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Chapter 4


As Lelouch and Kallen were facing their own troubles, they were not the only ones, but it was becoming apparent that the Grimm were not going to be the only foe they would face this day. For instance, the situation for Weiss and Ruby was not going well. Even though the pair had managed to fend off and escape from a pack of Beowolves that had ambushed them, but Weiss refer to it as anything but a battle.

It had been a disaster, which it was remarkable that none of them especially Ruby had been killed.

Ruby had a different view, unfortunately, which did not improve Weiss's mood by much.

"What was that?! That should've been easy!"

"Well perhaps if you had exercised even the slightest amount of caution with the placement of your strikes, I wouldn't have set the forest on fire!" The white-haired girl snapped at her while gesturing to the cloud of smoke to empathize her point as Weiss's patience with the younger girl strained to its limit.

Ruby, on the other hand, couldn't see what she did wrong. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just surprised someone who 'talks' so much, would 'communicate' so little, during an encounter!"

"Well, I'm sorry you need my help to win a fight. I'm just fine on my own!" Ruby snapped back crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well, congratulations on being the strongest child to sneak your way into Beacon. Bravo!"

Weiss sarcastically replied before walking away from her. Ruby reluctantly followed, letting out a cry of frustration she slashed at nearby tree with her scythe, the wicked sharp blade cut cleanly through the thick trunk causing the tree to topple to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lelouch and Kallen were finding it easier to cooperate compared to Weiss and Ruby, especially against such a dangerous foe. The Griffon took another attempt to tear a bite out of Kallen with its razor sharp hooked beak, which she narrowly ducked under before delivering a powerful uppercut to the underside of its beak, causing it to stagger back.

In spite of the vicious counterattack it received, the Grimm refused to retreat and abandon the fight.

Maintaining his distance, Lelouch fired his wrist launcher; a newly designed device Lelouch fashioned to complement and enhance his sword a few days ago in preparation for his enrollment into Beacon. From the launcher several prisms several prisms anchored themselves into nearby trees. These would act as new refraction points to reflect his sword's beam from which would allow him to attack from unexpected angles while Kallen kept the Griffin engaged ensuring its attention remained fixed upon her.

Preparations complete Lelouch reengaged the Griffon swinging his sword as a concentrated beam of energy extended from the blade's tip, increasing both its reach and power of his sword considerably. Unfortunately, Lelouch's attempt at a surprise attack failed to reach its intended target when the creature pulled itself back and launched itself into the sky missing its neck by a narrow margin. The griffon Grimm had retreated into the air, letting out a defiant roar as it did so. Despite this setback, however, Lelouch was unconcerned overall, though a little annoyed nevertheless.

I had hoped to end this quickly, but... Lelouch's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another roar.

"Incoming!" Kallen shouted.

Behind them, descending from the skies were twenty more griffons. Even though they were half the size of the Griffon the duo had already been fighting, being at least eight feet in height, their numbers poised a serious problem.


Kallen and Lelouch were surprised by the voice, but the two instantly recognized who it belonged to.

Suzaku announced his presence to the Grimm by firing a crimson beam of energy from his lance before he activated its third transformation that separated the lance-style weapon into a pair of long swords. Close behind Suzaku was Rolo whose dual daggers transformed into pistols.

"Your timing couldn't have been better Suzaku," Lelouch said grateful for the unexpected, but much appreciated back up for the fight ahead of them.

The trees should prevent them from swooping down directly at us, but their numbers are still a problem. If we could only lure them someplace where we can create a bottleneck, Lelouch thought while scrambling to develop a plan.

An idea soon came to mind.

"Suzaku," Lelouch called out as he quickly tried to relay what he had in mind, "coordinate with Kallen and draw their attention, and keep them focused on the two of you."

"Ok!" Suzaku replied adjusting his stance as the first of the flying Grimm began to attack them.

"You," Lelouch said pointing to Rolo, "Provide fire support for Suzaku and Kallen."

"What about you?" Rolo inquired.

"I just need a few minutes," Lelouch replied as he readied his wrist launcher.

I can use the reflection points I have already placed, but the angles aren't ideal for airborne targets. I'll need something to extend their range into the sky.' Lelouch thought as his wrist launcher expanded its mold and injected fire and earth Dust forming a larger glass prism.

Around the same time, Kallen delivered another powerful uppercut to one Griffon stunning it and allowing Suzaku to cleave it in half with his twin swords. In retaliation, another Griffon dived in an attempt to rake its claws across Suzaku's back, but Kallen killed it with a devastating beam of crimson energy. To keep their number's manageable Rolo used his pistols to provide suppressive fire. Occasionally when a Griffon tried to close in on him, he used his semblance to immobilize it before switching to his combat knives to behead it.

Even so, no matter how many they slew the Grimm's numbers didn't seem to diminish.

"Alright," Lelouch said as he finished quickly checking the large prism in his wrist launcher for imperfections. Although it was just a scaled up version of his regular prisms, Lelouch hadn't attempted to manufacture one this large before so some of the angles of refraction may be somewhat unpredictable. "I need to time this just right."

Lelouch took careful aim with his wrist launcher with one arm extended, while holding his sword at the ready in the other.

Now, Lelouch thought while firing the large prism into the air above the tree line and into the middle of the horde of the attacking Griffons. "EVERYONE, TAKE COVER!"

Lelouch took aim with his sword and fired a beam directly into the prism, which in spite of the distance hit the mark causing the beam to be split into multiple beams being refracted in numerous directions; even striking some of the prisms Lelouch had already embedded into the trees near the treetops. The result was a dazzling display of light slicing through the sky, which resulted in most of the Griffons and parts of the forest being cut to ribbons.

Suzaku and Kallen seized the opportunity and used it to attack the remaining Griffons that survived the onslaught, and since they were preoccupied with evading the multidirectional attack, they were left open to attack from the pair. Rolo had even taken advantage of Lelouch's assault to freeze one in place to ensure it was beheaded by one of Lelouch's beams. Though the largest of the Griffons had avoided being slain by the beams its size prevented it from completely evading the attack. Its left wing sliced off by one or more beams sending it plummeting towards the ground allowing Lelouch to finish it off with a focused beam from his from his sword that pierced its neck of the creature killing it.

Lelouch smirked as Suzaku, Rolo and Kallen finished mopping up of the remaining Griffons. Kallen let out a sigh of exhaustion as the last of the Grimm collapsed upon the ground as its body began to evaporate; although Lelouch was also exhausted he knew they didn't have much further to go.

"That was one heck of a plan, Lelouch. I think you got most of them with that," Suzaku complimented.

"I think you should've opened with that one," Rolo added.

Lelouch wiped some sweat from his brow before he answered. "It works best if I can funnel them all into a narrow area."

"I wonder how the rest are doing." Kallen inquired after stretching her left arm.

"I am sure they're fine," Lelouch replied with a smile.

Jaune Arc let out a scream after unknowingly disturbing a Death Stalker lurking within a cave; a cave Lelouch knew from studying the maps of the region was a favorite den for subterranean Grimm.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha Nikos cried out for concern for the young man, but the charging Death Stalker forced her to beat a hasty retreat out of the cave.

"It not the relic!" Jaune repeatedly shouted at the top of lungs while holding onto the Death Stalker's stinger for dear life.

Watching them alongside the other instructors of Beacon Academy, C.C. merely shook her head at Jaune's predicament. She was standing at the top of the cliff using a scroll similar to the ones held by the instructors to monitor the other students.

"Let's check on Marianne's child again," C.C. said before switching cameras to the ones tracking Lelouch's movements.

A small smile appeared on C.C.'s face as she followed Lelouch's progress very closely.

"He has a long way to go, but I think you'll agree he might be perfect for your needs." C.C. said seemingly speaking to no one in particular.

Though no one responded, C.C. continued her seemingly one-sided conversation. "Well, you and I both know the irony of it does add a certain appeal all things considered, especially to you."

C.C. was quiet again for a few minutes apparently listening to some sort of response before answering. "Very well I'll visit him tonight."

Unaware of the conversation regarding him, Lelouch, and his group continued their trek along the mountain path knowing it would take them to the pickup point.

Lelouch didn't know how much time had passed since their clash with the Griffons, but he knew they were getting close since after their battle against them their path has steadily gone more uphill. So far they had yet to come across any of the other students besides Suzaku and Rolo. Thankfully they didn't encounter any additional Grimm. Still, there wasn't any reason to assume they wouldn't face any further obstacles along the way with Lelouch and the others on high alert.

"How much further until we reach the pickup zone?" Rolo asked starting to feel tired from the long walk up the mountain path.

At present, the group was passing by a steep cliff after emerging from the forest which Lelouch knew was close to where they were meant to meet their instructors once they had recovered the relics.

"We should be there soon since we are back on top of the cliffs where we were launched from, so we should just keep following this path until we find them," Lelouch answered.

"I see someone ahead of us," Suzaku said noticing two figures in the distance.

Sure enough, two figures were waiting for them up ahead, although they were still some distance away, appearing to be small afterimages in the distance.

"I see them too," Rolo added before Lelouch pulled out a pair of small binoculars to confirm who was ahead waiting for them in the distance.

One of them possessed messy green hair with a disheveled appearance consisting of a partly tucked in white shirt and black pants with a yellow tie and round glasses. The older man's companion appeared to be a tad overweight, with white hair and a thick mustache wearing a double-breasted burgundy suit with gold piping and buttons. Unlike his companion, his attire was much neater with his pants tucked into olive boots.

It took them a few more minutes to reach, but once they approached the professors the older of the two greeted them.

"Bravo! You four are among the first to make it back," Professor Peter Port congratulated.

"Your methods of travel were interesting, to say the least," Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck said in usual rapid fire pace while glancing to Lelouch, Kallen, and Suzaku before focusing his attention solely on Lelouch. "However, I must applaud you on your advanced preparation in taking a map of the forest and studying it thoroughly."

"You sound as if no one done that before?" Lelouch asked seemingly wary of how hyperactive Doctor Oobleck was.

"You would be surprised young man," Professor Port replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "But before we go any further, please present your relics."

Lelouch and Suzaku each presented the king pieces the two had retrieved.

"Well done all of you. Now you can board the transport behind us, and it will take you back to Beacon where you can rest, and recover while you wait for the remaining students to finish." Doctor Oobleck replied before gesturing to a small landing zone where four Bullhead transports sat waiting for use, each one had a pilot behind the controls in the cockpit.

"In the meantime, we'll go over your performance and grade you accordingly, but I will say you have all performed very well." Professor Port remarked.

"Thank you," Lelouch said before he, Suzaku, Rolo, and Kallen walked over to one of the waiting transports to be carried back to Beacon Academy.

Upon returning to Beacon Academy, the group was asked to wait in the mess hall until everyone else was finished and had returned to the school. It was merely a question of how long the wait would be, and if anyone would be dismissed for failing to pass the initiation test.

"Checkmate," Lelouch said after he cornered Suzaku's king with his bishop.

Suzaku merely sighed with a self-deprecating smile, "I shouldn't be surprised that your skill at chess hasn't yet diminished."

"You've improved though, so don't think badly of yourself."

Lelouch and Suzaku were engaged in a game of chess while Kallen was reading a weapons catalog, and Rolo was napping with his head on the table buried in his arms.

It was late afternoon with the skies outside turning orange as a sign the sun was beginning to set behind the horizon. Since Lelouch and his group had returned, it was a few hours before others began to trickle into the mess hall.

Then finally Ruby, Yang, and Weiss arrived followed by Blake. Around the same time Jaune, Pyrrha, and two others Lelouch didn't recognize entered the mess hall.

One of them was a young woman with shoulder-length orange hair and turquoise eyes wearing a customized outfit consisting of a pink skirt, a sleeveless white top with matching sneakers. Following her was another young man with shoulder-length black hair, possessing a single streak of magenta on the left side of his hair that matched his eyes. His attire consisted of a dark green and black long-sleeved tailcoat with light-tan pants and black shoes.

"There he is!" Yang pointed, spotting Lelouch with Suzaku.

"It's about time you guys finished," Lelouch called out to them before glancing at his scroll's clock.

"What!? How long have you all been waiting?" Ruby asked.

"We've been here for quite some time, we were among the first to finish." Suzaku answered much to Ruby's surprise.

"How did you finish so fast?" Ruby demanded while Weiss looked at him curiously.

"Well, you did see where Lelouch landed was by the temple where we were supposed to go." Yang pointed out recalling coming across what she deduced what was where Lelouch had landed judging by the devastation his weapon tends to leave in its wake.

"Even so, how did you find your way back?"

"I had a map of the forest on my Scroll. I know I forwarded you two a copy as well," Lelouch pointed out holding up his scroll. Ruby began fidgeting nervously purposely not making eye contact with Weiss who narrowed her eyes at Ruby.

Abandoning his game with Suzaku, Lelouch stood from his chair and hugged Yang. "I didn't need it, but the thought was appreciated." Yang causally brushed it aside returning his embrace. Jaune and Nora watched them, feeling envious.

"He makes that look easy," Jaune muttered.

"Tell me about it." Nora groused.

"You two seem quite close." Blake observed. She had been hanging back watching the three groups interact while simultaneously keeping one eye on the mouse playing possum.

"We practically grew up together on Patch, he and his little sister have been hanging out with us for donkey's years, before attending Signal Academy together." Yang explained. "The four of us get along great."

"You mean when you aren't pushing me into any sizable body of water." Lelouch quipped. Yang playfully slugged him in the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Weiss turned on Ruby glaring daggers at her.

"YOU HAD A MAP!?" Weiss snapped causing Ruby to hang her head in shame. "We were lost, and you could've brought up a map! So many problems could've been avoided!"

"Well…I…" Ruby cringed under Weiss's admonishment.

Separating from Yang, Lelouch asked rhetorically. "You were so panicked about finding your sister that you completely forgot about it didn't you?" Ruby's guilty expression confirmed this to likely be the truth.

"A map would've been handy." Jaune lamented. Pyrrha sympathetically patted him on the back.

"Pfffffft. Who needs maps, just follow the Grimm." Nora interjected. Ren face palmed shaking his head.

"That didn't turn out so well for me." Jaune pointed out.

"Oddly enough, it did direct us to the ruins in a roundabout way," Pyrrha noted the silver lining; despite everything that happened she seemed to be secretly having fun. "Great work Jaune."

Lelouch found that response and reasoning questionable, but he realized it was most likely out of consideration for Jaune who apparently had a difficult time during the test. He wanted to question them further, but decided to change the subject instead.

"Anyway, it looks like you've made some new friends Ruby," Lelouch said looking at Weiss, Blake, Nora, and Ren.

"That's right!" Suzaku said realizing he had almost forgotten something, "I forgot to introduce you, Weiss this is my friend, whom I've told you about."

"So you're Lelouch then?" Weiss asked.

"I am," Lelouch answered politely. "You must be Weiss Schnee?"

"Suzaku has told me quite a bit about you."

Lelouch chuckled in amusement "Has he now."

Although Weiss maintained a friendly expression, she was mentally kicking herself for overlooking one of the academy's more promising students who would've been ideal to have on her team. Though he was a member of the Lamperouge Family, she had heard about the events surrounding his mother and what happened to her children following her demise. As such, she doubted that her family would be alarmed if they learned that she became associated with him.

Why did I end up being stuck with someone like her? Weiss thought bitterly while casting an annoyed glance at Ruby.

"And you are..." Lelouch asked the others.

"Jaune Arc, nice to meet you."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am Lie Ren."

"Nora Valkyrie," Nora greeted energetically shaking Lelouch's hand, "you seem like a nice guy!"

"Thank you," Lelouch replied while struggling to free his hand from Nora's iron grip.

"Hello there, I'm Pyrrha," Pyrrha Nikos greeted.

"Ah! I've heard of you," Lelouch said recognizing her. "Your performances at the Mistral Regional Tournaments were most impressive."

"Thank you," Pyrrha replied self-consciously modest.

"Blake," Blake said offering a brief self-introduction.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

With that, introductions were concluded and the group spent the remainder of the day chatting together until early evening. After the sun had set below the horizon and the moon had begun to rise, the newly formed teams who had passed were summoned back to the auditorium. Professor Ozpin accompanied by Glynda was standing together on the stage preparing to congratulate the newly created teams and nominate the leaders of each one.

Seeing that everyone was in attendance, Professor Ozpin tapped the microphone to get everyone's attention.

"I would like to thank all of you for not only successfully retrieving the relics but for returning safely. After monitoring and grading your performance accordingly, we shall begin with forming our first new team." Ozpin announced.

Glynda silently ushered Lelouch, Suzaku, Rolo, and Kallen onto the stage since they were the first team to finish.

As they approached the center of the stage, Professor Ozpin began to speak.

"Our first team consists of Suzaku Kururugi, Kallen Kōzuki, Lelouch Lamperouge, and Rolo Haliburton." Ozpin stopped speaking as he waited for Lelouch and the others to stop before him, each of them standing side by side, beginning with Lelouch on the left followed by Suzaku, Kallen, and Rolo. "You four have retrieved the black king pieces, so from this day forth you shall be Team LKRS (pronounced licorice) led by, Lelouch Lamperouge."

The crowd applauded while Yang was hardly surprised that Lelouch was named the leader. The man with the plan. She mused.

"As expected I suppose," Suzaku mused with a smile.

After shaking hands with Professor Ozpin, the newly formed Team LKRS stepped off the stage to await the other teams receiving their new destinations and leaders.

Over a dozen new teams were formed, one of them being Team CRDL (Cardinal) before Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren took to the stage.

"Jaune Arc. Lie Ren. Pyrrha Nikos. Nora Valkyrie. The four of you retrieved the white rook pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team JNPR," Ozpin announced before announcing who their leader would be, something that would surprise everyone. "Led by, Jaune Arc!"

"Huh? L-Led by," Jaune said clearly confused and surprised by his nomination as the leader.

"Congratulations, young man," Ozpin replied before Pyrrha offered a friendly shoulder bump that unfortunately led to Jaune falling onto his face much to his embarrassment and the amusement of the crowd.

I think he's in for a rough year, Lelouch thought upon observing this turn of events. Having heard little on his performance, Lelouch wondered if Jaune had some hidden potential if he was chosen to be a leader. A diamond in the rough perhaps?

Once Jaune and the others had left the stage, the former trying to regain as much dignity as he could in spite of what happened. Following them were Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and Blake as they were the next and last team to take the stage.

"And finally: Blake Belladonna. Ruby Rose. Weiss Schnee. Yang Xiao Long. The four of you retrieved the white knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team RWBY," Ozpin said as the overhead monitor displayed a photo of them over the first letter of their respective names before he made another surprising leadership nomination. "Led by, Ruby Rose."

Weiss was surprised, but Yang happily hugged her younger sister and congratulated her while Ruby was just as equally shocked by her being appointed a leader.

I didn't see that one coming, Lelouch thought. Honestly, he had expected it to be Yang, Blake was seemingly content to defer to her. Weiss while appearing to be competent already had several personality clashes with her teammates prior to joining. His impression of Ruby however, was that of an iron ingot in the process of being forged, forging that should have continued at Signal for another two years. Instead, she was unexpectedly transferred to Beacon and now the leader of her very own team to boot. I don't envy Yang.

Not only would Yang have to back up her younger sister when Ruby made decisions as the leader, but she would also have to restrain Ruby's recklessness without undermining her authority in front of the others.

It was only a question of how they would deal with Weiss, as Lelouch suspected she wasn't going to accept the decision easily.

Lelouch sighed, Only time will tell.

Later that night each team would retire to their assigned rooms, each room had four beds and all four team members shared the same room regardless of gender.

It was before midnight; Suzaku, Rolo, and Kallen were sound asleep while Lelouch was awake and stood before the open window of their newly shared dorm. Interestingly their dorm room was next-door to Team RWBY's, although they had gone to bed early Suzaku and the others with Lelouch's help had taken time to get their room mostly organized, tomorrow after classes they would unpack their gear and take care of any additional touch-ups.

Even though Lelouch should be asleep, he had something he had to do. Ok… this should work for now, but I'll need to find someplace private.

Lelouch had changed into all-black attire with a hood to help conceal his face, after taking a deep breath and concentrating he began to levitate into the air before slowly, and carefully, maneuvered himself carefully through the window taking to the air.

Easy does it…

Despite the fact he was floating through the air Lelouch remained cautiously optimistic, this was partly due to the fact he didn't understand how he came to possess such abilities. He had initially assumed it was somehow tied to his semblance, but Lelouch found that unlikely as these powers were drastically different in nature when compared to his semblance.

He had discovered he possessed such abilities purely by accident.

It was a year ago on a similar evening, but instead of sneaking away to train in secret Lelouch Lamperouge had different plans for that evening. Wearing similar dark attire, but in conjunction with the hood, Lelouch wore a black ski mask to better conceal his own identity.

Ever since his mother was murdered, Lelouch suspected Charles's other mistresses had been possibly involved given their resentment for her commoner status. Of course, Lelouch didn't solely suspect them, but with little resources and information to work with he knew his own efforts would be severely limited.

So he decided to procure some by stealing from the local gangsters operating along the docks of Vale.

Using information he purchased from a 'certain' night club owner who ran a side business as an information broker, as well as a few other questionable services. Lelouch was intent on breaking in, using his semblance, and seize their ill-gotten gains for himself; however, things went horribly wrong. The security was much tighter than he had anticipated causing the gangsters being alerted to his presence, although they couldn't discover his identity from a glance Lelouch knew he had to escape.

Dealing with Grimm one thing, but humans were a different matter entirely regardless of whether they were trained to use their semblance or not. He wanted to avoid using his Semblance if at all possible, while only a few people in Vale knew about his Semblance should word reach their ears he'd rather not have to explain himself to them if he could help it.

"I think the little snoop went this way?!"

Lelouch ran through a dark alley between two warehouses in a desperate effort to escape, although he could use his semblance on them they would remember their usage of it if they survived tonight.

Lelouch's semblance was called Domination, it gave him the power to order a target or targets within his line of sight that made eye contact with him and compel them to follow any order he gives. Its limitations were that its effect would last until the order was either complete, or as long as Lelouch remained conscious upon which point the victim would be released with full memory of what happened while under his control. This was very useful for interrogation purposes, but another limitation is that the victim will carry out the order to the best of their ability if they are unable to perform a specific order or provide a proper answer instead directing them to someone else.

Of course the men under his thrall could end up killed in the resulting conflict, but Lelouch feared such a move was more likely to backfire unless they were killed.

Knowing he couldn't outrun them Lelouch began looking for someplace to hide until he could shake off pursuit. As his eyes desperately scanned around the area, Lelouch found an open window that was just within his reach if he could get on top of those crates in front of it. Lelouch was willing use to his semblance but only as a last resort, those he used it on tonight would have to die afterwards. But killing them carried its own risks, which Lelouch didn't want to deal with especially if the authorities were to discover he had those men killed by use of his semblance. Individuals with mind control powers were often vilified regardless of how they used their abilities.

It would create problems for not only me, but Nunnally as well.

Thankfully, despite how tired his body was from running, Lelouch had managed to enter the warehouse through the window and quickly sought a place to hide. Finding some stairs Lelouch climbed up to the second floor where a serious of catwalks led across most of the upper interior leading to a small office.

I'll barricade myself inside for now and I'll wait until morning, Lelouch decided.

The office wasn't locked, but once inside Lelouch closed the door and locked it. However Lelouch cautiously kept an eye on lower area of the warehouse just in case the men chasing him would track him inside the warehouse.

Minutes passed, and nothing happened… yet when Lelouch began to believe that the coast was clear he heard a door being kicked in.

"I am certain the little bastard came in here," one of the men shouted as his voice echoed.

Damn it, Lelouch cursed.

They didn't attempt to turn on the lights within the warehouse so as to avoid drawing unwanted attention, but Lelouch knew that would be a temporary relief at best. From his vantage point Lelouch counted twelve men entering the warehouse and spreading out, but he was already devising a plan of escape.

Is there is a ladder that goes to the roof? Then maybe I can jump to the other warehouse next to this one and escape, Lelouch wondered while a plan came to mind.

He just had to hope he could get across safely.

Thankfully the gangsters were focused on searching the lower levels providing Lelouch a chance to search for a way to the roof. He saw the red lights across the full length of the warehouse, which Lelouch hoped would be an access hatch to the roof. Lelouch avoided a direct route since the noise from his steps walking along the catwalk could alert them. Lelouch quietly made his way to the far side of the warehouse while at the same time kept an eye on the gangsters below. Lelouch was relieved when he found the red light did indeed reveal an access hatch to the roof.

Slowly, Lelouch opened the hatch and made his way onto the roof and closing it as quietly as he could.

Lelouch didn't want to waste time, but he knew any running along the roof would alert the gangsters. Even more worrying was the fact that he would need a run up to make the jump to the other side, while he was certain the roof was thick enough that they wouldn't hopefully hear him, the problem was that he had never attempted such a jump before.

I got no choice or I'll have to use my semblance.

Taking a deep breath Lelouch made a run for the edge of the roof, but upon jumping the edge he quickly realized he was going to fall short of the distance. Yet as the fear and adrenaline rushed through his system almost prompting him to scream he suddenly stopped in mid-air.


Lelouch was confused, which left him wondering did he die before realizing it. Uncertain as to whether this was real, he pinched his cheek to be sure, and sure enough he felt pain confirming he was still alive.

Am I… floating…?

"Someone check upstairs," the muffled voice of one of the gangsters from inside the warehouse shouted.

I have to get out of here!

Despite his surprise and confusion Lelouch quickly made use of it to cover the remaining distance to the next roof. Lelouch had some difficulty using this new ability he had unwittingly discovered, gradually making it easier to escape once he realized he wasn't capable of levitation, but limited flight as well too.

Is this also part of my semblance?

He couldn't conceive how the ability to float and literally walk on air could be remotely related to his semblance which only deepened the mystery of how he could possess such abilities.

Regardless despite that night's close call, Lelouch was determined to explore this new ability, and soon discovered that he was capable of so much more than he could've possible imagined.

Moments after Lelouch departed through the window – for some strange reason – Rolo whom had being pretending to be asleep rose from his bed and glanced towards the open window and then the other bed's occupants.

He had been waiting forever for Lelouch to go to sleep as well, but his unexpected departure suited Rolo's purposes just fine. Satisfied that no one else was awake, Rolo took out his Scroll, its screen dimed so as not disturb anyone in the room. He typed a brief message.

[Infiltration successful. Commencing surveillance.]

With that done he put his Scroll away and went to sleep.

This should be far enough.

Lelouch found a small clearing out of sight and a safe distance away from the academy inside a forest of trees that surrounded it. He set an alarm clock on his Scroll to warn him when needed to return to his dorm before proceeding to tap into his usual abilities again as he reached out with his right hand causing a fallen tree branch to start levitate off the ground.

Using one hand Lelouch held it suspended in the air, but in his other hand, Lelouch began conjuring a flame within it. Throughout his many nights spent trying to decipher his new ability, Lelouch discovered he was capable of conjuring elemental powers without Dust including and conjuring fire, water, ice, wind, and earth and manipulate those same elements in a similar, yet more potent, effect as using Dust in its raw form.

He had even found ways to use some of his abilities without anyone noticing such as subtly using telekinesis during his battle against the Griffons by either restraining largest one from moving too far away, or by controlling his prisms trajectory to ensure they were anchored where he needed them.

Such discoveries only made Lelouch eager to experiment more and see what else he could do, but even so, the mystery behind how he had such abilities eluded him.

Well, I would never have expected this, C.C. mused as she observed Lelouch from a safe distance while hiding behind a tree.

Despite Lelouch's efforts to remain unseen and his departure from Beacon Academy had overall gone unnoticed, C.C. had been keeping a close eye on him following the conclusion of the Entrance Ceremony and even with some difficulty had tailed him as he left the academy.

"So are you satisfied?" C.C. whispered, but after waiting a few moments, a smile graced her lips. "Very well, I guess your champion has been chosen. I'll see if he'll meet your expectations."

After spending an hour training and trying to further his own abilities after which the alarm Lelouch had set went off, he quietly made his way back to his dorm room while mindful to avoid being seen.

I hope I can wake up on time tomorrow, Lelouch thought as he slipped below the covers ready to allow himself to drift off into a deep slumber.

Once he was completely asleep however, C.C. appeared in his room before resting her right index finger upon Lelouch's forehead with a smile on her face. A red glow appeared on Lelouch's forehead, which wasn't bright enough to wake neither him nor anyone else.

With a grin on her face and her work done C.C. left as silently as she came.

This promises to be an interesting school year.

LKRS Chibi: Episode One

(Meeting Ruby)

A ten year old Lelouch was busy mixing cookie dough in a large mixing bowl before adding in chocolate chips. It had been a few months since they had moved to the Island of Patch with the help of Qrow Branwen, but the siblings were now settled in so to celebrate Lelouch was baking cookies for his sister Nunnally.

Even though he was a child Lelouch was very meticulous when it came to cooking, but the results of his careful labors were always worth it.

After putting the cookies in the oven for a time they were finished.

"Brother are the cookies ready yet? They small very good," Nunnally Lamperouge called from the other room.

"They are almost ready Nunnally they just need to cool first," Lelouch answered.

Lelouch sat the plate of cookies atop an open window allowing the cool air from the outside to cool them down quicker, but one moment later after Lelouch went to clean up he discovered the plate was gone.

"What the?!"

Fearing the cookies might've fallen over Lelouch poked his head out the window before the sound of someone chewing caught his ear. Looking down he saw a young girl with black hair and red streaks wearing a red dress with a white shirt.


"EEP!" A eight year old Ruby Rose cried out as she panicked before running away.

Lelouch tried to grab the plate but he ended up tumbling out the window, but somehow he had managed to save the rest of cookies despite half of the plate's contents being consumed.

"What happened brother?" Nunnally asked from the kitchen, "brother?"

"I am outside Nunnally we had a cookie thief." Lelouch said as he got up placing the plate back on the window frame before dusting himself off.

"Did you scare them off?"

"Yeah I did."

A/N: And that is the chapter and the formation of Team LKRS is official.

LKRS Chibi is something of a minor omake and to serve as a comical story of how Lelouch and Nunnally would meet and bond with Ruby and Yang, and that being said you guys can probably guess how Lelouch and Yang would meet?

Instead of actual Chibi they are the cast as young children which is…kinda close to being Chibi…or maybe not.

Either way I intend for them to be funny and informative at the same time while paying homage to the RWBY Chibi clips and their episodes.

Speaking of which more on how Yang, Ruby and Lelouch became friends will be revealed in the coming chapters while more about C.C.'s own agenda and what her goals are will be revealed at a much slower pace.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the chapter.