"well it looks like the covenant found us. you ready to kick some covi ass sam." he said as he tossed her the beam rifle and mounting his spanker on his shoulder, aiming at the door ready to kill the first few in. sam caught the rifle and stood there stunned. She had never fired a gun in her life. she was R&D she didn't shoot just built the things made to kill, not use them herself. then she heard the titanium door fall down and a 'WHOOSH' as sev fired his first rocket decimating the first wave with his 102mm HE rocket. regaining her senses and deciding she would rather die with a gun in hand then cowering on the floor. She fired her beam rifle at the door just as sev launched his second rocket at it killing even more enemies.

sev was enjoying this way more then he should, but the thrill of completely destroying every atom of the assholes that destroyed his home got his adrenaline running and then he heard something that made his blood run cold. the yell of a hunter and not just one but 6 packs of them running in through the door. making that 12 hunters supported by infantry. he knew he had a 60 percent chance of surviving this he only had one more set of rockets and that was enough to kill one pack and enough mags for his rifle and his magnum to kill them all. the only catch was sam. he felt the need to protect her for some reason and he couldn't let her get killed. that last thought, sam dying threw him into something he was familiar with.

spartan time

spartan time is a unexplainable side effect of a spartans augmentations. it causes everything around them to speed to a crawl allowing superhuman feats and quick analysis of the battlefield. he had once heard someone compare it to something called V.A.T.S whatever that is. he returned his thoughts to the battle at hand looking to where sam was. seeing she was shooting a few grunts and wasn't in any immediate danger yet. all the hunters seemed focused on him. he popped of his last two rockets into a pair of hunters killing them instantly and switching to his pistol. he had found years ago that a good few shot to the back of one would kill it relatively quickly. the only issue was there was so many. he would get maybe a shot off then either a fuel rod would shoot at him or an armoured arm would try to smash him to bits. this process lasted for a few minutes he managed to down all 12 of them and turned his attention to sam. she was covered in purple blood and had a few cuts, but had managed to kill a few grunts and a elite zealot somehow. he sprinted over to her as she gunned down one grunt and beat the other one to death with her gun, brutally.

"hey sam how are you doing. nice finish with that last grunt that was pretty wicked." sam stopped beating the grunt and looked up at sev giving a look that he had seen on his fellow female spartans. it was a look he got before when he said something he shouldn't of. "well sev if you really must know i'm just peachy. I just murdered 6 grunts and a 7 foot tall elite, who had a plasma pistol for some reason. im also completely covered in purple blood and it in places only my blood should be. so i'm just having a blast". sam said with sarcasm oozing from her lips. sadly for sev he thought it would be fun to play along.

"good i had a blast as well and you get used to being covered after a while." sam went to yell at him, but just as she went to open her mouth a battle roar was heard and dozens of elites started flooding the room. sev started sending as many bullets down range as he could. when a magazine was empty he would drop it and slide a new one home faster than the eye can see. but knew he was out numbered and even a spartans luck can only hold out for so long. So he retreated towards the back of the room with samantha behind him acting as a shield for her. "samantha" sev asked "you said that 'stargate' can take us anywhere in the galaxy right?"

" yes but only hypothetically, why."with a tint of fear of his answer

"well i have a stupid idea i want to try and we don't have much of a choice. so can you go set that things coordinates for new york city on earth". he said while still firing suppressive fire at the incoming elites. forcing them to either take cover or get torn to bits from the 7.62mm FMJ rounds flying there way. "ok it's set now what?!" she yelled while her cover was slowly getting melted from the plasma fire. and sevs response was simple and straight to the point. "we jump" he grabbed samantha's hand dragged her towards the stargate and jumped in with her in tow and just as they passed through the blue veil another elite with a plasma pistol overcharged it and fired hitting the arch. overloading it and causing it to go haywire and explode preventing them from following. what they didn't know was that the overload affected the gate in a way they couldn't even fathom. forcing the users to a universe they shouldn't even exist in.