The reappearance of an important person in Jasper's life coincided with the lowest point of his vampire life. He would argue that it was the lowest point in his whole life, but he couldn't remember the first nineteen years of his life as a human. He had just finished a piece on the piano in an exclusive little lounge in Surrey when he felt a whirlwind of emotion enter just as he was stepping down from the platform. The flood of positive emotions left him feeling high and almost euphoric, something that Jasper Hale rarely experienced.

'I've been looking for you for a long time, Jasper Whitlock.' The black haired, green eyed creature said softly. Jasper was only able to understand by reading his lips because his words were drowned out even to his acute hearing by the applause following his performance. He frequently haunted this establishment late at night and the piano music helped soothe his troubles the way humans could drink theirs away. Suddenly he longed to hear those lips speak, to hear the man's voice. The man himself was still staring up at him, as if waiting for a response, those vivid green eyes widened a little before he gave a half smile. "Ah, you probably don't remember me… I probably don't even look the same."

He had a strong British accent, which surprised Jasper. If he had been human his brow would have furrowed from how hard he was concentrating. Something was just out of reach in his consciousness, like a dream that the more you tried to recall the more it slipped from your grasp. He knew this man, but if he didn't remember him then he must have known him from before he was turned, which was impossible since he had been turned almost a century and a half ago. The stranger reached out slowly, as if to give him enough time to pull away should he wish to, and grabbed his hand. But he found that once in his grasp he didn't want to pull away. The smaller hand was warm and comfortable and so frustratingly familiar. He led him down a side hallway that he hadn't seen any of the times that he had been here before and exchanged words with one of the waiters in a language that Jasper didn't quite understand but that sounded suspiciously like Latin. They were admitted into a booth and once they sat down all the noise from the lounge disappeared. It was a little unsettling for the vampire, both from the absence of sound so suddenly and because of how intimate a setting it suddenly became with those familiar yet strange green eyes staring at him from across the small table. He could hear the other's heartbeat loudly in the absence of any other noise and was unsurprised when it beat a little erratically, people tended to sense the danger of being so close to a monster and their instincts would set them on edge. But it wasn't fear that he could sense from the boy, it was a happiness tinged with a little nervousness, which Jasper found odd.

"I'm not quite sure where to start," He trailed off and looked uncertainly at Jasper.

The waiter stepped up to their booth, placed two goblets in front of them and excused himself. Jasper raised a brow since he'd never seen a goblet in modern society especially in this place that he loved to frequent at night. His other eyebrow shot up when he caught the scent of blood as it was being set down in front of him.

"You can drink it it's not human… I know about your diet and your preference for deer, which I find worrisome." That last was said so low that if it hadn't been for his supernatural hearing he wouldn't have heard it at all.

Jasper took a unnecessary deep breath, as if to gather his patience or his courage, "How about you start with how you seem to now so much about me. You seem to have me at a disadvantage seeing as I don't even know your name."

"Ah you're right how rude of me. My name is Harry, Harry Potter. And how we know each other is a bit of a long and complicated story that would be better told at a more – ah – private place." With that Harry placed a golden coin on the table, turned his empty cup upside down and stared at him expectantly. Jasper didn't usually drink blood offered by strangers as mysterious as this one (he usually didn't associate with anyone outside of his family if he was honest) but he knew he had to get more exposure to Harry. He was radiating such positive emotions, not necessarily happiness but just a feeling of content-ness that was like a soothing balm to his broken heart. 'Fuck it,' he thought in a very un-Jasper way as he raised the goblet to his lips and poured the contents of the goblet into his mouth and downed it in one gulp.

Harry again led him by the hand, this time out the door and into the barely lit street. They walked across a busy intersection and into a neighborhood. Harry filled the uneasy silence with chatter about the weather and how early it would be back home compared to now. They arrived at a white and brown two story house not far from where they'd just been. Harry was renting it for the time being he explained as he fumbled with the keys and opened the door. He led them into the living room, flicking on switches as he passed them. He gestured for Jasper to sit in an over sized armchair as he perched on the edge of the coffee table right in front of the vampire. Their knees would touch if Jasper slouched down just a tad, the thought caused him to sit up straighter and clear him throat.

"Alright so the best place to start, I've been told, is at the very beginning…"