Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace

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'Inner thoughts'

{Other Inner Voice}


Chapter Seventy-Nine

Shopping Shenanigans


Waking up with a sudden urge, Henrietta rushes into the upstairs bathroom and starts throwing up into the toilet. She grasps some of her purple hair with her hands to keep it out of her face.

Siesta rushes up to the door of the bathroom and tries to console the Queen while she is throwing up.

"Is everything okay? Did you eat something bad?" Asks the maid.

Another figure walks up to the bathroom doorway. Siesta looks to see who it is and it is Eleonore.

"No, Siesta, it isn't because of the food. I recognize the symptoms. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is pregnant."

Surprise hits Siesta and she vigorously looks back and forth between the Queen and Eleonore (whom is blushing).

"I had my suspicions about Henrietta yesterday, but I didn't realize you were too, Eleonore." Saito's mom states from behind her.

After finishing her expelling, Henrietta washes her mouth off at the sink and gives her pregnant counterpart a curious look.

Eleonore sheepishly looks to the side.

"We . . . got a little carried away in the heat of the moment. Apparently, the spell doesn't work after the deed is done."

Saito's mom crosses her arms after hearing her son was being so reckless, and then she looks back to Henrietta.

"Was yours planned?"

Henrietta nods.

"You're both pregnant?" Comes a male voice from behind all of them.

Everyone looks back to him to see the excited look on his face.

Chizuru places a gentle hand on both Henrietta's and Eleonore's shoulders.

"I am very excited to know that I will have grandchildren from two very beautiful women. I am also pretty sure that there is going to be a lot more, but . . . "

She looks over her shoulder and glares at her son. He knows the looks and becomes slightly fearful.

"You and I need to have a talk about carelessness."

He takes a big gulp.

'Oh, shit.' He thinks to himself.

He feels a hand on his shoulder and he sees that it is his father.

"And about raising children." His father adds.

Then, Saito feels a tug on his shirt from the other side. He looks over to see that it was Tabitha tugging on his shirt.

"Me next." She adds.

His mom just puts her hand to her forehead and shakes it.


After the early morning excursions and some breakfast, Saito leaves the house with Eleonore. As he walks out, he heads over to a pile of rocks that were being used as decoration and picks up a few of various sizes.

"What are those for?"

He gives her a smile as he stuffs his hand in a brown cloth pouch that has a black draw string closure.

His eyes change color to orange and a faint orange glow comes from within the bag. When he pulls his hand out he shows her the inside of the bag.

"G-" She nearly shouts.

He stops her by placing a hand over her mouth, and then he whispers into her ear.

"Yes, it is gold. I am going to trade this in at a pawn shop to get money for our shopping trip."

"A pawn shop? Couldn't you just take regular gold coins?"

He shakes his head.

"I have to get a different kind of currency. We don't take gold coins here. We take a kind of paper currency. So, I am taking these gold chunks to the pawn shop to trade for what we need."

'Probably a little more than what we need with this chunk of rock.' He muses.

"And you want me to accompany you?"

"Of course. I thought that you might find the experience interesting."

She nods.

"I might have to take a major cut though as a bargaining tool. There might be a problem if they ask me for an ID."

"What if we ask your father to go?"

He smacks his forehead.

"Duh. I should have thought of that. I will just split it with him instead of bribing the shop owner. Would you still like to come?"

She nods.


After leaving a very happy father, he is driven to the mall by his mother. They find a secluded area where he uses his world door spell to bring everyone through.

One by one, the girls come through to his mother's amazement.

"This is so much easier than trying to drive the whole gang here." He says to his mother.

Tabitha, Eleonore, Henrietta, and Saito cast spells on everyone so that they can understand and speak the language.


Everyone walks up to the entrance to the mall.

"This is bigger than any place that I have been in." Says Henrietta.

"What exactly is this 'mall' again?" Asks Aimee.

"It's basically a giant building that has nothing but shops, vendors, and places to eat inside of it."

"And there is no magic supporting it?" Eleonore asks.

Saito nods.

"That's a pretty amazing feat of engineering." Henrietta chimes in.

Saito scratches the back of his head and then looks at his wife.

"I never really thought about it, but you are right. I grew up with these kinds of buildings. So, they are common place for me, but things weren't always like this."


With it still being early, the mall is still calm inside, but everything is bright, and all of the stores are ready for customers.

As they all walk inside everyone is murmuring to each other about some of the things they see.

Saito gives each of them a share of the money he got from the pawn shop and then he turns forward and begins walking. While at the front of the group, he begins speaking aloud to all of them.

"Since we are here, maybe we should go clothes shopping for all of you. People are probably thinking that we are a bunch of cosplayers, but I am sure that all of you would probably want some kind of clothes from here. Especially since all of you are girls. Perhaps some purses too. This way you have better places to keep your money. But remember, we should all stay to-"

He starts to turn around while he is talking and stops mid-sentence.

Behind him stands only one person and sees imaginary dotted lines where everyone else should be.

Oriana gives him a smile and a wave.

"Um. . . where is everyone?"

"Everyone took off in different directions while you were in your thoughts."

He puts a hand on his forehead.

"Ugh. We should probably look for them."

"We can, but we don't have to rush it. They can speak and understand Japanese thanks to those spells, and shopping comes naturally to women." She replies to him.

"I suppose that you are right. What made you stay and not take off just like the others?"

"You are my master, and I figured that I would take advantage of the situation. It is nice to get alone time with you."

She links her arm with his and starts walking. He could feel warm feelings from her as she does this and realizes how bold it was of her to do this.

"You really are taking advantage of the situation, aren't you?"

She nods and smiles.

"I don't really get to do this with you all that often since Henrietta and Tabitha are your wives. We are in a different world right now. You aren't king here, and people don't know your relationships. Now, didn't you say something about clothes shopping?"

He gives her a simple nod.

"Good. Then shall we, master?"

"Saito. If we are foregoing my formalities, then you can go without yours. Besides, you know I hate it when you call me that."

After a small smile, she looks at him while cradling his arm.

"It's habit, but I like to say it to you to tease you a little. I like how it flusters you. I shall try to do as you ask, Saito."


After going for some clothes, the duet is walking side by side again with their arms linked. He is carrying a shopping bag with her old clothes and another set of new clothes. She is wearing a new pair of white pants that rides a little higher along the waist line. She is also wearing a blazer that has the sleeves cuffed just below the elbow. Underneath the blazer is a low-cut silk top.

"I am surprised that you stuck with white." He says to her.

After a shrug, she gives him a peck on the cheek.

"I have grown fond of white since my new change, and this is rather nice. It is sexy, and elegant."

"I agree. It looks really good on you. How about you? Did you really have to get anew blue tunic?"

"I couldn't resist. I had one for such a long while. I felt a little nostalgic when I saw this one. At least I got a nice outfit as well."

"That I helped pick." She adds with a grin.

"You are proud of yourself, aren't you?"

"Of course I am. You purchased an outfit that I picked for you."

Just as she says that, they notice a figure rushing back and forth inside of a nearby store. Upon closer examination, they notice a very familiar face.


Oriana and Saito look at each other and then go to the store. As they get closer, they notice that the store that she is in sells houseware items like vacuums and kitchenware.

There is an attendant that is frantically trying to keep up with Siesta. She is wearing a light blue tank top with a black shawl and a black skirt.

"I almost didn't recognize you at first." He says to his maid as he enters."

The attendant is holding a pots and pan set.

Siesta abruptly stops in front of him while holding a vacuum and another bag.

"I am glad you still recognized me. Do you like?"

The tank top seemed to give just enough attention to the right areas. Saito scratches the side of his head.

"I can't exactly say no to that."

She gives a very excited smile. Then she gives him a pleading look while holding the vacuum.

"This is so cool. I need this. This nice lady explained what it is used for and it would help me so much. You can even detach it and use it as a hand-vac to get those awkward places. Can I please get this?"

He scratches his head again, and then his chin in thought

'We need a power source for that though."

"Maybe I can have my dad order a solar charger for me so that we can use it where we are at. Let me guess, you want the pan set too?"

She nods vigorously up and down.

"These are thin and durable. Good for home and rugged cooking." The employee happily states as she advertises the product.

He lets out a sigh.


"Yay!" She shouts as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.


After finding a quiet corner and shoving their stuff into his room through his world door, they go back to meandering through the mall.

"What is that place?" Oriana asks as she points to another shop.

"They sell electronics like computers and tablets."

"Computers? Like the one that was in your room?"

He nods.

"Can we go take a look?" Asks his familiar.

"I don't see why not."

They go inside the store and he goes up to a table that has a few computers set up on it. The two women at his sides watch in awe as he navigates around the windows laptop.

"These are really useful for typing reports and surfing the web for stuff. You can even type up recipes on here and bring it up with just a few clicks instead of searching through books and hand-written notes."

Siesta lights up with joy.

"This is really handy."

"Yes, this truly is. I bet we could get a lot of use out of one of these where we come from. I bet Henrietta and Tabitha could definitely get some use out one for keeping track of things for the kingdoms." Adds Oriana.

Saito turns in the chair he was sitting in and gives His familiar a look like he just had an epiphany.

"You are absolutely right. We could definitely use these, especially if I get that solar charger."

An employee walks up to Saito's group.

"Can I help you with anything today?"

"You most certainly can. How many of this laptop do you have on hand?"

"We currently have only three left in the store at the moment." Replies the employee.

After scratching his chin for a moment, he looks back up to the employee.

"That will be fine. I will buy those along with copies of office and encyclopedia software to go along with it. I think I might buy a few tablets as well."

The employee's face lights up with joy and she quickly takes them over to the tablets.

"With your purchases, you get a free classics gaming bundle that comes with 'Age of Empires' and 'Civilization'." She adds.

"That's awesome." He replies.


With their new purchases for everyone secured in his room, they move on and they spot a book store. Saito pauses a moment and then begins to walk into the book store.

"I will be right back everyone. Stay put."

He emphasizes what he said with a finger shake. Then he heads for the bookstore.

'She has to be in there. I can feel her.'

Siesta and Oriana sit down in a bench.

Saito walks in and finds a familiar sight as he watches an attendant following Tabitha around. They both have books in their hands. He could see a distressed look on Tabitha's face though.


As soon as she hears her name, she instantly looks at him and walks up to him. She was still wearing the same outfit she already had on.

He cants his head to the side as he sees her pouting.

"What's the matter."

"There are all of these interesting books here that I want to read and that I picked out for the others with this person's help."

"So, what's the problem?"

He could tell that she was about to cry.

"I can't read any of it."

That's when the realization hits him.

"I understand why you are so frustrated now. I am so sorry about that." He replies empathetically.

'I remember when I couldn't read any of their language. Now she is in the same boat as me.'

"Teach me."

"I am not sure if you are asking or demanding, but I guess it doesn't matter either way, now does it?"

She shakes her head.

They take the books that she is holding and leaves them at the register with the winded employee. Then he takes her over to a language section.

"Let's see if any of these seem similar to your language and then we can pick up a translation book for you and the others."

After a few tries, they find that the language is similar to French. So, he picks out a book and a computer program to install on the computers he just bought.

While at the register he takes note of the various books that she picked out.

'Agriculture. Economics. Military strategy. Karate. Farming. History. Science. Cook books. And she even picked out some novels to read.' He rambles in his head.

He also notes some DIY books as well.

"You were pretty thoughtful when picking out these books. You not only thought of everyone's interests, but also stuff we could gain practical knowledge from."

Tabitha gives a simple and proud nod.


Just as they are finishing up with the book store and are continuing their quest to find everyone, they all hear some fast-paced metal chords being played on an electric guitar.

"What is that?" Siesta asks.

Just as she asks that, they hear a scream and Saito feels a jolt of fear come from his bond with Tiffania.

"Oh shit, Tiffa." He rushes towards the music shop and Tiffania comes running out with tears in her eyes.

She instantly runs for him when she sees him and wraps her arms around him.

"What's wrong, Tiffa?"

Siesta comes to her side as well.

"A man in there picked up what looks like a musical instrument and an awful noise came out of a weird box right next to him."

He laughs and pets her head.

"It's okay Tiffa. That was music. It's called metal music. It's probably a little harsh for you, but I have listened to a lot of music like that."

"Really?" She asks in disbelief.

He nods.

"That's not natural." Adds his elven mate.

He laughs.

"Think of it as a kind of music you would hear during a battle or during a massively fierce storm."

Just as she ponders that thought a man comes out from the shop and looks for Tiffania. She notices him and hides behind Saito while giving a small yelp. The man, whom looks to be in his thirties, has chains hanging off of his belt, and is wearing a dragon shirt, walks up to them.

"Is everything alright? I didn't mean to scare ya." Asks the man.

"Yeah, it's alright. She's just not used to that kind of music and it really scared her."

'Everyone's a critic.' Thinks the man.

"Why don't you come back inside, I promise I won't play any more of that music."

Tiffania looks hesitant for a moment.

"It's okay. I will go in there with you."

She finally gives him a little nod and they all go inside of the shop.


Right after they go inside of the music shop two women, Eleonore and Henrietta walk right by without getting noticed by any of the others.


While inside, Saito notices an acoustic guitar and brings it over to Tiffania.

"Hey, Tiffa, maybe you can play this. This is similar to some of the instruments that you have played."

She grabs it from him as he hands it to her. She starts trying to finger the instrument and begins figuring out the sounds it makes, and she gets a small smile on her face. Within a few minutes she begins playing a beautiful tune on it and the song captivates everyone including the store owner. When the song is over, everyone claps, and the man is in tears.

"When is your album coming out?" He shouts.

'I think that we are going to buy that for her.' Saito muses.


Next along their travels.

Saito feels a tug on his shirt. He looks over to Tabitha and she is pointing at an arcade.

"Could one of us be in there? There seems to be a crowd forming."

He scratches his head.

"It's not uncommon for crowds to form in an arcade. Certain games have that happen around them because people are beating the high scores."

"High scores?" Inquires Siesta.

"There are these games in there. Except these are on tv's and you interact with the games using controls. The controls are basically fancy remote controls. Let's go take a look."

As they walk inside, they hear people cheering at what he thinks might be a shooting game. Upon closer examination, he sees one of the musketeers.

"Die, you ruffian! You too vile creature!" Shouts Julia.

"Julia?" Saito mutters surprisingly.

She is wearing black jeans and a green t-shirt. She is also wearing brown work boots.

"She looks to be having a vast amount of fun." Comments Oriana.

Everyone watches Julia as she takes various stances while flawlessly shooting zombies and other undead creatures with a plastic rifle. The rifle has a cord going to the large game. Every so often she points the gun up in the air to reload and then goes back to shooting.

"Should we stop her, so we can move on?" Tiffania inquires.

"No." Interjects Tabitha.

"Well, there you have it." Saito replies with a smile to his wife.

The all could tell how intense she was with the game. She was handling herself very well.

"She is having a lot of fun, and I am sure that the level will end soon."

As he predicted, the level ends after another 7 minutes of playing. It gave her the option to go to the next scene of the game and she was about to put some more change into the machine, but then she hears her name and gets startled. She looks up to see Saito and the others. She vigorously waves to everyone.

"Hey, Saito! You should try this. This is so much fun."

"It looks like it is, but we should probably get going and try to find the others."

She gets a slightly saddened face and looks back to the game.

"But, can't I just play one more level? Please?"

Saito shakes his head and some people in the crown boo him.

'Why am I being made out to be the bad guy here. I am just trying to gather everyone up. And that pouty face of hers is making feel so guilty it is killing me."

He sighs.

"I'm sorry, but we should get going."

Julia pouts, holsters the gun into the machine and watches the countdown for her continue expire. He pats her back as they walk away.

"That's was a lot of fun. It wasn't very realistic. The gun was made of some kind of flimsy material, didn't weigh very much and there wasn't any real reloading or kickback, but it was oddly entertaining and addictive."

"Maybe we can buy a game console and a shooting game for you while we are here."

She lights up with joy.

"I have no idea what a game console is, but if it's got a game like that, then that would be wonderful."

'A medieval gamer. Who would've thought.' Saito muses.


After leaving the arcade, they manage to easily come across the duet of musketeers as they exit a store selling leather jackets.

Julia waves to them as they come out and shouts their names. Aimee and Guinevere walk over to the growing group. They are also wearing black jeans, a green t-shirt and brown work boots. Now, however, they are wearing black, heavy duty leather jackets.

"You two wanted leather jackets?" He asks them.

"Well, we were trying to go with a kind of uniform. I never felt that what we had was very protective." States Guinevere.

"I thought what we had was kind of sexy though." Adds Aimee.

'I can't argue that too much with her.' Saito muses to himself.

Tiffania, Tabitha, and Oriana all give him a knowing look as they feel the emotion associated with his thoughts. He tries to ignore their stares and blushes a little.

"We saw these leather coats and decided to give them a try. They are a little heavy, but they seem really protective." Continues Guinevere.

Aimee holds up a finger and looks as if she is quoting the store manager.

"They also give confidence and strength to their wearers."

Guinevere excitedly looks at Julia.

"We bought a jacket for you as well." She says to her as she pulls a coat out of a big bag.

Julia tries it on it seems to fit her perfectly. Her face brightens up.

"You're right. I feel secure and confident in this. How did you know my size though?"

Guinevere points a thumb to her cohort.

"Aimee is surprising great with that kind of stuff."

"We bought a special one for Agnes, too." Aimee adds.


Tiffania peers into a sporting goods store to see if any one is in there and hears the sound of a distressed clerk.

"Please ma'am, put that down. That is not how that is supposed to be used."

"But this is a testing area, is it not?" Agnes asks.

Tiffania brings Saito over and the other musketeers follow along. They go inside and find that Agnes is in a corner of the store that allows you to get a feel for the equipment before you buy it. The captain is currently swinging a hockey stick around like a staff.

Saito just covers his face with his hands.

'Oh boy leave it to her to do something like that. I guess I can't blame her for being like that though.'

"Hey, Agnes!"

As he says her name, she nearly strikes him with the stick as he startles her. Then she gets a terrified look on her face as she realizes that she almost hit him.

"Sorry milor- I mean Saito."

"What are you doing?" Inquires Julia.

"I am testing out this equipment for practical battle use."

Aimee and Guinevere rifle through the equipment next to her along with Saito.

"Let's see. She has golf clubs."

"I was told the 9 iron would be most favorable."

'I somehow don't think that that is what the sales lady was thinking you would be using that for.' He muses.

"An aluminum bat, a hockey stick, metal darts."

"Those darts looked really interesting. Maybe Siesta could use them too."

"I can see where you are going with this, and maybe you are right, but the original intent was for those to be thrown at a colored board to see who could get the most points."

"Yes, I saw the practice board that comes with them for target practice."

The clerk gets a rather worrisome look on her face and takes a few steps away from Agnes.

"I also found something called a workout bag that I can punch and kick the hell out of."

'I think that we've got a Casey Jones in the making. All she needs is a hockey mask to go with it. That's actually a rather terrifying thought.'

"Hey, Agnes." Guinevere says to the captain to get her attention.


"We bought you something." Aimee adds.

Guinevere Pulls a white leather jacket out of another big bag.

"We got black ones, but we figured we would get you a white one since you are the captain and you usually wear a white cape."

Agnes puts it on and gives a nod of approval after a minute of looking it over.

"It's a little heavy, but It provides a needed level of protection."


"I kind of wish I was somehow bonded to Henrietta or Eleonore in a situation like this. I have no idea where they are."

"If you were bonded to one of them, you could communicate with one of them or feel where they are like you do with me." Adds Tiffania.

"We are near Sylphid." Tabitha says.

"Really?" Saito says.

Then realization hits him when he smells all the food from the food court area. He smacks his forehead.

"Of course. I should have thought of that sooner."

As they travel into the food court, they notice another small crowd of people. Upon closure venture, the find Sylphid at a table and she is surrounded with piles of plates and food trays.

'How much can that girl eat. Wait. She's a dragon.'

Sylphid's face is sloppy with remnants of sauce and food particles. She lets out a large belch and drinks down some iced tea. Then, she tears into a large pizza.

Tabitha stares at all the plates in awe.

"Unfathomable." She simply says.

With a serene look on his face Saito sits down next to the dragon in human form and grabs a towelette from one of the discarded trays and opens it up.


She swallows down a bit of food and turns to him. He takes the wet towelette and wipes her face. She blushes a little from him doing this.

"This is a silly question, but did you really eat all of this."

She nods with a huge grin.

"It all smelled so good. I couldn't resist trying it all. I could figure out how to use these things called chopsticks, but luckily one of the places had utensils that I am used to."

"Were you eating this whole time?" He asks while cleaning up her hands.

She shakes her head.

"I bought some snacks too from a little chocolate shop, too. Yeah."

She holds up a large bag.

"I bought some for everyone. I even made sure not to eat any before I ate all of this. It was really hard, yeah."

He laughs at the Blue-haired dragon girl.

"I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different from you. Are you ready to get going yet?"

She nods.

"I think that my stomach might have had enough."

"Perhaps some pepto bismo is in order. Have you seen Henrietta or Eleonore?"

She nods again.

"They were here a little bit ago. They tried some food with me, but they didn't stay too long though."


As they reach a corner of the mall, Tabitha spots a store with children and baby symbols all over it.

"There?" She inquires and states.

"You're probably right. With both of them being pregnant, then it would make sense that they would be in a store like that."

The two of them walk inside with Sylphid tagging along. It doesn't take long before they spot the last two ladies in question. Both of them seem to have a glow about them and they are both carrying baskets of baby stuff ranging from clothes to toys, books, and nurturing supplies.

'Oh boy. What did those two get themselves into.'

"Hello, honey." The purple-haired queen says to him.

"I was wondering where you two were at."

"Since we are both going to be mothers, we decided to stick together. We got our nails done and picked up a couple of other things along the way."

They show off their nails to him.

Tabitha starts poking around the shop. She finds an interesting box and brings it over to them.

"What is this?"

Eleonore raises an eyebrow at the weird contraption.

"Is that some kind of sexual device?" Asks Eleonore.

Saito laughs a little and shakes his head.

"I can see how you think that it is, but it's not. It's a breast-feeding pump. You attach this device to your breasts, and then it pumps out the milk for you into bottles or bags."

"Oh, my. How ingenious. There are so many interesting things here." Says Henrietta.

"I suppose that there is no helping it." He says defeatedly.


Along their walk, all of the ladies find themselves in front of a store with scantily clad pictures of women in underwear on it.

"What kind of store is this?" Tiffania asks.

"These pictures are awfully obscene to be shown out in public like this." Eleonore states.

"That underwear looks super sexy though." Adds Siesta.

'Can that even be considered underwear?' Wonders Agnes

"That is a women's underwear store."

"Let's go in then!" Shouts Aimee.

"I will stay out here." Saito says to everyone.

"You aren't getting away that easily." Eleonore tells him as she links her arm with his.

'You need to see if you like what I pick out.' Tabitha communicates to him.

Aimee and Guinevere drag Agnes in as well as they giggle.

"What are you two doing? Unhand me!"

"Don't you want to get some sexy underwear to wear for Saito, too?"

Siesta happily goes inside.

'I never got to wear or buy underwear like this where we came from. This should be fun.'


After a completely embarrassing experience for Saito, they all leave the store. The sales ladies were whispering to each other about how much of a playboy Saito was and how all of the girls were trying to get him to see them in their underwear when they were trying them on.

Siesta walks up to Saito with a huge grin on her face.

"What is with that look?"

"There was a little part of the store behind a curtain that was selling some rather interesting items."

'Ut oh.'

"I picked up a special maid outfit just to wear for you."

Saito gets a huge blush as she holds up a brown bag that you can't see through. He also notices that she wasn't the only one with a brown bag.


Along their way out, a person gets near the group and purposely brushes against Henrietta and snatches her purse in the confusion. She nearly falls over, but Julia catches her in time.

Agnes gets a furious look on her face and begins chasing down the purse snatcher.

Tabitha discreetly pulls out a wand and casts an ice spell in front of the thug. He slips on the ice and slams on the ground. As he tries to get up, Agnes slams her boot into his stomach and he flops back down. She grabs him by the front of his shirt, pulls him up a little bit, and begins slamming her fist into the person's face over and over again.

After a handful of hits, Saito grabs her arm that she was pummeling the guy with. The guys face was already starting to get puffy and he had some blood coming out of his mouth.

"Why are you stopping me?" She shouts at Saito.

"You can't kill him. We aren't at home and the laws are different here."

'I know she probably wouldn't kill him, just really beat the fuck out of him. Probably. I just want to scare him a little extra.' Saito muses.

The man gets a really worried look on his face and mumbles through his puffy face.

"Please don't kill me."

Agnes huffs in annoyance.

"I can't kill him?" She asks.

He shakes his head.

"Are you sure? He would deserve it."

Saito shakes his head again after a short pause to scare the man even more.

"You're lucky." She says to the man in a scary tone.

A security officer comes over to check on the disturbance.


After all of the events at the mall and spending the evening with his parents, Saito looks at all of his wives and mistresses.

"Is everyone ready to go home?"

They all give him various forms of confirmation.

"You all should come back again."

"We will mom. Thanks for having us it was good to see you."

They all say their goodbyes and walkthrough the world door back to Halkeginia with their stuff.


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