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Chapter 2

The First Night

Not long after the ship carrying them had docked at the landing platforms, the passengers aboard disembarked with Ruby, Yang, and Lelouch leaving the parked craft while Jaune hurried off the ship to locate the nearest trash bin before another wave of nausea hit him. Leaving the motion sick young man behind the trio walked towards Beacon Academy before their eyes gazed upon its prominent landmark appropriately named Beacon Tower that was defined by being surmounted by some glowing green spheres as well as an intricate clockwork mechanism consisting of many interlocking cogs and gears.

The academy had the general appearance of a castle, which was probably intended in its design to make it a defensible position. This was deemed important considering it was also where Vale's CCT tower that was a critical part of the Cross Continental Transmit System that made communications between other nations across the world of Remnant possible, however, if one tower fell the entire system would fall apart rendering dialogue to the other countries of Remnant all but impossible.

Lelouch stood with Yang and Ruby on the Main Avenue leading up to the main academy buildings when Yang decided to break the silence and made a comment on Beacon.

"The view from Vale's got nothing on this!"

As some students, both old and new, began to walk by the group Ruby's eyes went wide and started sparkling at the sight of their weapons they held. Lelouch had a feeling this would happen since Ruby was in her own words 'a big geek' when it came to weapons, adoring whatever weapons she sees particularly if they are customized and built by others. Lelouch was amused by Ruby's over the top affection and wonder at the new weapons passing by her.

Instead of flowers or candies…Ruby Rose is the type of girl who would prefer a weapons catalog, new parts or a conversation to check out new weapon designs and pieces up close over anything ordinary. Lelouch mused in his mind as he watched Ruby show the same starry-eyed awe you would almost expect someone her age to save for a favorite singer or celebrity.

"Oh my gosh, sis that kid's got a collapsible staff!" Ruby exclaimed excitingly before almost wandering off to get a closer look at another weapon that caught her eye. "And she's got a fire sword!" Thankfully Yang was on hand to reign in her, in a literal sense, before she went overboard. "Ow! Ooww!"

"Easy there, little sister. They're just weapons!"

"'Just weapons'? They're an extension of ourselves! They're a part of us! Oh, they're so cool!" Ruby answered happily.

"Well, why can't you swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?" Yang asked, but her answer came after Ruby brought out Crescent Rose and transformed the weapon into its scythe mode.

"Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose! I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people, but better." The silver-eyed girl admitted.

Lelouch smiled and shook his head before deciding to slip away to leave the sisters to one another. He knew Ruby wasn't the best regarding social skills when it came to making new friends, although she befriended Nunnally and him through her uncle, Qrow. Beyond that Ruby didn't have any other friends because Ruby wasn't interested or she had trouble getting to know other people. Lelouch suspected the latter since Ruby usually had problems with big crowds and gatherings.

As Lelouch proceeded to walk down the broad walkway leading to the school, he was approached by someone who had known Lelouch from a long time ago.

"Lelouch…is that you?"

"Huh?" Lelouch said as he turned around to see a young man with brown hair and green eyes that seemed very familiar to him. He was the same age as Lelouch wearing a regal white uniform with gold trim and a black undershirt trimmed with gold as well to match his coat possessing a form-fitting turtleneck. He wore black boots and on his arms he wore a black and gold Samurai Gauntlets. His weapon of choice was a jousting lance with a golden blade and a white and gold trimmed hand guard and black hilt with a green gem on the bottom of the pommel.

"It's me Lelouch," Suzaku Kururugi said, "Suzaku."

"Heh, I almost I didn't recognize," Lelouch said as he knew the face was familiar, but seven years was a long time for friends to be separated.

"Well, the last time we saw each other was seven years ago before you got shipped off to Vale."

"A lot has happened since then." The black-haired young man said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I don't doubt that, but it's good to see you're doing alright," Suzaku said with a pleasant smile.

"I suppose I should say it could've been worse."

"True, but it wasn't though right? I was kinda worried you were not Lelouch all things considered." Suzaku said almost nervously because it would have been embarrassing if he had ended up mistaken Lelouch for someone else.

"I understand the feeling. Even I wasn't too sure for a moment there when I saw you."

"Yeah, but," Lelouch began, but their conversation was interrupted by a loud explosion nearby. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!"

"I don't know, but I can't tell where it came from," Suzaku said as he took off running with Lelouch following right behind him.

Unaware of the plight Ruby was finding herself in the two tried to locate the source of the explosion, but with no apparent signs of smoke, they couldn't get a good idea on the where the blast originated from. However, along the way, they ran into someone else Lelouch had met along in the past.

She had medium-length bright red hair that was spiked up with a fair complexion and blue eyes. She wore a uniform-style top with a turtle-neck collar that was blood red with purple trim and yellow buttons on it. She wore matching red shorts with thigh-high boots and fingerless gloves complete with a red headband on her head.

When she saw Lelouch, she hurried over to him and Suzaku.

"Lelouch is that you?" Kallen Kouzuki called out.

"Oh, it's you, Kallen, I am surprised I didn't see you on the airship from Vale," Lelouch said recognizing the red-head who was also a student from Signal Academy and was now among the new students to be enrolled into Beacon.

"Yeah well, my friend Velvet is already a student here, so she gave me a ride up here to get away from the crowd," Kallen said before a look of realization dawned on her face. "Oh that reminds me I should introduce you two after the initiation tomorrow, but depending on how long her mission is she and her teammates might be gone longer than that."

"Right I recall you telling me about her. Velvet is a second-year student right?" Lelouch said bringing one hand to his chin with a look of contemplation on his face before remembering Suzaku was with him. "Speaking of friends Kallen, this is Suzaku Kururugi. He was one of my friends from Atlas before coming here to Vale."

"It's nice to meet you." Kallen greeted as the two shook hands.


"So this is your friend when you were a kid before you came to Vale?" Kallen asked.

"Yes, although this is the first time we have seen each other in years I admit I almost thought he was going to be shipped off to Mistral?" Lelouch mentioned as he recalled that Suzaku once told him his family wished for him to eventually attend Mistral Academy.

Usually, members of the Kurugui Family attend Atlas Academy believing he would benefit from the discipline they enforce there. On the other hand, Suzaku has distant relatives in Mistral, so it wasn't heard of for members of the Kurugui Family to attend Haven Academy instead.

Next to the Schnee and Lamperouge Families, the Kurugui Family, was the third most influential family in Atlas with many political and business connections to Mistral dating back to the days of the great war roughly eighty years ago. This was because the Kurugui Family were descendants of the original rulers of Mistral before the monarchy was abolished following the end of the war, although despite losing such prestige and power their connections to Mantle, the predecessor kingdom to Altas, enabled them to survive and become a powerful family when Atlas became its own kingdom.

They also had strong ties to the Lamperouge Family since they were descendants from the original rulers of Mantle, a bloodline of kings who still managed to retain its position as a powerful family in Atlas with Charles Lamperouge's second eldest son, Schenizel Lamperouge, a member of the Atlas council alongside Suzaku's father, Genbu Kurugui.

The fact Suzaku was attending Vale instead of either Haven or Altas was genuinely unexpected.

"They did, but I improved since you left…regarding being more disciplined and they were concerned, I would be pressed into joining the Specials as do most of their graduates." The brown-haired young man explained.

"That's probably because you are expected to succeed your own father as a member of the Altas's council." Lelouch speculated, which Suzaku confirmed with a nod.

"Well as a leading member of the council of course," Suzaku added with a modest expression.

"Why don't we head over to the assembly hall since I think the welcoming ceremony is going to start soon?" Kallen suggested before she added. "We can continue our conversation there."

As Lelouch, Kallen, and Suzaku went to the assembly hall to find some good seats before the ceremony began another new student was walking about the campus. He was a young man with short brown hair and violet eyes, but he also had mouse ears on top of his head. Rolo Haliburton wore a black uniform with a light blue cravat complete with black gloves, a belt with holsters for his dual weapons and brown boots.

Rolo was making his own way to the assembly hall for the upcoming entrance ceremony, but along the way, he was stopped when a voice called out to him.

"What are YOU doing here?"

Rolo turned and saw a familiar face, a young woman who was one year his senior. The young woman in question had a light olive complexion possessing long, wavy black hair with a matching bow on top and amber eyes, complemented by light-purple eyeshadow flaring backward. Her eyes are slightly tilted upwards at the ends, giving her a somewhat catlike appearance. Her attire consists of black low-heeled boots and stockings that start off black at her hips, but gradually fade to purple as they near her feet.

On the outside of her stockings, there are white emblems similar to belladonna flowers. She wears black ribbons on both of her arms, with a black detached sleeve and a silver band on her left arm. The rest of her outfit consists of a black buttoned vest with coattails, and a white sleeveless undershirt that exposes part of her midriff with white shorts. Her shorts have a zipper on the front of each leg. She also wears a detached scarf-like collar around her neck.

"Well, I didn't expect to see you here Blake?" Rolo answered with a look of genuine surprise opposite to the openly hostile expression and tone coming from Blake Belladonna.

"Are you here for them?"

"Of course I am, but before you jump to conclusions, it's not about you. My job here is merely to observe and spy on the people here…nothing more." Rolo answered, but he knew this situation could end very badly for him if he weren't careful. "If you keep quiet about me, I won't tell anyone about your previous occupation, but if it helps I'll keep quiet about you, so Adam doesn't need to know."

"And I am supposed to trust your word on that?"

"Well it would be problematic for both of us if either side found out, but my job here is only to watch and observe, so you don't have to worry about me doing anything to harm the people in this academy," Rolo said trying to assure the disbelieving Blake who in spite of his claims remained wary of him.

"Fine, but if you make me regret keeping silent about you, then I'll make sure you'll come to greatly regret your own actions by the end," Blake warned before walking away.

Later on, after all of the new students assembled in the amphitheater Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen were in their own group standing by one another while Blake was in another corner of the amphitheater alone and slightly away from more massive gathering while Rolo was in his own corner keeping a safe distance away from Blake. Ruby and Yang, on the other hand, were meeting up with one another after the latter at the time had promptly ditched her younger sister to push her to make some new friends.

Unaware that her intentions did not have the desired effect she was hoping for.

"How's your first day going, little sister?" Yang asked cheerfully, indifferent to the scowl on Ruby's face while her arms were crossed over her chest.

"You mean since you ditched me and I exploded?"

"Yikes! Meltdown already?" Yang said, but she was under the wrong impression and was likely unaware of the small explosion that had happened earlier where poor Ruby had been at the heart of it.

"No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school! And there was some fire, and I think some ice...?" The younger girl said trying to explain what really happened, but she wasn't sure of a few small details.

Yang only smiled still unaware of her sister having been actually caught up in an explosion. "Are you being sarcastic?"

"I wish! I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage, and then she yelled at me, and then I sneezed, and then I exploded, and then she yelled at me again, and I felt really, really bad, and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me!" Ruby snapped, but she was utterly unaware that looming behind her was the girl in question from earlier.

She was a teenage girl of seventeen wearing a combat skirt consisting of light blue, white exterior, and red lining. She was wearing a pale blue bolero jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress. The back of the bolero displays the Schnee Crest, which bears a resemblance to a snowflake. She was armed with a custom weapon based on a rapier with a revolving camber built into the hilt of the weapon.

Weiss Schnee also wore an apple-shaped necklace along with a pair of thin, rectangular earrings. Weiss's heeled boots made her slightly taller than Ruby despite being two years her senior. Her long white hair is pulled back in an off-center ponytail, at the base of which is a small tiara that resembles icicles. She has a pale complexion and ice blue eyes with a crooked scar down her left eye.

"You!" Weiss snapped so suddenly that Ruby jumped right into her sister's arms.

"Oh God, it's happening again!"

"You're lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!" Weiss said reminding Ruby of the seriousness of what had happened earlier, which made it clear to Yang that Ruby's mentioned incident of exploding was more literally than figuratively.

"Oh, my God, you really did explode..." Yang said in a look of shock on her face but was thankful to see that her sister was unharmed for the most part.

"It was an accident," Ruby said quickly while climbing down from her sister's arms before she continued with her attempts at an apology. "It was an accident!"

Weiss said nothing, but instead, she held up a pamphlet to Ruby's face titled: DUST for dummies and other Inadequate Individuals.

"What's this?"

"The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy to follow guide to Dust applications and practices in the field." Weiss answered in a quickening pace to an increasingly confused and worried Ruby. The younger girl wasn't sure how to respond to that, so Weiss spoke asking her. "You really wanna start making things up to me?"


Weiss gave the pamphlet to Ruby. "Read this, and don't ever speak to me again."

"Look, uh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you start over and try to be friends, okay?" Yang said as she tried to mediate the hostility Weiss had towards Ruby for what happened.

"Yeah! Great idea, sis!" Ruby said eager to make amends to Weiss, but to perhaps try to at least establish a friendlier standing with the girl. "Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies!" The younger girl said while holding out her hand hoping her sister's suggestion would lead to a peaceful resolution.

"Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, blond, and scraggly over there!" Weiss replied seemingly cheerful about the idea before using gesturing to Jaune Arc, the unfortunate young man met earlier by Yang and Ruby with motion sickness.

"Wow, really?!"

Ruby was excited that it worked, but suddenly Weiss dashed those hopes as she looked annoyed and humorless at the same time.


Suddenly Glynda stood on stage tapping the microphone to ensure it was working before speaking.

"Good Afternoon and welcome to Beacon Academy, but before I turn over the stage to our headmaster who has some words to say I would like to introduce another key member of our academy," Glynda said, but she seemed reluctant. Glynda gestured to a woman who appeared younger with long green hair and yellow eyes and a pale skin complexion.

She wore a two-piece white uniform trimmed with gold and a bit of red around the shoulders complete with white gloves.

"This is our Guidance Councilor C.C. If there are times when you have an issue in regards to a matter of a personal nature that doesn't affect the academy as a whole, then Miss C.C. here can help you with your issues and provide proper guidance." Glynda Goodwitch said, but her expression was uneasy because she felt like she was lying through her teeth.

It didn't help that C.C. was munching on a slice of pizza without a care in the world which only irked the blonde haired instructor. C.C. noticed the students look at her, so she waved before returning her focus to her pizza.

"And now without further delay, I am pleased to introduce the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, Professor Ozpin," Glynda said before stepping aside to allow a middle-aged man with tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes to approach the microphone. Professor Ozpin possessed a light complexion and sharp facial features while wearing shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. The rest of his attire made him stand out which consisted of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green undershirt. He also wears black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants.

Some students applauded as Ozpin took the microphone.

"I'll... keep this brief." Ozpin began adjusting his spectacles. "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

Once he was finished, Ozpin stepped away from the microphone allowing C.C, who finished her pizza, to take the microphone.

"Alright, all of you new students are going to be spending the night in the ballroom. Then tomorrow morning we'll begin your initiation to determine if any of you has what it takes to be a student here. Be sure to have finished those personal injury waivers before tomorrow." C.C. said rather causally before leaving the stage.

Later that following evening, everyone gathered in the ballroom where they would be using sleeping bags provided to them. Considering the number of new students, it was impressive that it could fit them all inside the ballroom and even have enough space open between the students sleeping inside the large room for the evening. Lelouch was using his Scroll to review maps of the Emerald Forest where he learned from Kallen through her best friend Velvet is where the initiation test would be held which would determine teams.

The only other information he got was that the new students taking part would be dropped into the forest and expected to make their way to the other side to some old ruins where they would have to recover an artifact and then make their way back while fighting through the various Grimm infesting the area. Lelouch was using his Scroll to research a map of the area while planning out a route tomorrow, but he also took time to download the map onto his scroll so he could use it tomorrow.

For sleepwear, Lelouch was wearing a button up black pajama top with matching pants.

Next to him was Ruby who was wearing her own sleepwear consisting of a black tank top with a heart-shaped Beowolf design on the chest and white long pants with pink roses as decoration. On top of her head was a black sleeping mask with triangular red eyes reminiscent of the Beowolves. Although Lelouch was reluctant to sleep near Ruby, which was due more to the fact of how she was dressed and they were also of opposite genders, but Yang insisted since it would be good for friends to sleep near one another.

"It's like a big slumber party!" Yang exclaimed while dropping onto her own sleeping back to the right of Ruby's while Lelouch was in his own sleeping bag on her left.

Yang's sleepwear consisted of an orange tank top with her flame emblem on the front, and black boy shorts.

"I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys, though," Ruby said not even looking up from the letter she was writing, but like Lelouch, she did feel somewhat embarrassed to have someone of the opposite gender sleeping next to them.

"I know I do!" Yang said, seemingly unconcerned about Ruby's reservations, as she purrs as she eyed a few muscular, shirtless guys until Jaune wearing pajamas more suited for a child came into waving to her. His pajamas caused Yang to groan before turning her attention to Ruby. "What's that?"

"Oh, just a letter to the gang back at Signal Academy…I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going."

"Aw, that's so cuuuute!" Yang jokingly teased which earned her a pillow thrown at her face from Ruby.

"Shut up! I didn't get to take my friends with me to school! It's weird not knowing anyone here!" Ruby grumbled.

"What about Jaune? He's... nice!" Yang said while trying to be nice about it, but Jaune considering all he has seen him so far didn't quite impress her to put it nicely. "There you go! Plus one friend! That's a hundred percent increase!"

Ruby stopped writing for a moment to lie on her back. "Pretty sure Weiss counts as a negative friend. Back to zero…"

"There are no such things as negative friends! You just made one friend and one enemy!" Yang answered, but she was hit by another pillow, this one looked like a dog's face was upon it. "Look, it's only been one day. Trust me; you've got friends all around you! You just haven't met them yet! Besides you got Lelouch over there."

"Yes that is true, and there is someone I would like to introduce you to," Lelouch said looking up from his scroll as he gestured for Suzaku to come by.

"So you guys are the friends Lelouch made when he came to Vale," Suzaku said wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a green shirt as his choice of sleepwear.

"Ruby and Yang this is Suzaku, the friend I had back in Mistral that I told you two about," Lelouch said introducing the two to his friend.

"It is nice to meet you," Ruby said getting up to meet with Suzaku while Lelouch did the same before Yang joined the gathering.

"I would have introduced you three sooner, but I had lost track of you guys after the meeting," Lelouch noted.

"Hey, Suzaku I am Yang. Lelouch said a lot of good things about you being the only friend he had back in Altas."

"That's good to hear, but since we got reacquainted earlier today he has told me a lot about you two, and he has said some good things about you two as well."

"See you have made another friend already, so that is two friends and one enemy?" Yang said seeing how great introductions between Ruby and Suzaku were going.

"One enemy?" Suzaku asked.

"I guess early today Ruby was involved in a Dust-induced explosion with some spoiled rich girl," Yang explained much to Ruby's embarrassment.

"So that explosion Suzaku and I heard then was…" Lelouch said realizing the cause and source of the explosion he and Suzaku had heard earlier, but they couldn't find the source of it at the time.

"Yeah, I sneezed and set off some Dust causing an explosion," Ruby explained before Lelouch noticed something about that story.

"How exactly did enough Dust get into the air for you to set off?"

"Well, I guess it happened after she opened up one of those white cases she was carrying before waving around one of the vials filled with dust. I don't think any of it was closed very well." Ruby answered.

"I see," Lelouch replied with an investigative expression before he said, "and you believe you are at fault when really she caused that explosion when she waved around those poorly closed vials. If anything I think you are innocent."

"He has a good point," Suzaku said in agreement while he had one hand on his chin.

"Why weren't you there to defend me?" Ruby said now realizing if Lelouch had possibly been there then the situation might have been resolved more peacefully.

"I doubt my presence would have led to a peaceful resolution. In fact, I suspect it might have made things worse in one form or another." Lelouch replied with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Suddenly the sound of a match being struck drew their attention as all eyes fell on Blake Belladonna as she was leaning against a wall while sitting on the floor with a candle being lit set upon a chair next to her providing light for a book she was reading. Her own sleepwear consisted of a black yukata, with gray and white trimming.

"That girl..." Ruby said recognizing Blake from earlier who had intervened on her behalf, which indirectly stopped Weiss from verbally chewing her out further for the accident that occurred.

"You know her?" Yang inquired.

"Not really. She saw what happened this morning, but left before I could say anything." Ruby explained before Lelouch shook his head knowing where this was going.

"Well, now's your chance!" Yang said before proceeding to drag her younger sister towards Blake.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" The younger girl tried to protest, but it was no use as Suzaku and Lelouch watched Ruby get dragged away.

"I guess by the time this night is over Ruby will have made three friends and one enemy," Lelouch said followed by a chuckle of amusement.

"So I assume Yang is the type that is likely to push you into the water to teach you how to swim right?" The brown-haired young man said prompting a confirmation nod from Lelouch.

"Yes Yang is exactly like that, but she usually means well. Still just be sure to never make her angry, or you'll regret it because she can be quite the monster when angered." Lelouch mused with a grin as he and Suzaku observed Yang and Ruby speaking to Blake.

"Where is Kallen I thought you would have introduced her too?"

"I am not sure, but we should probably get to sleep," Lelouch said as he finished the previous work he had been doing his scroll before closing it for the night. "Not to mention I think those two are going to be up for quite a while."

"You sound like you have spent the night over with those two before?" Suzaku inquired.

"When we were a lot younger, I did with Nunnally, but there is one thing I learned. Once Yang and Ruby got their mind on something they could talk the night away." Lelouch said before climbing into his sleeping bag, but once he was settled, he brought out a pair of earplugs.

Suzaku thought earplugs seemed to be a little extreme, but he was sure Lelouch had a reason for it, so he decided to observe the exchange between Ruby, Yang, and Blake.

"Uh, yeah! My name's Ruby! But you can just call me Crater..." Ruby began smiling, albeit embarrassed, but she quickly changed her mind and ended her introduction with. "Actually, you can just call me Ruby."

"Okay," Blake replied returning her attention to her book she was trying to read.

"What are you doing?" Yang whispered to her younger sister who was clearly failing in her attempts to befriend the young woman.

"I don't know…help me!" Ruby replied in a quick whisper.

"So...what's your name?" Yang inquired much to Blake's slight annoyance at being interrupted again.


"Well, Blake, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister! I like your bow!"

"Thanks!" The black haired girl replied who was growing irritated by the interruption to her reading time.

"It goes great with your... pajamas!"


"Nice night, don't you think?" The cheerful blonde said trying to keep the conversation going.

"Yes…it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book!" Blake replied before she noticed Ruby and Yang were not taking the hint. "That I will continue to read, as soon as you two leave!"

"Yeah, this girl's a lost cause," Yang said catching the hint that Blake wasn't interested in a conversation let alone making new friends at this hour.

"What's it about?" Ruby asked much to Blake's surprise.


"Your book, does it have a name?"

"Well…I-it is about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body."

"Oh, yeah... That's real lovely!" Yang replied sarcastically, clearly books were not her all-time favorite.

"I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters…they're one of the reasons I want to be a Huntress!"

Blake seemed amused by this revelation laughing a little before asking, "And why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?"

"Well, I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books…someone who fought for what was right, and protect people who couldn't protect themselves!" Ruby replied proudly which Suzaku overheard which prompted a smile from his face.

"That's…very ambitious for a child," Blake said while her smiled suggested she was somehow touched by Ruby's desire in becoming a Huntress, but that smile turned into a frown before warning. "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

"Well, that's why we're here! To make it better."

"Oh, I am so proud of my baby sister!" Yang replied happily before hugging her sister and lifting her into the air.

"Cut it out!" Ruby shouted before kicking her sister to get free, which led into the forced sisterly bounding to turn into a comical dust cloud of violence between the two.

Blake merely shook her head at the display while Suzaku understood why Lelouch put earplugs into his ears. Blake on the other hand just smiled at the ongoing light-hearted clash between the siblings. "Well, Ruby, Yang, it's a pleasure to ha-"

"What in the world is going on over here?! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?" Weiss snapped approaching the scene wearing her own pajamas, a faded bluish sleeping gown with short sleeves and white trimmings, and her family logo on the upper-right chest. Weiss's presence caused Ruby and Yang to fault their clash upon Weiss's interruption.

"Oh, not you again!" Yang and Weiss said together at the same time upon seeing one another.

"Shh! Guys, she's right! People are trying to sleep!" Ruby said realizing that Weiss had a fair point since they were in a ballroom full with over a dozen people and more.

"Oh, now you're on my side!"

"I was always on your side!" Ruby shot back before Yang joined in.

"Yeah, what's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice!"

"She's a hazard to my health!" Weiss replied before Blake who had enough of the interruptions blew out the candle while Suzaku decided to go to sleep as well knowing that he would need his rest for what was coming tomorrow.

He just hoped that Blake, Ruby, and Yang would be able to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow.