Harry lived in a stupor through the remainder of the month with Jasper and his parents caring for him. They had fixed up the guest bedroom for him but he usually spent his nights in Jasper's bedroom listening to the soon-to-be soldier read aloud to him. They would lay with Harry tucked into Jasper's side listening mostly to the blonde's heartbeat than his words. The only time he saw his ex-uncle Robert again was at the funeral. The man seemed extremely hesitant to approach him with Jasper around, not that Harry noticed. What Harry did notice was that Jasper was around, as in Jasper was always around. Until the day came for Jasper to ship off to the army.

"I thought I had cried out all my tears," Harry murmured. "You broke my heart, leaving me and then shipping me off to that Wizarding academy."

"Your letter's told me otherwise," Jasper was strangely pleased that he was remembering, as if simply being around Harry was bringing his memories of before his turning into sharp focus.

"How was I to let you know that I was pining away for you while you were off fighting a war?"

"Pining, Harry?"

Harry's face felt as if it were on fire and Jasper was transfixed as Harry blushed. Not of the blood rushing to the other teens face which would usually be irresistible at this point, because this whole time he hadn't struggled with control around Harry. But because of the way that Harry was hiding his face in mortification at his revelation to Jasper, it was stirring up feelings in his heart. If Jasper was honest the ability to feel other people's emotions made it easy to ignore the fact that he himself hardly felt at all. This is the most he had ever felt in a very long time. Maybe it was because of the bond that Harry had mentioned earlier or maybe the bond they had shared in their past life. Jasper didn't know and could hardly think straight.

He sat forward at as much of a human pace as he could manage and captured Harry's lips in a searing kiss. Jasper's weight tipped them backwards with Harry laying on the coffee table. Harry wrapped his legs around Jasper and kissed back fervently. Harry was starting to feel hot and tingling when Jasper pulled back slightly.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," He untangled his fingers from Harry's hair and propped himself up on his elbows. Except he did know what had come over him, the feelings that human Jasper had for Henry were resurfacing. Harry was looking up at him through his lashes, looking completely ravished. Jasper had such a lot of experience with his control being tested but never anything like this. He didn't want to drain him all of his blood. Jasper wanted to protect him, which he understood was probably the bond, but he also wanted to cherish him and more than anything he wanted to pick Harry up and carry him to wherever the bedroom was in this house and ravish him. He wanted to possess Harry thoroughly, and that was so unlike his usual stoic self that it scared him. The only time he had to restrain himself when interacting with humans was for the sake of their lives, but perched over Harry with only inches separating them in such an intimate position this new tenderness to this man that was for all intents a stranger left him feeling unsettled. This wasn't his Henry. Even if it was too many things had happened since, he wasn't the same person he used to be. He needed to get away from here, Harry's mere presence was intoxicating and he couldn't think straight. He placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips and in the next moment he was gone.

"Bugger," Well that hadn't gone according to plan at all. Harry rolled off the coffee table and headed to the phone on the wall to call Hermione. She was going to be so thrilled.

She was thrilled, and she was also sure that Jasper would be coming back eventually. She had wanted to be there today in order to run some tests on them but she hadn't wanted to get in the way of their first meeting. That and it was bad timing on her monthlies and she wasn't sure if it would affect Jasper and possibly make the situation any more strained.

"So did you tell him?" She was questioning him now, probably writing notes.

He hopped onto the counter, settling down for her endless questions. "I mentioned it, but didn't get a chance to go in depth. But really how was I going to explain it to him when we barely even know what it is. Just until now we were running on a hunch, really."

"But there was a connection? Did you cast the spell of check? Honestly Harry he will be back, he probably just ran off to brood in the dark."

"You've been reading too many romance novels. I guess now you'll get the opportunity to meet him."

"Did you set up the floo yet? I was sort of hoping I could stop by for a bit of a visit. I've never been to Canada before…" She trailed off innocently, he sighed knowing he was a puppet to whatever she was scheming.

"Yes, and of course you're welcome over at any time."

"Great! I'll pop over in a couple of days. See you then Harry." She didn't wait for a response before the line went dead. He tried not to think too much about anything as he headed off to bed, he was unbelievably exhausted.

Jasper was all torn up inside. He had indeed run out of there to brood in the dark. Henry and he had been friends so long ago but the memories were brought up so suddenly that it felt as if it was all just yesterday. In his human life he had never thought too much of his relationship with Henry, they were best friends and even before the bond Jasper thought himself as Henry's protector. Even Jasper's first kiss had been given to Henry in order to placate his fears.

Harry looked so much like Henry, though. The difference was the lightning bolt scar on the boy's forehead and the haunted look in his eyes that Jasper remembered from his war days. Despite what he must have been through he radiated such positive emotions that had left Jasper feeling high. Harry's presence was like the sun in his eternal darkness. He was just so lost, especially without Alice. But he couldn't think about their divorce right now. He had separated from his coven when they had moved to Alaska after his disastrous loss of control around Edward's girlfriend Bella. He needed to breathe. Even now he felt such anxiety that he was pacing. He stopped turning still as a statue as a realization dawned on him - being around Henry-Harry made him feel human.

When Harry woke up the next morning it was to a feeling of dread. He could already sense that today was not going to be his day. Nevertheless he got himself out of bed and into the shower and then figured he'd pop over to the bakery he had seen just down the street for some breakfast. Harry was struggling to get his front door open with one hand while he clutched his mobile, keys and an umbrella with the other. He jumped in alarm at seeing someone standing on the other side of the door, pale marble hand raised to knock. His grasp slipped on the objects as his hand flew to his wand holster instinctively.

When Harry realized that it was just Jasper standing there he dropped his arm limply, wand held loosely in his fingers.

"Howdy," Jasper gave him a smirk that was just the barest twitch of the lips as he held out Harry's objects that he had apparently caught mid fall.

Harry shot him a mock glare as he carefully took his mobile and put it into his jean's pockets. "Back for more are you? I was actually just headed off to get some breakfast…"

"I will join you," Jasper said, dangling Harry's keys for emphasis. Harry took the keys as he led them outside locking the door behind them. "Are we walking? It looks like it'll pour at any minute."
"Worried you might catch a cold?" Harry teased, taking the umbrella from its perch hooked on Jasper's arm. He begun to swing it around as he contemplated how to broach a more serious subject.

As if sensing his thoughts or maybe the slight shift in his mood Jasper gave an unnecessary sigh. "Emotions are difficult for me, Harry. Usually I struggle with feelings that aren't mine, but sometimes I wonder if people feel how they feel because of my gift."

"Being an empath must be very difficult," So Harry already knew of his abilities, he wondered if there was anything Harry didn't know about him. He reached under his shirt and pulled a delicate crescent moon pendant and showed it to Jasper. "It's supposed to prevent telepaths and empaths from using their talents on me."

Jasper furrowed his brow and concentrated hard, yet he could distinctly feel the radiating of positive emotions from Harry along with the very faint hum of something else. He tried to project a feeling of calm to Harry only to be met with a tiny blue gem on the pendant twinkling back at him. Harry smiled and cocked his head as if to say I told you so. They arrived at the little French bakery and Jasper stepped forward to open the door for Harry. They ordered and sat down in one of the booths facing the street.

"I feel such a warm glow from you, though."

"Like the warmth of sunshine of a chilly day? That's probably the bond."

"But wouldn't the bond have broken when we died?"

A pause as one of the workers brought them their food, they both flashed a smile that had the girl flushed and scampering away. Jasper grit his teeth and turned to focus on Harry, his eyes darkening. Harry reached over the table and rubbed the vampire's hand in a sympathetic gesture.

"I'm not exactly sure, it's actually my friend Hermione that would be able to tell us more after she runs some tests… What are you doing?" Jasper was taking quick bites off his plate and swallowing them with great difficulty. His face, although perfect still, had a tight pinched look.

"It gives me something to do with my mouth. I read that helps recovering addicts."

Harry reached into the inner pocket of his jacket and pulled out a red lollipop before handing it to Jasper. "I'm fairly certain that only applies to smoking and not to say draining individuals of their life essence. You really should venture into a magical community every once in a while."

This chapter has been so difficult and stubborn to write! I have an idea of where this story is going, so I hope I'm not being too vague and jumping around too much.