"Damn it jim! Get back here!" Bones yelled as he chased kirk all over the enterprise.


"You need this shot!" jim shook his head as slid into his captain's chair.

"You can't touch me, I'm on duty." bones frowned.

"Oh yes I can!" he reached for Jim's arm until suddenly his arm was twisted, dropping the needle.

He looked up to see a certain Vulcan, gripping his twisted arm.

"Doctor, it would be wise not to attack the captain with a sharpened object."

"It's just a shot you green blooded goblin."

"Regardless, the captain wishes that you not chase him around with it. It is dangerous for both you and him."

"Damn it Spock, I'm a doctor! It's what I'm supposed to do."

"Illogical. Doctors do not chase patients down with needles. It is a violation." bones rolled his eyes.

"Let go of my arm Spock." Spock nodded, releasing his arm.

Bones picked up the needle. He squinted at jim who peeked out from behind Spock.

"Next time jim." Kirk grinned.

"Thanks Spock." he smiled.

"You are welcome captain but I will see to it that you do receive the medicine." Kirk sighed.

"Fine. Rather it you than bones."

Spock rose a brow.

"Really captain?" Kirk nodded.

"And why is that?" Kirk shrugged.

"You seem more...trustworthy? It that the right word?"

He smiled.

"But yea, trustworthy."

Spock nodded.

"What makes me appear trustworthy to you captain?"

" do support come of the dumbass things I do and you are more calm and less riled like bones. He just wants to stab me with something."

Spock frowned.

"Captain, why didn't you tell me the Doctor would like to inflict harm onto you?" Kirk shook his head.

"It's a joke Spock." Spock rose a brow.

"Illogical. You should not joke about such things." Kirk smiled.

"Wait." he gently grabbed spock's arm.

"Were you...worried? About me?" Spock felt his ears blush.

"No. I merely wanted to know in the case I might need to inform him about It."

Kirk laughed. He turned Spock to look at him.

"Thanks Spock." He paused as he thought about something.

"Captain?" Kirk suddenly brought up his hands to spock's ears.

"C-captain!" he jumped.

He then rubbed his hand, making Spock feel his pants tighten.

Spock blushed, taking his hand away.

"That's a little thanks for saving this 'damsel in distress'." Kirk smiled before getting off of the chair and heading to his room.

" 'damsel in distress'...?"