the building. They are mainly used for the larger deliveries or larger trucks to be unloaded. It shouldn't be a problem or a bad idea to just use the main elevators. Luckily enough, your spots are right next to the elevators of that level." The man stated, just before adding on with, "Have a nice day Miss Summers, and welcome to The Towers." The attendant ended, just as the gate rose to let Buffy pull her car into the garage of her new home.

As soon as Buffy pulled into the garage, she followed the signs to SL4 to find her parking spots.

Buffy was please to see when she got out of her car that the elevators were in deed right next to her spots.

"I guess for now I'll just take in my suitcases for right now. Plus my Scythe too." Buffy said, as she began to stack her suitcases up to take more than one at a time.

'I guess that I should find a way to hide the Scythe.' Buffy thought to herself, just before remembering about her over the shoulder bag. "I'm so stupid!" Buffy scolded herself, as she grabbed the strap of her bag that was specially made for her to secretly carry almost any size of weapon discreetly.

As soon as Buffy hid the Scythe, she closed the bag, and locked up her car nice and tightly, just before grabbing her stack of wheeled suitcases and push the button for the elevator.

Just before the elevator had arrived, Buffy was joined by another resident that she recognized from his file that she had read on him on her trip here.

"Hey there. You new to the building?" The man asked that Buffy already knew almost everything about named Eric Weiss.

Buffy also noticed that he was standing next to his former partner Buffy knew the name as Michael Vaughn.

'Hummm. The man that is actually married to the spy. Interesting.' Buffy thought to herself.

Having to keep up the charade of having no clue as to whom either of them are, Buffy responded with..."Sure am. Hey there. Elizabeth Summers, nice to meet the two of you. You both live here?" Buffy asked as she ended, as she held her only free hand out.

"Nice to meet you too Elizabeth. I;m Eric. Eric Weiss." Was all that he said, as he grabbed Buffy's hand to shake.

As soon as Weiss was finished, Michael stepped up. "I'm Michael, but I don't live here. I'm just this guys best friend. Once a week we get together to watch a game with each other to see who will get on the others' nerves." Michael stated, as he too shook Buffy's hand as well.

Just after the intros, the elevator doors sprang wide open allowing the three entry to the inside of the lift.

"What floor do you need?" Eric asked of Buffy.

"10 please." Was all that Buffy replied with.

"Me too." Eric stated to nobody in particular.

"Really? I guess that that makes us real neighbors then." Buffy said with a smile and laugh, trying to keep on his good side seeing as though she will technically be his boss soon.

"As opposed to what, fake neighbors?" Eric's friend Michael asked with some confusion and a titch of humor.

"No. I just mean that we will be living on the same floor neighbors, instead of just the living in the same building neighbors. Same floor neighbors are way better." Buffy ended her babble, as she began to laugh at her own explanation.

'That was even worse that the whole cookie dough analogy that I gave to Angel a year ago.' Buffy thought to herself, as she began to calm her laughs down.

"That's' good to know. Which unit are you going to be moving into?" Eric asked of Buffy, just as the elevator passed the 8th floor stop.

"1012 actually." Was all that Buffy said in response, just before the elevators stopped at their floor.

"Do you need any help with your bags Elizabeth? Or anything else for that matter?" Eric asked, as the trio began to exit the elevator one by one.

Buffy's head was positioned forwards, so she completely missed the look of, 'Are you seriously trying to flirt with your new neighbor already?' look that Michael was giving to Eric.

"No. No. That's alright. Thanks though. I got these here, and only just a few boxes left still in the car. I have a dolly that should be left over from my furniture deliveries earlier on." Buffy responded, as she stopped directly in front of her new door of unit 1012.

"Welcome again!" Weiss shouted happily with a large smile, just before Michael pushed his buddy further down the hall to his own door as Buffy had entered her apartment.

As soon as Buffy had entered her place, she distinctively heard Eric Weiss ask Michael Vaughn, "What did you do that for?" with a laugh, just before the sound disappeared completely.

Buffy's first thought once she entered the apartment was, 'OMG! Whistler sure can deliver when he says he will.'

"I can't believe that I'm back in LA." Buffy said to herself, as she began to take a look around her new apartment.

Buffy was certainly pleased to note that the entire place was in fact truly fully furnished. Right down to even the fully stocked fridge that she hasn't seen since her mother was alive to do the shopping.

"I guess that I should find my bedroom to put my bags up." Buffy said to herself, as she grabbed he suitcases to head down the long hallway towards the rear of the apartment that she figured was the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Buffy stopped at the first door that was on the left to find a bathroom.

'Claw tubs. YES!' Buffy thought to herself, just before moving on to the next door.

The next door available was on the right side of the hall, directly across from the bathroom.

'Bedroom. I hope that this is a guest room. I certainly need more room than that for my clothes alone.' Buffy thought to herself, just before continuing on with her search.

Buffy was certainly pleased to high heaven once she realized that door #3 was in fact a training room/home gym.

'This certainly makes up for the fact if the other room is in fact the master bedroom.' Buffy thought to herself yet again.

Door by door, Buffy found either closets or other bedrooms. That was the case until she had finally reached the last available door.

'WOW! The 2nd time I know, but come on. NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BEDROOM!' Buffy thought excitedly, as she began to take a look around the bedroom after setting her luggage down by the California King Size Bed.

Buffy was so pleased that she not only had the perfect room, but also the fact that half the room was actually set up to act as her office as well.

'This is one fancy shmancy computer system.' Buffy thought to herself, as she sat down behind her new cherry oak desk.

Buffy quickly noticed that there were two blank labeled manilla folders that were setting just to the right of where she was sitting.

'I wonder what these are?' Buffy asked herself, as she moved to open the first one.

Once Buffy opened the folder, a lone piece of paper fell down to the ground at Buffy's feet.

"Curiouser and Curiouser." Buffy said, as she opened the folded note to read.

"Dear Slayer,

I set up an appointment for you to meet up with a Director Kendall and Director Dixon of the CIA tomorrow at 09:00. There will also be a representative or 2 of the NSA as well. As for the folders, take the one that this letter was in with you to the meeting. As for folder #2, that one actually has all the information that you asked for on the mole and her organization they work for. Now get to work, and make a plan up. As for the rest of your stiff in the car Slayer, it will be in the living room waiting on you. Consider it as a housewarming gesture from me to you. Good luck Slayer, an remember if you need me at all just give me a shout.

Your friendly neighborhood Balance Demon,

Whistler." Buffy finished reading the letter aloud.

"Well, let's get to work on that plan." Buffy said, just before she leaned back in her chair to peruse the file that was headed to the CIA.

"Alright. Milo Rambaldi. 15th Century Inventor and Philosopher. Seriously! All of this whole mess was caused by someone somewhere ages ago." Buffy questioned to herself as she continued reading on.

"Wow! This is one crazy ass dude. All of these people and Organizations actually kill people over this man's work?" Buffy questioned aloud once again, as she still continued to read silently.

"Seriously?" Buffy questioned, still trying to figure out exactly what she had gotten herself into this time around willingly.

Once Buffy put the file down, she decided to take a quick look around the room she claimed as hers.

Not only was there a huge California King bed, but also a matching cherry wood dresser and end table set. Plus, she found an actual wall safe that held a key in the lock that Buffy figured was the only way to open it.

'This sure will come in handy.' Buffy thought, as she placed all of the files that she had received over the past couple of days before deciding to turn in for the night to prepare for the circus that will begin tomorrow.