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SUMMARY: A year or so after the fall of Sunnydale, the PTB's come to Buffy to offer her a new fight. What will she do when it is something completely different than what she's used to? Will she be ready to move on? Better yet, will she finally find love? Let's find out together.

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PREVIOUSLY: Just as the duo made it to the range entrance, a voice was heard coming from behind them.

"Welcome back Jack!" An unknown to Buffy spoke out excitedly towards the newly re-admitted Agent.

"Thanks J.D. We are here for our qualifications for firearms. Are you the one giving them?" Jack asked, just after giving a man hug to the fellow Agent.

"Sure am Jack. We are just waiting on your new Boss to get here." Agent J.D. Fields stated, as they entered the shooting range area.

"That would actually be me Agent J.D...?" Buffy ended in a questioning tone to ascertain his last name.

I guess that now I'm Buffy the CIA Slayer...

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